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M. Ooie, Gtafgoiu, iS R. Ogle, Landea. 





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RELIGION is fo much the bulinefi of our livu, and 
the worlhip of God fo much the buQoert of oar 
rdigion, that what hath a lincerc intention and probable 
tendency to promote and allift the a£b of religious wor- 
fliip, t think cannot he nnacceptableto any that wilh welt 
to theiaterelts of God's kingdom among men: for if we 
have fpiritual lenfcs exercifcd, true devotion, tliat afpir- - 
ing Same of pious afiedions to God, as far as in a judg- 
ment of charity we diCcern it in others (though in differ- . 
cnt Ihapcs anddreSes, which may fccm uncouth to ona 
mnother)c3nnot but appear beautiful and amiable, and as 
far as we feel it in our own bre%As, cannot but he found 
very plearant and comfortable. 

Prayer is a principal branch of religions worfliip which' 
we arc moved to by the very light of nature, and obliged 
by fome of its fundamental laws. Fytiagvra/s golden 
Tcrfes begin with this precept, Whatever men make a 
god of they pray to ; Delivtr roe, fir thou art my God, Ifa. 
xliv 1 7. Nay, whatever they pray to, they make a god 
of,— jD^m qui ragat ilie fecit, 'tis a piece of refpeft and 
homage fo ezadlyconfoOanCte the natural ideas whichall 
men have of God, that it is certain thofe that live with* 
out prayer live without God in the world. 

Prayer i«he folemn and religious ofK;ring of devout 
aclEnowledg'nientsanddcilrcstoGod, or a lincere repre- 
fentation of holy afieflions, with a defign to give unta 
God the glory due unto his name thereby, and to obtain 
Irom him promifed favours, and both thro' tbcMedla- 
torj Our Xnglijb word Prayer is too ftrat, that properly 
fignifies petition or requell ; whereas humble adoration 
olGad Sc thankfgivings to him, areas oecelTary inpray- 
(rasanyotherpart ofit. The Greek vroid Jiro/iuche, from 
Eucbe, is a vovi dinged to God. The Latin word Ketum is 
ufed for prayer ; Jonah's mariners with their facrifices 
nude votvt } for prayer is to move and oblig-i ourfelvps*. 

juH2<ii9oi 15Ci>08 


not to move and oblige God. Clem. Alexandrinus, Strom. 
7. p. ']2i.E<i!i. Colon, calls grayer (witK'an excufe for 
the boldoefsof thaexprcffion) Homilia pro^ ton TheeHi'-tM 
tonverfing villi Gad. And it is the fcope of a diCcouffe 
of bU there, to fliew that YiM ho incHkoi ; i.e. hh ieliever 
(for failh is called knowledge, and^.7i9"he makes his ^ 
companions to be hoi homsioosptpifieiicalei,thoie that have 
in like manner believed) lives a life of communion with 
God, and fo is praying always; that he iludies by his 
prayers continually to converfe with God. Some (faith 
he) have their ftated hours of prayer, but hepara Man 
euchetai ton bion, prays all his life long. The fcripture de- 
scribes praj'er to be oar drawing near to God, lifting up 
evir foul? to bim, pouring out our hejrts before him. ' 

This is the life and foul of.prayer ; but this foul in the 
prefentftaiemuft havea body, and that triuft befiich as 
becomes the foul, and isfuited and adapted (o it. Some 
Words there mud be, of the mind aclcait,in which, as in 
the fmoke, this incenfe muft afcend ; not that God may 
underitand us, for our thoughts afar of are known to 
him i but that we may the better undcrftand ourfeives.' . 

A golden thread of heart prayer rauft run thro* the 
web of the whole Chriftian life ; we muft be frequently 
addrelling ourfelves to God in (hort and fudden ejacula- 
tions, by which we mull keep up our communion with 
God in providences and common ^^ions, as well as or- 
dinances and religious fervices. Thus prayer muft bfr ' 
fparfim (a fprinkling of it) in every duly, aJU our ey« ■• 
muft be ever towards the Lord, *' - 

Inmentai prayer thoughts are words, and they are the 
iirftborn of the foul, which aie to be confecrated to God. 
But i^ when we pray alone, we fee caufe, for better fix- 
ing of our minds and exciNng of our devotion, to clothe 
cur conceptions with words ; if the conceptions be the 
genuineproduftsofancwnature, we would think words 
ihould not be far to fcek : yerbaqu'e pr^vi/am rem run invi- 
tafequuniur. Nay, if the groanings be fuch as cannot be 
uiti^rrcd, h^ 'hat fearcheth the heart knows them to 
be the mind of the Spirit, and wiU accept of them, aad 


anfwer the voice of our" breathing, Lam. Jii. 56. Yet 
thro* the infirmity of the flelfa, and the aptnefs of our 
hearts to wander & ttifle, it isoftcnnecenary that words 
fliould go firft, and he kept in tntnd for the direfting and 
exciting of devout aSeftions, and in order thereunto, the 
afljltance here offered, I hope, will be of Tome ufe. 

When we join with otiiers in prayer who are oin* mouth 
to God, our minds muft attend them, by an intelligent, 
believing Eoncarrencc with what is the fenfe, (cope, 
and fubftance of what they fay, and affe^ions working in 
H$ fuitable thereunto ; and this the fcripture directs us to-. 
Cgnify,.by faying AmenmenvAXj, if not vocaiiy, at their 
giving of thanks, i Cor. xiv. 16. And, as far as our 
joining with them will permit, we may intermix pious 
ejaculations of our own with their addreSes, provided 
they be pertinent, that not the leaft fragment of praying 
time may be (oH. 

But he that is the mouthofot hers inpraycr, whether iti' 
public or in private, and therein ufeth that parrofia, that 
ireedomoffpeech, that holy liberty of prayer which isaU- 
iovtAn%,andwhkh we are fure many good Chrifliant have 
found by iKptrUnet to be very comfirlai/t and advontageout 
in ihij ditty, ought not only to confult the workings of 
his own heart, (ihBughtUm principailyy as putting moft life 
htidffiirit ini»-lhe perfirmance, but the edification alto of 
thole that join with him ; and both in miktter and words 
Ikould have an eye to that; and forfeivtce in that caft^, 
I principally dcfigO this endeavour. 

That bright ornament of the church, the learned Dr 
Wtlkim biOiop of Chejiett has left us an excellent perfor- 
mance, niuchol ihe fame nature n ith th!s, inhisdifcourfc 
concerning the gift of prayer ; which, fomc may think, 
makes this of mine unnKeflary : but the multiplying of 
books of devotion is what few ferioUs Chriflians will com- 
plain of; and as on the one hand, Tarn furc thofe that 
have this poor eflay of mine will ftiU find great advar.tage 
by that, fo on the .other hand, I think thofe who havc" 
tbat^.tnay yet find fouje farther afliftancc by thii^ 

■vi TO, THEREADE li- 

lt is defirable tbat^pur prayers fliould be copious and 
full: ourburlens, cares, and wants, arc many, fo are our 
fins and mercies. The promifcs are numerous and verjr 
rich, our God gives liberally, and hath bid us open our 
mouths wide and he will fill them, will faiisfy them with, 
good things. Wc arc not ftraitened in him, why then 
Ihould we be tinted or flraitened in our bofoms ? Chrilt 
had taught his difciples the Lord's prayer, and yet tells 
them, John xvi 24, that hitherto they had a/kednofting ; 
t A nothing in compaifon with what they Ihould afk when 
the (pirit fliould be poured out, to abide with the church 
forever ; and they fliould fee greater things than tbcfe. 
Then afk, and ye fliall receive, that your joy may be full, 
we are encouraged to be particular in prayer,a[id in every 
thing make our re que fl known to God, as we ought alfo 
to be particular in the adoration ofthe divine perfcftions, 
in the confejBon of our flns, and our thankful acknow- 
ledgment of God's mercies. 

But iince at the fame time we cannot go over the 
tenth part of the particulars fit to be the matter of 
prayer, without making the duty burdenfome to the flefh 
which // weal, even where tkefpirit is viilling (an extreme 
vhich ought cartfully to he avoided) and without danger 
of entrenching upon other religious exercifes, it will be 
rcquifiie that what is but brifjly touched upon at pnc time, 
iliould be enlarged upon at another time : and herein this 
ilorehoufe of materials for piayer maybeof ufe toputus 
in remembrance of our fevoral errands at the throne of 
grace, that none may be quite forgotten. 

And it is rcquifiie to the decent performance ofthe 
duty, that fome proper method be oblerved, not only that 
Mhat is fald be good, but that it be faid in its proper 
place and time : and that tve oSer not any thing to the 
glorious Majefty of heaven and earth which is confufed, 
impertinent, and indigeiledt. Care mart be taken then 
more than ever that wc be not rafli with our mouth, nor 
baflj to utter any thing before God •■, that we fay not ' 
what comes upperraofl', nor ufc luch repetitions as evi- 


dence not the fervency, bat the bareDncfs and digbtnefs 
of our rpirits ; but that the matters we are dealing with 
God about being of fuch vaft importance, we obfcrve a 
decorum in our words, that the^ be well chofenj welt 
weighed, and well placed. 

And as it is good to be methodical In Prayer, fo it is to 
be fententious : the Lord's pi-ayer is tcmaitably fo ; and 
David's pfalms, and many of St.Paul's prayers, which we 
have in his epiftles : we mull confider that the greateft 
part of thole that join withus in prayer will be in danger 
of iofing or miflaking the fenfe, if the period be long, and 
the parenthells many ^aodin this, as in other things, they 
who are (Irong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak. 
Jacob mull lead, as the children and flocks can follow. 
As to the words and exprclSons we ufe in prayer, 
though I have here in my enlargements upon the fereral 
heads of prayer confined myfelt almoft wholly to fcrip- 
lure language, becaufe I would give an inllance of the 
fufficiency of the fcriptore to fumiQi us for every good 
worfe, yet I am far from thinking but that it is convenient 
and often necelTary to ufe other exprefHons m prayer, be. 
iides thofe that are purely fcriptural ; only I would advife 
that the facred dialefl be mod ufed, and made familiar to 
us and others in our dealing about facred things j that lan- 
guage, ChrilliaD people are moll accuftomed to, mofl af- 
fefled with and will moft readily agree to ; and where the 
fcriptures arc opened and esplaincd to the people in the 
minillry of the word, fcripture language will be moA in- 
telligible, and the fenfe of it bell apprehended This is 
found fpeech that cannot be condemned ; and thofe that 
are able to do it, may do well to enlarge by way of dcfcant . 
or paraphrafe upon the fcriptures they make ufe of ; Hill 
fpeaking according to that rule, and comparing fpiritual 
things with fpiritual, that chcymaj illuftrate each other. 
And it is not to be reckoned a perverting of fcripturc, 
but it is agreeable to the ufage of m^ny Divines, efpecirily 
the Fathers, and I think it tvarranted by divers quotatious 
in ihe New TeHamcnt out of the OM, to allude to ^ Icrip- 


ture phrafe, aad to make ufc of it by vraj of accomma* 
dation to another fenfe, than whit was the 6tft intendnient 
of it, provided it agree with th« an*log]r of faith. As for 
inftancethefe woTisP/. IxxsTii. •], ^li my/prings art in ibee 
—may very fitly be applied to God, iho' there it appear! by 
the feminine article in the etiginali to be meant of Zioa ,-. 
Nor ha» it ever been thought any wroDg to the fcripture 
phrafe, to pray for the bleffings of ihe,uppcrj^r/«^/, and 
the ntihn f/iringt, iho' the expreflion from vrhich it is-, 
borrowed, jutlget i. 15. bath no reference at all to what 
we mean : but by common ufe every one knows the figni. 
fication, and many are pleafed with the figaificancy of it. 

Divers heads of .prayer may no doubt be added to thofe 
which I have here put togethtr, and many fcripture expref- 
Jions too, under each head, (for I have only fet down fuch. 
as $rft occurred to my thoughts) and many other cxprefTions. 
too, not in fcripture wordSf which may be very oomprehen- 
live and emphaticai, and apt to excite derotion. And pei-- 
haps, thofe wba covet earneftly this excellent gift, and co< 
vet to excel in it, may 6nd it of u& to them to have fuch a- 
bookasthliinterleavM, in which to infcrt fuch otheir heads &. 
expreflions at they think will be molt agreeable to them, 
and wanting here. And tho' I have here recommended 3' 
gBod method for prayer, and that which has been generally 
a)iproved, yet I am iar from thinking we Ihould always tie 
ourlelves to it : that may be varied as well as the expref- 
iicin .' thankfgiving may very aptly be put fometimes before. 
confefTion or petition, or our inCercclTions for others before. 
our petitions fur ourfelves, as the Lord's prayer. Some* 
times one of thefe parts of prayer may be enlarged upon. 
much more than another ; or they may be decently intet- 
tvoven in fome other method j'vfr/ efl atare arlem. 

There ar.e thofe (I doubt not) who at foaie times have _ 
their hearts ib wonderfully elevated and enlarged in pray- 
er, above themfclves ; at other times fuch a fixednefs and 
fulaefs of thought, fueh a fervour of pious and derout aSec^ 
tions, the producl of which, is fuch Suency and variety of 
pertinent and moving txpiefTions, and in fuch a juft and 
natural method, that then to have an eye to fuch a feheme 
■■''■'■ -nuld be a bi.i(lrance to them, and would be in 
■amp and ftraiten them ; if the heart be full of 
Ur, it may utukc the tongue ai the pen of a 


icidj writer. But this U a cafe tliat rarely happem, aiid 
ordioaiily there is need of propofing to ourfelves a certain 
luetbad to go by in prajer, that the fcrvice may be per- - 
formed decently and in order, ia which, yet one nould 
avoid that which looLs too formal. - A qiaa may write 
ilraight, without having hi> paper ruled. 

Some few forms of prayer I have added in the laA chap- 
ter, for the ufe of tho{e who need luch helps, and that 
knon not how to do as well or better without them ■, and 
therefore I have calculated them far families. If any 
think them too long, let them obferve that they are dinded 
into many paragraph;, and thofe moHly independent, fo 
that when brevity is neceiliiry, fome paragraphs may be 

But after all, the intentioa acd clofe application of the 
mind, the lively exeicifes of fiith and love, and the out- 

Sings of holy de&re towards God, are fo effentially necef- 
y to prayer, that without thefe in (incerity, the beft and 
moll proper language is but a litelefs image. If we had 
the tongue of men and angels, and have not the heart of 
-liumbie ferious Cbriftiani in prayer, we are but as a found- 
ing brafs, and a tinkling cymbal. 'Tis only the effeftual 
' fervent prayer, the Deefis energumene, the inwrougbtf in- 
laid prater that avails mucb. Thus, therefore, we ought 
to approve ourfelves to God in the integrity of our hsart*, 
whether we pray by or without a pre-compofed form. 

When I had finilhed the third volume of Expo&tians of 
tlie Bible, which is now in the prels, before I proceed, as I 
intend, in an humble dependence on the Divine providence 
and grace, to the fourth volume, I was willing to take a 
little time from that work to this poor performance, in 
hopes it might be of fome fervice to the generation of them 
that feek Cod, that feek the face of the God of Jatob ; 
And if any good Chriftians receire alliftance from it iu 
their devotions, I h?pc they will not deny me one requefi, 
wbich is, that they will pray for me, that I may obtain 
mercy of the Lord, to b^ found among the faithful watch- 
men on 'jtrt^ahni's walls. Who never ho/J their peace day 
nor nigbi, but give ibemfelvei to the viord and prayer, that 
ar length / mayfinijh tny coarfe viubjoy. 

March 2jth, 1710. j: MATTHEW HENRY. 

u.j.izML-, Google 




-Qf thefirfl Part ^ pRAtER, iDhkh is AUrifs U Gon, 
Aiiration of him, viilh fiulable Acknawl'dgnuntSf 
Fr^feJfivttSi and preparatory Requefts. 

OUR rpirits being Compafed ioto-a very reverend 
and ferious frame, our thoughts gathered in, and 
aU that is witliinutchsrgtd in the name of the great God* 
carefuU;' to attetid the folcmn and awfiil fcrviee that 
lies before us, and to keep clofe to it, we mxi& with a 
£xed attention and application of mind, and an aftive 
Uvclj Faith, set iht LOMD BifOBE US, see his eye upon 
-us, and set ouHelves in his fpecbl pretence, prefenting 
.diirfelves to him as living facrifices, which we delire 
may be holy and acceptable, and a reafonable fervice* ; 
and-then bind thefe facriSces with cords to the horns 
Jif the altar "> in fuch thoughts as thefe : 

tf Kom. xii. i. i Ffal. cxviii, a-j. 

12 Mid Addrefi to Him. 

Let us now lift up our hearts ", with our e^es aiid 
hands unto God in the heavens <>. 

Let us ftir up -ourfelves to take hold on God % t» 
seek his fant, and to give him the glory due unto his 
came % 
, Unto thee, 'O Lord, do we lift up our fouls ^. 

— .Let us now, with humble boldncfs, cnlcr into the 
faolieft by the blood of Jefus, in the new and living 
way '', which he hath confecrated to us through the 
Veil '. 

Let us how attend upon the Lord without diftraftion, 
and let not our hearts -he hx from him, when we draw 
nigh unto htm with our mouths, and honour him- 
with our lips ^. 

— Let us now worfiiip God, who is aSpiHiT, in fpirit 
and in truth : for fuch the Fariior feeks to worlhip 

. him'. 

Having thus engaged our hearts to approach unto 

I. We muft/oUmtiljaddrefsourfdvt] to thai INFINITSLT 
CHEAT and GLOSIOVS Being ^vith lohom tve have (• da, at 
thofe that are pojfcffed -with afttU helief of his PRESENCE 
and a holy a-we and reverence of hit MaJESTT ; -which 
tve mny at infach exprejftons ai thefe: 

Holt, Holy, holy Lord God Almighty, which art, 
and wail, and art to come ". 

O thou whofe name alone is Jehqv^h, and who art 
the moft High over all the earth " ! 

O God, thou art our God, early will we feek thccP } 
our God and we will praife thee; our father's God, 
and we will e^alt thee^. 

O thou who art tli« true God, the living God, the 

e Lam. 111,41. </ John xvii, i. * Ila. hiv, 7. 
/ Pfal. sxvii, 8. axix, 2. j xxv, i. b Heb. x, 19. 
i 1 Cor. vii, 35. * Mat. xv, 8. / John if, 23, 34. 
m Jer. sxx, 3i. n Rev. iv. 6. Pialm Ixsiiii. 18. 

p Ixxxiii. I. q £xod, sv, 2, 

and Addrefs to Him. j^ 

only living and tru« God, and the everlaftlng Ring ' I 
Tfae Lord our God vho is one Lord ''. 

And wc may thus diAingujfli ouriclves from the 
WorOiippers of falfe goJs, 

The idols of the Keathen are lllTer and gold, the/ 
arc vanity and a lie, ihe works of men's bands; they 
that make them arc like onto them, and fo is every one 
that truneth in them '. But the portion ai JaciA ia 
not like them, for he is the liarmcr of all tilings, aiWl 
Jfrael is Ihe rod of his Inhcriiance ; the Lord ot hoAs 
is his name ', God over all, blefled for evermore ". 

Their rock is not our rock, even the enemies them* 
{elves being judges ; for he h tbc rock of ages ', th e 
Lord Jehovah, with whom is evetUfting ftrength ' : 
whofe name lliall endure for ever, and his memorial 
unto all generations ', when the gods that have not 
made the heavens and the earth Ihall perifh from off 
the earth, and from under thofe heavens '. 

2. We mafl reverently adore God, as a Being Iran- 
fiendently hr'ight and hlejed, ftlf-exisient, and felf.fyffid- 
tnt, «« ittfiniii and eternal Spirit, thai has all perfeSliens 
in bimjelf, and gxvt him the ghrj^his titles and aitrU 

O Lord our God, thoa art very great, thou arC - 
clothed with honour and maje(lf, thou covered thy- 
Felf with light, as with a garment ", and yet as to us 
makell darknefs thy pavilion ' ; forwc cannot order 
our fpeeeh by reafon of darknefs ". 

This is the mefF^ge which we have heard of ihee, 
and we fet to our feat that it !s true, that God is light, 
and in him is no darknefs at all ' : and that God is love, 
and they that dwelt in love, dwell in God, and God ia 
tbem ^ 

Thou art the Father of light, with whom is no vari-i — 

r Ter. i. lo. /D« / Pfal. citv. 4. njer. x: 
15, i'6. wRom.ix.v. *Dcut. xxxii. 31. jira.xxvi.4. 
»Pra!.cxxxv. 13. fljM.x.ii. 6 Pfal. civ. I, J, fjiviii. ' 
II. d Job xiuvii. 19. e i John i. 5. /iv. 16. 

14 Adoration of GOD, 

aWcncfs or ffiadow of turning, and from wliotn pro- 
ceeded every good and pcrfcfl gift ^* 

Thoa art the bleffcd and only Potentate : the King of 
lEings> and Lord of lords, who only haft immortality, 
dwelling in the light, which no man can approach un- 
" .to> whom no man hath feen, or can fee *. 

We must aeknmulidge his Ititig lo he un^utsiiottablt and 
past iifputt. 

The heavens declare thy glory, O God, and the fir- 
mamtnt ftioweth thy handy-work ', and by the things 
that are made is clearly feen and HnderHood thine eter- 
nal powir and Godhead ". So that they arc fools 
without excufc, who fay there is no God ; for verily 
there is a teward bx the righteous, verily there U a 
God that judgeth in the earth, and in heaven too '. 

Wc therefore come to thee, believing that thou arrt» 
and that thou art the powerful and bountiful rewarder 
of them that diligently Ceek thee "^i 

Ytt vie must otvn his noturt to be mctmprthenfible. 

We cannot by fearching find, out God, we cannot 
~ find out the Almighty unto perfedlion ". 

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praifed, and his 
grcatnefs is urfeavehable". 

Who can utter the mighty afls of the Lord ? who 
can fliow forih all his prarfc p ? 

— And his perfeSlhns ts be matcUifs isiJ vithout coni- 

Who is a God like unto tbee, glorious in holinefi, 
ftarfiil m praifcs, doing wonders^ i 
-, Who in the heaven can be compared unto the Lord ? 
■who among the foas of the mighty ciin he likened unto 
the Lord l O I^rd God of bolls, who is a drong Lord 
like unto thee, or to thy faithfuloefs round about thee '' ? 

, g James \. 17. b i Tim. vi. ij, 16. i Pfal. xix. r. 

I Rom. i. ad. / Prilm xiv. i. Iviii. 11. m Heb. xi. 6. 

n Job xi. 7. o Pfalm cxlv, 3. / cTi. 2. y Es. xv, iti 
r Pf»lm Iskxix. 6, 8i 

' and Addrefs tc Himt 15 

Among the gods there is none like unto thee, O Lord, , 
neither are there any works like unto thy works ; for 
thou art great, and doft wondrous things J thou art 
God alone". 

There is not any creature that has an arm like God, 
or can thunder with a voice like him '. 
—4nd that he is infinitely abmt ui and all other btitigi. 

Thou art God, and not man ; haft not eyes of flefli, 
nor fceft thou as a man feeth ' ; thy days are not as the 
days of man, nor ihy years as man's days™. 

As heaven is high above the earth, fo are Ihy thoughts - 
above our thoughts, and tby ways above our ways ''. 

All nations before thee are as a drop of the bucket, 
or the fmall dull: of the balance, and thou takeft up ths 
ifi« as a very Uitle thing: they areas nothing, an date 
counted to thee lefs than nothing and vanity '. 

Particular^ ia aur adaraikns wt must achMviUige 
fi.) That he is an eternal God, immutable, itiithmt begin- ' 
mng of Jays, or end qfUfe, or change tftitne. 
. Thou art the Kjng eternal, imraartal, invifihie ". *" 

Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever ' 
thou hadft formed the earth and the world, from ever- — 
lading to everlafting thou art God * ; the fame, ycfter- 
day, to-day, and for ever ''.. 

Of old haft thou laid the foundation of the earth, 
and the heavcns'atc the works of tby hands : they ftiall 
pcriOi, but thou Jhalt endure j yea, all of them fiiall 
wax old, like a garment, as a velluie fhalt thttu change 
them, and they Ihalt be changed ; but thou arc the 
fame, and thy years fliall have no end '. 

Thou art God, and chaugeft not ; therefore is it that 
We arc not confumed ''. 

Art thou not from everlafting, O Lord our God, ou? 

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1 6 ^d&rationofCOX>^ 

holy One ' ? The cverlafting God, even the Lord, the 
Creator of the ends of the earth, who ^inteft not, 
neither art weary \ there is no fearehing out of ihme 
underflandtng '. 

(2.) Ihat be is prefent in all places, .and there is no 
place in luhkb he is included, or out of which he it ex- 

Thou art a God at hand, and a God afar off ; nofte 
•can hide bimlelf in'fecret plac^is that thou caail not 
•fee him, for thou filled heaven and earth «. 

Thou art not far from every one of us "■ 
■ We cannot go any whither from thy prefence, or fly 
from thy fpirit : if we afcend into heaven, thou art 
.there i if wemalteour bed in hetl, in the depths of the 
earth, behold ihou art there } if we take the wings of 
the morning, and dwell in the ultermoft parts of the 
(ea, even there ihall thy hand lead us, and thy right- 
fcand fliall hold us, t!i.,t wc cannot out-run thee '. 

(3.) Ikathe hatha perfeEl hnavjkdgt of all perfins and 
things, end fees them all, even that ii'hich is ntoit fecret, at 
ene cknr, certain, and unerring view. 

All things are naked and open' before the eyes of him 
with whom we have to do, even the thoughts and in- 
tents of the heart '. 

Thine eyes are in every; place beholding the evil and 
the good ' : they run to and fro through the earth, thtf 
thou mayeft Hiow thyfelf ftrong on the behalf of thofe 
whoPe licarts arc upright with thee ■". 

Tliou ftarchcft the heart, and trieft'the reins^ that 
thou mayeft give to every man according to hit ways, 
and according to the fruit of his doings ". 
— O God, thou hafl fcarched us and ^nown us, thou 
knowcft our down-fitting and our up-Hfing, and under- 
. flandeft our thoughts aJFar off: thou compaffeft our 
path and our lying down, and art acquainted with ^1 

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aniAddrefsto Him. IJ 

our ways ; there is not a word in our tongue, but lo» 
O Lord} ibou knoweil it altogether. Such knowledge 
is too wonderful for us ; it is high, wc cannot attain im- 
to it ". 

Darknelli and light are both alike to thee. 

(4.") 'ihat his luijdom is uvfeorchdbU, and the counftit 
and defigns efit cannot be fathomed. 

Thine underAanding, O Lord, is infinite j for thou 
teilelt the number of the flars, and calleft them all 
by rheir naines v. 

Thou att wonderful in counfcl, and excellent in 
working^ Wife in heart and mighty in ftrength. 

O Lord, how- manifold are thy works ! in wifdom hall ~' 
thou made them all i ; all according to the counfel of 
thine own will '. 

O the depthof the wifdom and knowledge Of God 'I 
How unfearchable ace his judgments, and bis ways 
pall finding out. 

(;.) Ihat bis fovereignty h iniotitestible, and he is the 
wwner atii abfiluti Lord cf alt. 

The heavens, even the heaven of heavens are thin^ 
and all the hofts of them ', The earth is thine; and the 
fulnefs therepf, the world and. they that dwell ibcrcin *•. 
In thy hand arc the deep places of the earth, and the 
ftrength of the hills ia thine alfo : the fea is ibinCj for 
■lou madeft it, and thy hands formed the dry land ' 1 
^.thcbealts of the foreit are thine, and the catile upon 
a t^oufaijd hilU : thou art thereiore a great God, and 
a ^^at King above all gt^ds. 

l^ithy hand is the foul of gvery living thing, and the - 
breath of all mankind t. 

Thy dominion is an evetlalling dominion, and thy ■ 
kingdom is from generation to generation : thou doit 
according to thy will in the armies of heaven, and 

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B3 ' - ■>- 

18 Adoration of COD, 

smong (he inhabitants of the carlh, and aone can {lay 
thy hand, or fay unto thee, What doft thou ? Or why 
dolt thou To I ? 

(6.) That his poiver is irrijtslible, and the eperatiom (if 
it cannot he eotitrouled' 

We know, O God, that thou can'ft do every thing, 
and that no thought can be wkh-holdeo from thee ' : 
Power belongs unto thee^ ; and with thee nothing'^ 
iinpoflible '. 

All power is thine, both in heaven and in earth ■*. 
■^ Thou kiUeft and thou makeft alive, thou woundeft 
and thou bealefl; neither is there any that can deli- 
ver out of thy hand '. 

What thou haH promifed, tbou art able alfo to per* 
form ^ 

( 7 .) Ibat he it a God of unfpotud purity, and ferfe^ 

Thou art holy, O thou that inhabltcft the praires of 
J/rael^. Holy and reverend is thy name * i and W« 
give thanks at the remembrance of thy holinefa '. 

Tliou art of purer eyes than to behold iniquity ^, nei- 
ther Ihall evil dwell with ihee ". 

Thou art the rock, thy work t; perfeft, all thy ways 
are truth and judgment -, a God of truth, and .in 
whom is no iniquity ". Thou art oor rock, and there 
is no unrighteoufnefs in thee ". 

Thou art holy in all thy works", and holinefs be- 
comes thy houfe, O Lord, for ever p. 

(8.) That he is just in the administration ef his gevern- 
ttieni, und never did, flor ever vitll do wreng io any tfhit 

Righteous an thou, O God, when we plead with 
iheei, and wi!t be juliified when thou fpeakeft, and 
clear when lho\i judgcft'. 

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and Addrejs to Him. I9 

Par be it from God that he fhould do wlckcdnefs, 
-snd from the Al(night|r> tl^^^ he Ihould commit ini(|ui- 
tj i for the vork of a mati lliall he render unto him '. 

Thy rigbtcourncfs is as' the great mountains, even 
then when thy judgments are a great deep ' ! And 
though clouds and darknefs arc round about thee, yet 
judgment and juftice are the habitation ef thy throne ^. 

(9 ) 'Jbat kli truth is invariabi; and tht ireafures of 
bii gcodmfs inexhauiti^U. 

'I'hou art good, and thy mercy endures for ever ". 
Thy loving'kindnefs is great towards us ', and thy truth 
Cndurelh to all generations r. 

Thou haft proclaimed thy name ; (he Lord, the Lord 
God, merciful and gracious, Qow to anger, abundant in 
ggodncfs and truth, keeping mercy for thoufands, for. 
giving iniquity, tranrgrelEon and fin '. And this name 
of thine is our ftrong tower '. 

Thou art good, and dofl good ; good to all, and thy 
tender mercy is over alt thy works ". But truly God is 
in a {pedal manner good to J/rae/, even to (hem that 
are of a clean heart '. 

O that thou wouldft caufe thy goodnefs to pafs be- 
fore us '' ; that we may lafte and fee that the Lord is 
good } and bis loving-kind nets may be always before 
our eyes '. 

Zail/y, That 'when lut have /aid all we ean rflhegkrU 
mi ptrfi^'ioni of the Divine nature, ue fall infaiilely Jhort 
of tht merit of the fuhjecl 

Lo, tbefc are but parts of his ways, and how little a 
portion is heard of God : But the thunder of his power 
who can underftand i 

Touching the Almighty we cannot find him out ; he is 
excellent in power and in judgment, and in plenty of 

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ao Adoration of COB, 

juftice ' ; and lie is exalted far above all bleffing and 
praire "^ 

We mujl give to God the praife of that fpkndour and 
glory wherein be is pieafed to manifefl him/elfin the upper 

Thou had prepared thy throne In the heavens ', and' 
it is a throne of glory, high and lifted up, and before 
thee the feraphims cpver their faces ^, And it is in com-, 
pafGon to us, that thou holdcft back the fac&of that 
throne, and fpreadeA a cloud upon it '. 

Tbou niakdt thine angels fpirics, anil thy miniftera 
aflame of tire "'. rhouland thoufands of them minidcr 
unto thee,^nd ten thoufand times ten thoufand ftand be- 
fore thee to do thy plcafure ". They excel in ftrengih, 
and hearken to ih^ voice of thy word ". And we are 
come by faith and hope and hoiy love into a fpiritual ' 
coiitmunion with that innumerable company of an- 
gels, and -the fpirits of jult men made pcrfetfti even to 
the general alTemblj and church of the firfl-born, in the 
heavenly Jervfdim P ? 

4. We m'ljl give glory to Tiim at the Creator of the 
v}orlil, and the great proteSlor, benefaiior, and ruler of tb»^ 
whole creation, 
— Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive ble fling, and 
honour, and glory and power; for thou hall created all 
things, and for thy pleafure,. and for thy pralfc, they 
are and were created ^: 

We worfhiphim that made the heaven and theearthr, 
the lea and the fountains of waters ' ; who fpake, and 
jtwasdone; who commanded, and it ftood fad ' ; who 
faid, Lei there be light, and there was light } let there 
be a lirmamcnti und be maJe the finnament ; and he 
made alt very good'; and they continue this day, ac- 
cording to his ordinance, for all his fcrvants ', 

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f Rev. • .'■ ! 1 . r x\y.-j. f Pfalm xxxiii- <). f-GM, it ^, 
6,7. V ITahn czJs. $!• ^.....^^,. 

and Addrefs to Him. si 

The day is thine, the night ftHb is thine ; thou haft 
Tct all the borders of the earth \ thou haft made fum- 
mer and winter", 

Thou upboldeft all things bf the word of ihf power", 
and by thee all things conlift '. 

The earth is full of thy riches ; (o is the grmt and 
wide fea alfo '. The eyes of all wait upon thee, and 
thou giveft them their meat in due fcafoo : thou open- 
eft thy hand, and fatis6eft the delires of every living 
thing '. Thou preferveft man and beaft, and givelt 
food lo all flefti ^ 

Thou, even ihou, art Lord alone ^ thou haft made ■• 
Heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all iheir hoft, the 
earth and all things that are therein, the Teas, and all 
that is tberein, and thou preferveft them all ' : and the 
hoft of heaven worfliippcth thee, whole kingdom rid- 
ctb over all *. 

A fparrow falls no! to the ground without thee '. 

Thou madeft man at fiill of the daft of the ground, 
and breathcdft into him the breath of life, and fo he 
became a living foul '. 

And thou hift made of that one blood, all natioQs of 
men, to dwell on alt the face of the earth, and haft de- 
termined the times before appointed, and the bounds 
of their habitation <. 

Thou ait (he moft high who ruleft in the kingdom 
of men, and giveft it to whomloever thou wilt '' \ fue 
from thee every man's judgment proccedf '. 

Hallelujah, the Lord God omnipoteni reigns ", and 
doth all, according to the couafel of Ills own will, to 
the ptaile of his own glory ' ! 

5. H'c mufi give honour to tbt three per/ons in the Cod- 

w Pral. Ixitlv. 16, 

17. *Hrb.i.7. 

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h sxxti 6- 

75. J PiOV- 

11, il- 

34 Adoration of GOD, 

htad di/iinBly^ to the Father, ibe Son, and tbe HolyChoit, 
that great and /acred name inte whith we tvere baptized, 
and in wbitb vje ajfemblt for religiom wor/htp, in coni' 
vuifion-wilb tbe univerfaJ ebureb. 

Wc pay our honwg? to three that beir record in 
heaven^ the Fathcc« the Word, and the Holy Ghoft » 
ifor thefc thicc are one ■*. 
_ We adore thee, O Father, Lord of heaveo and 
earthi " ; and the eternal Word, who was in the begin- 
ning viih God, and was God, by whom all things^ 
were made, and without whom was not any thing 
made that was made, and who in tlic fulncfs of time 
was made flelh, and dweh aiBong ui, and Ihowed his 
glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, 
full of grace andtrutb". 

And fince it is the will of God that all men fhould 
honour the Son as they honour the Father p, we adore 
him as the brightnefs of ijs Father's giory, and the?*—- 
prefa image of Jji»- perfon j herein joining with the 
aogsU qf God, who were all bid to worlhip him ^. 

We pay oar homage to the exalted Redeemer ■■, who 
is the faithful witncte, the tfrft begotten from the dcad^ 
and the Prince of the kings of the earth, confefiing. 
that Jefus Chiift i$ Lord, to the g|»ry of God tbe Fa- 
ther '. , . 

We alfo worihip the Holy Ghoft the Comforter, 
whom the Son hath fent from the Father, even ths 
Spirit of truth ', who proceedeih from the Father, and 
niio is fent to-teach ui all things, and to bring all things 
to our remembiance ', who indited the Scripture*, holy 
men of God writing them, as they were moved by the 
Holy Ghoft* 

6. We mutt aciHoviledge our defiendeitce ufion God, and 
our ebJigatioHi to bint, at our Crtattr, Frt/ervtr, artd Be- ' 
a ff oiler, 

m I John V. 7. n Mat, sr. 25. o John i. i, 2, 8, 14. 
/ Joha V. 13. y Hob. i, 3, 6. r Rev. 1. j. J Phil. ii. 11- 
I JoTin xv.'j6. , V John xir- 26. w 2 P«. i. 21. 

md Addrefs to Him. 53 

Thou, O God, madcil us, and not ve ouricKe*,and 
tberefore we are not oar own, but thine, thy pcopte, 
and the flieep of thy paftnre * ; let us therefore wor- 
ibip, and fall dswn> and kneel, before the Lord our 
Maker 1. 

Thou, Lord, art the former of our bodies ^, and 
they are fearfully aad wondrouSy made, and curioufl^ 
wrought*. Thine eye did fee our fubflancet yet being 
impe»fe£V, and in thy book all our members were 
written, which in continuance were faOiioRcd, when 
as yet there was none of them. 

Tliou haft clothed us with (kin asd flefli, thou haft 
fenced ns with bones and finews; thou baft grant- 
ed us life and £itoiv, and thy vifitatioa prefervea our 
fpirit b. 

Thou art the fitthtr of our fptr its e ; for thou form 
«d(t the fpirit of man within him, and madell us thafe 
fouls '*. The Spirit of God bath made 03 e, and the 
breath of the Almighty hath given us life C Thou 
putfeft wifdom in the inward part, and givcft under- 
Handing to the heart E. 

Thou "art God our maker, and tAcheft os more than ' 
the beafls of thetarth, and makell us wifer than the 
fowls of heaven li. 

We are the clay, and thou our potter ; we are the 
-work of thy hand'. 

Thou art he that tookcft us out of the womb, and 
Jccpt us in fafety when we were at our niother'a 
breall k ; wc have been cafl upon thee from the womb, 
and held up by thee ; thou art our God from our mo- 
ther's bowels, and therefore praife Ihall be conttnu^ly 
*f thee 1. 

X Pfalni c. 3. y xcv- 6. a cxS'xb. 14. a xV. 16.,i2. e Heb-sii.c). rfZecli.xii-i- 

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/ Pfalm lxxi.6. 

24 Adoration of GOD, 

In thee, O God, we live, and raovt, and have our 
being, for we arc thine offspring". 

in thy hand otir breath is, and thine are all out' 
wa^s " ; for the way of mao i$ not in himfelf, neither 
U it in man that walkcih to dirc^ his Aeps "i but our 
times arc in thy hand p. 

Tlwa art the God that haft fed us all our life long 
unto this day, and redeemed us frona all evil^. 

It is of thy mercies that we are not ccnfumed, evea 
- becaufe ihy compaffions fail not ; they are new every 
morning ; great is thy faithfulnefs '. 

If thou take away our breath we die, and return to 
tiie duft, out of vrhich we were taken*. 

Who is he that (ayeth, and itcometh to pafs, if thou 
commandel^ it not ^ Out of thy mouth, 'O moft Higb, 
both evil and good proceed '. 

7. IVt marl aVBUcb ibis God to be our God, and ovm 
eur relatinit to him, bis dominion over us, and prqftriety 

Our fouls have faM unto the Lord, thou art our 
God, though our goodnefs extendeth not unto thee % 
neither if we are righteous art thou thft better w. 

Thou art our King, O God : Other lords befides 
thee have had dominion over us ^t bnt from henceforth 
by thee anly will we make mention of thy name ?. 

Wc avouch the Lord this day to be our God, to WaUc 
in his ways, and to keep his lUtotes, and his command- 
reents, and his juilgments, and to hearken to liis 
voire, and give ourfelves unto him, to be his peculiar 
people, as he hath promifed, that we may be a holy 
people unto tlje Lord our God * ; and may be unto 
him ior a name, and foi a praife, and for a glory ■. 

m Aft< Ixxi. 6, n Dar. v. 33, . o Jer. x. 23. 

p Pfalre xxx'. ij. q Gen, Iviii- 15. t Lire, rii, 22, 23, 
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■Ill job xxxtv. 7. 5f Pfalm xl!v.4. y Ifa-xxvi. 14, 

% Deut. xxvi. 17, 18, 15. « Jer. xii, 11. 

and Addrefs to Htm. 25 

O Lord, truly wc arc thy fervaots, we are ihy fer- 
vaott, born id thy haufe, and thou bafl loofcd our 
bonds b ; we are bought with a price, and therefore we 
arc not our own « ; but yield ourfelvcs unto the Lordi 
and join ourfelvcs to him in an cverlafling covenant ^, 
that ihafl never be forgotten *. 

We are thine, fare ns, for we feck thy prcepts': 
'tJs thine own, Lord, tkat we give thee, and that which 
cometh of thine hand g. 

8- IVe mast aciito-JileJge it aa unfpeaiabU favaar, and 
an ineflimabU fri'sUtge, that vie arc not only admitted, but 
inviltd and encouraged to draw nigh to God in prayer. 

Thou Laft commanded us tj pray always, with all - 
pra.ycr and fuppUcation, with thanlcfgiving, and to 
watch thereunto with all perfeverancc and fupplication 
for all faints "> te continue in prayer', and in every 
tbing, with prayer and fupplication, to make our le- 
quefts known to God "; 

Thou halt direfled us to alk, and feek, anil knock, 
and hall promifed that we Aiall receive, we Ihall find, 
and it Ihall be opened to us '. 

Thou haft appointed us a great High-priell, in whofe 
name we may come boldly to iIk throne of grace, that 
we may find mercy and grice to help in time of need ". 

Thou haft afTured u.° that while the tacri&ce of the 
%ucked is an abominaiion to the Lord, the prayer of 
the upright is his delight": and chat he that oSers 
praife glorifies thee ", and the facrifice of thankfgiving 
iLall pleaTe the Lord better than that of an ox or bul- 
lock that has borns and hoofs >*• 

Thou art he that heareft prayer, and therefore unto 
Uiee Oiall all flelh come 1. 

Thou fayeft, Seek ye my face, and our hearts an- 

b Pfalm cKvl. 16. c I Cor. vi. 19. d^ Chron. xxi. 8 
* Jcc 1. 5. /Pfalm cx'x. 94, g I Chrcm. xxix. i6- 
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m Heb. iv. 16, n Piov. sv. 8. Pfalm 1. 23. /> Ituk, 
U. g Ixv, 2. xxvii. 8. 

fwer, Thy face. Lord, wil! wc ftck '. For (liould not ' 
3 people feek unto their Go^ ? Whither fliall wc go 
but to thee ? Thou haft ihe worOs of eternal life '. 

9. We viuji expre/s the finfe «■/ have efwr own mtatt- 
ne/s,and unviorthmefi te_ draw near to God, and fptak W . 
. — But will God in very deed dwellvrith man upon the, 
earth ', that Go^t whom the h^vcn of heavens cauoot 
contain, with man thu is a worm, and the Ton of man, 
which is a worm * ? 

Who are wc, O Lord God, and what is our Father's 
houfe, that thou haft brought us hitherto, to prcfent 
ourfelves before the Lord; ihat we have through 
Chrift an accefs by one Spirit unto the Father * i Antl 
yet as if this had been a fmall thing in thy ffght, thou 
haft fpokcn concerning thy fervants for a gr^at while 
to come; and is this tlic manner of men, O Lord God *, 

What is man that thou art thus mind^l of kitn, and , 
, thcfonofman that thou vifiieft faim, and doft thus 
magnify him '' ? 

O let not (he Lord be angry, if we that are but duft 
and afhes, take upon us to fpeak unto the Lord of- 
giory ^ 

We arc not worthy of the leaft of all the mercies^ 
and of all the truth which thou haft fliowed unto \\ff 
fervants ' ; nor is it meet to lake the children's breads 
and c:aft it to fuch as wc are : yet the dogs eat of the 
crumbs that fall from their mafter'» table " : and thou 
art rich in mercy to all that call upon thee '^. 

iQ.'W^f muit humbly profefi the dejire ef our hearts 
ioivords God, ns eurfelicily andpcriim, and the fountain of 
life and all good to tts. 

Whom have we in heaven but thee : and there is 

r Ifa. viii. 19. J John vi. (58. / 2 Chron. vi. 18. 
<v }ob Mv. 6. w a Sam. vii. 18, 19. * Epb. ii. i8- 
h Pfalm viii. 4. z Gen. xPtii 27. 30. a G;D< Bxxii- JO' 
y Mat-xv. 26, 27. e Rom. K. ii> 

and Addrefs to Him. 27 

tiione upon earth that we dc(ire befides thee, or in com- 
parifon of thee*' : When our flefti and our heart fail, 
be thou the ftrcDgth of our heart and our port.on for 
evtr ; the portion of our inheritance in the other world, 
and of our cup in this, and then we will fay that the 
lines arc fallen unto us in pieaf^nt places, and that we 
have a goodly heritage '. 

The deOre of our fouls is to thy Name, and to the 
remembrance of thee j with our fouls have we defircd 
Ihee in the night, and with our fpirits within us will wc ^ 
feck thee only'. 

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, fo panteth 
our foul after thee, O God ; our foul thirfteth for God, 
for the living God, who will cooiniand his loving kind- 
nefs in the day-tioiC] and in the night his fong Hiall be 
with us, and our prayer to the God.of onr lif; ^. 

O that we may come hungering and tliirftirg aficr 
righteoufnefs " ; for thou filleft the hungry with good 
things, but the rich thou fendeft empty away '. 

O that our fouls may third for thee, and our flcHi 
long for thee in a dry" and thirfty land, where no water 
is, that we may fee thy power and thy glory, a; wc have 
ficn thee in the fanfluary. Thy loving kindnefs is bet- 
ter ihm life ; our fouls fhall be fatisiied with it as with 
marrow and fatne{s, and then our mouths with joj-ful 
lips (hall praife thee ^ 

I T . We mtiJt Hieviife profrfs eur believing hape and can- ' 
jidlnee in Gad, and hu aU-fiifidtncj, in his po'^er, prcji- 
detice, and firemife. 

In thee, O God, do we put our truft, let us never be — 
aihamed ' ; yea, let none that wait on thee be afliam- 

Truly our fouls wait upon God ; from him cometh — r 
our falvatidn ; he only is our rock and our falvation ; 

^/Pfalmlxxiii. 25, 35. *3tvi. 5. 6. /Ife. xxvi. 8, 9; 
g Pfalm jlii. i.a, 8. A Mat. v. 6. > Loks i. 53. 

ipfal. Ixiii 1, 2, 3,5. /xxxi. »• « ^x"* i;..f.^j»- >) 2- 

28 Adoration of GOD, 

in him is our glory, our ftrcngth, and our refuge, and 
from him is our cxpe^ation ". 

, When refuge fails us, and none care for our fouls, we 
ery uoto thci;, O Lord ; thou art our refuge, and out 
portion in the land of tlie living p. 

Some truft in chariotj, and fomc in Jiorfcs, but we 
will remember the name of the I^rd our Godl. Wc 
will iroft in thy mercy, O God, for ever and evert 
and will wait en thy name, for it is good before thy 
faints [. 

We have hoped in thy word i O remember thy word 
unto thy fervantf, upon ivhich thou haft caufed us to 
hope *". 

1 2 IFe must hlnot GoJ's favaurablt acceptdnce of ut 
-*ml our poor ptrjerwavces. 

There be many that fay, who will (how us any good ? 
but this we fay. Lord hfc op the light of thy countenance 
upon ub and tliat fball put glaimefs into our hearts, 
more thin they have whofe corn and wine encreafeth ^ 
We iatreat thy favour with our whole heart ', for in 
this we labour, that whether prcfent ot abreni wc may 
ke accepted of the Lord "■ 

Hear our prayer, O Lord, give ear to our fupplica- 
tions V in thy faithfutnefs anfwer usi. And be nigh 
unio us in all that which we call upon thee fori j for 
thou never faidft to ths feed of Jacob, Seeit ye me ia 
vain (. 

Thou that heareft the young ravens which cry ', be 
not filent to us, left if thou be fUent to us, we be like 
them that go down to the pit*". 

. Let our prjyer be int. forth before thee as incenfC) 
and the lifting up of our hands be acceptable in chy 
fight as the evening facrifice ', 

o Pfalm V. 6, -j. p txl'ii. 4, 5. q xx. 7. r lii. 8, 9. 
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b xxviii< 1. f cxli- 2- 

and Addrefs to Him. ' 39 

13. We must beg for ihe p*werful q^jlance and wj!u- 
tnce of the bUJed Spirit of grace in our prayers. 

Lord, we know not how to pray for as we ought, — 
bnt let tby Spirit help our infirmities, and make intet- 
celHon, for us''.' 

O pour upon us the fpirit of grace and fapplication < ; 
the Spint of adoption, teaching us^O cry Abt^ Father ^\ 
that we may find in our hearts to pray this prayer e. 

O fend out thy l^ht and thy Iruth ; tetjhem leadus, ' 
let them guide us to thy holy hill a^id thy tabernacles i 
to God, our exceeding joy '". 

O Lord, openthou our lips, and our mouth fliall fliow ~ 
forth thy praise'. 

14. We tnuji mate the glory of God our bigbett nd in 
all our prayers. 

This is that, which thou O Lord, haft faid, that thou 
wilt be fanAified in them that come nigh unto ihee, 
' and before all the people thou wilt be glorified *■ : we 
therefore worftiip before thee, O Lord, that we may 
glorify thy name' ; and therefore we call upon thee that 
thou mayeft deliver us, and ive may glorify thee «. 

For of thee, and through thee, and to thee are all 
things n; 

l^. iVe mmifrofeft our entire reliance on the LorJJc. 
.Jut Christ alone for acceptance with God, and come in bit 

We do not prcfent our fupplicatidp Before thee for 
our righteoufhefs" ; for we are before thee in our 
ttefpaflesp, and cannot Hand before thee becaufe of 
themi 1 but we make mention of Chrift's right ecu fnefs, 
even of his only, who is the Lord our righieoufnefi'. 

We know that even fpiritual facrificcs are acceptable 
to God, only thro' Cbrift ]efus '' ; nor can we hope to 

d Roni. viii. 26. e Zech. x'li. le. /Rom. viii. ly. 
jr Rom. vii.27. 6 Pr»lm xliii, 3. j'li. 15. t Lev.x. i^. 
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f Ezra ii. 15. j Pfalm lixi; 36. f Jer. sxiii. 6. 

3© Adoration of GOD. 

receive any thing but what we afk of thee in bis name *, 
and therefore make a% accepted in the beloved , ; (bat 
other angel who put much incenfc to the prayers of 
faintj, and offers them up upon the goEdeii altar before 
the throne ■*. 

We come in the namc'of thegrcat Hlgb-pricft, who 
h pafled into the heaven;, Jefus the Son of God, who 
was touched with the feeling of our infirmities, and is 
therefore able to fave to the uttcrmoft all thofe that 
come to God by lum ", iMcaufe be ever lives, making 
interccfiion t. 

Behold, O God, our (hietd, and look upon the face 
of tliinc anointed " ; in whom tbou haft by a voice from 
' heaven declared tbyfelf to be well plcaTed i Lord, be 
well plcafed with us in him*. ^ 

Of tht feconi part ^ Prayes, viUch is Confeffion »f Sirit - 
Complaint of ourfslvei, and humble Preftffiims qf Rf 

HAVING given glory to Got!, ^ich is his due, wc 
muft next tate fiiame to ourreWes, which ia 
our due, and humble uurfelves before him in the fenfe 
of our own finfulncfs and vijencfs j jnd herein alfo we 
muft give glory to him as our Judge, by whom wc dc- 
ferve to be condemned, and yet hope, through Cbrift, 
to be acquitted and abfolvcd ^ 

In this part of our \s'ork, 

I. We must acknowledge the great reafoit vre have to 
ire very low before God, and to be ashamed of ourfehtt 

I Jchn xvi. 23. V Eph. i- 6. w Rev. viii. '5. 

*Heb.iv. 14. j.vii.15. » Ftalffl Uxzir. 9. ^Mat.iii.ry, 
b Jolh> rii- r<;. 

Confejpon cf Sin. 3 1 

^ben lue come into hit prefenee, anJ to be efraid of hit 
viraib, having made ourfilvet iolb odious to bis bolinefs, 
and obnoxious to biijuftice, 

O our God ! we are alhamed, and blulh to lift np 
our faces before thee, our God -, for our iniqaities ar« 
increafed over our bead, and our trefpafs is grown op 
into ihc heavens =. 

To us belong Ihainc and confuGon of &ce, becaufe 
we have finned agamft thee ''. 

Behold wc are vile, what Iball we anfwer thee*? 
"We will lay our hand upon our mouth, and put our 
mouth in the duft, If fo be there may be hope ', cry- 
ing, with the convi^ed leper under the law. Unclean, 
unclean E. 

Thou putteft no trull in thy faints, and the heavens 
are not clean in thj Hgbt : How much niaie abomir 
nable and filthy is man, who drinketh int<juity lite 
waters *• \ 

When our eyes have feen ihe King, the Lord of hofis, 
we have reafon to cry out, Wo unto us, for we are 
undone '. 

DomiiMon and fear are with thee, thou makeft peace 
ID thy high places ; there is not a:iy number of thine 
armies, and upon whom doth not thy light arife ? How 
then cin man be juftified with God, or how can he be 
clean that is born of a woman " ? 

Thou, even thou art to be feared, and who may ftand 
in thy fight when once thou art angrj ' ? Even thou, 
our God, art a confuming fire ", and who knows the 
power of thine anger " f 

If wejuttify ourfclves, our own mouths fhall con- 
demn us i if we fay we are perfeA, that alfo Ihall prove 

e Ezra iz. £. 


. Job i!. 4. 


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ffi Uab< xU- 29, 


. 32 -Confejlon of Sin. 

tis perverfe ; tor if thou tontcnd With us, we are not 
ttble to anfwcr thee for one of a thoufitid °. 

If wc know nothing by ourfelvcs, yet were we not 
'tliereby juftificJ, for he that judgetb us is the Lord p, 
who is greater than out hearts, atid knows all things ■'. 
But wcourfclvct knovr that wc have finned, Father, a-' 
gainft heaven, and before thee, and are no more war> 
(by to be called thy children '. 

2. We mutt take hold of tbe great encouragement Coil 
balb given iit, to humble ourfehet be/are birii ioitb /arrow 
dnd/hamcy and to eonfeft oarjiss. 

If thou, Lord, ftiouidft mark iniquities, O Lord, who 
fliould Itnndl But there is forgivenefs With thee, that 
thou mayeft be feared } with thee there is mercy, 
yea, with our God there is plenteous redemption, and 
he ftiall redeem Ifrdel from all hU iniquitcs'. 

Thy facrlfices, O God , are a broken fpirit ; a brtiketi 
and a contf ite heart, O God, thou wilt not defpife ' ; nay 
though thou art tbc high aftd lofty One th'at inhaMteft 
eternity, whofe name is holy ' ; though the heaven bte 
thy throne, and the earth thy footftool", yet to this mad ' 
wilt thou look that it poor add humble, of a broken and 
a contrite fpirit, and that iremblcth at thy word, to re- 
vive the rpirit trf iht huinble, and to revive the heart 
of the contrite ones. 

Thou haft gracioufly Ttflured us, though they that 
cover their fins ihall not profper, yel thofe thatconfefs. 
and forfake them {hall find mercy * . And when a poor 
penitent faid, I will confefs my tranfgreflion unto the 
Lord, thou forgiveft the iniquity of bis iin ; and for this 
{hall every ohe that is godly, is tike manner, pray onto 
thee in a time When rbou nlayelt be fbitnd t. 

We know that if we fay wc have no £n, we deceive 

■.4. ^ t John iii. io^ 

:. 3, 4, 7, 8. / li. 17. 

» PtaV' zxviii. r^. 


s. 3 



t Plalm ex 

•u Ih. !v 


te ixvi. I, 




Confeffbn of Sin. • 33 

•urfelves, and the truth is not in us ; but thou haft faiJ 
that if we coafefs our fins, thou art fLiiihful and juft to 
forgive us our fins, and to cleanfe us from all uurigh- 
leoufiicfs '. 

^. We must therefore confefs andhr^ ail our original ear- 
ruption in ihe Jim p/ace, that we lucre the chitdrert of e- 
pojlate and rebellious parent t, and the nature of man it 
depraved and xoretcbedly degenerated from ill primttivt 
purity and reiiitude, and our nature isfo. 

Lord, thou maileft man upright, but they have fought 
out many inventions 'i and being in honour did not 
underftand, and therefore abode not, but became like 
the beafti that perifli ''. 

By one man fin entered loto the world, and death b/ 
fin, and fo death pafied upon all men, for that all have 
finned : By that one man's difobedience many were 
made finners, and wc among the reft '. 

We are a feed of evil doers '', our father was an A- 
murite, and our mother a //»«/« ", and xvc ourfelves 
were called fattd not mifcalled) tranfgrcflbrs from the 
womb, and thon kaowelt we would deal very treacher- 
oufly '. 

The nature of man was planted a choice and noble 
vine, wholly a right feed, but it is become the degenerate 
plant of a ftrange vine s ; producing the grapes of Ss- 
doMy and the clufters of Gtmorrah'^. How i) the gold 
become dim, and the mot^ &ne gold changed ' ! 

Behold we we re fliapen '\s\ iniquity, and in fin did our 
mothers conceive us ", For who can bring a clean thing 
out of an unclean I Not one '. We are by nature chil- 
dren of wrath, becaufc children of difobedience, even 
as others ™. 
All tlefli hath cornipted their way ", wc were all 

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iv. (. iPfalinl.5. /JobKi>'.4. wEph.ii.z,3- 
nGcD.ii. 12. 

34 " Conftjfion of Sin. 

■gone afide, wc arc altogether become filthy, thtre U 
none that doth good, no, not one ". 

^. Wt mujt lament our prtfsnt corrupt dif(,olttioni to that 
•tvbichis evil, and our- indijpofednep to and irhpotency in 
'ibai vibicb is good. We muJI look into our own hearts an J 
eonfe/j, wiVA io/y blu/hing, 

({.) The btindnefi of our understandings, and ibetr 
'uaaptne/f to admit ibe rays of the divin* tight. 

By nature our underftanding* are darkened, be:ng 
alienated from the life of God, through the ignorance 
that is in us, becaafe of the blindnefs of our hearts p. 

The things df the Spirit of God are foolifhnefs to the 
natural man, neithei can wc know them, becaufe they 
"arc fpirituatly difcerned '. 

We are wife to do evil, but to do goad we have no 
"knowledge ', We know not, neither do we underftan J, 
wc walk on in darkncfs *. 

God fpeakeih once, yea, t*ice, but we perceive it 
not ' ; but hearing, we hear, and do not uadcrlland ', 
and wc fee men as trees walking "", 

(2.)rbe sluhbornnefs of our iv'lh, and their iinaptneft 
tojabmil to the rules ef the divine laxo^^ 

We have withm us a carnal mind, ^hich is enmity 
againft God, and is not in fabjeddon to the law of God, 
neither indeed can be*. 

Thou haft written to as the great things of thy law, 
but they have been accounted by us as a ftrange thing, 
and our corrupt hearts have been fbtnetimcs reddy 
to fay. What is the Almighty that we (hould ferve 
him'? And that We would certainty do nhatfoevcr 
ihing goes forth out of our own mouth'. For we 
have Walked in the way of our own heart, and in the 

Pfalm xiv. 3. p Eph. iv. 18. q I Cor. ii. 14. 

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ConfeJJion of Sin, 35 

fight of our <fyes, fulfilling thedefirc* of the flefli, and 
of the mind *'. 

Our neck hath been an rron finew^, and we have 
made our heart as an adamant ' ; v.e have refufed to 
hearken, have pulled away the Ihoulder, and ftopped 
our ears like the deaf adder, that will not hearken to 
the voice of the charmer, charm he never fo wifely =. 

How have we hated inQruftion, and our heart defpif. 
ed reproof, and have not obeyed the voice of our teach- 
ers, nor inclined our car to them that inftru:^ed us'! 

(■J.) 1 lie vanity cf our thoughts, tbeir ntgUtl.of thofe . 
things -which they ought to be convtrfanl tvith, and dw/ll- 
it-g upon ihfe things that are unwrthy of them, an4 Und 
la corrupt our minds. 

Every imagination of the thoughts of our heart is^ 
evil, oQly evil, and that continually, and il has been fo 
from our youths, 

O how long have thofe vain thoughts lodged within 
as '' ! thofc thoughts of foolifhnefs which are fin ' ^ 
From out of the heart proceed evil thoughts.^ j which 
devifc mifchief upon the bed', and carry the heart, with. 
the fool's eyes into the ends of the earth ". 

But God is not in all our thoughts, 'tis well if he be 
in any " : Of the Rock that begat ui, we have been 
unmindful ", and have forgotten che God that formed 
DS*": We have forgotten him days without number, 
and our hearts have walked after vanity, and become 
vain. Their inward thought having been, that our 
houfcs fliould continue for ever ; this our way is our 

( \ ) The carnality of our offe^ions, their being placed 
opOH wrong 'objeEls, and carried beyend due hunds. 

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/>Jer.ii-3l' " y Pfalm aHx. il, 13- 

^6 Confejion of Sin. 

"We have fef thcfe afi'eftJons on things beneath, whkk 
flioutd have been fet on things above ', where our 
t^eafure is, and where Chrift iits on the right hand of 
God, the things which we fliould fcek '. 
. We havefollowedaftcrlying vanities, andforfaken our 
own mercies ' ; have forfaken the fountain of living wa- 
ters, forciftcm 3, broken cifterns thai Mn hold no water". 
- We have panted after the duft of the earth, and have 
been full of care what we fliall cit and what we Ihall 
drink, and wherewithal wcdiall be clothed, the things 
after which the Gentiles feck, and the righteourncls 
thereof ■". 

We have lifted up our fouls unto vanity =, and ftt 
our eyes upon that which is not, having looked at the 
things that arc fcen, which are temporal)", but the 
things that are not feen, that are eternal, have be^n 
forgotten and poflponcd '. 

( ^,) The corruption of the whole man ,- irregular ap» 
pelites towards ihofe things ivbich are plenjing la fenfi, ond 
ificrdinate pajfions againji thtfe things that are difplenjing, 
mnd an oHenation of the mind, from the principles, powers^ 
and pieafures of the Jpiriiual and divine life. 

Wc are born of the flelh, and we are flefii > : Duft 
we are"": We have borne the image of the earthly ; 
and in us, that is, in our flefli, there dwells no good 
thing * : For if to will is prefent to us, jet how to per- 
form that which ts good we find not ; for the good 
that we would do, wc do it not; and the evil which 
we would not do, that we do ^. 

. We have a law in our members warring againfl the 
law of our mind, and bringing us into captivitj-- to the 
law of (in that is in our mcmbeis ' : So that when we 
would do good, evil is prefcnt with us '. 

r Col. iii. r. s Mat. vi. 21. / Jonah ij. 8- 

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■ Confejfien cf Sk. 37 

The whole head is Bck, the wbote heart fiimR, from 
llie fole of the foot, even onto itte head, tbere is no 
fbuadnclE in ui> hut wounds,-iuid bnitfesj and putrifj*- 
ing fores (. 

There la m 05 a hent to bacWlWe from the Jiving 
GoA*: Ow hearti are deccitfttl above ail things, and 
dciperately wicked ; who can know (hem ' ? They 
Hart aScte like a broken bow i^ 

(s-'i ^' ""J/' iomeni end tonfeft »ur omiJtaHt cf ear 
Mtj, nur UegJtS of it, and trifiimgt in it.; and ibal vie 
hmie dwe f« 4iltle fimce we came into tie viei-U, of tbt 
great viort to* were fent inio the W9rld about ; fa ver^ 
litlie to ^nfwer the lud if our creatiiH^ (rr of our redem/t. 
timi, of our birth and of our ttpiifm i and that We iavf 
f rafted no ■more by the meaiu of grace. 

We have been as fig-trees planted in the vine^rd, 
and thou had comeimany years feeking frnit from us, 
bat ha(^ found none ■ ; and therefore we might ju&if 
be cat down, and «all into the fire for rambering the 
groondM i thou haft vome looking for grapn, but be- 
hold' n>Id grapes ^ tor we have been ea^ty vines, 
bringing forth fruit anto oorfelvcs ". 

We have known to do good, but have not done it*i 
We have Jiid our Lord's money, and therefore deftftrvC 
tite docnn of the wicked and flothhil fervant P. 

We have been nn&ithful ftewards 1, that have waft- 
ed otir lord's goods y i for one finner ileftroys much 

Mjny a price hath been put into our hands to gec 
wifdom, which we hava had no bteart «v or otir heart 
has been fit our left hftndt. 

Our childhood and youth were vanity % and we hav^ 
brought our years to an end, as a tale that is told*. - 

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i f«cl. X. 1. V xi< 10< w Pfaln 2C* 9. 

38 Confeffion of Sin. 

We have not known, or improved, the day of bur 
vlfitaiionx, have not provided meat in fummer, nor 
gathered food in harveft, though we have had guides 
overfeers, and rulers r. 

We are flow of heart to underftaFM) and believe ' ; 
and whereas for the liose we might have been teachers 
of others, we are yet to learn the firft principles of the 
oracles of God ; bate need of mill:, and cannot bear 
flrong meatu 

We hava caft off fear, and rcftrabcd prayer, before . 
God b ; have not caHed upon thy nacne, nor ftirred up 
ourfeWes to take hold on thca «. 

Wa ha-K come before thee as thy people come, and 
have fat before thee as thy people fit, and have heard 
thy words, when onr hearts at the £anie time have been 
going after our covetoufnefs ^. And thus, liave we 
brought the torn, and the lame, and the (ick for facri- 
ficc, have offered that to our God, which we would 
not have offered to our governor; and have vowed 
and facrificed to the Lord a corrupt thing when we 
kad in our fiock a male '. 

6. We mujl lihnui/e betuail our many a3ual tranfgref- 
^ni, in tboaght, vjord, and deed. 

We hare finned, Father, agaioQ heaven and before 
thee ^ I we have all finned, and come ihort of the 
glory (rf God ^ s for the God in whofc hand our breaib 
is, and whole are all our ways, have we not glorified ^. 

Againfl thee, thee only, have we finned, and have 
done much evil in thy fight' : neither have we obeyed 
the voice of the Ldrd our God, to walk in his laws 
which he hath fet before us " ; though ihey are holyj 
jttfl, and good'. 

X Luke 3fiz. 44. y Prov. 6, 7, 8. % Luke zxiv. 2;. 
• Heb.v. ta. i Jobxv,4. f Ifa. Ixiv.y. i/£z. xxxiii. 3 i. 
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^Qiao^v. 23. iPiBl.U.4. iPaD.iZ> 10. /KoiB.vii.12. 

Confeffton of Sin. 39 

Who can undcrl^and his errors i Qeanfe thoa us 
from fecret faults ". 

In many things we al) offend ' ; and our ini(]uitics 
are more tiran tb: hairs of our head *'. 

A^ a fountain calttth out her waters, fo (!o our 
hearts call out wickednefs P ,■ and tbi» hath bccti our 
manner ifom our ycu:h Ui>, that we hai'C aot obeyed 
thy voice ^. 

Out of the evil trealure of oor hearts we bavp 
bfought forih many evil things'. 

fi.J Wc must confefs and ktwdH the •u'oriiagi cf prids 

We have all reafon to be homblej for the ^ide of 
our hearts *, that we have thought of ourfelvc* abovii 
what haih been meet ', and h.ive not thought fbb^ly, 
nor walked huxnbly with our God '. 

We have leaned to our own nnderftaitding *, antl 
iFufled in our own hearts ^ ; and have fdcnSced to 
our own net *. 

We have foughtxiurown glory more tlian the glory 
bf him that lent us ^, and have been puOedup for tbaC 
which we Ihould have mourned •. 

(2,) The breaking out of-pajjion and ra/h anger. 

Wc have not had the lule which we ought to have 
had over our own fpirits, which have therefore been as 
a city that is broken down, and has no walls ''. 

We have been foon angry, and anger hath relied in 
our bofoais '=. And when our fpiriis have been pro- 
voked ?, we have fpoken unadvili^ly with our lips « : 
and have b=en guilty of that clamour and bitternef's 
vhich Ihould have been put far from us r. 

(3.) Our eovttau/itefs end lovt of ibt viorid. 

m. Pfalm xix. 12. n Jamei iir. 1, Pralm %\. 12. 
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b Piov. xw. i3. c Prov. xiv. I 7. d Eccl. vii. y. 

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40 Qmfefton of Sin. 

. Our converfjtioD has not bKn without cOTCtoiift 
»efs g, nor have we learned in every ftate to be content 
with fuch things as we have''? 

Who can fay tliac he is clean from tijat love of mo- 
acy which is the root of all evil', that covet oafn els 
which is idolatry " ? 

W« have fought great things to ourfelves, whentboa 
baft faid, Seek ihcm not '. 

f4._) Out/tnfUaliiy and Jifjh-plM^fins. 

We have n^ti^Jed the things ot the flefb more ihatt 
the things of the fpirii", and have lived in pleafore in 
the earth, and have been wanton, and have nourilhcti 
our hearts as in a day of flaughter ». 

We hav« m&de provilion ;^r the flefh, to fulfil the 
liffls of it " : even iliofc lufts nhich war againlt our 
fou!$ ^ \ and in many infiances have afted, as if ve had 
been lovers of ^ileafure more than lovers of God '•■ 

Wlwn we did eat, and vhen we did drink, did we 
not eat to ourfelvcs, and drink to ourfelve; f ? 

(5 ) Qtir feeariiy ami urumndfuhe/t of ibe changes v»f 
4re liable to in ibii viorld. 

We have put i.>x trorti us the evil day', and in our 
profperiFj have faid, we fliould never be moved 1, as if 
to-morrow muft needs be as this day, and much more 
abundant t. 

We n«vc encouraged our fouls to take thrir eafe, lo 
cat and drink, and be merry, as if we had goods takl 
up for many years, when peritaps this night our fouls 
tsitj be required of us ". 

We have been ready to trull in uncertain riches, more 
than in the living God » ; to fay to the gold. Thou art 
our hope, and to the finegotd, Ihou ait our confidcnfce '• 

f Heh. xiii. 5. i Pliil- !v. Ii. i i Tiai> !■ 10. 

iiOol. iii. 5. / J«r. x!v. 5 « Rom. vmI. 5. n Jim. v. y. 
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Cmfifion o/Sm. 

(6.) Out fretfulntp and im^atienee, andm 
der our affli£iiont, our inordinate JejeEiioa and dittrmt of 
Cod and bis providence. 

When tluju chaftifedft ua, and we were chaftifcd, we 
bare been as a bullock unaccunomed to the yoke; 
and though our own fooHOmcfs hath perverted oav 
waf, yet our heart hatb fretted agairft the L-?rU* % 
and thus in our dlArefs we have trcfpalTcd yet more 
againll the Lord ". 

We have cither dcfpifcd the chaftening of the Lord^ 
»r fainted when we have been rebuked of him ' % and 
if we faint io iheday ofadverfiiyiOurftrengtb isfmall''. 

Wc have faid in our bafte, Wc are call off from bc- 
- forc thine eyes ' ; and that the Lord hath forfaken us, 
©ur God hatb forgotten us, as if God would be favour- 
able no more ' v as i£ be had forgotten to be gracious, 
and had in anger Oiut up his tender mercies. Xhia bay 
been our infirmity r. 

fy.) Our uncbarilablenefi loviardi our brethren, and 
tinf>eaceabune/i iL-itb'our relations, neighbours, and friendly 
and perhaps injvftiee toviards them. 

We have been very guilty concerning our brow 
ther''; for wc bavc not (ludied the things that make 
for peace, nor- tilings wherewith, we might edify one 
another 'v 

We have Been ready to judge our brother, and" to 
fct at nought our brother, forgetting that wc muTl all 
feonly (land before the iudgment-feat of Chrift '' ? 

Contrary lo ihc rc^al law of charity, we have vaunt- 
ed ourfelves and been puffed up, have br havcd ourfclves 
onfeemly and foughtnur own, have been cafily provok- 
ed ', have rejoiced in iniquity, and t>een li:cretly glad 
at calamities **. 

a Pro. six. 3. b r Chror- xKix. 22. c Pro. iil. rr. 
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• Ro(i. »v. 10. I r Cor. xiti. 4, 5. m Piov.xvii- 5. 

4* Confejfion tfSin. 

We have been ddirous of tain glory, promoting one 
another, envying one another " : when wc ihould have 
considered one another, to provoke to lo*e, and to good 

The bowels of our compaflion have been (hut up 
from tbofe that arc in need"; and ws have hidden oar- 
fdvei from OHT own Sefb^. Na^i perhaps «ur eye has 
been evil againft ouc poor brother '^ and we have del- 
pifed the poor *". 

Andif HI anything we have gone beyondand defraud- 
ed our brother % if we have walked with vanity, smd 
our foot hath hailed to deceit, and any bloi hath cleaved 
to our bands *, Lord, difcover it to us, that if w c have 
done ini<]uity, wc -awf do, fo no more ** 

(8.) Ourtongiujint. 

In the multitude of our words there wantethDOt £n ^. 
lior can a man full of talk bcjufli6edT. 

Wbil« the lips of the righteous feed many, our Itps- 
have poured out foDlifhnef;, and fpokcn frowardneis ',. 
Much corrupt communieation hath proceeded out oF- 
our mouihs ; that foolilh talking' atid jefting whicb is^ 
not convenieatj and little of that which is good, and (o> 
the ufe of edifying,, aad which m^bt mimiler grace im> 
to the bearers ** 

\i fbr««ery idle word that men Ipeak they muft giv& 
an tfcccunt, and if by oar words we muft be jtiftified*. 
and if by our words we mud be eondeouicd ^^ wo ud., 
to us, for we are undone c-i for we arc of unclean lips>, 
andi'dwcll in the midlt of a people of andean lips. 

What would beoqine of us, if Gad ihould auikc esa- 
«wo tongues to fall upon us <l? 
^ i^6.) Our prituAlJloibfulru/tojid decay, 

«G*!-jr.a6.. a Hib.-K. 34., ft i Joh^iiviy*. 
jlfa.lviii.?. r Deut.Jiv..9. jja.ii.7i / i Theff.iv.^- 
W Job Mtxi. y, 7., ttn!tiiiv..3J.. ' v Pro v. jr. 19*- 

ilobsi.s. aPfor.ji, II, 31!. i». 2. . « Eph.iu. 26.?.^^. 
Mat'Sii. 36, 27. fl^n-i,* ^Kaln Ixiy. 8>. 

Qmfrfflon p/Sm^ 4S 

■ We hzve beenflotbruI-(othebufinefsoftcUgiOD,an)t 
Dof -ferrent in fpirit, fcrviug the Lord «. 

The tilings whicfa rcfoain are ready to^die, and our 
*oHcs have net been found perfeCl before God'? 

Wc have obfcrved the winds, and therefore hare not 
foirii,'haveTCgardedthe;cl8uds, and therciore have not 
reaped E, and with the fluggard hare frighted onrfeltres 
with the fancy of a lion in the vmy, a lion in the firects* 
and have turned on our bed m the doar on the hinges >>{ 
fiill crying, Tet a little fleep, and a little lluraber>. 

We hmc loilr our firft love ^ i and where i» now the 
bleflednefs we fotnctimes fpjke of >i 

Our goodnefs hath been a« the morning cloud, and 
tiie early dew whicb foon pafleth away ■". 

Asd that which is at the bottom of alV is the evil 
heart ofuirbdief in us, which idcKdcs us to depart iioa 
the living God "• 

7. H^e mufl acltmule^e the great nil that thrre it m 
fa, and in eur fin i. the malignity of its ttoturtf. and itr 
Hafchitvoufne/i to in. 


O that iin may appear iin to V, may appear in its 
D«n. colours, and that by the commandment we ma^ 
fee it to be exceeding finful ", becau{e it is the tran^ 
grelBon of the tan f;. 

By every wilful" fin we have in cffcft faid, "We will 
not have this man to reign over usi. And who is 'ho 
liord, that we fl>ouid obey his voice' ? And thus bare 
ve reproached the Lord *, and call his ivws beUnd our 

{^,) rbtfoaliihntft of Jin. 

O God, thou kooweft our foffliSinelsj ud oar fiaa 

* Rom. xi'^ H. /Rcv-iii. a. g Cccl. li. 4.. 

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H 1 J.ln i;i. 4. y Luke Jtisi 1^.' -r Exodut Y-4*' 

i.Niuabiis xy. 2a> 1 Netiemiah ix* 2& 

4^ CoT^efJian of Sin, 

we not hid from thee* : wc wcts faoliffi in being' dif- 
obcdicDl " : and our lulls are foolifh and hurtful ", 

Fooltlhnefs was bound up in our hearts when we 
were children r \ lbr tho' vain man woald be wife, be ia 
born tike the wild afa's colt '. 

Our way hath been our folly °, and In many iuftani> 
c:s ve have done fooiifhly ". 

Su foolilh have we been and ignorant, and even as 
beaAs before God '. 

("3.^ The unprofitabhntfi of fit- . 

We have finned and perverted that vhich wat rights 
and it profited uj not''. 

What fruit have we now in theTe things whereof we 
have caufe 10 bt afh3medrft:eing the end of thofe things 
is deaths? And what are tve prodied, if we {hould< 
^ain the whole vrorld, and lofe our own fouls/ ? 

(■4.; rbe deceilfulnefx of Jin. 

&a hath deceived us, and by it flain us e ;■ for our' 
hearts have been hardened through the deceitfulnefs of 
&n ^ : and wc have been dravin away of our own lufl, 
and enticed '. 

It has promifcd us liberty, bur has made us the fer— 
vants of corruption ; hsth promifed that we (hall not 
furdy die, and that we &all be as gods^: but it has 
flattered us, and fpread a net for our feet '. 

The pride of our heart particularly hat deceived us"'. 

CS'} "^^^ offence which by fin we have given 10 the &o/ji' 

By breaking the law we have dilhonoured God%- 
and have provoked the Holy One of Ifrael to anger moft 

ti Pftlp l«ix. 5 K «f Tit. iil. 3. * I rim. vi. g^. 
y Proverbs xiii. 15. st Job Xi. 12. Pfalm kKk. ij^ 
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^Piov. xsix-^ MObad>tii> a Rom* ii* vj. 

Cmfepon ofSm " 45 

biitcrly" P. And many a tiling that we bave done hath 
difpie^fcd the Lord «. 

God has bceA broken by our xhorifh beart, and our 
eyes t\ua. have gone a whoring afier our idols '. 

We have tempted him, and provA) him, and grieved 
him in the wiltjiirncft ', have relKlIed and vexed hit 
holy Spirit ', and preOed him with our iniquities, as a 
cart is preficd that is full of Iheaves ". 

We have grieved the holy Spirit of God, by whom 
wc arc fealed lo the day of redemption *. 

(6. J Ihe damage tiihich tjjin itK bavt Jottt te war ow» 
fiidt, and their grtal intertfii. 

By our initi:i)tias we have fold ottrfelvcs t, attd in 
finaing againll tliee we have wronged our own fouls ■. 

Our Hiis have leparated between us and God *, and 
bavc kept good things from us , .and by thcni our luinds 
and confciences have been defiled ". 

CXirowii wit^ednefsihAih correfled ns, and baekv 
Hidings have reproved us, and we cannot but'kncnrjfid 
fee, that it is an evil thing, and bitter that ne hnve far- 
faken the Lord our God, and that hit icar hath net 
been in us '^. 

O what fools are they that make a mock at fin ' I 
■ B. W^e tMstI aggravatt-our fiift.and ti^i nitict vf tbefi 
things vibieb make mort bnmus m tbt Jight ^ (itd^ arid 
nwe dangerevt H ourfehet. 

Wc bewail before thee all oorfinvBodall our trant 
greffions in all our &» *. 

(i.J ^ be more inowIeJge vit iavfcf good awd tvii, tit 
greater is ^urfia. 

We have known our mafter's will, but have not done 
it^ wid therefore de&rve to be beaten nithnuny Arijpes'. 

We have known the way of the Lord, and tbe-judg- 

« Ifa. t. 4. p Flof. xii. 14' f 2 Sam. xi. a;. 

r Ezek. vi. 9. j-fftlm :icv. 9, io. t* Ifa. Ixiii. 10. 
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» Ifa. lis. ». b \ii. i. 15. <f Jer.ii; 19. rfPiov, wv.}- 
'Lev.xvi. II. /Liikexi.47. ' 

4^ Omfejjion of Sirr. 

ments of our God, and yet have altogether broken tfte 
yoke, and burft the bonds £. 

- We have known the judgmfnt of God, that they 
which do fuch ihinga arr worlh/ of death, and yet haver 
done them, and have had plrafurn in them that do 
tht-m K ' 

We have tanght others, and yet have not taught our- 
felves ' i and while we profefs to know God, we have 
ta works denied hint *. 

(2.) TAi grtater praffj/ion vi have mad* of re/igioir, 
tit grealtr h»th bien our Jin. 

Wc call ourfelves of ihe holy cky ', and ftaj ourfelvcr 
tipOD the God <^ Ifrael, and makecneniiQaof hisnacne, 
but not in truth and in righteoufncfs "*. For we liavr 
dilhoaoured that worthy name by which we are called, 
and given great occaQon to the enemies ot the Lord to 
blafj^etne °. 

We have named the name of Chrift, and yet hare 
not departed from inkjuhy ". 

(3 ) the more «titcitt vie have received f ran Ged, flit 
greater hat been our fin, ' 

Thou haft nouriftied and brought us np as cbitdrenr 
but we bavc rebelled againft tUee f. 

Wc have ill requited thee, O Lord, as-foolifli people 
and unwife : Thou art our fathev that made us, anif "^ 
bought us, and cAablifhed us, yet our fpot has ,not 
been the fpot of thy children ,. 

Wc have riot rendered again, according to the bene* . 
fit done unto us'. 

(4.) H be fairer vjarning vit have bad- from iht tuori ■ 
tf God, and from our ovm confcienctr coruentiHg our 
danger of Jiti, atid danger i<ffn, til greater 14' the fHf if vie' 
go an in it. 

We have been oflcn reproved*, and yet have bar- 

f Jer. V.4, 5. b Rom,!. 5:. I'ii. 21. I Tit. i. i6r 
/Il'i'.. xlviii. I, :. m James ii. 7. n 2 Sam. sii. 13- 

o i Fim. ii- 19. p lit. i. 1. y Deut. xxiii. 5, 9- 

Canfr^n ofSiiL 49 

dened our neck <, and have gone on fronrardly in the 
W»y of our heart. 

Thdu haft feat to us, fayingt O do not this abomi- 
nable thing which I hate ; but we have not hearkened, 
nor inclined our ear '■ 

The word of God halh been to us precept upon pr» 
cept, and line upon line" ; and thoagh we have beheld 
■our natural faces in the glafs, yet we have gone away, 
and Arajghtway forgot what manner of men we were*. 

(5.) The greater aJJiiH'tonj vie have been under tr Jin^ 
ihe greater is the Jitt, if vx go an in it. 

Thou haft ftricken us, but we have not grieved j we 
have refufed to receive cprreftion, and have made our 
faces harder than 41 rock ' \ and the rod hath not dri- 
ven the fooliihnefs out of our hearts ,. 

Thou hafl chailened us with the rod of men, and 
with the ftripes of the children of men, yet we have 
not turned to him that fmiteth us >, nor have we lought 
the Lord of hofts K 

When fome have been overthrown as Sodam and 
Gomorra/) were, we have been as brands plucked oat of 
tlie Gre, yet have we not returned unto thee, O Lord *=. 
And when thy. hand hai been lifted up, we have not 
feen it *>. 

(6.) Ilie mare moroi and pmm^it vie havt made ofbet~ 
ier obeidence, the greater has our Jin been. 

We have not performed the words of the covenant 
vhich we made before thee '> but ai treacherous deal-' 
ers, we have dealt trcacheroufty '. 

Did we not fay, we would not -tranfgrefs, we ^rouid 
not olTend any more e ? We did '", and yet we have re- 
turned with the dc^ to his vomit*, we have returned to ' 
folly after God hath fpoken peace '. 

i Ha. Nii. 17. . 9 jer..xliv. 4, j. «i Ka; xxvlii. 1^,' 
»Jmesi.23,34. j'Jer.v.j. ss Ptov. xxii. .}. 

<■ 2 Saai. vii. 14. b If>. ix. n. c Aiboi ]v. 1 1. a Vt. f Jer. xxxiT. 18. /Ifa. ixiv. 16. g ]*f-ii-,aoi 
i Job Mxiv. I. / 2 Pet. ii. M. i Pfalm Isikv. 8, 

4S Cmfepm of Sm^ 

9. We okA judgt and cofidemn aurrelves for our fitUf 
find f*"" ourfclvct liable It punishment. 

A.I-A now, O our God, wtiat fhalt wc fay after litis, 
fcr wc "have forfaken thy commandments ' ? Wi- have 
. finned, what (Itall we do unto thee, O tUou prefcrvcC 
of man " i 

We know that the law curfeth ^very one that con^ 
ttr.ues not hi all things that tc wiicien in the book of 
the law, to do them " ; rhai the wages of every fin is 
death " \ and that for thefe thingi lake the wrath of 
God comeih upon the children of difobediencc p. 

And we aPe ail guilty before Godi-, the fcriptorc 
hath concluded ut all under fin ^ ; and therefore thoa 
mightell juftly bo angry with ua, till thou hadfl: coO. 
fumed us, {o that there fhould be no remnant nor ef^ 

]f thou (houldefl lay righteoufnefs to the line, and 
judgment to the plummet S thou might^ft jafUy fcpa< ' 
rate us unto all evil, according to all the curies of the 
cSTcniRt, and blot out our names from under heaven '. 
Thou inighteft jnftly fwear in thy wrath ihat we 
fltould never entbi into thy refl " ; mighicfl juffiy fet' 
u* naked and barei and take away our corn in the lea- 
fon thereof", and put into our bands thecup of iremb* 
ling, and make us drink even the dregs of that cupr. 

Tbou art juft in whatever thou art pIcaTed to lay up- 
CHl us; for thou haft done right, but we have done 
wickedly >. Nay, that our God has puniQlcd u£ lefs* 
than our iniquities have deferved'. 

Thou therefore fhalt'be julHfied when thou ffieakeft, 
and clear when ,thon judgrfl " ; and we wHl accept of 
thepiuiiQiinentt>fourUiiq.uitiy', and bumble ourfelvcs 

/ Ezra ix. iO> m Job vii. 20- n Gahtians ti!. lo. 
• R^iB. vi 33., ^Epluv.6. f Rciro. iii. ^9. r GaT. ui. 
2?. j£zratxi.i4. I irs.'XxVui. 17-. w DiDr.ii.'p,^!. 
wBfilmxcv. ij. *Hor.ii j.gj j.Pfi.lm4j.'ri, a Eira 
M- 13. «.N<h. i». 33. b l'ia\» li- 4. e Lev, airi. 43; 

ConfeJJion of Sin. 49 

wntJef thy mighty hand "•, and fay that the Lord is rig^- 

Wherefore fbould a living man complain, a manforthe 
punillimcnt ofhisfini*? No; wc will bear the indignr;. 
rion of the Lord, becaufe ve have tinned againft him ', 

fio.^ We muji give to God ihe glory of bis patteate and 
long-fafftnag toiaards u s, and his "Utillingnefs to be reconciled. 

O ihe riches of the patience and forl>earaiice of 
God'' ! how tong-iiiflerrng is he to us-ward, not will, 
ingthat any (hould penlli, -bat [hat all Jliould come 19 

Thou hail not dealt wiih us according to our fin, nor 
rewarded us afier our iniquities '', but thou waiteft ts 
be gracious to us '. 

Sentence againll our evil works has not been cxe- 
CQted rpcedily ", but thou haft given us fpace to repent, 
and mjke our peace with thee " ; and calleft even 
bickiliding children to retnrn to thee, and haft promif- 
ed to heal their backflidings ; and therefore, behold ws 
coQie unto thee, for tliou ajt the Lr>rJ our God 1, 

Surely the long-fufFering of our Lord is falvation ^ ; 
■and if the Lord had been pleafed to bill us, he would 
not at this time have |howed us fuch things aa ihefc '. 

And O chat this goodnefa of God might lead us to re- 
.pentance'! forthoiighwcfcavctrcfpaiTed agalnftourGod, 
jet now there is h''pc in Ifracl concerning this thing'. 

Thou haA faid it, and hall confirined it with an oath, 
tliat thou hall no plealiirc in the death of linners, buc 
rather that we Ihould turn and live ' : Therefore will 
*e rend ourhearts, and not our garments, and turn to 
the Lord our God \ for he is graciQUs and merciful. 
flaw lounger, and of gieat klndncfs. Who knbwi if 

i 1 Pet. .. 6. 

t 3 Chton 

.A 6. 


^Micah vii. 9. 

4 Rom. 


I a Pet. iii. 9. 

i Pralm ciu. 10. 



m Eccl. vi t. 1 1 

n Rev.ii. 21. 

„ Jer. «li. 


-P 1 Pet W: 1 t. 

q Judg. xiii. 23. 

r Rom, 


1 tick, isiiii. I r. 

JO Confeffion of Sin. 

he will return and repent, and leave a blefllng behind 

(ti.) ly^muj humbly profifi ourfirrav^ and /home for 
Jill, end bumhiy engage lurfelvcs it the Jirenglk qf di- 
vine grace, thai wc wiil be beiUr, and do belter far the 

Lord, we repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at 
handvi; to -which thou haft exalted thy Son Chriil 
Jefus, to give -repentance and remillion of fins ". 

We have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, 
but now our eyes fee thee ' ; wherefore we ablior our- 
■fel^es, and repent in duft and aflies ; therefore will wc 
be like the doves of the valleys, every one inourning 
for his iniqaities ^. 

O that our heads- were wtterB, and our eyes foun- 
tains of tears, that we might weep day and night for 
our tranfgreOions J, and might in fuch a manner fo* 
in thofe tears as that at laft we may reap in joy ; may 
now go forth weeping, bearing precious feed, and may 
in due time come a^ain with rejoicing, bringing in our 
fliAves with us n. 

Our iniquities arc gone over our head; as a heavy 
burden, they are too heavy for use ; but weary and 
heavy laden under this bjirden wc come to Chrifl, who 
has promifed that in him we fhali Bnd refl to our fouls *. 

O that knowing every man the plague of his own 
lieaTt •=, we may look unto him whOm we have pierced 
and may mourn, and be in bitterncfs for him, as one 
that is JH bittcrnef* for a"firft-bom/. That w« may 
forrow after a godly fort, with that forrow which 
worketli repentance unto fairatioti, not to be repented 
of K ; and that we may remember, and be confounded, 
and never open our mouth any more, bccaule of our 
Jhame, when thou art pacified to'wards us ". 

V Jtiel ii. 13, 14. vi Mat. itt. 3. a: A&s v. • , 

• y Job xlli. i, 6. a Ezck. vii. 16. « Jcr. it j] 

'i Pfalm cixvi, 5,6. «■ xsxTiii. 4, d Mat. xxviii. 

« 1 Kings vit!. 38, yZeth. 2U, to> £ I'Ccu yVt, 10, 

^ tick, xvi. 6^. • ^^- 

PetUi'ms and Requejis. 51. 

And, O that we may btliig forth fcuits meet for re- 
-ppatance i ! and may never return again to folly '■ ; for 
what have we 10 do any more wiih idols ' i lin fhali: 
not \i/ivc domin'on pvcr us, far ive arc njt undsr ttjs 
hw, but und^r graces. 

We have gv»nt: artray Irkc \o\ (licepi fsek thy {ii- 
Tinci, for wc til) not ijtgtt thy cammanitaents "• 

Of the third part of PRAYSR, ^oh'uh h Petilim and Sup- 
plication for the goad Ihin^t luhich laejland in need of. 

HAVING opened the wounds of fin, bath the 
guilt of it, and the power of it, nnd its remain- 
(lets in us, we muii next feefc unto Gjd for the rcneJy, 
for healing and help, for from him a'.Oiie it is ro b: cx- 
peftid, and he will for this be enquired of by us". And 
now we muft aSeft our hearts with a deep fenfe of 
tlic need we have of thafs niereiis which we prjy far, 
that we are undone, for ever undone withaut them ; 
and with a high efieem aijJ value for tUeoi, that we 
are happy, wc are niide fjr ever, if we obtain thetn ; 
tiiat we may, like Jacob, wrcftic with him in prayer, 
as fjr Oiir hves, aiid the Uvea of our fjuls. lijt we 
niuft not think in our prjy:rs to prelcrib; to him, or 
by Our importunity to move him. He know= uj bet- 
'er than we kuoiv ourfelves, a;id knowj what he will 
uoP. But thus wc open our wants and our defires, 
and then refer ourfelves to his wifdom and goodnefs 1 
and hereby we give honour to him as our protcilor and 

i"M.t lii. 8. k Pidra Ixvxv. 8. / Hof. xw. 8. 

w Rofo. vi. 14. n Pfalm cm. ul:. <^ Eaek.sixvi. 37. 
f John vi. 6. 

52 Petitions and Reqaejls. 

len«fjftor, and take the way which he himfelf hath: 
appointed, of ftCching in mercy from him, and by 
f'lith p!ead his promire with him, and if we are lin- 
cere herein, we are, through his grace, i^ualifiird ac- 
cording to the tenor of the new^covenant, to receive 
Iii; favoiirs, and are to be afTured that we do, and fhalt 
receive them a. 

And now, Lord, what ivait we for '' f Truly our hopc_ 
5s even in thee ; deliver iis from all our tranfgreffions, 
ihzt we may no more be the reproach of the u>oli(h. 

X.ord, all our dcfire is before thee, and our groanirg 
is rot hid from thee ' i even the groatiings which can- 
not be uttered : for be that fcarcheth the heart, knows 
what is ihe mind of the Spirit '. 

Wc do not think that we (hall be hearcffor our mjiA 
fpe;k!rg ; for our F.ithcr "knows what thiiiijs we have 
need of" before we alk him -, but our mafter hath told 
lis, that whaifoever we alk the Father in his nauii", be 
Mil! give it US'". And he hath faid, Aflc, and ye fliall 
receive, that your joy may be full *. 

And this \i the confid'.nce that we have in him, that 
if we a& any thing according to his will, he heareib 
Mi : And if wc know that he hear U5, whatfoever we 
I'lk. we know that we have the petitions we dcfired of 

I. We mui t rarncslh pray for ibe pardoH and forgt-ae- 
.,;,.}. a mrfn,. ■ 

X-ord, we come to thcc, aslhe poor publ.can that 
flood afar off, and would not fo much as lift up his eyes 
to lieaven, but fmote upon his breaft : and we pray hi* 
rraver, God, be merciful to us linnersr. The God of 
infinite n^xrcy, be merciful to us. 

O wafh us throughly frcm rur iniquity, and cleanfe 
us from our fin, for we acknowledge our tranfgteffions^ 
^d our fin ^ ever before US' ^. O purge us with hjBbp 

n UTark li. 14. »■ Pfal™ """ii. vii 8. j xssvili. 9. 
/ Koir.viii,76, j;. w Mat.ix. 7, 8. w Jnlm xnvi. 23, J4. 
« V. j^j 15. y Luke nviii. 13. , » PJ^dnjJti^a, 3, 7. 

Petitions and RequeJI;. 55 . 

and wc fhall be clean, wa(h us and we fixiU be whiter 
than fnow ; hide thy fdce from our lins, and bloC out 
our iniquities. 

Be thou merciful to oiar unrighteoufnefs, anJ out Gas 
and our iniquities do thou remember no more °. O for- 
give us that great debt ^. 

Let us be juftified freely by tby grace ', throflgh the 
redemption that is- in Jefus, from all thofe things fioin. 
which we "^ could not be juftified by the iaw of Mpfcs. 

O let not not our Iniqaity be our ruin ' ; but let the. 
Lord take away our fin, that we may not die ^, not die 
eternally i that we may not be hurt of the fecoud 
death e. 

Blot out as a doud our tranrgreffions, and is a thick 
cltiud our fins ; for wc return unto thee, becaufa thua 
kaft redeemed us '■; ' 

Enter not into judgment with thy ferrants, O Lord> 
for in thy fight fhali noflelh living be jultilted'. 

Take away all iniquity, and receive us gr^cioullyv 
. heal our backfldings, and love us freely, and let thine 
an^itr be turned away from us ; for ia thee the father- 
kfs findeth mercy *. 

Though our fins have been as fcarlct, let them be as 
white as fnow, and though they have been red like crini- 
fon, let them be as wool, that being wiiling and obedi- 
<nl, we may eat the good of the land '. 

Wc will fay unto God, Do not condemn US'", but 
deliver us from going down to the pii, for thou haft 
found the ranfom ". 

For the ettceuragiag 'fow fai;b, and ihs exdilng of our 
firvency in this petil ion far the pardon ofjia \ue may pica f 
•uAlh Gsd. 

(1.) The lajiiiiie goodnffs if bit nature, bis- readincfr 
Ui forgive fin, and his glorytnj in lU 

a Hsb. viii. 12. b Mat. xvlii. ;a. c Rom. iii. 24. 

^Aa.xiii.39. ffEz^k. xvii.. 30. /( SaiD.xii.13. 

gRjv.ii, II, i Ifi. xl.v. 32. iPfalracxliii„2, 

iHof.Kiv. J, 3, 4. /Ifa.i. 18. wjubx. 2. HAxtiii.fc,. 


5.6 Petitions and Requejis. 

That if the wicked forfake Iiis way, and the unrighte-, 
ous man liis ihoughis, and icturn unio the Lord, even 
lo our God, that thou wilt abundamly pardon, wilt 
multiply to pardon " ? 

To thee the Lord oor God bdopg mercies and for- 
giveneffes, though we have rebelled againft thee". 

Is not this the covenant which thou haft made with 
the houfc of IfraeL '', that thou wi'.t take away their 
fins ; that thou wilt forgive ihcir inJejuity, and remem- 
ber their fiti no more; that the iniquity of lirael fhall 
be fought for, and there fliall be none ' ; and the fins, 
of Judah, and they ihall not be found i 

Hjft tliou not l!iid, that if the wicked will turn from 
&I1 his lins which he hath committe!, and keep thy 
ftatutes, he fha'l live, he iliaU not die, all his tranf- 
greflions (hall not be mentioned unto him " ? 

Haft thou not apjiointed that repjniance and re- 
million of Has fliould be preached iuChrifl's name, un. 
to all nations" ? 

Didft thou not promifc tbat when the ffns of Ifracl 
were put upon the head of the fcape'-goat, they flnulA 
bc feni away into the wilderoefs, into a land not- inha- 
bited ' ? And as far as the eaft is from th'; weft, fo- 
far doft t.hon remove our tranfgnflions from US'*. 

O remember thefe words unto tiiy fcrvams, upon: 
which thou liaft caufed us ro hope '. 

(4.). Our own mifiry and danger hecaufi of^n- 

For (by Name's fake, O Lord, pardon our iniquity, 
for it is great e ; for innuiiierahle evils have compafledf 
us about, our iniquities have taken hold upon us, fo. 
that we are not ^ble to look up. He pleafcd, O Lord^. 
to deliver us ; O Lord, make hale to help us *•. 

O remember not againft us former iniquities, let 

■w Ifaiah k. 7. X Daniel ix^S. ,r Rorains \i. j-.. 
»Jer. 1, so. -d Ezekiel ssviji,. 21, 11, b Luke xxiv. 47.. 
Cf\^tv. svi- 22, 23. </PfaIm ciii, J2, t <^\^. 49. 

£ Pfalm.^isv, 21. h xh ;:, i^i 

Petitions and Reqvejls. 57 

thy tender mercy fpeedily prevent us, for we are 
brojghl very low. Help us, O God of our falvation, 
for the g'or^ of thy name ; deliver us and purge away 
OUT f^Lis for tby name's fake'. 

Remember not ihc fins of our youth, nor our tranf- 
grcffions, according to ihy mercy lemcoibijr thou us, 
for thy gootlnefs fake, O Lord ''. 

Cj ) The hhjfcd condtiion -which they on in •jubofejint 

O let us have the blefTcdficrs of ihofc whofe irwif- 
greffion is fcrgivcn, and wliofe fin is covereJ ; of that 
man unio whom the Lord imputclh not iniquity, and 
ia wbofe fpirit there if no guile 1. 

O let us have reJe.nptimi thraiigb Ch'ift's blood, 
even iht forgivenel-, of fins, according to the ricKe* o 
thy grace, wherein thou haft abiiuniied towards, us in 
all wifdoTj and prudence ". Taat being in CiuiU Je- 
fu», t! ere may oe no condemnation to us ", 

That onr jins, ivhich are many, being forgiven «;, ■ 
we may ^;o in pejce " : And the inhabitant ili4ll not 
fay, I am lick, if the people that dwell therein be for- 
giveii their iniquity P. 

3. We tttuft lUe-wifc pray that God vjHI he reconciled to 
us, thai we may abiain his favour and bUJfingy and graci- 
eas acceptance. 

fi.J 7bat we may he at peace with God, and hit anger 
may be turned aweyfrom m. 

. Being juAified by faith, let us have peace with God, 
through our Lord Jefus Chrif), and through him let us 
hive accefs intcuthat grace wherein believers ftand, and 
rejoice in hope of the glory of God 1. 

lie not thou a terror to us, for thou art cur hope in 
the day of evil '. 

Ia Chrift Jefus let us, who fometimei were afar off, 
be made nigh by the blootl of Chrifl: ' ; for he is our 

tPfaMsxis-S, p. ijtxv. 7. /xjtii', I, 2. mEph.i. 7,8. 
n Rom. viii, t. Luke vii. 47, 50. p Ifa. xxxiii. 24 
J Rom. T. J, 2. r Jcr. xvii. l^. f %U. ii. 1 j- 

5^ Petitions and Reqvefls. 

pcacf, who hath broken down ibe mi:lclle wall of pai"- 
tiiion between iis ; and that he mijih: leconcile vis to 
God by his crofs, hath flain the civinity thereby, fo 
making [»L*ace. Through him ihtrefore let us, who- 
had niad« ourfelves ftrar,[;cra Siiti foreigners, become 
fejlow- citizens with the faints, aad oi the houithold of 

Yary K rot in thee; wl:o wnii'.d fet the briars and 
thorns againft thee in battle ? ihou wouldeft burn them 
toge'her j but thou iiaft erftouraged us to take hold on 
ihjr ftrcngih, that wf tnay makepeace, -and haft promif- 
ed tll-i( We fliall make peace ". O lei us ihcn'fore ac- 
quftint ouffeives with thee, a^id fae at peace, that tbere- 
l>y ^ood may comp unto us ". 

Heal us, and we ihall be healed ; fave us, and we 
fhali be faved; for thou art our praife".- Be not an- 
gry with us forever, but rcvite us .^g»ii>, that thy peo- 
ple may rejoitc in thee. Show us thy mercy, Lord, 
and grant us thy falvation i. 

(2.) That ive may be- laien into covenant will) Gad^ 
and admitted inia a relation to him. 

Be thou 10 us as r God, and take us to be to thee » 
people % and make us a willing people in the day o£ 
tby power '. 

Though we are no more worthy to be calUd thy 
children bi for how Ihouldft thou put u.*, that have' 
been rebellious, among the children, und give iis the 
pleafant land ? but thou haft faid, That we Ihail cai^ 
thee our Father, and not turn away from thee= hhall. 
we no; therefore from this time cry unto ihee, our Fa- 
ther, thou art the guide of our youth ''• 

Lord, we take hold of thy covenant S to thee wc 
join ourfelves in a perpetual covenant 'i O that tbou 

/ Eph. Kiv, 16, 19. iflla.Jtxvii. 4. 5. lulabxxii. »[. 
• Jet. xvv. 14. y Pfaira Ixxw. 5, 6. a Ab. viii. ID. 
U Pfahn ex. 3. L Luke xv. 19. <f Jm. iij. 19- dva. 4. 
elfa.Ivi. 4. /Jcr.l. 5. 

Petithns and Rsqwrjls. 50 

M'oulJeil caufe us to pafs under the rod «, and briin' ut 
imo the bond of the covenant, lliat we may become 

Mal« wirh us an everlafting covenant, even the fure 
merries of DaviJ \ 

(y) Thai ■wc may U-oc thi fc'j^ur of Cod, and an ia. 
terest in his fpecial love. 

Wc intreac thy favour, O God, wit'i our whole 
hearts* ; be roctcifiit to us according to thy word, for 
in thy favour is life', yea, thy loving-Itindncfs is bet-" 
ier than life itfdf". 

Lord, make thy face to (hine upon us, and jw gra- 
cious unto uf t J>^rd, lift np the light of thy counte- 
nance upon us, and give us peace ". 

Remember U5, O Lord, with the favour that thou 
beared unto thy people : O vifit us with thy falvation} 
that we may fee the good of thy chofen, and may re- 
joice in t!>e gladnefs of thy nation, and i:iay glory with 
thine inheritance". 

("4.^ Ih'at -Jie may have ihehlejjing ofG^d, 

O God, be merciful to us, a .d blefs us, and caufe 
thy face to fhine on us \ yea, let God, even our Godj 
give us his blclEngp. 

The Iiord that made heaven and eartb, blefs us oift 
of Zionq; bicfs us with all fpiritual biefling'i in hea^ 
venly thingi, by Chtift jffu'i'. 

O that thOu wouldcli blefs us indeed ' ! Cam man 1 
the blcllinf; upo.i us, even life for evermore ' : for thou 
bleffeft, O'Lord, and it Ihail be blefled '. 

\xt us receive the blcfling from the Lord, even tUs 
right eoul'oefs from the God of our falvation *. 

Mall ihou but one blelling! Yea, thou hafl many 
blcnings : Blefs u), even us alto, O our Father "4 yea. 


!X. 37. 

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i" If. Iv. 





tt. 5. 


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Ngmbeis vi 

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,6. y« 


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/ Plal. c 

XKXlii. 3. 


I Chron 



w Pikim : 

lixiv. J. 


«cvii. 38. 

. ..... 


6o Petkions and Requejlt. 

let ihebteflingof Abtaham come upon «?, wliich comps 
.upon the Gentiles through faiih *'. Anil the bleOing 
of Jacob, for we would not let iliee go, except thou 
blefs us ' . 

(;.) That w* may have ihe prt/eitce of God with us. 

it ihy prefence go not up with U5, curry us not up 
hence* ; never leave us, i.or foHake us''. 

O can us not away from ihy prefence, nor ever take 
thy Holy .Spirit away from us ' ; but kt us always dwelt 
wi:h the upright in thy prefence '*. 

^. Wf mujl pray fir the comfartahli fenfe tf our reconci- 
liation to Gid, and our accrptance with him. 

( i.) That IL-f may ha^e fume ividence of the pardon of 
ourfirn, and &f our adtpiion. 

O make us lo joy and g'adncfs, that the btiDes 
which fin halh broken may rejoice '. 

Say unto each of us, Son, Daughter, be of good 
cheer, thy fir-.s arc forjiven thee '. 

Let th« blood of Chrift, who through the eternal 
Spirit offered himfelf without fpot to God, purge our 
conlcience from dead works, to ferve thee ihe living 

Let thy Spiiit witrefs with our fpirit, that wt are the 
«hildren of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of 
. God, and joint heirs with Chrift h. 

Say unto out foul?, (hat thou art our falyation '. 

f'i-J 7hat tee may have a ■well- groundtd peaee of con- 
Jciince ,■ a htJy ferurity and ftrenity oj mind arijinii from 
a ft'ft of our jusiijh-ation before Goti, and a .good wKrt 
.viroug/jt in ui. 

I'he Lord of peace himfelf give us peace, all peace, 
always, by all means >:; that peace which Jefus Chrift 
huh^L-ft with us, which he gives to us, fuch a peace as 

y Gal. iii. 14. as Gen. xxxji. 26. a Ejtod. x^xili. ly. 
6 Heb. jiiii. 5. fPfalmli. 11. aexl. 13. ^ Pfalm li. 8. 
/Mnt. ix, 2. f HeKix. 14. b Rom. viii. id. 17. 
.» Plulm ix:.v. 3. k \ Ihef. xxxvi, i(). 

Petitions and Riqu^s. 6 1 

ttie world can Bcither give nor take away ; fuch a peace 
as that our hearts may not be troubled nor afraid '. 

Let the work of righteoufnefs in our fouls be peace, 
and the cfftrft of rigbteoufnefs quietncfi and afliiraocv 
for ever m. i 

Speak peace unto thy people, and to thy faints, anil 
let not thetn turii again to folly ". 

O create the fruit of (be lips, peacei peace to iRcoi 
that are afar oft, and to them that arc nigh, and rsftjre 
comtbrt 10 thy mourners ". -- 

Where the fons of peace are, let thy peace find them 
out, and reft upon them p. 

Caufe us to hear thy loving-klndnefs ^, and to tal!le 
tjiat thou art gracious, for in thee do we truft'. 

Let the peace ofdod, which paffcth all underftand- 
ing, keep ou^eartsand minds, through Chriftjefus ■ ; 
and- let that peace rule in our hearts, uoto which we 
are called '. 

Now the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace 
in believing, that we may abound in hope, through the 
power of the Holy Ghoftv- 

( '^■) We must fraj far the grace cf God, and all the 
iind and powerful iiifiutnces and eperatioru of that grace. 

We come to the throne of grace, that we may obtain 
not only mercy to pardon, bat grace to help in every ^ 
time of need ; grace for feafonable help ", 

From the fulnefs that is in Jefus Chriil ', (in whom 
it pleafed the Father, that all fulneis ihould dwell i) let 
every one of us receive, and grace for grace. 

I. We mutt fray for grace ie-fartify us against every 
evil thought, imrd ar.d \uork. Having been earnest for 
the removing of tfie guilt of Jin, that ive may nut die for 
it at a crime, we must U M lefs tarntst for the ireaking , 

/John xiv. 17. m m. snxii. 17. n Pfalm Ixjtitv.S: 

• Ka. Ivii. iS, 19. fi Luke x. 6. g Plalm cxiiii. 8. 

r Pet. li. ». s Phil.iv.7. / Col-iii. 15. v Rom. xv-ij. 

w Heb. iv. 16. X John i. 16. j Col. i> i^j 


02 Petitions and Requejis. 

tf tht pavier (^/m, that tue may not die ij it as a iijeaft^, 
but that it may de moTiifitd in us. 

O let no iniquity have dominion overys, bccaufe wc' 
are not under ihc Jaw, but under grace '. 

Let the fiefli be crucified in us, with its afFe^ions 
and lufls ; that walking in the Spirit we may not ful- 
fil the luft? of the fleOi -. 

Let our old man be crucified with Chrift, that the 
body of fin may be deftroyed, that henceforth wc may, 
not ferve fin ; and let not fin reign in our mortal bodifS 
(in our immortal fouls) that we fliould obey it in the lufts' 
thereof. But being made free from fin, let us bccpm? 
the fervants of righieoufnefs i>. 

Let the law of the fpirit of life, which is in Chriil, 
Jefus, make us free from the law of fin and death '. 

Give UF grace to put off the o!d man, which 1? corrupt 
according to the deceitful lufts, that we may put on the* 
new man, which after God is created in lighteoufnefs 
and trtie holinels''. 

That the world may be crucified to us, and we to , 
the world, by the erofs of Chrift '. 

/ind that the temptations of Satan may not eyercome us. 

We pray that we may not enter into temptation'^ ; 
Qr however, that no temptation may take ua, but fuch 
as is common to men, and let the laithful God never 
fulFer as to be tempted abuve what we are able, but 
with ihe temptation make way for |is to efcape e. 

Put upon us thf whole armour of God, that wc may 
be able to fia:.d againft the wiles of the devil, to with-, 
Aand in the evil day, aqd having donr' al) to flan^ ; let 
cur loios be gin about with truth, put on us the breaft. 
plate ol righteotilri<fs, and let our feet be Ihdd with the 
preparalioi. of, the gofpei of peace. Give us the ihield 
of faith, ubercwith we may quench all the fiery darti 

j5 14. (, Gal.v. iS, 34. i'Rom. vi. 6, la, 18. 
fviii.J. ■/Eph.iv. 12, 24. *Gal.Ti. 14. /Mat-xxvl, 14. . 

Petitions and Requejls, 63 

of the wickcJ, and the hsimct of faWation ; and let the" 
fword of the fiiirit, which is the word of Go3, be al- 
ways ready to us *. 

£nib;e U5 fo to rcfift the devil ', as that he may fly 
from us J to rpfift him ftedfall: in the faith ''. And tiid 
pod of peace tread Satan under our fi;ct, and do it 
flisrtly I. 

2. ^1 muH pray fir grace to furnish ut far fviry g»oi 
ihoug.htf wnrd, and VKrk ; that tue may not only he kept 
fiom fin, bat may bt in every thing ms tuejhauld be, and di 
ai mt Jhauld do. 

Let Chrifi be made of God to us, ngl only righteouf- 
nefs, but wifdom, fan£tiScati .n, aiNJ redein|ittoii '", 

Irft us be planted together in the likcnela of Citrill'f 
death and tefurrefUon, that as he was raifed from the 
dead by the glory of the Father, fo we alfo may wait 
in newners of life ■. 

(1.)' That the word 0/ grace may be wrsught there 
v/here it it net yet begun. 

Lord, teach tranfgreflbra thy ways, and let finnersbe 
converted unto thee "■, and let the difobedknt be turned 
to the wifdom of the juiV, and make ready a people 
prepared for the Lord *. 

Leit thofe be quickened that are yet dead in trcfpaflVs 
and Un« '' : Say unio them. Live ; yea, fjy unto thcni, 
Live i and the time fliall be a time of love ^ 

Open their eyes, and turn them from darknefs to 
light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that ihcy 
may receive forgivenefs ©f fins, and an iuheriiancs 
among them who are lanftified ,. 
■ By the blood of the covenant fend forth the prifoncrs 
out of the pit, in which is no wateTi 'hat we may turn 
to the llrong hold, as pcitoners of hope '. 

iEph. T% 14, 13, 14, 15. ifi, 17' iJamMiv. 7- 

ilP<:t. r. 9; y Rom. XTi. M. - ™ 4 Cor. 1.30. 

itRom. vi.4. oPral-xi-. 13. /I Luke i. 17. yEph. ii. 1. 
r £2ek. xvi- 6, 8. j Adi xxvi. tS. / Zech.iii.-ii,.La^ 

64 Petitions and Requejis. 

Let the word of God prevail to the pulling down of 
flrong holds, and the cifting down of the imaginations, 
and cverj high thing that exaheth Ilfelf againfl the 
knowledge of God, and let every thought be brought 
ia, obedience lo Chrift ". 

2. Thai 'where it is begun, it may be carried an, and at 
httgtb perfeRtd, and ibe foundalioa ibat is viell. laid may 
it happily built upon. 

Ful61 in us all the good pleafure of thy good nefs, and 
the work of faith with power ". 

Let the God that has begun a good work in us, per- 
form it unto the day of Chrift ». 

Perfcft, O God, that which concern! us : Thy mer. 
cy, OLord, endures for e»cr i forfake not the work 
of thine own hands 1. 

Lord, let thy grace be fufficient for us, and let thy 
fircngih be made pcrfcft in weaknefs, that where wc 
are weak, there we may be Arong*, ftrong in the 
Lord, and the power of his might •. 

More pariicularly we mujl pray far grace. 

I . To teach and inflrufi ui, and make ut iaoviing and 
ittletligent in the things of God- 

Give us ib to cry afier knowledge, and to lift up our 
TOiee for under!) and ing, 10 feek for it as filver, and lo 
fearch for it as for hid trcafure, that w« may onder- 
Aand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of 

Give us all to know thee, from the leaft even to the 
greateils and to follow on to know thcC* } and fo to 
know thee, the only true God, and Jcrfus Chritl whoia 
thou halt fent, as may be life ciernal to us*. 

Give US the fpiric of wifdom and revelation in the 

V % Cor. X. T. vi i. Thrff. i. 1 1. « Phil. i. 6. 

;y Pfalm cxiKviii* 8> s 2 Cor. xi . 9, ic. a Eph. vi. 10. 

h Piov. it. 3, 4, y. e Ueb. vui. il- d Hofca vi. 3> 
# Johnxvii. 3, 

PetUiont and Retjufjls:- 6$' 

Knowledge of Chrift, that the eyes of our unJerflanding 
being en:igh:cned, we may tnotv what is the hope of 
his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his in- 
beritancc in the faints, and may rxptrric-nce what is the 
exceeding grcatnefs of his power to us-ward who be- 
lieve, according to the workir.g of his mighty power '. 

Open thou our eyes, that we may fee the wondrous' 
things of thy law and gofpel s. 

Give us to know the certainty of thofe things where- 
in we have betn inftruftudj- and Jet our ktiowlfedgc. 
sow up to all riches of the full aHurance of unHer- 
iianding, to the acknowledgiuent of the myfttry of 
God, even of the Father and of Chrift ". 

Deal with ihy fervants according to thy mercy, and 
liach us thy ftaiiites ; .we are., ihy lerVdms, give us un- 
detftanding th:it we may know thy tcllimon:es- J^et 
our cry come before thee, O Lord ; give us undtrflard- 
iftg, according to thy word ', that good uiidcrrtanding 
which thej have (hat do thy conimandoieuls, whole 
p^aife endurt th for e^er *. 

i. lo had us into, o«d ietp us -n ibe v)/:y tf truth i 
dnd if in any ibing we be in an error, to reSiify our rnif. 

Let the Spiritof troth guide ui into all truth ', and- 
caufe us to underftand wherein we have erred ™, 

That which we fee not teacli thcti us", and enable 
uf to prove aU things, as to hold fait that which ii.gooJ o. 

Lord, grant that oc m^y not be as children, toflcii 
to and fro, and carried about with every wind ot dodtnne 
by the flight of meii; bui ffrcabing the truth in !rve, 
iftay grow up into Chrift in all things, whu is the hc.>d p. 

Lord, give u-^ fo to do thy wil', as that we may know 
trfthc dodtrine whether it be of G-.d " -. and fo to know 
the truth, as that the truth may make us free, may 
make us free indeed '. 

/Eph. i. !■>, 18, 19. ^ Pfalm cxiv. i3. h Lulte i. 4. 
iPfalmcxix. 124, 12 s, i6y. i c.v. ir. / Joh- ,yl. 13., 
m Job. vi. J4. n>b xxxii. J .-. "I rheff v. 21.. 

fi £jh.iv. 14, 15. f John VI . 17. r »tii. 31, 36. 

66 Petitions and Requefls, 

Enable us, "wc pray ihec, to hold faft the form of 
found words, which we have heard in faith and love, 
which is in Chrill Jefus „ and to continue in : he thiags 
which ve have learned and been allured of '. 

,2. Tn help our mfmorie-r, ibal lie triilbi of God may 
ie ready la ut, wienever we have occafion lo u/e them- 
• Lord, let thy Spirit teach us all things, and bring all 
things to our remembrance, whatfoever thou haft fjid 
unto us • i that the word of Chrift.may dwell richly 
in us in all wifdotn and fpiiitual urderllanding ". 

Lord, grant that we may give a more carneA heed to 
llie things which we have heard, left at any cirne vrs 
let them flip, and may keep in memory what hath been 
preached to us, and may not believe in v^in". 

Lord, make us ready and mighty in the fcriptures 
ihat we maj be perfc^, throughly furnjihed unto all 
£0od works '', and being well inflruAed into the king- 
dom of heaven, may, as the good huufebolder, bring out 
of our treafure things new and old '. 

4, To direSi our con/ciences, lo /bow ut the way of »ur 
duty, end 10 mate ut wife, knowing, judictQUi Cbrijliauf, 

Lord, give us a wife and an underllanding heart '^ 
that wifdom which in all cafes is profitable lo direil"* ^ 
that wifdom of the prudent which ia lo underlUnd his 
way =. 

This we pray, that oer lovamay abound yet more and 
more in knowledge, and in all j,udgment, that we may 
difcern things that differ, and may "approve things that , 
Tire excellent i that we may be fincere, and without of^ 
fence unto the day of Chrift, and may be filled with the 
fruits of righteoufners, which are by Jefus CbriA unto 
ihe glory and pralfe of God ■'. 

O that we may be filled with the knowledge of thy 
vilt in all wifdom and fpiritual underftanding ; that nc 

J 2 Timothy i. 1^. / iii. 14. v Juhn x^. 26. 

w Co', iii 16. » Heb. ii. 1. _jr Afta iviii^-ag. 

a 2 T.mothy iii. 17. a r Kings iii. 5. i £ccl<x. io» 
f Pjov. xiv. 8. (/■fTiil.i.p, 10, 11^ ^, ,, ,^ 

Feifiions and Rfquejis, 6y 

may walk worthy of God uoto alUplcaGng, being fruit- 
ful in every good work, and incteafing in the know- 
ledge of God •. 

Teach us thy way, O God, and lead lu in a plain 
path, bccaufe of our obferven r* 

When We know not what to do, our eyes are up' un- 
to thcec : Then let us hear the Lord bebiud us, f^yingt 
This is the way, walk in it, that we turn not to the 
right hand nor to the leff "■. 

Order our fiepsin thy word, and let no iniquity have 
llominion over us '. 

5. 7o/anSifj our nalurt, to plant in ut all holy prinei- 
pltJ and aiffxffiiioni, anil to increaft rwrj grace in ur. 

The very God of peace lan^ify us wholly ; and we 
pray God, our whole fpirit, and foul, and body, may be 
prefcrved blamclefs unto the coming of our X^rd Jefus 
Chrifl ; for faithful is he that callcth, who alfo will do 
it ** 

Create in us a clean heart, O God, and renewa right 
fpirit within us : and caft us not away from thy pre- 
fence, and take not thy Holy Spirit away from ui ; rc-- 
ftore unto us the juy of thy falvation, and uphold us 
with thy free Spirit '. 

Write thy law in our hearts, and put St in our inward 
part", that wc may be the epidles of Chrift, written by 
the Spirit of the living God, not in tables of Itone, but 
in flcftiy tables of the heart ", that the law of our God 
being in our heart none of our fteps may Bide ", and we 
n^y delight 10 do thy will, O God ^, may delight in the 
law of God afier the inward man '■ 

O- that we may obey from the heart that form of 
doctrine imo which we defire to be delivered, as into a 
mould, that our whole fouls may be leavened by it ' i 
and that we oiay not be conformed to this world, but 

e Col. i. 9, 10. /"Pfalm xsvJr. 1 1- g2 Cliron. M. U. 
b \h. XXX. ir. I'Pralmcxix. 113 t i I hcff. v. 23, >4. 
/ Pftlra li. 10, II, II. mfUb. viii. 10. n aCor, iii.3. 
• Pfalm axxvii. 31. f xl. i. y Rom. vii- Jj»- rvi. 17. 

63 Petitions and Requefls. 

transformed by ihe renewing of oiir mind • ; rraj notr" 
fashion ourfHves after Our former tufts in our igno- 
rance", but as obedient children, may be holy in all man- 
ner of convcrfation, as he who hath called us is hofy '. 

(i.;) mmuj pray fir fcilh. 

Unto us (Lord) let it be given lo believe i" ; for the 
faith by which we arc faved is not of ouf felves, it is the 
gift of God ,, 

Lord, increafe our falih i", and perfeft what is laclcihg 
in it *, that we may be Arong in faith, giving glory to 
God'. -. ■ 

Lord, give us fo to be crticififd with Chrift, as that- 
the life we may live in the flclh we may live by the 
faith of the Hon of God, who loved us, and gave him- 
felf for us " ; and fo to bear about with us continually ■ 
the dying of the Lord Jefus, as that the life alio of Je- - 
fiis may be manifefted in our mortal bodies '. 

As we have received C\\r\iX Jefus the Lord enablefui ■ 
fo to walk in him, rooted and built op in him, and eltab- 
liQied in the faith as we have been taught, abcunding;, 
therein with ihaiikfgivingj. 

Let every word of thme profif »i c, being mixed with" 
faith, by which we receive thy teltijnony, and fet to our'- 
fcal thai God is true '. 

We bi^feech thee work in us that faith which is the- 
fubrtarce of things hoped for, ami the evidence of things . . 
not feen g, by which we may look above the things that 
are-feen, that are temporal, and may look at the things 
that are not feen, that are cternai ^. • 

Enible us by faith to fet the Lord always before us ', , 
and to have our eyes ever towards him', that we may 
a£t in every thing, as feeing him that is invidblc, and: 
having a refpeft to the recompcnce of reward ". 

t Mattb. xiii. ij. / Rom. xii. i. v t Peter i. 14. 
w Phil. i. 29. * £p^. ii. 8. y Luke vir. 6. is 1 Ihef. . 
iti. 10. a Roni. iv. 10 b Gal. nii. 3d. ci Cor. iv. to. 
rfCol.ii.e.y. *Heb.iv.a. /Jobniii. 33. f Heb.xi. 1, 
*a Cor. iv, 18. (PraJm x?i. ». Vixv. ij. rt Heb. 
x.i. i6, 17 

Petitions and Requefti. 69 

Let our hearts be purified by faith ", and let it be 
cur viflory overcoming the world ". And let us be kept 
from fainting, by believing that we (hall fee the good- 
ncfs of the Lord in the Und of the living p. 

2. Wf muj pray for the fiar p/GU 

Lord, ivoi k in us that fear of ihee, Which is the be- 
ginning of wifdom •* which k the inftruflloii of wifdom, 
and which is a fountain of life', to depart from the 
fnares of death '. 

Unite our hearts to fear thy name', tl\at wc may keep 
thy eoaimandmem, which is the whole of man *. 

P put thy fear iuto our hearts, that wc may never 
depart froonhce". Let us all be devoted to tiiy fear": 
And let us be in the fear of the Lord every day, and all 
the day longy.> 

(3.) Wt mujl pray that the love of God and Christ may 
be rooted in ui, and in order ibereunio, thai tbe love of the 
•vorU may be rooted out of ui. 

Give us grace, we befcech thee, to love thee the Lord 
our God, with all cur heart, and foul, and mind, and 
might, which is the 6r(l ;tnd great commandment ■ ; to 
fet our loTe upon thee, and to delight ourfelvcs slways 
in thee > ; and thereia we Ihall have the delire of our 
heart ". 

Circumcife our heairts to tcve the Lord our God with 
I all our heart ', and with all our foul, that we may live. 
> O that the love of God may be ^ed abroad in our 
hearts by the Hoiy Gbotl ''. 

O that J. fus Chrift may be very precious to us j, as 

he ia to all ihat believe, that be may be in our account, 

the chiefell of ten thoufands, andaltogciher lovely; and 

\ that he may be our beloved and our friend j: That 

« Afls XV. 9. o I John v. 4. p Pralm xxvli. 13. 
f Piov, i. 7. r ST. ^ I, 1 xiv, 27. / pfjlm Ixxivi. i I 
! V Ev.g^ nil. M W Jer. xxxii. 43. a; fx\m cxix 38. 
y Prov. xniii. 17. % Matih. xxii. 37. a Pfalni xci. 14 
* Kxivii. 4, e Deut. ssx. 6. d Rom. v- 5. c i Pet. 11. 7 
/Cant, T. i», 16. 

73 Petitions and Requejif. 

though wc have not Teen him yei wc may love him ; 
and ihough wc now ftrc him not, yet believing wc may 
lejoice with joy u;ifpeakabic, and full of glory s. 

i<t the love of Ctirift to us eonftraln us to live, not 
to ourrelves, but to him that died for us and rofe again ^. 
And, 2,ord, grant that we may not love the world, nor 
the things that are in the wond, becaufe if any man love 
riic world, the love of the Father is not in him ; that 
wc may fet our affeftions on things above, and not on 
things that are on the c^rth '. 

(^,) We tniift pray that our tanfcieticei may he always 
Under, and that we may iive a life of repentance. 

Lord, take awav the Itony nan out of our flefli, and 
give U! a heart of flefh *. 

Make us afraid of all appearancc»of evil, and careful 
not to give Satan advantage againft us', as being not 
ignorant of his devices". 

Lord, give us the happinefs which ihey have that fear 
always", that when we think we ftand, ve may take 
heed left wc fall- 

(^.) We mujl pray t» God to Viari in ui charily anif 
hrothtrly love. , 

Lord, put upon u« thjt charity which is the bond of I 
perfeftnefsP, that we may keep rlic unity of the Spirit 
in the bond of peace'', and may hve in love of peace^ . 
that the God of love and pi-ace may be with us '. 

Lord, give us to love our neighbour as ourfelvcs, with I 
that love which is thcfulfilltngof thclaw *, to love one 
another with a pure heart ' fervently, that hereby all j 
oien may know that we are Chrift's difciples ^. 

And as we arc taught of God to love one another, | 
give us to bbdond therein more and more*', and afwe j 
have an opportunity, to do good to all men ^, and as 

g I Ptter i, 7. h ^ Cor. v. 14. i John if. 15, 

k Ezek. xi. 19. I i Their. V. ai. mi Cur. ii. 11. ' 

n I iJur. X. 11. p Col. iii. 1^. q Eph. iii. iv> r a Cor- 
xJii li. / Rom. xiii. 9, 10. fiPtC. !. 22. v John xii.. 
15. w I ihtff. iv. 9, 10. arOal. vi. 10. 1 

PetiiiOKs and Requejtt, yi 

much as in .us lies to live peaceably with all men, al- 
ways followinf; after ihe things which make for peace ', 
and things wherewith one may edify another >. ■ 

I>ord, make us able lo love our enemks, to blefs them 
that curfe us, and to pr»y for thfmthat dcfpitefully ufe 
us, and to do good to them that hate us, forbearing one 
another, and forgiving one another in love *, as Chriit 
forgave us v, 

(6,) We must pray for the gr art offelfdeniaK 

Lord, give us grace to deny ourlelvcs, to take up ouc 
crols daily, and to follow Chrili ■', to keep under the 
body, and bring ic into Qibje^ien 4, 

Loid, keep us from being lovers of our owitfelves % 
from being wife in our o*a conceit, and leaning to 
our own uiiderft.inding f. 

Lord, give Ua to feek not our own only, but every 
one his brother's welfare j. 

And grant that none of us may live to ourfelves, or 
die to ourftlves, but wliether ive live or dic we may, 
be the Lord's, and may live and die to him ", 

i-].^ We must pray Jor humil,iy and meeineji. 
,ord, give us all to learn of C'lrift to be meek an4 
lowly in beart, that *e may find reft to our foul- i j 
and that herein the fame mind be in us thus that was 
alfo in Clirill jefus*. 

IjOrd, hide pride from us, and clothe "s with humi- 
lity I, and put upon u^ the ornament of a meek and 
■quiet fpirit, which in thy fight is of great price n>. 

Lord, give us grace td walk worthy of the vocation 
wherewith we are called, with all lowiinefs and meefc- 
ntfs, with long- fuSc ring, forbearing one another ia 

Let anger never reft in our bofoms <•, nor the fun 

V Rom.x'ii, i8. S5 )tiv. 19. u Ma), v. 44. fiCol. iii. 13. 

eiUatth xvi.'?4. ' d-ri-i iX. ^7. <r aTim.iii. I. 

/Prav.ih" V. 7. f I t".>r.x.i4. A Rom. xi--. 6,' 7. 

i Maitheiv XI. "ip. ' f PUIl..ii. 5. 7 Job xxxili. 17. 

m 1 P«. V. jjiii.' J. 'n £ph. iv. i, 2. ' • -Eccl. vij. p^ 

72 Petitions and Requejis, 

ever go do*n upon our wrath ' j but enable us to ftiow 
all meeknefs towards all men, becaiife we ourfclve; 
kIIo were fometimes foolifh and diTobcdient *■■ 

Let us be clothed as becomes the elefl of God, ho\j 
and beloved, with bowels of mercies, kindncf*, humbJe- 
nefs of mind, mceknefs, and lons-fufferingr, that being 
mcrciEul, as our Father which i« m heaven is^merciful •, 
we may be perfefl as he is peifef^i- 

(i ) We must pfay -for the gracts ef conUtilmenl and 
patienct, and a holy indiffertoej to all the things nffenft and 

Lot-d, teach us whatfoever ftate we are in, therewith 
to be content ; let us know how to be abafed, and 
how to abound ; every where, and in all things, let us 
be inllrufled both to be full and to be hungry, both to 
abound and to futfer need*. And let godlinefs with 
'contentment be great gain to us", and a litije with 
the fear of the Lordandquietncfs, is better than a great 
treafure and trouble therewith*. / 

Lord, grant thai our converfation may be without 
covctoufncfs, and we may always be content with fucli 
things as we have t ; Hill faying, The will of the Lord 
be done'. 

Enable us in our patience to podefs our own fouls »} 
and let patience always have its perfeA work, that we 
may be perfcfl and entire, wanting notbiog'*. 

Lord, give us gwce to weep as though we wept nof, 
and to rejoice as though we rejoiced not, and to poHefs 
as though we poiTefled nor, and to ufe tbt world as 
not abuling », becaufe the time is lliort, and the 
falhion of this world paCcth «way'. 

(9.) Wi muit pray fif the ^ract ef hope i a hope « 
God and Cbryi, and a hope ef eternal life. 

^Eph.iv, a6. ^ Tit-iij. 2. j, r Col.iii. li, j Luke vt. 36 
» Mat, V. +8. V Phil. iv. 1 1, 1 a. . w 1 Tim. »i. 6. 

K ProT. XV, 16, 15, I. y Heb. iii. 5. a Afls xxi. 14. 
a Luke ;ixi. 14* b James i. 4. f i Cor vii. 29, 30,31. 
rf R.oin. T. 4, J. 

Petitionj and Requefis, 73 

Lrt paticBM wort experience in ns, and experience 
liope, fuch a hope as maketh not aOMmcd <i. Througk 
patience and con:ifort of the icripmres<', let us have 
hope and be faved by hope f. 

I^t the God of Jacob be our Iiclp, and our hope al- 
ways be in the Lord our God z- 

Let us be begotten sgain to a Iiv«]y hope by the re- 
furre£tioa of Jefas Chrift •>, anJ lee that hope be to us 
'as an anchor of the foul, lure and fledfall, entering in- 
to that within the veil, whither the forerunner is for us 
■entered (. 

Let u^ have Chrift in us the hope of glery, and ne- 
ver be moved away frotn that hope of the gofpel '' ; 
but enable us to give diligence unto the full afTuranca 
ot hope unto the end '. 

/'lo.^ We muj} pray far i^raee io pftferve us fram Jm^ 
^nd all appearances cf -it t and approachei forward s it. 

Now we pray to God that we may do no evil, but 
may be blamelefs and harmlefs as the chililren of God Hi, 
without rebuke> in the mldft of a crooked and perverle 
generation ". 

Turn away onr eyes from beholding vanity, and 
quicken thou us in thy' way : Remove from us the way 
of lying) and grant us thy law gracioufly^. 

Incline not our hearts to any evil ihiiig, to pr^flife 
cricked works with them that work inii]uity, and let \xi 
not eat of their dainties P. 

O cleanie us from our fecret faults, keep back thy 
fervant alfo from prclutnptuous finsj let not iheoi 
have dooiialon over us, but let us b: upright, and in- 
nocent from the great tranfgreflions q : and grant that 
ihereby we may prove ourfelves upright before thee, by 
keeping ourfelves from our own iniquity '. 

rfRon>.v.4, 5. rfxv.4. /viii. 24. y Pfal. oilvi. J. 

b I Ptt. i. 3. »' iieb, vj- 19, 23. k CoK i. 23, 17. 

/ Heb. vi. I. ma Cor. slit. 7. n Phil. il. tj._ 

sPlalm x'dvii.ja. ocxli.4. j xis. I3, i^. r Jtviii.33," 


54 Pethhni and Reqiiejis. 

Let thy vord be hit] in onr hearts, that we may net 

fin againli thee ', and thy grace be at all (imcs fuffi- 

' cient for ust, ready to ui, and mighty in us, and never 

give us 4ip to our own heart's luft, to walk in our own 

counfels ». 

Enable us to walk ctrcumfprQIy, not as foOls, hut 
as wife ", fo circumfpcftly that we may cut off occa- 
iion from them which delire cccafion to blafpheme that 
- worthy name by which wc are called * ', and with 
' well-doing may put to Ulence the ignorance oS foolifh 
men ^, and may adofb the do£lrine of God our Savi- 
our in all things *. 

7. We mufi pray far graa to tnahU ui boti to govfra 
*ur tenants well, and to uft thtm mil. 

Lord, enable us to take heed to out ways^ that we 
oSend not with our tongve, and to keep our mouth ai 
it were with a bridleb, that it nay not be hafty to ot- 
ter any thing*. 

Set a watch, O Lord, before our mouth*, keep the 
door of our lipa, that we may not offend in word '. 

Z^t our fpeech be always with grace, fcafoued with 
fait f, and enable iis always out of the good trcafure of 
our heart to bring forth good things i. Let our mouth 
fpeak wifdom, and our tongue talk judgment *> ; and 
let not thy words depart out of our mouth, nor out of 
the mquth of our &«]« or our feed's feed, from hence* 
forth and for ewr^. ' 

Enable us always to «pen our nonth with wiitioro, 
:and let the Law of kindnefs be in our tongiie k : Give 
lis to know what is acceptable', that our tongue ma/ 
be as .choice fiber, and our lipa may fieed many *■. 

J Plsloi ciia^ II. ( 1 Cor. sii. 9* v Pfilm Ixxxi. is> 
<w Eph. V. 1 5. K t Cor. %\. I a. y Junes iii. ■y. 

•■ I Peter ii. 15. m Titui ii. 10. b Plain xxiix. i: 
£ Eccl. V. 1. ^Ffslm cxli. 3. t James iii. t. /Col. \y.6, 
g Mat. xii- 35. b Pfalm xxxvii^ 30. ' i Ifuah liz* au 
i f.[0K;:bi xxxi. 36t i x. 31. m x> 2f« 

Petitions and Requefli. 75 

8. Wt mutt prof ftr grate u direff and qukien us tt, 
»nd U ttrengihen and affia us in mr duly, in the vibole 
€Ourfe of BUT convtrffUion. 

Let the grace of God, which bath appeared to uSt 
and to all men, briDging titlvaticm, e^fltull^ teach us 
to deny all ungodlinefs and worldly flcffaly lufts, and 
to live foberly, rightcoufly, and godly in this prefent 
world, looking for the blcSed hope, wid the glorious 
appearing of the great God, and our Saviour Jefui 
Oirift, who gave himfelf for us, that he might redeem 
us from all iniquity, and purify uato himfclt a peculiar 
pcvple, zealous of good worts », 

(i.) Yiai we may be prudent And difcreet in our duly. 

Thou hall raid, If any man lack wifdom, he mult 
aft it t^ God, who gives to all men liberally, and ap> 
braideth not, and it {hail be given him <>. Ijord, we 
Want wifdom, make u9 wife as ferpcms, and barmlels 
ai doves p, that wifdom may make our face to flrinc % 
and may be better to us than weapons of war. 

£aab!e us to walk in wifdom towaidi them that are 
without, redeeming the time '. 

Give us to order all our afl^irs with difcretion, and 
to behave ourfelves wifely in a perfefl way, with a per- 
fefl heart •. 

(2,) Thai we may be hoitejl andfincere in tur duty. 

Let our wifdom be not that from beneath, which is> 
earthly, fenfuat, devililh ; but wifdom from above, 
which is firft pure, then peaceable, gentle, and eafy to 
be inireated, full of mercy and good fruils^ withouc 
partiality, and withouc hypocrify '. 

O that we may always have our converfaiion in the 
world, in fimplicity and godly Gncerity, not with fleflily 
wifdom, but by the grace of God *. 

Lord, uphold us in our iutegrity, »ad let us before- 

it Tituiii. ti, 13, 13, I4> ojamesi.5. ^Mat.x.2«, 
f EcdeCviii. 1,9, 18. rCol-iv. y j Plalai-e«ii- 
5* ci. 2. / Jmus U, 15, 17. V 2 Coi. i* (t^ 

76 Petitms and Requejls. 

• iliy face for ever ", and let integrity and uprightnds 
prcferve us, for we wait on ihec *• 

Let our hearts be found in thy ftatutes, that we be 
not athamed ' ; and let our eye be fingle, that our 
whole body may be full of light i. ■ 

(S') ^'"' "'' "foy l/t afli've and JUigfitt in our duty. 

Lord, quicken us to worbilic works of him that fcnt 
us wliile it is day, bccaufe ihc night comes wherein no 
man can work » ; and what good our hands find to do,. ' 
to do it with all our might, becaufc there is no work 
«? knowledge in the grave whJlher we arc going t. 

Lord, grant that we may never be fiothful in any 
good .bufincfs, but fervent in fpirit, ferring the tord ' j 
iiedfaft and unmoveable, always abounding in the 
work of the Lqrd, fotafmuch as we know that our U- 
beur is not in vain in the Lord <^. 

Lord, make us zealoully aft'efled in every good 
work =, and what we do, enable us to do it heartily, as 
unto the Lord, and not unto men '. 

Lord, enable us to do the work of every day in its 
day, according as the duty of the day requires k, re- 
deeming the lime, becaufe the days arc evil*', that 
v.'hen cur Lord comes he may find us fo doing '. 

C^-^ That V}t may be refi/luie and courageous in our 
duly, as fbofe that ino'jj ibat ibougb we may oe lojtri far 
Cbrijl, vjtjhall not be iofors by him in tbc end. 

Lord, leach os to endure hardnefs, as good foldiers 
of Jefus Chrift \ that we may not fear the reproach of 
men ', or their reviling*, nor be aiLamcd of Chrift, or 
of his words m, knowing whom we have believed, even - 
one who is able to keep what we have committed xa- 
liim againft that day n. 

\a Pfalm xli. 10. It isv. ir. " y Pfalm cxix- 80. 
vi Matthew vi. zz- a Jolm ix. 4. h EccleJiaftet ii. 10, 
e Romans xii. 11. d \ Cor. xv. 58. e Galatlans iv. i8. 

yCol.iii. 23. gY.zt^m- ^- A Eph. v, 16, iLukexii'43. 

'k 2 Timothy ii, 3. / Ilaiah Ivii. 7. m Mark viij. 3S. 
A 1 1'imotby i. ii. 

Petitions arid Reque^s^ 77 

Though bonds and affliflions Oiould ^de us, Lord, 
grant tbit none of thefe things mvj move us, and that 
wc may not count life itfelf dear to U9> fo we may fini& 
our courfc with joy ". ' 

Enable us in all things- to a[^>rovc ourfelves to God» 
and then to pafs by hcmour and diQionour, by evil re- 
port and good report, clad with the armour of righte- 
cmlnefs on the right hand, and on the left *, as thoCe 
that account it a very fmall thing to he judged of man's 
judgment] for be that judgeth us is the Lord '>. 

LTbat vie may he pleafant and cheerful in our duty. 
vd, enable us to rejoice evermore, to rejoice in the 
Lord always ', becaufe he bath again faid unto us Re- 
joice ; that we may go on our way rejoicing *, may eat 
our bread with joy, and drink our wine wiib a merry 
heart ', as we £hall have reafoh M do if God now ac 
cepteth our works*. 

Give us grace to ftrve thee the Lord our God with 
joyf ulnels and gladnefs of heart in the abundance of a^l 
things « } and to fing in the ways of the Lord, bccaufe 
great i» the glory of our God *. 

Let us have that cheertulnefs of heart which doth 
good like a medicine ', and deliver lis from that beavl' 
nefs which maketh the heart ftoop ', and that forrovr 
ef the world which worketh death '. 

f6.^ That we may do the duty offtery condition of life,. 
every event of providence, and every relation wherein •ui't 

I^rd, eoab^ U8 in a diay of profperity to be joyful, 
and- in a day of adverlity to conHder, becaufe God hath 
frt the one over againfl: thc'otber ^, 10 add to our know- 
kdge temperance, and to temperance patience*. 

Give u3 graceto abidewith thee in the calling where' 

a Aftj XX. 33, %^, pi. Cor, vi. 4, 7, S. f i Cor. iv. 3, 4. 
r 1 TheCv. 16. j Phi!, iv. 4, / Afls viii. 39- 

V Ecc1> 12. 7. 1(1 Dan. xxviii. 47. s Pfalm cx:<xvli!. j* 
y Prov. xvii, «, as xii. 15. « » Cor. vii. I» 

ȣccl.u. 7. caFct. i-6. 

.9% . 

7S Petitions and Requejts. 

in 'wc are called ^ ; and in al! our ways to acknowledge 
ihee, and be thou plcafed to direft our fteps c 

Irft thofe that arc called, being fervants, be the 
■Jjord's freemen; and ihoie that are called, being free, 
be ChriiVs fervants'. 

Let all in every relation dwtll together in unity, that 
)t may be as ihc dew of Hermon, and as the dew that 
licfcends upon the moDntains of Zion s. O that we may 
dwell together as joint-heirs of the grace of life, that 
our prayers may not be hindered *>, 

Give us grace to honour all men, to love the brother- 
liobd, to fear God ', and to be fubjeit to the higher 
powers, not only for wrath, but alfoforconicienceiafcc''. " 

C\^ Till/ tuf may be univerfally confcientioui. 

U' that we may Hand pcrfeft and complete in all. the 
will of God I. . ■ - 

-O that our wayi were direfled to keep thy commaDcl-- 
Kients. And then HiaTI ve not be aOiamed whenwc 
have refpeft to them all". 

Teach u% O Lord, the way of thy ftatutes, and' we 
flial) keep it unto the end. Give us undcrdanding, and ' 
we Ihall keep thy law, yea, we ftiall obftrvc-it with our 
whole heart. Make us to go in the path of ihy com- 
mandments, for therein do we dehght. Incline our. 
hearts unto thy teClitnonies, and not to covetoufnefs ". 

Grant us, wc pray thee, according to the riches of 
€liy glory, that we may be ftrengthcned with all mig^t 
by the Spirit in the inward man: That Chrift may 
dwell in our hearts by faith, and that wc being rooted.. 
aid grounded in love, may be able to comprehend witK 
all faints, what is the breadth, and length and depith, . r 
and height, and may know t'le love of Chrift, which 
f afleth knowledge, and be filled with a divine fulnefs, 
and may partake cf a divine nature ", 

/ 1 Cor. vii. 14. e Prov. ill. 6- / 1 Cor. vij. 2 1. 
(f Pfal. cxxxiii. 1,3- b \ Pet- iii. 7. ( ii. 17. 

t Rom. xiii. I, 5. /Col. iv. i). m P.'a'm cxis. 5, 6, 
n Pralm cxii- 33, '34, 35, 36. * JEpli> iii. >^Cj 17, i8, 13, 

- Petitkiu and Reqiiefls. 79 

And let the love of Chrift conflrain 113 to live not m 
•urfclves, but to him that died for us, and role again ^ 

S. We must pray for grace to mate us luiftr and btttir 
tverj day than amther. 

Lord, give ms to increafe with the increafes of God '; 
to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and 
&a\'iour Jefm Chrift ' j to hold on our way, and having 
clean hands, to grow ftronger and ftronger '. 

Let our path be as the fhining light, which Ihines 
more and more unto the perfefl day'. 

We have not ret attained, nor are we alt'esdy per- 

• feft; Lord, grant that therefore, forgetting the things 
that arc behind, wc may reach forth to thofc things that 
are before, for the piiic of the high calling of God in 
Chrift Jefns "-. 

Be thou as the dew unto us, that wc may grow as 
Ihe lily, and caft forth our roots as Lebanon -, that our 
branches may fpread, and our beauty bcas the olive-- . 
tree". And let the Sun of righteouiners arife upon us 
with healing under his wing?, that we may go forth and 
grow up as calvcj of-die ftall f. 

9. We must pray far ffeHualfuppert and eomfort un- 
der air ihe crojfei and qffiffiont that tire meet vj'fth in thh 

Wc know that we arc born to trouble as the fparks ■ 
fly upward ; but in fix troubles be thou pleafed to de- 
liver us, and in fcven iet noevil touch us '■ 

I>et the eternal God be our refuge, and underneath 
be the eTcrlafting arms »; thit tbe fpirit thou haft made 
may not fail before thee, nor the foul that thou haft 
redeemed ''. 

Let us be ftrengthened with all might, according to 

5 2 Cor. v. 14.. '5- r Col. ii. 19 tt P<t. iii. iB- 
4]bb JTvii. 9. V Ptov. \v. 18. iv Phit. iii.^u, 13, 14. 

* -Hof. siv. 5, 6. y. Mai. iv. a. ' % Job v, 1 7, 19. 
aDcut. xsxiii. 37. ^ Ifa. Ivii. j€. 

8a Petiiions and Reque^s. 

thy gtorious power, untoall patience and long-rsfferinf 
with joyFulner» «. 

Let thy Aatutei be onr fongs in the houfe of our piU 
grimagc i and let thy teftimoniei, wfiich we have takea 
as a heritage tot ererf be always the rejoicing of our 
hearts *. 

When we are tronbled on every fide, yet let us not 
be diftrcfled, and when we are perplexed, Ut u»not be 
in defpnr % but ai forrowful, and yet always rejoicing ^ 
as having nothing, and yet polKlSag^l things '. 

10. Wi muft prof for gract to ferfervi us to tht end, 
and It Jit ut fir lobattvtr &rx itfon ut 'tviixt th'u and the 

Lord, delWw us from every e«il voric, and prcferve 
us to thy heavenly kingdom, being-kept hroav falling ',. 
that wc m^ be prefentcd £uijtlel$, at the coming of th j- 
. glory with exceeding joy i>. 

iJord make us to increafe and abound in love, one 
towards another, ud towards all men, that our tiearts^' 
inay be eftablilhed unblameable in holinels, before God 
even our Father, at the coming of our Lord J^fus 
Chrift TCth alt his faints '. 

If Satan defire to. have us tbstt he may lift us as 
wheat, yet let Chrift's interceffion prevail for us, that 
' our faith fail not '^. 

*iW\ we are taken out of the world, let us be kapt 
from the evil, and fan^fied through thy truth : thjt . 
word is truth '. \ 

Build us up, we pray thee,^ in our molt holy faith^ 
and keep us in the love of God, looking for the mercy 
of our Lord Jcfus Chrift unto eternal life °>. 

Grant that we may continue to call upon thee M> 
long as we live *, and till we che may never temove our 

e CoL i. II. dVbim cxix..54, ili. t 2 Cot,ir. S^ 
/vi. to;, r »Ti»i.iv. i8i b Jude z^. i i Thet 
xii. 13, * Luke^iii. 3i,3Z. /JoImxTi. ij, it- 

M Jude u ach 2i< n f falm cxri» x> 

Petitions and Requefts. 8 1 1 

integrity from us : and that our rightcoufncfs wc may- 
hold iii\, and never let it go, and our hearts may not 
reproach us fo long as we hve ". 

1 1 . Ife tnuit pray for grace te diliver us from deaths 
and is carry us ivf/i through our dying momeiils. 

Lord, make us to know our end, and the meafure of 
our days, what it is, that we may know and confidcr 
how frail we arei'; and that our days ere as a hand- 
breath, and that every man at his bcft ftate is altoge- 
ther vanity, and our days upon earth arc as a Qiadow, 
and there is no abiding i. 

]<ord, teach us fo to number our days, that we may 
apply our hearts unto wifdom ', and make us to conli* 
der our latter end". 

Lord, make us always ready with our loins girded 
about, and our lights burning, becaufc ihc Son of man 
tomes at an hour that we think not '. 

Keep us all the days of our appointed time, waiting 
t'lil our change comes ; and then Qialt thou call, and 
wc will anfwer". 

Bring us 10 our grave as a fljock of corn in its fea- 
fon"; faiisfy us wjih life, whether it be longer or 
fliortcr, and fliow us thy iaivation ". 

And when we walk through the valley of the (hadow 
of death, be thou with us, that we may fear no evil, let 
thy rod and thy ftaff comfort us r- 

I^t goodnefs and mercy follow us all the days of bur 
life ^, and let us dwell in the houfe of the Lord for eter. ' 
Mercy and truth be with us '. 

Redeem our fouls from the power ofthe grave, and 
receive us " : Guide us by thy counfel> and afterward 
receive us into glory «. 

o Job Jtxvii. 5, 6. f, Pfal. xixix. 4, 5. 


Pfal. xc. II. J Deul. iKsii. 29. 

/ Luke Jiii. 35, 40. 

Job xiv. 14, 15. Miv. 26. ^Pfal.x 

ci. t(i. J>XKiif.4- 

sxiiii. 8. a i Sam. sr. to. 

b P&lm iliit. i-i. 

82 Petitions Ond Requejts. 

U. We mufl pray far grace to Jit at f»r heaven, and 
thai xue may at lengib be put in poffeffion ef eternal life. 

Lord, make us meet to partake of the inheritance of' 
ihc faints in light " j let God liimfelf work tis to the 
felf'fame thing, and give us the earneft of the Spirit ia 
jHF hearts •. ~ 

O that we may now hare our con«rfat»on in heavcDi 
that we may from thence with comfort look for the 
Saviour, the Lord Jcfus ',■ who Qiali change our vile 
bodies, that they ma; be fa&ioned like unto hii glorl- 
^)us body t. 

O that we may fet our affcftions on things that are. 
^bovc, and that our life may be hid with Cbrill in God, 
that when Chrid, who is our life, Ihall appear, wc alfo 
■ .lay appear with him in glory * i that when he Ihall ap- 
pear, wc may be like him, may fee bim as he is ', may 
Jchold birface in righteoufnefs, and when we awake 
may be fatisficd with his likenefs K 

When we fail, let us be received into everlafling ha. 
bitations, in the city that hath habitations, whofe builder 
and maker is God ', that we may be together for ever ' 
with the Lord % to fee as we arc feea> and know as 
ve are known • 

And in the mean time help us to comfort ourfclvet 
»d one another with thefc words ; and having ttus 
hope in us, to purify ourfclvcs, even as Chrift is pure *, 

And now, our Lord Jefus Cbrill himfelf, and God 
even our Father, who hath loved us, and hath given u> 
evcrlafting confolation and good hope through grace, 
somfort our hearts, and flablilh us in every good word 
knd work ". 

5. We mufi pray for the good thiitgt tf life, Viitb t» 
tumble fubmij/ion to the will 9f God. 

dCol. i. n. e i Cot. v- 5. /Phil.lii. 33, 2u 
g Gal. iii. -t, 3, 4- h Col. iii. 3, 3, 4. 11 John iii. 3. 
k Pfalm xvii. 15 / Luke xvi, 9. n Heb. xi. io> 

f I Thef. iv, 17, i8. • I John iii' 3* ^ 2 Tbef ii. 16, 17. 

Petitions and S^qaefls, St 

Lord, thou faall told us that godlinefi hath the pro. 
mire of the life that now is, at well as of (hat which 
is to come "* ; and that if we feek firil the kiDgdom of 
God and the righteoufnels thereof, other things fliall 
be added to us ' i and iherefore we call all our caru 
about thefe things upon thee', who careft for us j for 
our heavenljr Father knows that we have need of all 
thefe things '. 

I. JVr must pray to he prtfermti Jr»m the calamities la 
vhicb we are expofed. 

Thou, Lord, art our refuge and our foitrels, and 
under thy wings will we truft, thy truth Ihall b« opr 
Ibicld and bnckler : Let us therefore not be afrud for 
the terror by nigbtt nor for the arrow that flieth by 
day. Having made the Lord our refuge, and the Moft 
High our habitation, let no evil b&l us, nor anj 
plague come nigh our dwelling '. 

Let the Iiord be our ke«per, even he that keepeth 
Ilrael, and neither ilumbers nor fleeps. Let the Lord 
be our fhade on our right hand, that the fon may not • 
finite us by day, nor the moon by night ) let the Lord 
{veferve us from all evil ; the Lord preferve our fools ; 
ibe Lord prcferve ourgoing out and coming in, irom 
this time forth, and even for evermore ". 

Lord, make a hedge about us, about our honfcs, and 
about all that we have round about " ; and take fick- 
aels away from the midft of us t. 

2. We must pray t» he /implied with the evmfartt and 
Jiipptris -wedfiilyjlaiid in need of. 

O that the beauty of the Lord our God may be upon 
«it ( proTper thou the work of our bands upon us, yea, 
^le work of our hands ellabtilh thou it * : Save now, 
we befcech thee, O Lord : O Lord> we befecch thee, 
fend now prorscrity'. 

f I Timothy iv. 8. r Mat. vi. 32. t \ Pet. v. y. 
t Mat. vi, 32. V Plalm xci. a, 4, 9, lo. tu cxsi. 4, j, 6, 
7, 8. M job i. IP. y Exod. xxiii- 3$' " ^'"'"^ *•• '7' 
« cxviii. 35, 

, $4 Petitions and Requejis. 

\xt our fons be as plant! grown up in their youth, 
and our tlaughtcis as corner ftones poUflied after ihe 
limilitude of a palace": Let our garners be full, af- 
fording all manner of ftorc i and let there be no break- 
ing in or going out, no cqmplaioing in our (Ireels: 
Happy is the people that is in fucb a cafe, yea rather, 
happy is the people whofe God is the Lord. , 

Let us be blelTed in the city, and blelfed in the field, 
let our balket and our llore be blelTed, let us be bleJTed 
when we come in, and when we go out d. 

Let thy good providence fo order all events concern- 
ing us, that they may be made to work for good to Us, 
as thou haft promifed they ihall to all that love ihcc, 
and are called according to thypurpofee. 

Give us to trull: in the Lord, and do good, and then 
we (hall dwell in the land, and verily v»c (hall be fed ; 
and be thou pleafcd to bring forth our righteoufnefs aj 
the light, and our judgment as the noon-day *. 

Let us be hid from the fcourge of the tongue, and 
not be afraid of deftruftion when it comelh ; let us be 
in league whh the ftones of the tiiid, and let the beafts 
of the field be at peace with us; let us know that our 
tabetnacle is in peace,, and lee us vifit our habitation 
and not fin ■^. 

And if God will be with us, and will keep us in the 
way that we go, during our pilgrimage In this world, 
and will give us bread to cat, and raiment to put on, 
fo ihat we may come to our heavenly Father's houfe in 
peace, then the Lord fhall be our God ''. 

(5. We muti pliad tht premifei of Gad fer'the enfirchg 
tf al! erir ptiiihnr, put ibeje promfts in/uit, and rtfer *Mr- 
fel-vet to Item. . j 

Lord, thou liaft given ns many exceeding great and < 
precious promifes ', which are all yea and ainen in > 

ipfalmc^div. T2, ij", 15. rfDeut. x\v!iii'3, j. 6, 

c Roto. viii. iS-Zpfalnr xxxvii. 3, 6. ; Jcfb V, 21, 23, 24,- 1 

■ i Gen- xsviii. 20', if. ^* 1 Ptter J. 41 ■' . I 

Thankfgiv'mgs for Mercy. 85 

QiriH V Now be it unto tby fervaots according to the 
word which thou hall Ipoken '. 

Give us to tlraw water wlih joy out of thete wells of 
fatvation m, to fuck and be fatis^ed from thofe breads 
oFconfohtion " ; and now, O Lord God, let the word 
which thou haft fpokcn concerning thy fervants be ef- 
tablifhed for ever, and do as thou haft faid ". 

Deal with us according to the tenor of the evcrlaft- 
\a% covenant, which is well ordered in all things and 
fare, and which is all bur falraiion, and all our delire '■, 

Look upon us, and be oicrciful to us, as ihou ufeft 
to do unto thofc that love thy name ""i and do more foi- 
OS than we are able to aflc or think', and fupply all 
our needs according to thy richea to glory by Chrift 
jefus '. 


K^ tht fourth part of PRAYIS, •which ii thanifj^vingsfir 
the Mercies "Wt have received from Gsd, and the many 
Favours of kas vit are interested in, and hj'i,e, and hope 
fir Benefit by. 

OUR errand at e throne of grace is not only tn 
feck the fa»Du*bf God, but to give onto him the 
glory due untohis name, and thst Bbt only by an aM- 
hil adoration of his infinite perfc^ionii, but by a grate- 
ful acknowledgment of his goodnefs to us which can- 
not indeed add any thing to his glory, but he is pleafed 
to accept of it, and to reckon himfelf glorified by it, it 
it<ome from a heart that is ^mmhly fenOtlc of its own 

It 2 Cor. i. 20. /Luke i. J8. m \h. xii. 3. « ixvr, 
IT, o 3 Sam. vii. 2^. j6 xsvij 5. y' Pl'alm cxis. 15a. 
rEph. iii. ao- t Phil. iv. i<). 

86 thapkfghinss fir Mercy. 

unworthinefs to receive, any favonr from God, that Va- 
lues the giftst Bi>d loves the giver of them. 

I. We ma'ijir up aurffhrs lo pralfe God viith the eoa- 
Jidertttion hath of the reafon and of lie encouragement we 
■bave to praife him. 

Unto ihcc, O God, do we give shanks, un'o thee d* 
we give (hanks ; for that tby oainc is near," th; vroa- 
drous works declare ', 

Let our fouls blefs the Xord, and let all that Is witii- 
-in us bids his holy name ; yea, let our fouls blcfs the 
Lord, and not forget any of his beneliis ". 

We will piaile the Lord, for it is good,, it -is pica&nr:, 
and praife is comely for the upright, -jca, it is a goo4 
thing to give thanJM unto the Lord", and to iing praifes 
unto thy name, O moft High, and to (how forth thy 
loving- kindnefs in the mooting, and thy faithfulnds 
every night ". ■ 

We will, extol -thee, our God, O King, and will blc/a 
■thy name for ever and ever : Every day will we blefa 
thee, and will praife thy name for ever and ever-, wc 
will abundantly ulter the memory of thy gre^t good- 
nefs, ar'd fing of thy-rightepufiiefs i". 

Wc will fing unto the Lord a new fong, and' his 
praife in the congregation of laintsj O let Ilrael re- 
joice in him that made him, let the children of Zi<Hl be 
joyful in their .King^: Let the faints be joyful in gloty, 
and let the high praifcs of ,God be i^ their hearts, and 
In their mouths'. 

While we live we wilj blefs the Lord, and will fing 
.praife unto our God .while we have any being \ and 
'When we have no beiitg on earth, wc hope to have ^ 
^ing in.hcaven, to be doing it better'. 

'We arc here through Je&s Cbrift to offiir the facri- 
:{ice of praife to'ihec, which we deSre to do continually, 
that is, the fruit C>f our lips, giving thanks to thy name b. 

/ Pfalm Ixxv. T. vclii.i, I. w cxlvii. r. «xci>. I.a; 
y Pfalm cxlv, I, 2, 7. SB calls. 1, a, 5,' 6. « e,xlv{. 3. 
£ Hcb- xiij. 1 ;. 

Thankfghlinss for Mercy. 8y 

And thou hall faid that he that offiirs praife glorifies 
ihee', and that this alFo JLal! pleafc the Lord better 
than an ox or bullock that hath horns or hoofs*'. 
■ We will mencion the loving-kindnefles of the Lord^ 
and the praifes of the Lord, according to all that the 
Lord hath beftowed on us, and the great goodncfs to- 
wards the houfe of Ifracl, which he hath beftowed on 
them, according to his mercies, and according to the 
inuUitude of his lovii]g-kiDdhc^:s<; 

I. We muj} be particular in our ihaniigivinjt ta Got/,' 
0-) Far lbs difcoveries -which be balh made lo ui in bis 
worj of the goodtiefi of bis na:ure. 

We give" thants untothe God of gods, unto the 
Lord of lofds, for his mercy endures for ever (. 

Thy goodnefs is thj- glory k, and 'tis for that which 
all thy works do praiit thee,, and thy fain:s do blets 

Thou ar^ gracious and full of coiupaHion, floir to 
anger, and of grcit mercy, and haft told us, that thuu' 
doft not afflict willingly ', or grieve the children of mEo,- 
but though thou caafe grief, yet ihou wilt have com- 
pafBon according to the multitude of thy mercies k. 

Thoutakeft-pkaibreinthem that feat thee, -in thcin 
thit hope in thy mercy K 

f i;_) For the many injlancn of his goadnefs. 

I. The goodnefs of bis providence relaUng to our bodies, 
mad the life that naiv is ; and ibis, 

S.J, With reference- to all the crcaturet, and the world of 
DMnlind in gentvah- 

Thou haft ftretched- out the heavens like a curtain,, 
and in them thou haft fct a tabernacle for the fun Z^, 
which is as a bridegroom coming out of' his chan:iber, 
and rcjoiceth as a ftrong man to run a race "• And 

rPfalml. 23. i/hix. 31. * If», Ixiii. 7. 'ffW\<a 
oxxxvi. 2, 3. g Exod- xifxiii. 19. h Plalincxiv. 10. 
(cxlr. 8. k Lam. iii. 32, 3,3. / Pfalin exJvii. i 1- 

<n Pfalis civ- 2. ■ n AiK. 4j J,. 

83 Thankf^ivin^s for Mercy. 

thou caufeft thy futi to Oiine on the evil, and en the 
gooti ; and fendefl rain on the juft and on tlic unjuft •. 

Wlien wc coafldcr the heavens, the work of thy fin- 
der;, the fun, the moon, and the f\ars which thou haft 
urdained ; Lord, what is man that thou thus vifiteft 
]iimP? For truly the light is fwcet^ and a'pleafant 
thing it is for the eyes lo behold the fun *' : All the 
l^tory bff lo the Father of light ', who comoiandeth the 
morning, and caufeth the day fpiing to know his 
place '. 

Thou didft not leave thyfelf without witnefs among^ 
the heathen, in thai thou didll |iood, and gaveft theiti 
vain from iieaven, and fruitful fcafons, fi.ling their 
lienrts with food and gladnefs '. 

'i"hou covercft the heavens with clouds, and piepareft . 
rain for the earth, and makeft gvafs to grow upon the 
mountains : Thou givefl to the bcaft his food, and to 
the young r.ivtns wliicli cry ^. 

Thou cauieft it to. rain oi*- the wnderncfs, where 
there is no nian, to fatisfy the defolatc and walte 
ground »■. 

Thou vifiteil the earth, and watereft it, thou greatly 
tnricheft it wiih the river of God, which ii full o£ 
\vateri thou prepared them corn, when thou hall lb 
provided for it \. Thou watereft the ridges thereof 
abundantly, thou feitlell the furrows thereof, thou 
maketl it foft with Qiowcts, thou btelTefl the Cpiinging * 
thereof: Thou crouneft the year with thy goodncfsj, 
and thy paths drop fainefi «. 

Thou fer.deft the fprings into the Talle^s, which run 
among the hills i and they give drink to every beaftof 
the $eld : and by them, the fowls of the heavens have 
their habitation, which ling among the branches '', 

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ThaHk/^ivings^r Mercy, V^i 

. Thou haft laid the foundations of the earth, that it 
flieujd not be remorcd for ever, and fctteft bounds td 
the waters of the fta, that they turn not again to covet' 
the earth '. Thou hafl Jhut up the fca with doois, and 
broken up for it thy decreed place, faying, Hitherto 
fhalt thou come, but no farther, here Ihall thy proud 
waves, be flayed >, And thou had made good what 
ihou haft Iw-orn, that the waters of Noah fliall no 
more go over the earth ''; 

Thy covenant of the diy and of the night is not 
broken ', but ftill thou givcft the fun for alight by day, 
and the ordinances of the moon and of the ftars for a 
light by night '' ; and art faithful to that covenant of 
{^[OVidcncCi that nhtlethe earth remains, feed-time and 
harveft-time, cold and heat} fummer andwimer, day 
and n^ht fhalt not ceafe '. 

The heaven, even the heavens are thlncj but the 
mih thoi; haft given to the children of men ^, and thoB' 
haft put ait things atuler their feet, and made them to 
have domtnioB over the works of thy hands > ; fo that 
the fear of man, and the dread of- man;i9 upon every 
beaftofthe earth, and upon the fowl of th&air> and 
into his hiuid they are delivered, becaufe Ihou hadft a 
I^vour to him '', and thy: delists were wichthefenaof 
men'.- / 

Thou caideft the grafs to grow for thccattle, and^ 
herb for the fervice of man, that thou mayft brjng forth 
ftiod out-of the earth ; wine that makes glad the hearc- 
of manj and oil-to make bis face to £hine, and bread 
which ftrengthens man's heart ^; 

Thou giveft to aU life and breath ', and all things on' 
the earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy ". 

Ail the creaturei wait upoti theci that thou tmyit 

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iPtlacir. J4, ij. /Aaixvii.35. wPWiacsix-e^,- 

• P3 , 

go Thankfgivm^s Jbr Mercy^. 

giv« them their meal In due fearon \ (hat thou givelt 
tliem ihcf gather i thou openeft thy hand, they are fill- 
ed with goid : Tfaou fendeft forth thy Spirit, they are 
«eated ; thou rcnewefl the dec of the earth. This tby 
glory fliali endure tibr ever, and thou rqakeQ in thefe 
work* ". 

It Is through, thy goodncfs, O Lord, that a& one ge- 
neration of roankind palTcth away, another generation 
come*-**, and that thou haft not btotted out the name 
of that corrupt and guilty race from under heaven i*. . 

idly., tfilb rtferenfe lo ui in parlicutar. 

Ci.) We muji give thanks ibat be bat made us reafoa^ 
able creatures, cafiable of knowing, iMtng, fervimg, and 
enjoying bim, and that, br bath not made us like ibt becflt. 
that perifb.. 

We will praife thee, for wc are iiearfully and wozw 
dcrfulty mads, and that our fouls, our nobler part^ 
know right well ' ; for no man knows the things of x 
man, fave the Ipirit of man, whick \% in him*. 

Thou haft made us of that rank of beings which is 
a little lower than the angels, and is cN>wned with 
glory and honour ' ; for there \& a fpiiit in man, and the 
mfpiratton of the Almighty gi^cth them undcrftan^ 
ing*. And (befpirit of a^an is ihecandlc of the Lord ". 
Our bodies are capable of being the temples of the 
Holy Ghoft, and our foulsof having the Spirit of God 
dwcil in them' ; we therefore glorify thee with out 
bodies, and with our fpirits, which are thine '. 

Thou, Lord, baft formsd us for thyfclf, that we might 
fiiow forth thy praife '. 

fl-J W* muil give ibanks fof cur firefervalioii, that our 
lives are firoknged, and ibe ufe of our reafon au4 undtn- 
Jlanding, our limbs aadfenfes, are continued to us. 

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y 1 Coi. iiii iS* % Ifa. sliii. Ji,. 

Tbankfgivitigs for Mercy. 91 

It was O'wing to thy goo<l provideace that ve died not 
firom the womb, and did not give sp the ghoft when 
we came out of the belly, thit the knees prevented Wf 
and the brealls that we fiiould Tuclc >. 

Tho' we were called tranfgreflbrs from the womh^ 
yet by thy power we have l^en born from the belly, 
and carried from the womb* : and thou holdefi our 
fouls in life, and fuffereft not our foot (0 be moved <*. 

All our bones fhall fay, Lord, who is like unto thee ' ! 
for thou keepeft the bones, not one of them is broken '. 

We. Jay us down and ileep, for tbon, Ijord, makeft 
Ui to dwelt in fafety C 

Thou had given thine uigcTs.a charge concerning us, 
to keep us in^U our ways, lo bear as up in their hands, 
left we da(h our foot againll a ftone ''. And ihey are 
all miniftering fpirits, lc>t forth to miniftcr for the 
good of them that fhatl be heirs of falvation'. 

(3-). ^'"' fiS""^ recoveries from danger by Jicknefi, or 

When perhaps there has beeo but a flep between us 
and death ", and when we have received 2 fentence of 
death within ourfelves ', and have been ready to fay in 
the catting off of our days we fhould go to the gates of 
Uic grave, and wetc deprived of the refidue of our 
years, yet thou baft in love to our fouls delivered ihem 
from the pit of corruption, and caft all our lins behind 
thy back": 

When the fbrrows of death hare compaiTed us, and 
the pains of bell have got hold upon us, we have called 
upon the mme of the Lord, and have found that gnu 
cious is the Lord, and rightcttus, yea, our God is merci- 
All ; we have been brought low, and he hath helped uf, 
and h^h delivered out toulifrom death, our eyes Irom 

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pi Ti/an^hif^fj /or Mercyr;. 

tears,, "id our feet from filing. We will therefbre' 
walk before the Lord in the land -of the living °. 

^4 J F»r tbi fupporU at^ contorts ^- thit. life, wbici- 
have bilbtrta madt the land oftur pilgrimage eah and plta^ 
font tt us. 

Blefled be the Lor^, who daily loadt us with liis~ 
btfrHfilSt'Cven x\k God of our Salvation '. 

Thou makeft me to lie down ia green pa{lure9>thDU' 
feeded us bc(ide the ftill waters : Thou prepareftst ta- 
ble for us in the prefenceof our ene(iiics>. thou aoointeft 
eur head, and our cup runs over ^. 

It may be we were fent forth without purfe er fcri|^ 
but lacked we any thing i Nothing, I.ord< 

The candle of God-bath.fhtned upon oUr bead, MuJ- 
by bit ligbl-we have walked through darkueb, and the 
fecrct of God has- been in our tabernadc '; 

Thou haft giten us all things richly^ to enjoy ', and- 
into Ourbatids had bi'ought plentifully'. 

Many a time we have eaten and been filled, and hare- 
alighted ourfelws in thy great goodncfs *. 

"When we remember all the wa;ys-whi£h the Lord, oac 
God, hath led U5 for fo many years in this wilderpefsT)-. 
we muft here fet upa ftoDe.and.callit Ebenezer, fgc^ 
hitherto the Lord hath helped us.. 

(l-) For fucetft in-eur calfyigs andaffiiiri, etm/ort m-- 
riLtiont, aaiitr^lableplaftj of abode. 

It is God that girdeth us with (Irength, anJ'maketh 
our way ■peiieQ. ^ ; that bath blefled of our 
hands *, and it may be fo as that tlioug^our beginning . 
was fmall, yet our Utter end hath greatly increafed*. 

Our houles bavs been fafe from fear, and there hath ' 
beeo n6 rod of God upon us ^ ; fo that the voice of re« 

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Tbankfglvinss for Mercy. 93 

joicing and falvation hath been in our tabernacle froia 
day to daj *, 

With our ftaff it may be we have pafTid over this Jor- 
dan d, and now we arc become two bauds, and 'tis God 
ihat fclteth the folitary in fadiities^ 

If we have lived joyfully with our relations', and they 
have been to us as ihe loving hind, and as the pleaf^Bt 
roe, wc muft give tbcc thanks for it, for every creature 
is that to us, and no more, that thou makell it to be '• 

(6 ) For our o^njbart in tht publk pltuly, pejce, and 

When wc have eaten and are full, we havereafon to 
blefs thee for the go^d land which thou haft given us^i 
A land which the eye* ot the hori our God are always 
upon, from the beginning of the year even to the end 
ef the year'. 

'lliou makeft peace in our borders, and tilleft us with 
the fincft of the wheat ^ : We arc delivered from the 
noile of archers at Ihe place of drawing watery there 
therefore will wc rehearfe the righteous aGs of the 
Lord, even his righteous a£ts toward the inhabitants of 
hia villages'. 

We thank thee that the powers that are fct over us 
are miniHers of God to m for good ', that they feek the 
Welfare of our people, fpeaking peace toall iheir feed ". 

2. The goodnefs t-f hit groM nlating to- our/ouis and 
the lije that is to come. 

But etyecialiy bleflfed be the God and Father of our 
Lord Jcfus Chrifi, who hath bleSed uswith all fpiritiMt 
ble^ngs in heavenly things in Chrift 0. 

iff. We muft give Cod ihanit /or lii iindneffii to ihe 
elildren of mea, relating it their better part, and their 
future state, and kisfavouri to the ehureh in general. 

c PrHlfit cxviii. 15: d Gen. ixxli. 10. / PCil. Ixviii. 6. 
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94 Tbankfgivingtfor Mcrey. 

(\.) Wt must pve thanls fir his gradaui Jefii^n and 
nntrivanci ff mtrCs redtmplkn and falvation, uihen ke vmu- 
/aft and uadsnt by Jin. 

' O how wonderfully did tftc kindncfs and love of God' 
our Saviour towards man appear, not by any wnrba of 
nghteouGiers which we had done, but according to his 
mercy he fawd ui ' : Wc had deftroycd ourfclvcs, but 
ia thcc, and thee only, was our help ■'. 

When wc were cafi out in the open Jield, and no' 
ejre pitied us, thou r&wcA us polluted in our own bloody 
and thou faidft unto us, Live ; yea, thou faidll unto USf: 
Live J and the time was a time of love '. 

When the redemption of the foul waa To prcciouS' 
as thaf it muft have ceafcd for ever, suid no man coutd' 
by any means redeem his brother, or give to God a ran' 
ibm for him, then thou waft pleafcd to- find a ranfom *»■ 
that we might be dclivcredfrom goingdown to the pit t.- 

When we muft needs die, and were as water fpilt on: 
the ground, which cannot be gathered up again, then 
didft thou dcvife means that the baniCbed might not be 
for ever expelled from him '. 

When thou fparedft not the angels that finned, bur 
didft caft them down to hell « ; thou faidft concerning 
the race of mankind, deftroy itnot fora bleffing is in it ^^ 

Herein appears the wifdomof God in amyftcry, even 
the hidden wifdom whidi God ordained before tbe- 
world for our glory »■ 

(l.) Fir the eternal purpffis andciHnfili of God anara^ 
tag man's redemftien^ 

We are bound to give thanks always to thee, O God, 
becaufe thou haft from the beginning chofen fume to 
Ovation through fiinfliScaCioa of the fpirit ' : That 
^here is a rcinnant accordmg to the eleftioa of grace 4, . 

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Tbank/jsivhigifor Mercy. 55 

whom Gad hath choTen in Chrift before the foundation 
4>f the world, that they fliould be hol^ and without blaicc 
before thee in lore, having predellinaied them to the 
adoption of children, by Jefus Chrift, unto thyfelf, ac- 
cording to the good pleafure of thy will, to the prufe 
x>l the glory of thy grace ". 

Thine they were, and thou giveft them to Chrift, 
and this is thywiU, that of ail that thou haft given hint 
he (hould lofe nothing, but Qiould raile it up at the lall 
day =. 

(3.) Fcr the appo'tnling of the Rtdtemer, and GeiTf 
graeisut condefcenfm ta deal viith men upon new termif 
receding from iht dtmendi of the broiun cnenar.t *f inna- 

We blsfs ihee, that when facrigce and oSering thou 
OTOuldft not, and in it hadft noplcafuren, that then the 
eternal Son of God faid, Lo, I come to do thy nill, O 
God, and a body haft thou prepared me * : And that as 
in ibe volume of the book it was written of him, he 
.Aii. delight to-do thy wiU, O God, yea, thy law ws 
.within his heart. 

Thou haft Uid help upon one that is mighry, one 
xhofen out of the people i' Thou haft found JDavidthf 
Jervant, with thy holy oil tbou haft anointed him, even 
(With the oil of gladnefs above hiis fellow?, and didft pro- 
-mife that with him thy hand ftiould be eftabliftied, and 
,thy afm (hould ftrengthen him, and that thou wouldcft 
make him thy firft-born, higher than the kings t^the 

We blcfr thee, that the Father now judgeth no man, 
but hath committed all judgment to the Son : That u 
^he haK life in himfelf, lb he hath given to the Son to 
■have life in himlclf ^, and hath given him authority to 
-execute judgmcDt alfo, becaufe he is the Son of man <. 

b Eph. !. 4, 5, ti. -ff John ^vii. 6- vi. 59. d Heb. x. 
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I x\, -J, b John V. xxii, j(S, 37. / iii. 35, 

§6 TbankfsivinS^ for Mercy. 

That the Father lovcth the Son, and hath given a!l 
things into his hand ; and that the counlel ot peace is 
between them both *. 

That he is thy fervant, whom thou doft uphold, thine 
cleft in wh«m ihj ibul dclighteth ' i thy beloped Son 
in whom thou art well pleafed " : That thou haft given 
him for. a covenant of the people i, and that through 
him we are not upder the law, but under grace ". 

That God folo^ed ihe world, as to give his only be- 
gotten Son, that ^hofoever believes in him ILould not 
perifli, but have cverlafting life". 

(4.) For tkt early eld ancttnt intiicalion af the ^rariout 
.^ffign concerning fallen man. 

We blefs thee, that as foon as ever man had Snned, 
it was gracioufly promifed that the feed of the woman 
iliould break the ferpent's bead ■■ ; lind that in the Ord 
TeAament facri£ccs, jefus CiiriA was the lamb ilaiu 
from the foundation of ihc world p. 

And that by faith the elders, though they reeeivei 
not the promife, yet obtained a good report) for they 
sbtained witnefs that they were righteeus ". 

We blefs thee for the promife made to Abrahanii 
that in his feed all the famiHes of the earth flioultl be 
blefled '; and to Jacob that the Shiloh, fhould come, 
and to him Ihould the gathering of the peopk be*} and 
that the Patriarchs rejoiced to fee ChriA's day, and 
they faw it and were glad '. 

(^ ) For the many glorious iiiitances cf GoiPsfaxeur U 
tie Old Testament church. 

We adore that wifdom, ^aee and gooJKefs with 
which thou broughtcft the vine outof Eypgi, didft caft 
DVt tlie heathen and plant it ; thou prepared{l room 
before it, and didft caufe it to take deep root, and it 
filled the land ». 

: 13. iira.lKi. iMil. svii. 5. /Ifa.xlix. 8. 
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J xl, 10. ( John viii. j6. w Pfalm Uxx. 8, 9, '. 

^bank^ivings fir Mercy. gj 

And thej got nat the laad in po^ffion by their ovin 
ftfford, neither did their own arm five Ihctn, but thjr 
right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy coun- 
tenance, becaufc thou hadft a hvoar to them *. 

We biefs thcr th« to the Jews were committed the 
tn-aclcs of Ood x, that they had the adoption and the 
slory, and ihc covenant, the giving of the hw, and the 
wrvice of God, and ihe promifcsr : And thit there did 
Bot fail one word of all thy goad promifcf tvhich thoM 
promtfedft by the hand of Mofes thy fcrTant*. 

Wc blefs thee for all that which ihou didft at fandry 
limes and in divef-s manner fpaale in time paft unto 
tbe fathers by the prophets ', thefe holy men of God, 
who fpake as Ihey were moved by the Holy Ghoft "» 
»nd prophefied of the. grace that QiOuld come unto as, 
teRifying before hand die fufferlng ef Chrill, and tbe 
glory that fliould follow, and that -not to the^felvCa on ■ 
4yf but to ui they miniftered thoTe great thingi, things 
urbich the angris themtitlves defire to look into '. 

And especially we blefs thee, that tiiou hafl provideit 
Tome better thing for uSj that they wkhout us fhould 
not be made parfeil*, 

(6.) For the iveitdfrfu! and myfierievi fh^maikh of 
'the Son of-Ged, and bii coming into ihe lo^rld. 

We blefs thce, that when the fulnefs -of time vni 
■come, thou didft fend furth thy Son made of a woman, 
made under the la*, to redeem ihemxhat *erc under 
*he law, thai wc mi^'n receive the addpiion of fons •. 

That the eternal Word vra* ftiade fleili, and dwett 
vmong OS, andiliere were thofc who ftw his glorr, the 
glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full cff grace: 
aAd rr«ih. And without controverfy, great is tlic 
- m^nery of godliael^ that God was msnif^ited in the 

tu Pfalm xlivv 3. tc Rdm. iii. 2. y'l'x-^. * 1 KtnR* 
viii.jfi- (i Hcb. i. 1. hi Ptt. i. it. c i Pet.i. 10, 11, 
«», VHcb;\i.40. f iSal. iv..4. /John i. i^. 

9? Thankjgivtngsjbr Mercy. 

We blefi thee, that to this end he vzs born, and foe 
this uufe be came into the world, that he might bear 
^itnefi of the truth ; and we believe, and are fure, that 
heisthatChril[}, theSooof the living God'') that it is 
he that <hould«0[ne, and ire are to look for no other '. 

We blefs thee, that the Son of man is come to (eek 
and to fave that wliich was loft *■ i that he is come that 
we might have life, and that wc m^ht have it more 
abundantly ■, and that for ihis'^ujpofc the Son of God 
vas maiiifeflcd that he might deltroj the worki of the 
devil ". 

Lord, vit receive it as a faithful faying, and welt 
worthy of all acceptation, that Chrift'JeAjs came into 
the world to fave tinners, even the chief n. 

We blefs thee, that forsfmuch at the children are 
partakers of flelh and blood, he alfo himfelf Ukewife 
took part of the fame : That he took oot on him the 
nature of angels, but out nature, and was in all things 
made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merci- 
ful and faithful High Prieft in things pertaining to 
Cod, to make reconciliation for the fins of the people : 
and that he is not aOiamcd to call them brethren*. 

And that the firll-begotten was brought into the 
world with a charge given to all the angeb of God to 
worfhip him f. 

(•}.) Fur God's graciout owning qf bim in bii uniir- 
teiing, and in the carrying of it an. 

We blefs thee, that thou waft in Chrift, reconciling 
ibe world to thyfelf, not imputing their trefpafles unto 
ihem, and that thou haft committed unto us the word 
fif reconciliation «. 

That thou haft thyfelf given him forawitnefs to the 
jieople, a leader and commander to the people. That 
iie was fandified and fcalcd and (ent into the world, 

b Jobn xviii. 37; 1 vi> 69, h Luke xiz, 10. /John 
,x. 10. m 1 John iii. 8. « < Tim. i. 15. Heb. ii. iju 
jj, j6, 17. /Htb, i.6, yaCor. T. 151. 

*tbankfgimngi for Mercy. 99 

and that the Father who fent him did not leave him 
alone, for he always diJ thole things that pleafed him '. 
Glory be to God in the higheft, foe in and, through 
Je{u5 Chrill there is on earth peace, and good-wUl to- 
wards men '. 

In this was man^efted the love of Cod towards ue, 
becaufc that God fent his only begotten Soa~ into thiy 
world, thai we might live through him*. 

Wc thank thee for the power thou haft given hint 
over all flefl>, that he fhotild give eternal life to as ma-- 
ey aj were given him '- 

CS.^ F^r bii haly life, hit exer/lent ^aEirine, and the' 
[iorioU! miracles be -wrought lo confirm kit doElrine. 

We blefs thee for the aflUrance \ye have, that he is a- 
teacher come from God, -fince no man could do thofi 
miracles which he did^ except God were with hitn ', 

That thou haft in thefe laft days fpokcn unto us bjr 
th/ Son '» whofi: doftrine was not bis »,. but hij *haC" 
fent him, and he fpake as one having authority i> ; andi 
that we arc encouraged to come and leartv of him, be- 
caufe he » meek ind lowly in heart, and in learning oC 
him we fhall find reft to' our fouls c; 

We blefs thee that he hath left u<; an exatnple, that 
IK fhould follow his fteps, inthat he did not lia, neither 
was guile found in his movth, and when he was reviled,. 
be reviled not again '■■j and his meat and drink was to 
do the will of his Father*; in that he was holy, harin* 
Icfs, undefiled, feparate from linners'. O that we 
inay be armed with the fame mind, and that as he wasy 
fa wc may be in this worlds ■,. and that we may fo walk. 
CTon as he walked. 

We ble& thee, that the works which hedidj.thc fame: 

( Jofcn viii. »9- V'Luke ii^ 15. w i J«hn iv. g^ 

JK Jobiv xlfi. 3-.. y iii. 2. « Heb. i; a. a John vii. 16^ 
^Matth.vii, 29. <-xi.39.' d 1 Pet. ii. 21, 21, t%, 

a John iv. 34. /Heb. vii. a6- £ i Pet. iv. i. A i jaha. 
iv. *> 

100 Tbankjghiingtfor Mercy. 

>are witnefs of him, that die Father had fetit Iiimi» 
tliat hy his power the blind received their £ght, thff 
lame walked, the Icptrs were deanfed, the deaf heard^^ 
the dead were taifrd ap, and the poor had the gofpel. 
preached to them'; aad even the winds and the fea. 
obeyed him, for which we glorify the God o£ ITrael °*; 
Doubtlefs this was the Son of God n. 

CPJ For the great encouragement Chrifi fsve la pwity 
J^rifri to come to bim, 

"We-bl«rs thee that Jefus Chrift came to call not the 
righteous, but fioners (fueh as we arc) to repeatance^ 
and had power on earth to torghre fin * ; that he came- 
to fave his people from ibeir fins p % and is the Lamb, 
of God that takes away the fin of the wiwld ■•, and that 
he is (to his honour, not to hu reproach) a friend tO' 
publicans and finncrs '. 

We thant thee for the gracious invitation he gnve 
to Ibofe who ,are weary aad heav^ laden to come to Kim. 
iQr reft * : and for the 3iruran«e he hath given, that 
whoioever comes unto hjm, he. will in. nowifc cad hiiai 

That he made a graciouj offer, that whofoever thirA»< 
might come unto hin:i and drink *, 

(lO.)-For the fall falisfaSion-uAichhtniadt to the 
jiifikt of God for the fin of man by the bltod of bit craft, 
for the purehafet, viBoriet, nnd triumphs of tht crofi,. 
titid for all the preciout herufit9>v^icb jlov):t9 m from ihf 
dying of the Lord !/^l>\ , - 

Herein indeed God'coromendeth hii lore to nn, in> 
(hat while we were yet finnors ", ChrLft died forbv 
that we might be rccouciled to him by the death of hU 
Sen ». Herein is low, not that we loved Godi but that 
he loved u;, and fent ha Son to bs the propitiation iotr 

I John P. 36. i Matth-jti. 5. /viii. 27. m xv. 31, 

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oar fins, and not fm- ours onlr^'but for tbe Cns oF ihc^ 
whole world ' ; that he taAed death for every man, that 
ttirough death he might defhMjf him th«t had tbe power 
of dcathr that is the devils 

We blcfs thee, thai by one ofiering he haih pcrfeAed 
for ever them, that are &n£tificd >, that hehath finiflicd- 
tsanlgreflion, made an nod of fio, mqdc reconciliaiion, 
for iniquity, and bath, brought in an evetlafUng righ-; 
teouibcfs '■;. 

That he huh redeemed ui from the curfe o£ the law^ 
by being made a- curfe for US':; 

That what the law cocld not do, fn that It was weak 
through the ficfli, God halh done by fending bis own 
Son in the Ukenefs of fleQi> who by a lacrifice for fiuj, 
condemned fin in tbe fleOi « 

That be wa» wounded for our tranfgreffibni,, and- 
bmifed for our in i^i ties,, and that the Ghait'il«ment of 
our peace was upon him, and by his flripes-we are 
heabd f and that the Lord having laid. upon him the 
iniquity of us all, it pleafed ibcLordto bfuire.himj;andt 
put htm to grief °i. 

That appearing to puf away fin by the facriflce of; 
birofelf, he did by the etcrnsl Spirit offer bimftlf with- 
out fpot unto Godt and by his- own blogd entered in^ 
once into the holy place,, having obtained etemalre' 
donption for us ^ 

Thatbebatb fpoilcd principalities and powert, and' 
Made 3' Ihow of thent' openly, triumphing over them in. 
his crofa, And hath blotted out the band-wetting of or- 
dinances ,wbich was againfi.ust. which was cofllrary to 
us, taking it out ^f the way, by nailing it to his orofs ,. 

That be is our peace, who, having broken down the 
middle wall of partition between Jjsw and Gentile, haihi 
made blnifelf of twain one new man, haib reconciled^ 

y John ii; 3; e Heb< ii 9, 14^ o x. i^. & Daa. ix.' 
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I 3 

102 Tbaakfgivi^i for Mar^.- 

both unto God in one bodf , bythc ct<^, baving fl»ai 
the enniily thereby '"i 

That he hath Icivcd us, and wsfhcd h9 f rom oi^ Ilna- 
in his own blood, uid bath made u* unto our God . 
kings and prielb '. 

O the height, and depth, xnd tengtk and<bt«adfh of ' 
that love of Chrifb which paffcth knowledge"! tbati 
great love wherewith he loved us i !■ 

Worihy is the Lamb that was flain, to receive pow»r»-. 
and richcsj and wifdqm, and llrengtfa, Mid hoaour, and', 
glory, and blefltng ; for he was iUio, aiid bath rcdecm-- 
ed us to God by bis blood ", 

(ii.) For bit refitrreSion from lit dead tn-tke third-. 

W« thank thee, that as be was doU»«red"(6r our of- 
fences, ^ h&arofe again for our justification ', and «a». 
declared to be the Son of God with powers by tkc re*. 
AirreAion from the dead*^- 

That though he was dead, yet heisaliWf and Uvet" 
for evermore, znd hath the keys of bell and death pi. 
and being raifed from the dead, he dies nonore, death - 
bath no moie dominion overhitd^j 

That DOW is ChriA tifen from the dead, aed is b»> 
come the firiV fruits of them that flept, thu as in Adam 
all died, To in ChrilV aJLt might be msdc alive, and every 
one in his own order '. 

That God fuflered t)ot his holy One tolee comtp- 
tion, but loofed the pains of death, becaufes it was ia»- 
poffible he Ihoold be holden of them, and lb declared, 
to all the houfe of Ifiael, tlut the fame Jefus whon. 
they crucified is both Lord and Cbrin*. 

And that for this end Chrift both died, and rofe,uid-' 
- revived, that be might I>e Lord both of the dead and 

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^snkjgivatgjjiir Mircy. 103 

nHitg % and ihM whetberwc irak«.«r fli^t »c Rught 
live together with him »; 

(iz.j For £fj- afcetijiom ima heawa, atd bit ^fining at 
Ct^s^rigbl bewi thtrt. . 

We bkfs-thec that our Lord JeTus hat afcended to bia . 
Fadier «nd ovir Father, to his God and our God * ; u 
aibendcd up on bigh,hasiDg led capUiniy c«pti«et and '■ 
bath received gifti for men, yea, stieDfaTtbeTCbcllious . 
^o, that the XatA God migbcdweH among them'. 

That as the forerunner he is for us entered, entered 
into heaven itfetf T^now to appear in^the prefenceof 
God for us ■« a Lamb, as il-badbeui ilain, ftandmg in . 
the midn of thcthrone*. 

That he is feton the right handoTthttthroneDf the - 
najeilf in the heavens*, angels and authortties and 
powers bwig made iiibjefl to him-'. . 

That .he is gone before t& prepare a place for ii» in 
Us Father's hbufe, where there arc many mantion!, and 
tboagh . whither hfcisgone we cannot follow him bow'', 
yet we hope to follow, him- hcreaf ler, when he fWU come 
zgain tDTCceiverUs to hinfclf,- that where be is, ifaare 
we may be aUb *. . 

(15.) fir the imere^an vAici he tver Kvft to mak^, 
a tht viriu* »f bii faiu^Sioii^ 

Wc tbanlc thee, that having bora the fint of nuiDy» 
he makes interceffion for traDfgrcfiors ^ i and prayt not 
for thofe onl^ that were gi^a him when hewaiupon 
cacth, but for all that Ihatl believe on lum through their 
word ; that thej all may be one e. 

That we have an Advocate with the Father, even Je- 
ixa Chrjft the rightcouf , who is therefore sble to fave 
to tfae-uttermoft all thole tiiat come to Gcd u a Fa- 

/ Roin< xiv. 9, V I Thefll t. 10. lu Joha xx. 17. 
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104 l!bankfgviHngs for Mercy. 

tber by him as » Mediator ^»leeing he ever Ilres, makii^ 
biterceflioa '. 

That we have a High Prieft taken from among meo^^ 
and ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that: 
he may oflTer both gifts ^nd facrkice for fin^ who can 
have cfKnpaffion on the ignotaotf and on tlicm who are- 
out of the way, and that he is become the author of 
eternal falvation to ail tbcm.that obey htm ^. 

(H-y For lit JoMmioM omd JwtretgHtjr, to wiich the- 
SteJeermr u tmalted. 

We tbsnk thee, that bccaufe our Lord Jefus hum- 
bled himfelf, and became obedient unto deatb» even the 
death of the crofs, therefore God bath highly exalted. 
. him, and given a name above every name, iliat at the 
name of Jefus every knee might bow, and every tongue. 
coBfefs (as we do at this time) that Jelus.Chrift is Lord^ 
to the glory el God the Father ■.. 

That all power is given unto him both m heaven and. 
\a. earth, tlut thou hafl fct him over the works of thy 
hands °^, and haft put all things in fubjcdiion under his. 
feet» and fo haft crowned bim with glory and honour ".. 

That he b King of kings, and Loid of lordf ", that 
the^ncicnl of days haih given bim dominiont.and glory >. 
wid akingdom, an everlalling dominioUhaad a kingdonu 
which ftiall not be deftraycdei 

That the government is upon his flioulders, and that~ 
his name is called Wonderful, Counidlor, the mighty. 
Codt the cvcrlafting Father, and the Prince of peace X. 
Ajid of the increafe o£ his government and peace there. 

' That thou haft fet turn as a king upon thy holy hilh 
of ZioD.', and that he fhalL reig^ ov^r the houfe of. 
Jacob iat ever^ fhalLreig^t till he has put down all op- 

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o Rev. xix..i(;, *, Oaih viit U... q lli.-|x. 6, 1*. 

rPCdmii. 6. •^ 

Thattkjgisimgsjbr Mercy, 105 

poHng nilct prindpalU^ and poir«r *, till all hii eneoiiet 
arc made his foatftool, and ihen he fiiall deliver up th« 
kingdom to God, even the Father, that God ma^ be all 
IB ali '. 

(15,^ Tar the affkrtmte vit have 6f his feeond eotmng 
10 judge tht viorid. 

We blcA thee, thst thou haft appointed a dajr in 
vhich thou wilt judge the world in righteourneTs, by 
that man «rhara thou haft ordained, whereof thou haft 
- given afiiitance unto all men, in that thou haft raifed 
him from the dead ^. 

That in that day the Lord Jcfin fliall b^ revealed 
Erom heaven with hii qiighty angels, is flamiag fire* 
taking vengeance on them that know not God, and tlut 
obey not the gofpel of om- X'Ord Jefua ClirlA ^ : And 
fltall CDme to be gloiilied in bis faints, and admii<ed in 
all them that believe \ for them thA fleep in Jefus he 
will bring with him '. 

That he Qiail then fend forth his angels to gather oat 
of hit kingdom all things that offend, and thoffi whists-, 
do- iniquity, and' to gadier together his eleA from the 
four winds', and then fltall the righteous fliine forth 
u the fufi in the kingdbm of their Father *. 

And we then, according to thy pfomife, look for new 
heavens, and a Hew earth, wherein dwells rigbteouiW 
aefs : Lord, grant that, feeing wa look for (uch things, 
we may give diligence to be found' of him in peace> 
without fpot, and blunetefs ■. And then come, Lord. 
Jefus, come quickly ". 

(16.) For the finding ef iht ^ly Spirit to fiippiy iha- 
weal sf Cbri/Pt bodily prefenct, 19 carry on hit uoMertaii 
ing, and to prepare ihixgi for hisfteoniicamiHg. 

We Ucls thee that when «« Lewd Jefaa went »way, , 
-he fent us anoihcr comforter to abide with ua for ever, 

jLukai. 33. / I Cor. iv. a^, 25, a8. v Afls xvir.31. 

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44.. at.uiiv. 51, a 2.Pet.iii> 13, I4t * R«»--ixii- 20., 

io6 fbankjgiamgs for Mercy. 

even the Spirit of truth <=, who fhall glorify the SoDi 
for he fliall take of his, and fliali Ihow it unip us ''. 

That being by the right hand of God exalted e, and 
having received of the Father the promife of the Holy 
Gboft, he poured it forth as rivers of living water ^. 

Blefled be God for the figns and wonders, and divera 
miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghoft, with which God 
bare wttnefs to the great falvation^. And bleSed be 
God far the {M-otnife, that as earthly parents, though 
evil, know how to give good gifts to their children, fo 
our heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to them . 
(hat aik him ^, that Holy Spirit of promife which is thff 
earnelt of our inheritance until the redemption of the 
purchafed pofleffion '. 

(17.) For tbt covtnoitl rf grace ma4e vjtlb us in Jefta 
Chr0t and all thi exeetding gnat and prteiaiii privilege* 
tflhet csvenam, andftr the feel t of ti. ^ 

yTe thank thee, that in Jefus Chrift thou had made 
fto cverlafting covenant with us, even the fure mercies 
of David ^, and that thcugh the mountains may depart, 
and the hills be removed, yet this covenant of thy peace 
ihall never be removed >. 

That thou haft given unto as exceeding great and 
pTccioas promKes, that by thefe we might be partakers 
of a divine nature ■" : and that Jefus Chrift ii thie Me- 
diator of this better covenant, which is clUUilhed upoa 
better promifcs ■• 

That though thou chaftcn our tranfgreffion with the 
rodt 3nd our iniquity with ftrlpes, ;A thy loving-kind- 
cefi thau wilt not u tcrly take away, nor caufe thy failh- 
fulnefs to fail, thy covenant thou wilt not bra^, noi 
slter th« thing that it gone out of thy tips": 

That being willing more abundantly to fltow to the 

e Joht) xiv. 16, 17. d xvu 14. t A£li !i. 33. yjobn^ 
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■ Pfalm Uxxiit. 31, 33, 5^. 

T-bankfg'vuwgt for Mgrey. 107 

h«irs of promife the immutability of thy cotnifel, thou 
haft confirmed it by an oath, That by two immutable 
things, in which it was impofiible for God to lie, we 
■might have ftroDg coDfolaijon, who have fled i6r re- 
fuge to lay hold on the hope fet before us f. 

That baptifm is appointed 10 be a feal of the righte- 
oufnefs which is by faith, as circumcifion was "^ ; that 
it afllires us of the remillion of lins, and the gift of the 
Holy Ghoft ; and that this promife is to us and our 
children '. And that the cup in the Lord's Supper is 
|he blood of the New Teftament, which was flied for 
"ttaoy, for the rcmiilion of lins '. 

( 18.) For the writing- of lie fcripturet, and At prtfirv* 
iar of tbrm purt and entire to our day. 

We thank ihee that we have the fcriptures to fearcbf 
and that in ihetn we have eternal life, and that the; 
teftify of Chrift ', xod that all fcripture is given by in- 
vitation of God, and is profitable for do^ioe, for re. 
proof, for corrc^oo, and for inftru£tion in righteouf. 
nets '>. 

That whatfoe»er things were written aforetime, were 
Vritten for our learning, that we through patience and 
Comfort of the fcripture might have hope ' : And that 
we have this molt fure word of prophecy, as a light 
Ihining in a dark place *. 

That the vifion is not become to us as the words of 
a book that is fcaled i*, but that we hear in our own 
tongue the wonderful works of God '. 

We thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, 
that the things which were hid from the wife and pru- 
dent, and which many prophets and kings dcfired to fee, 
and might not, are revealed to us babes : Even fo> Fa- 
ther, tax fo it feemed good in thy fight *. 

p Heb. vi. 17, 18. q RoiD. iv. it; r AAi ii. 58, 59. 
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«Lttke-x. zi, xt^' 

lo3 Tbwtkfsivii^s fir Mercy. 

(i^-') Ffr tbi irijlitulion of ordinaneei, anJ fivrtieafir' 

Wc thank ibee, that thou haft not only fliowed tbf 
word unto Jacob, bnt th; flatiltes &nd Judgmciits uo- 
to Ifrael, unto us : TKou ball not dealt fo with other 
nations, and as for thy judgtaents ibcy have hot kuawn 

Thai the tabernacle of God ts with mm, and be niU 
dwell with them S and that he hsth fet his fanftuSry 
in the midft of them for evermore^, and there will 
' meet with the cliiidrEn of Ifrael '. 

We thank thee, that thou liaft made known unto u«~ 
thy holy Sabbaths', and that Dill there rcOiaitis the | 
keeping of a Sabbath to the people of God ». Atid that 
when (be Lord Jcfus afcendcd up on high, he gave gifts ■ 
unto men, not only prophets, apoftles, «nd evangtlifts, 
but pafbars and teachen, for thepCrfefllng of the faints-, 
for the work of Ihe mihillry, for the ediffitig of the body \ 
of Cliriil, till we alt come in the uBhy of the faith, and i 
of the knowledge of the Son ai God, unto a pcrfcd I 
nian^ unto the mcafure of the ftature of the inltrets of 
Chrift ^. And that while they teach us to obferTC all 
things which Chrifl: hath <con)inandn], he haih pro- 
mlfed t!3 be with them alfrays, even unto the end irf tte , 
world '. 

C20,) For the planting of lie ChriftxM ftfigion in lie ■ 
•tvorUfUnd ibe/Htiif nfi nflbe gojptt fbnrch, in JeJ^iu of j 
all ibe opfiojition of ihi powers efdarhitfe. \ 

Wc thank th<e, that the preathing ef Jefus ChHll, j 
according to the comfinndmem of the everkning God, | 
and the ^goCpel which was made 4(n&wn to all oatioRi j 
for the olwdience of faith ", was mighty through God 
to tlie pulling down of the. flroog holds > ^ that the 

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iv. 8, 11, 12, 13. (■ Mai. xxviii. 30. I Roib.K»i. 2j, »6. ; 
V 2 Cor. X. 4« . 

l^ankf^ivings Jbr Mercy. 20^ . 

Z^rd wrought with it, and confirmed-the wordbyligna 
followiflg'", fo that Satao fell as lightning from heaven ". 

That though the gofpel was preached in niuch con- 
lentioa'', yet it ^rcw and prevailed mightily p, an<]l 
multitades turned to God irom idoh, to ferve the IIt- 
iogand trueGod, and to wait for his Son {rum heaven". 

Now came falvation and lireDgth, and the kingdom 
<f our Gad, and the power di -liis Chr-iil '. And the 
exalted Redeemer rode forth with his bow, and witli 
Jib crown, -conquering and to coitqucr ', and nations . 
were born at once '■. 

(ai.) For the prefirvatlon vf C^ri/Iiamfy in tie var/i 
tmto thii day. 

We blels thee, that though the enemies of Ifraelliave 
afill^ed them from their i^outh up, have many a time 
afilidled them, yet they have not prevailed againil thcin } 
though the flowers have plowed on their baclc, yet ihs 
righteous Lord has cut afunder the cords of the wictccd^ 

That Jefus Chriil hath built Lis church upon a rock, 
which'the gates of hcU cannot prevail againftw, but his 
ieed Ihall endure ior ever, and Jits throne as the days 
of heaven n. 

(aa) Far the martyrs and canff^rt, tie Tights ef^ tie 
church, and the good txamples sif tbefe that are gene before 
as te-heavtit. 

We-blefs thee for all tht^e wbo hare been enabled to 
approve them fclves to God in much patience, in afflic- 
tionsj in dil^reiTcs S who when they have b«en brought 
before governors and kings for Chrifl's fake, il has 
birried to them for a te(UmoDy, and God has given 
them a mouth and wifdom, which all their adverurJes 
were not able to gain-f^y or re&l ^. 
That thole who for Cbrift's fake were killed all the 

m Matk svi. ao. n Luke z. i8: o i Thef. ir. 3. 

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« P£il. Ixxxix. 19. jr 2 Cor. n. 4. % Luke xxii 1 2, 13, t <> 

'. %Io Thankfgvoings far Mercy. 

Avi long, and accounted aa Jheep for the flaughtei-i ^et in 
all there things We are more Ihaa comiuerors, throagH 
him that loved us >. 

That they overcame the accufer of the brethren by 
the blood of the Lamb, and by the word Of their tefti- 
mony, and not by loving their lives unto the deaths. 

Wc blefs thee for ihc cloud of witncfles with which 
■we arc cncompaffed about ', for the fooifteps of tht 
Sock '', for the elders that have obtained a good report ', 
and are now, through faith and patience, inhefiting 
the promifes ^ lArd, give us to follow them, as tbey 
followed Chrift z. 

(23.) For the communion of /atnts, that ffir'ttttoi com- 
mutam vshtch vii have in fmth and haptf and holy lovit 
and in prayers atidpraifei vitlb all good Chri/iians. 

Wc blefs thee, that if we walic in the light, we haTe 
fellowfhip one with another ", even with all thu id 
evefy place caH on the name of JefnS Chrift our Lord> 
both theirs and ours'. 

That We, being many, are one bread and ohe body *, 
and that though there arc diverfities Of gifts and ad- 
miniftrations* aad operations, yet there is the fame Spi^ - 
i-It, the fame Lord, and the fame God, Which Worbstb 
all in all '. 

We thank thee, that all the children pf God wliicb 
inere fcattcred abroad "*, are iinited In him who is the 
head of the body, the church " ; fo they are all our 
brethren and companions in tribulation, and in the kiDg> 
dom and patience of Jcfns Chrift ", 

(l^-) For the prcpfelt and hope of eternal Hfij tffcji 
i'tmejbidl h *ia m»re. 

We thank thee for the crown of life which the Lord 
bath promifed to tkem that love him ; the inheritance 

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/» John xT. p. B Col. i. 8. « Rev. i. ;. 

TbankJ^ivit^rfor Mercy. ii t 

iptible, andcfiled, and that fadcth not awaj, re- 
ferv^d in heaven for us p. 

That having here no continuing cityS wc are en- 
couraged [o feck the bsttcr country, that is, the heaven. 
I7, the city that hath foundations, whofe builder and 
maker is God ■*. 

That wc are in hope of eternal life, which God, that 
cannot He, hath promifed ' ; And that all true bclicv- 
' crs, through grace, have eiernal life abiding hi them '. 

2d/j, WtmU'l give Cod ihanti fof ibe fpirilual mercies 
lifiowed ufion us in particular, efpiciaUj if «w are called 
viitb an tffeElual call, and have a joid tuori of grace be- 
gair in m. 

(1.) Wif mus/ biefi God for the sfivin^ of his Spirit 
with us, and ibe admonitions and checks of our own con- 

We blefs thee that thon haft not given us over to a 
reprobate mindr, that our cotifoienccs are not feared,. 
th« thou haft not faid concerning us *, They arc join- 
ed to idols, let theni alone ■, but that thy Spirit is yet 
Uriving with us t. 

We thank thee for the work of the faw written in 
our hearts, our own confciences alfo bearing witnefsy 
aad our own thoughts between themfelves acculing or 
cxcufing one another ', 

(1.) We must blefi God if there be a faving change 
wrought in us by his blcjfed Spirit. 

And hath G-id by his grace tranflated us out of the 
kiagdomofdarl(.nefiinto thekingdounof hisdearSon'?" 
Hath he called us into the fellowfliip of Jefus Chrift", 
and made us nigh by his blood, who by nature were 
afar off' ? Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but untO' 
thy name wc give glory ^. 

p Jam. i. la. y Heb. silil 14; r %i. 10, 16. j Tit.- 
i. 3. t I Johnv. 13, V Ron. i. 18. w i Tim. iv. 2,. 
*Hor.iv. 17. _yGenvi.3. aRoro.ii. 15. a CoL i. 
13. ^ I Cor. i. 9. c £ph. li, rj. d Pfalm cxr. 1. 

112 tbankfgrsitigs for Mercy. 

Wc give thanks to God always for thofe ta whom 
the gofpcl is come, not in word oii]f , but in power, and 
in ihe Holf Ghoft, and in mnch afllirance =. 

Thoa haft loved Os with an everlafting lose, and 
therefore with loving kind-neTs thou ball drawn us ^, 
drawn us with the cords of a man, and the bands of 

When the Urong man armed kept his palace in our 
hcaris, anfl his goods were in peace, it was a ftronger 
than he that canic'upon him, and took from him all 
his armour wherein he truftcd, and divided the fpoil>>, 

(3.) We must give thanks Jbr the remijjan of sur fint, 
Kid tht ftace cfour csnfcunces. 

We biefs thee for the redemption wc have through 
Chrift's blood, even the forgivencfs of fins, according 
to the riches of ihy grace, wherein tbou baft abounded 
towards us '. 

That thou haft forgiven alt our iniquities, and healed 
all our difcafes ; and haft in love to our fouls delivered 
them from the pit of corruption *■ : For thou haft call 
all our Uns behind ih; bick: '. 

When thou, broughteft us into the wiidcrnefs, yet 
there thou fpakell coaifortably to us, and gavcft us our 
vineyards from thence ; and the valley of Achor for a - 
door of hope ". 

( A') -^**' '^^ ponverful infiuencet ef the divine gfo^e t» 
fatidify and preferve ui, to prevent our falHng^inta /bit onJ' 
itjtrengthtn us. in dsing cur duty. 

Thou hail not quenched ihe fmofcing flax, nor. broke 
the bruifed reed ",. nor defpifed the day of ftnall things",, 
but having obtained help of God, we continue hitherto p* 

In the day when we cried, thou haft anfwered us^ 
and haft ftrengthcned us whh ftrength in our. fouls^ 

^ iThef i. 2,s;./Jei. nxr.j. gHof.xi.^. A Luke.xi. 2x, 
«i. I'Epb.i. 7. iPfaLciiLs. /Ifa. xKxviii.17. mHoT^ 
«■ 14, IS.- • M»t. xii. 20^ a Zech. iv. 10. /> Afts J£xvi». 
aa. ; KalaicKxifviii.j. 

Tbank^lvingsfor Mercf.. 1 1 3 

We have been contipually with thee, thou haft boU 
den us by the right hand, when our feet were almofl: 
gonct and our fleps had well nigh flipt '. 

We have rcafon never to forget thy precepts, for \sf 
them thou baft quiclcened us ; and unlefs thy law had- 
been our delight, we Ihoul^ many a time have periQied 
in our a^iflion ; for^thy ftatutes have been our fong^ 
-in the houre of o^r pilgrimage ', 

Unlefs the Lord had been our help, our fouli had al> 
moft dwelt in ftlence \ but when we faid, Our foot flip, 
path, thy mercy, O Lord, held us up : and in the muK 
titude of our thoughts within us, thy comforts have 
been the delight of our fouls '. 

(5.) For/weet nmmumon vpith God in ioly trdinanaSf 
and tht camnmnicailom nf his favour. 

We hare beep abundantiy latisfied with the latnefs 
of thy houfe, and thou haft made us drink of the river 
of thy pleafures. For with thee is the fountain of life^ 
io thy light fhall we fee light *. 

Thou haft brought us to thy holy mountain, and 
ma4e us joyful in thy houfe of prayer ', and^we found 
it good for UE to draw near to God ^> 

We have had reafon to fay. That a day in thy irourts 
is better than a ihoufand, and that it is better to be' 
door-keepers in the houfe of our God, than to dwell in 
the tents of wickednefs* ; for the Lord God is a frn 
snd"-lhield, he will give grace and glory, and no goo4 
thhig will he whhhold from them that walk uprightly : 
O Lord of hofts, blefted is the nian that trufteth ia 

We have fitten down under thy fliadow with delighf,. 
aad thy fruit hath been fweet unto our tafte ; thou baft 
brought us into the banqueting houfe, and thy banner 
over us has been love '". 

r Pfalm Ixxiii. 2. 3. s cxIk. Q2, 9J. v sciv. 17, 18, 
1$. ui xxxvi. 8, 9, xlfa. lvi>7. j> PMia lxxiii> zS. 
» Ixxxir. 10, I r, 12. b Osnt> ii. i, 4. 

1 14; Thankfglliij^s for f^erfyi. 

f6.) ^or ^Mcimf anfuitri le eur praytri. 

"VVe have reafon tq iovc thee, O Lord, becaufe thoui 
Ijafl heard the voice of our J]ipp1icaIton»t and becauf» 
ihou haft inclined thine- ear unto us; wc wilJ-theretore ■ 
call upon thee a$ long as we, live.'. 

Out of the depths have we called' unto thee, O^ 
Lord'', and thou haft heard our vows, aod^givcn tis- 
ihc heritage of thofc that fear thy name '.- 

Nay, bclbre ve hnve called; thou hafl anfweredi atid' 
white we have been yet fpealeing, thou hall hc«rd and* 
Ijaft laid ', Here I am ^. and haft been aigh unto us ins 
all that which we call unto thee for K 

Lord, thou haft heard the deQre of the hutnble, thou: 
wilt prepare their heart, and caufe thine ear to hear'. 

BleGeii. be God, who bath- not turned' away, our- 
grayer, or bU mercy from uskj for w« have prayed,. 
zpd have goQe away, and our counlen^cc has been □»< 
siorc fad '. 

(7 } Far fupperi .un^er cur affi^^t, cndjpifititaltfae^. 
J^. and advantagi by them^ 

Thou b^ft comforted us in all our tribulaiioni haJt 
CPnAdered nur trouble", andknown our fouls in ad^ . 
verity, and Ihawed u$ thy marycUous kiDdnpfs, as in>i 
ftrong city ". 

When afiT^tipni. have abounded,' confdaAons ha^e; ■ 
iDuch more abounded ". 

Though no afBiftion lor the prefent hath been joy- - 
ous but grievpus, nevertbclefs, afterwards it hath yielded 
the peaceable fruit of righteoufnefs }• and bath proved for dup profit, that we might be partakers of thy. 
liolinefs P. 

Wc.hayc had reafon- to lay, that it-was good for at 
ITS were affiifled, that we alight learn thy command* 

cPftlmcivi. 1,3. rfCxKJt I. *lxi.5. /Ift. I«v. , 
3j, ^lvlii.9. A Dent. iv. 7. i" P(»lm 1. 17. i Ixvi. 
201 / i Sam, i- 18. m i Cor. i. 4. n Pfalm xsi, 7, X». 
e 2 Coi. ii. ,5. p H«b. xii. i o, ,1 1- . 

thmkfgivingi Jor Mercy. 11$: 

isents; for before we were afB'^ed we. went aClraT-,. 
but afterwards have kept thy word-^. 

It has been but for a feafon, and when there was 
need, that we were in heavinefi, through- manifold' 
temptations ; and wc beg that all the trials of our 
fatth may be found unto praife, and honour and glory, 
at the appearing -of Jefns Chrtft, whom having notfcen- 
we loTC,_ in whom,, though we now fee him not, yet' 
believing, we rejoice, with joy unfpeakable, and full of 
glory 1 are receive the end of our faithj even . 
3ic falvation of our fouls ': 

(8) For the ptrfirmancu ef Gad's prom\fes. 

Thou haft dealt well with thy fcrvants, O Lord, ac-- 
cording to thy word •, and thou hail btrcn ever mindful ■. 
of thy covenant, the word whkh thou haft connnandcd . 
to.a thoufand. generations ', 

There hath not failed one word of all the good pro- 
mife which' thou haft promifed to David thy fervant, 
Uid Ifrael thy people ". . 
W And now, what lliallwe render unto the Lord for 
41 his benefiCs towards us?. Let our fouU return to 
bim and repofe in him, as iheir reft, becauf« he hath 
dealt bountifully with us ; we will takre the cup of our 
falvation, and call upon the name of the Lord": Fof' 
tile Lord is g.ood, his mercy is everlafting, and hi^ 
truth cndureth to all generations k. 

We will blefa the Lord at all times, yea, his fH^ife- 
'ftall continually be in our mouths ^ ; we will fing unto 
the Lord as long as wE live ^ ; and we hope to be 
Oiorily with thofe blcfied ones who dwell in his houfe 
above, and are Hill praifing him, and whoreft not da^ 
or night froni faying, Holy^ holy, holy. Lord God Al- 
mighty ** 

q Pfalm cxix. 67, 71; r i Pet. i. 6,7, 8, 9. t Pfalm 
cxix. 65. (cv. 8._ V I Kings viii. 56, 66. wPfal. cxvj. 
7,11,13. .TC.5.' y%xm,l' sitiv.33«- flRev. iv.S. 


Of the fifth part of pRATES, vihieh ts Mmtjfion, or 
Addref) an4 Supplication to God for ethfrs. 

OUR^ Lord Jelu3 hath taught us to pray, not only 
with, but for others : And the api^le hath ap. 
pointed us to make fupplication for all faints : and 
many of his prayers in hit epiftlcs are for his friends i. 
And we muft not think that when we are io this part 
of prayer, we may let fall our fervency, and he more 
indift'erent, becauie we ourfelves are not immediately 
conoerned in it, but rather let a holy fire of love, both, 
to God and man here, make our devotions yet more 
warm and lively*. 

I. JVe muji pray for the whole world of mantia J, the- 
iqft world 1* ,■ and thus we mufi honour all men, and ac- 
cording loour capacity do good to all men *=. 

Wc pray, as we are taugM, for all men, believing 
that. this is good and acceptab)e in the flght of God our 
Saviour, who wiU have all men to be faved, and to 
come unto the kngnledger of the truth, and of JcAu 
Chrift, who gave himfelf a ranfom for all ■•. 

O look with eomp^on upon ihe world that licS in 
wickednefs ', and let 'the prince of ibis world be caft 
out ', that has blinded their minds «. , 

O let thy w^ be known upon earth, that barbarous 
nations may be civilized ", and thoi'e that live wichout- 
God in the worid may be brought to the fervice of the 
living God ' t ^'^^ 'bus let thy faving hf ahh be known 
unto all nations : \jt\ the people pr^ife thee, O God^ 
yea, let all the people praife thee : O let the nations be 

4 18. b 1 Pet. ii 

17; * Gil. vl. 10' 

d I Tinj.-ii. 3, 4. ' 1 John v. 

19. /John xii. 31 

S z Cor. iv, 4. , b Ptlm Ixvii. 2. 

,Eph.4i. J2. . - 

Intercejjion for vtbers. 117 

glad and fing for joy, for thou fliali judge the people 
righteoufly, and govern the nations upon earth ''. 

O let thy falvation and thy righteoofnefs be openly 
flicwcd in the fight of the heathen, and let all the ends 
of the earth fee the falvation of our God '. 

O give thy Son the heathen for his inheritance, and 
the uttcrmoft parts of the earth for hia pofleflion": 
For thou bad faid. It is a light thing for him to ratfe up 
the triljea of Jacob, and to retlore the preferved of If- 
rael, but thou wilt give him for a light to the Gentiles ". 

Let all the kingdoms of this world became the king- 
doms of the Lord, and of his Chrift ". 

i. For ihe propagating of the gofpei in foreign parti, and 
the enlargement of tke cbureh, by the bringing in of many 

O let th^ gofpel be preached unto every creature r ; 
for how Ihall mea believe in him of vrhom they have 
rot heard ? and how (ball they hear without preachert ? 
and how fhall they preach except they be fcnt ^ } asd 
who (hall fend forth labourers but the Lord of the har- 
veft ' ? 

Let ihe people which fit in darknefs fee a great light, 
and to them which fit in the regions and Jhadow of 
death, let light fpring up'. 

Add unto thy church daily fjch as fhall be faved ' ; 
enlarge the place of its tents, lengthen its cords andf, 
iVrengtben its flakes ^. 

Bring thy feed from the eaft, and gather them from 
the weft J fay lo the north, Give up ; and to the fouth. 
Keep irot back : "Bring thy fons from far, and tliy 
daughters from the ends of the earth". Let them 
come with acceptance to thine altar, and glorify the 
houfe of thy glory ; let them fly as a cloud, and as th& 
doves to their windows "• 

i Pfalm Isvli. 3, 4. /xcviii, j, j. 

mii.3. xiro.xli 

6. Rev. xi. 15. p Matk xvi. 16. 

J Rom. X. i:^, I 

rMat.ii. j8. /iv. 16. ( Aas ii 

.47. wifa. Uv. 

V djii. 5, 6. * U. 7, J. 


J 1 S latercefftonfor others. 

In eveiy place let inccnfe be oflwcd to thy namev 
and pure o&eriiigs-, and From the riCng of the fun to 
tbe going down of the fame, -let thf name be great 
among the Gentiles '' ; and let the offering up of the 
Gentiles be acceptable, being Jimilifii^d by the Holy 
Ghoft *. 

O let the earth be full of the knowledge of the Lord}. 
as the waters cover the fci ". 

^..For the conver^ton af the yewi. 

Let the branches which are broken offnot abide dill 
la unbelief, but be grafted in again into their own 
olive tree. And though blindnel^ is in part happened 
to Ifrael, yet let the fulncfs of the Gentiles coaie in, and 
let all Kracl be faved^^ 

Let thetn be ma<fe to look upon him whom they have 
pierced <', and that they turn to tbe Lord, let the veil 
which is upon their hearts be taken away ". 

4. Far tbe eajiera cburchet ihat are greening under the- 
joi* of Mabtmtlan tyranny. 

Let the churches of Alia, that were golden candle- 
fticks % whii^h tbe Lord Jefus delighted to walk in the 
midft of, be again made fo *. ' 

Reftore unto them their liberties as at lirft, and their 
privileges as at the beginning; purely purge away their 
droG, and take away all their tin '', and turn again their 
captivity, as ftreams in the fouth '. 

J. Far lie cburchet in the plantations. 

Be thou the confidence of all the ends of the earth, 
and of ihofe that are afar off* beyond the fca ^ \ And 
let them have the bl^lling which came upon the head 
of Jofeph, and upon tbecr^wn of the bead of him that 
was feparated from his brethren, even to the utmoit 
bound of the cverlafting hills '^ 

y Msl. i. 1 1. » Rom. XV. 16. a Ila. xi- 9- c Rom. 
xi. 23, 14. 35> 16. ^Zech. xii. ic. e 2 Cor> iii. i6> 
/ Rev. i. 1 1, [2. g ii. i'. b I(a. i. 25-, 2€. t Pfalm. 
cx;(vi. 4 k Ikv. 5. / Geni xlixi 25, 

Intercfjionfor others. ll^ 

Create peace to thofe that arc a&r off, as well as to 
thpfe that are nigh". 

And let thofe that luck of the abundance of the feas, 
and of treafures hid in the fand, call the people to the 
mountain, that they mzy offer facriSccs of lighteouf- 
iiefs °. 

6- For the vniverfal church, •wherever difperfed, an^ 
Jar all the interejls 6f a. 

Our hearts defire and prayer to God for the gofpel- 
Ifrael, is, that it may be faved ". 

Do good, in thy good plcafure, unto Zion, build 
the w:iUs of Jerufalem p. Peace be within her walls, 
and profperi.ty within her palaces : for our brethren and 
companions' fake, wc will now fay. Peace be within 
her '. 

O that we may fee the good of the gofpel- Jerufalem 
all the days of our life, and peace upon Ifrael ' ; And 
ihat thus wc may have reafon to anfwer the melTengcrs 
of the nations, that the Letrd hath founded Zion, and 
the poor of his people ftiall truft to that*. 

Save thy people, O Lord, and bjefs ihine heritage : 
Peed them alfo, and lift therh up for evert. Give 
fbength unto thy people, and blefs thy people with 
peace * ; with thy favour do thou compafs them as 
with a fliield w. 

Grace be with all them that love the Lord Jefus 
■ChriA in fincerity*; for thou knoweft them that are ■ 
thine : and give to all that name the name of Chrift to 
43epart from iniquity y. 

We pray for all that believe in Chr'lil, that they all 
jnay be one * ; and fince there is one body, and one 
spirit, and one hope of our calling, one Lord, one 

m Ifa. Ivli, 19. a Deut. xxxiii. 19. o Rom. x. I. 
p F&Im If, 18. - q cxxii. 7, 8. r csxviii. 5, (5. j Ifa^ 
xiv. 33. / Pfalm xxviii.9. vxzix. It. wv. 11. * Epb. 
*i. 24, 3 ^ Tim- ii. 19. % John xvii; 20, n. 

120 ItiterceJJion for others. 

faith, one baptlfm, and one God and Father of »II *, 
give to all Chrifliani to be of one heart, and one way ''. 

Let the word of the I>ord in all places, have a free 
courfe, and let it be glorified <. 

7. For the conoiilion and cinvtrfion of alhei,Qi, ddjii, 
end injideh, and of all ihat are out of the ■way of truth, 
and offirofane fcojftrs, and ihofe that di/grace CbnifiaM- 
tly hy their vicious and imviBraf livei. 

O teach iianrgreiTors thy ways, and let fmncrs be. 
converted unto thee ■*. 

O give them repentance to the acknowledging of the 
truth, the truth as it is in Jefme, the truth which is . 
according to godlinefs ', chat they may lecover tbent- 
felyej out of the fnare of the devil «. 

Let thofe that are as Ibeep going adray return to Je- 
fus Chrift, the fhepherd and bilhop of our fouls K 

Show thofe fools their folly and mifery, that have 
faid in their hearts, there is no God, and that are cor- 
rupt, and have done abominable work '. 

Lord, maintain the honour of the fcripturf, the law 
and the teflimony, and convince thofe who fpcak not 
according to that word ", that it is becaufe there is no 
light in them: magnify that word above all thy name') 
magBify the law, magnify the golpelj and make both 
honourable m. 

Let thofe that will not be won by the word, be won 
by the converfation of ChriAians, which we beg may 
be fuch in every ttiing, that' they who believe not may 
be convinced of all", and judged of all, may be brought 
to worship God, and to report that God is with ti^m 
of truth •. 

8. For (he amending of every tiling ttat it ami/i in tia 

a Efh. tv. 4) 5i & b ler« xxxii. 35- e t Thef- iv. i. 
rfPblmli. TV f 3 Tim.ii. 1?, a6. /Eph.iv. 31. y Tit. 
i. I. it Pel. ii. ij. I Pfsim xiv. i. * If*. vLii. 20. 
/ Pf»1m cMxviii. 3. m Ifa. xYu. tu » i Pet. liL i, 
o f Car. Ttiv. 24, »i* 

InterceJJionfor others. iir 

tburcb, ibe reviving of primitive CbriJUeniiy, 'and the 
Jiower af goilinefs, and in order ibertunlo, the pouring out 
ef the Spirit, 

Lord, let (by Spirit be pcured out upon thy churches 
from on high, and then the wildernefs Ihall become a 
fruitful fiddP, then judgment (hail return unto righ- 
teoufncfs, and all the upright in heart fhall follow it '. 

Let what is wanting be fet in order ', and let p-jcry 
plant that is not of our heavenly Father's planting be 
plucked up '. 

Let the Lorjl whom we fcek come to his temple like 
a refiner's fire, amd fuller's foap, and let him purify the 
Jpns of Levi, and all the iced of Ifrael, and purge them 
«E^o1d and filver, that ihey may offer unto the Lord 
an oScring unto righteoufnefs, pteafant to the Lord, a> 
in the days of old, as in former years t. 

Let pure religion and undefilcd before God and the 
Father,, fiourifh and prevail every where ', that king- 
dom of God among men, which is not ineat and drink, 
but righteoufnefs, and peace, and joy in the Holy 
Gboft ". O revive this work in the raidft of the years, 
in the midfl ef the years make known *, and let our 
times be times of reformation '. 

9. Tor the treating of the power $f a// tie anemi^r of 
the church, and the defeating ef all their dejtgm agaitrit, 

Let alt that fet thenifdves, and take counfel together 
againft the Lord, and againft his anointed, that would 
break their bands afiinder, and caflaway their cords from 
them, imagine a vain thing. Let him that fits in hea- 
ven laugh at them, and have them in derifion *i -fpeak 
unto them in thy wrath, and vex them in thy fore dil^ 
pleafure. Give them, O Lord, what thou wilt give 
them; give them a mifcarrying womb, anddr^ breafts'. 

^ Ila. xxxii. IS' ? Pfal-xciv. 15. rTit,i.5 ^ Mat, 
XV. 3. ( Mai. iii. 3. 4. V Jim. i. 27. w Kom. xiv. 17. 
ii;Hab.iii. 7' jiHebliit. to. ssPfalrii. 1,1, 3,4, 5. oUof, 
n. 14- 

122 InterceJJhnfor others. 

O our God, make them like a wheel Mid as (^ubbls- 
btforc the xvind : Fill tbeir faces with Uiame, that ihey 
may fcek thy name, O Lord, and that men may know, 
thou whofe name is Jehovah, art the moft High oyer 

,iJl the earth''. 

Put ihrm hi fear, O Lord, that the nations may know 
ihemfelves to he but men, and wherein the proud ene- 
mies of thy church deal proudly =, make it to appear 
that tht^u art abose them ".■ 

Let them be confounded and turned back that hate 
Zion, and be as the grafs upon the boufe-cops, which 
withereth before it grow up '. 

let no weapon formed againfl: thy church prr^per, 
and let every tongue that rilech againA ic in judgment 
be condemned f. 

Wake Jerofalem a burdenfomc ftonc /or all people, 
and let all that burden themftlvas with it be cut in 
pieces, I'lough all the people of the earih flioutd be ga. 
thered together againfl it g ; ib let all thy enemies pe- 
rifl), O Lord, but let them that Jove thee be as the fun 
when he goes forth in his ftrength K 

Lord, let the man of fin be confun>ed wiih the Spirit 
of thy mouth, and deftroyed with the brightnefs of thy 
coming : And let thofc be undeceived that have been 
long under the power of ftrong delufions to belicrc a lie, 
and let ihem receive the truth in the love of it ', 

Let Babylon fall, and fink like a milflone into the 
fea \ and let ihe kings of the earth ', that have given 
their power and honour to the beaft, be wrought upon 
at length to bring it into the new Jerufalem". ^ 

lO. Tur ihe relief of fuffcringchiercbeSs s^d the fupftart, 
,camfori, end deliverance of all thai are perfecuied for righ- 
leoufneft fake. 

b Pfal. Ixxxiii. 13, i5, 18. ■; ii. 50. d Eiod. xviii. 1 1. 
e Pfjl. cxxLx. 5, 6, /Iffl. !iv. 17. g Zech. xii. j. 

AJudg.v. 31. .'iTheff-ii. a,3,8, 10, 11. iRev.xviii, 
?,,ii. /Rev. xvii, 17. m Rev. ssi. S4. 

IiiisrceJftOtt for otljers. 123 

"We defirc in our prayers to rememlser tliem tliat arc 
in bonds for the tcflimony of Jefus, as bound witli 
ihem, and tlietn v^hich fuffer adverfity, as being our- 
felvss alfo in tbc body ". O fend from above, and de- 
liver them from thofe tliat Iwce tbem, -and bring them 
forth into a large place ", 

O let not the rod of the wick^ reft upon the lot of 
the rtghieous, left the rigliteous IhoultJ put forth their 
hands unto iniquity ". 

Awake, awake, put on ftrengch, O arm of the Lord : 
awake, as in the ancient days, as in the generations of 
old, and make the dfeplhs of the fea a way for the ran- 
fbmed of the Lord to pafs over is 

For the oppreffion of the poor, and the fighing of the 
needy, now do thou arife.O Lord, and fettheai in fafety 
from them that pulTat them', 

O fttengthen the patience and faith of thy fnffuring, 
f.Mnts", that they may hope and quiiftly wait for the 
Cdvation of the Lord ', « 

O let (he year of thy redeemed come v, and the ycaf 
of recompences for the conjroverfy of Zion ". 

O that the falvatton of Ifrael were come out of Zion ; 
- And when the Lord bringeth back ihe capth'ity of his 
people, Jacob fiiall rejiice, and llrael Ihali be glad". 

O let hot the of^reflid return afliamed, but let llic 
poor and needy praife thy name '''. 

Lord, arife, and have mercy upon Zion, and let the 
time to f.ivour her, yea, the fet thne come ; yea, let the 
tord build up Zion, and appear in his glory. Lord, 
regard the prayer of tlw deiUtute, and do not delpife 
their prayer^. 

O Lord God, ceafe, we befeech thee •, by whom ftnll 
Jacob arife, for h€ is fmali ' ? O caufc thy face to iliinc 

viii, 16, 17. '9; ^cjtxv. 3. 

n Heb. xiil. 3. 

Pfal.'o, fo. 

r Pfkl. xi 

Ui. 26. %,lfa.l 

iii. 4. 

S Isxiv, 31. »« 

i. ij. 16 

i24 Intercejianjor others. 

upon that ]iart of tby fanfluar^ that is dcfoktc far the 
I^ord'i fake ^. 

Let the forrowful lighing of the prifoners come before 
ihec, and according to the great nefs of thy power pre- 
ferve thou thofe that for thj DKcne's fake are appointed 
to die '. 

Let thof.; whofj teachers are removed into corners, 
again fee their teachers, though they have the bread of 
adverdty, and the water of affljAIon **. 

1 1 . Fir the nalhns cf Europe anJ lie countrUs about 

Thou, Lord, art the governor among the nations * } 
"Who (hall not fear thee, O King of nations >. Thoa 
ftiteil in the throne judging right ' ; judge the world 
tliercfote in nghttioufn^fs, and miniller judgment to 
the pecpic in uprtghtnefi s. 

Lord, hal^en the time when thou vih make wars to 
ceafe to the ends cf the earth *, when nation fhall no 
more lift up fword againft nation, nor kingdom agalnft 
kingdom, but fwords (hali be beaten into plough* (hares, 
and fpeais into piuning-hooks, and they Ihall not Icara 
war any more '. 

Make kings nurfing fathers, and their queens nnrling 
mottiers to tlie Ifrael of God >■. 

And in the days of thefe kings let the Godof hcavea 
fct up a kingdom which Ihall never be deftroyed, even 
the kingdom of the Redeemer '. And whatever coun- 
iils there are in mens hearts, Liord, let thy counfd 
Hand », and do thou fuliiL the thoughts of tby heart 
unio ail generations". 

1 2. For eur own Lmd and nation, iht haffy ijlandt of 
Great Biitain and Ireland, vihkb wt ought in a fptciat 
manner to fiek the welfare of, that in the peact there^vie 
may have peace. 

Z. Dan. is. 17, V Pfal, I.<xijt. II. d Ih. XJix. 10. 

f Pfal. x\ii. t%. / jer. x. 7. g Pfal. ix. 4, 8. h xl«. g. 
i' ITa. ii. 4. k xlix. it. I Dan. li. 44. m Piav. six. 2i. 
7< I'fal. sssiii. II. ...,..,. 

Intercejionfor otHert. TT^: 

T. We-mvft he thankful to God for his mercies la our 

We bkfs thee that thou haft planted us in a -^tvy 
■fruitful bill", and hafl not made the wjlderners oiir ha- 
tiiiation ", or the barren land our dwelling, but our land 
yields her incirafe", 

Lord, *hou haft dealt favourably with our land ' ; we 
■fiave heard with our ears, and oiw fathers have told u=,- 
what work, ihou didft for us in their days, and in the 
fcimesof old ' -, And as we have heard, fo have we fren ; 
for we hatfc thought of thy loving kind nefs, O God, ip> 
the midft of tiy temple '. 

Thou haft given us a pleafant land ", 'tis Iintnanuel'S 
land ", 'tis a valley of vifion, thou haft fet up thy taber- 
nacle among us V and thy^ lanctuarjjp ii in the midft of 
us J. 

We dwell fafdy under oar own vines and fig trees ^,. 
and there is peaceto him that goeth out, and to him thai 
comes in •- 

And beciufe-the I-ord loved our people, therefore he ' 
hath fet a good government over ns, to do judgment 
and jufticc.^ i. to be a terror toevU doers, and a protecw 
tton and praife to-them that Ho well '. 

3. IVe muji be bumbled hifare Gad Jot aur national Jins 

But we -are a finfnV people, a p^ple laden widi ini- 
quity, a ieed of evil doers * : And a great deal of rea- 
<fon we have to figh and cry for the abominations that 
arc committed among us ': 

Iniquity abounds among us, and the love of many is 
wawn c:otd '':- 

We have not been forfaken, nor forgotten of our 

o ir». V. I. /.'Job xsrix. 6. q Pftlm Is'sxv. 72. 

■r hiciv. I. jxliv i. / xlviii. 8. 9. u jei. iii- 19. 
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cRom.xiii.3. i/I^.i.4. ff Ezek.ix. 4. /Mat.xMV. n. 

1 26 IrUerceJftonfor others. 

^od, tho' our hnd be full of lin againft the Holy One 
of IfraeU. 

3. We mtift pray earneftly far natUnal mereUi. 
I. Vor the fa-aaun of God to w, and ibe tokens of hit 
pnfince emon^ us, as thai in which the happintfs of ^our 
nation is bound up, ■ 

O the hope of Ifrael, (he Saviour thereof in time of 
trouble : Be noc thou a {^ranger in our Und, or a way- 
faring man that turns atide to tarry but for a night ; but 
be thou alwaysjn the midll of us -, wc are called by 
thy Datric, O leave us not : Tho' our iniquities tcftify 
againd us yet do thou not for thy name's fake j tho' our 
hackflidings are many,and we have finned agunft thee \ 
Turn us to thee, O Lord God of hofts, and then 
caufe thy face to Ihine, and we Ihall be faved. O ftir 
up (hy ftrengtht and come and fave us >. 

Show us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy falvx- 
tion, yea, let that falTation be nigh them that fear thee, 
that glory may dwelt in our land. Let mercy and 
truth meet together, righteoufnefs and peace kifg each 
other : Let truth fpring out of the earth, and righteouf- 
nefs look donn from heaven ; yea, let the Irfjrd give that 
which is good : Lee righteoulhels go before hun, and 
fet us in the vay of his Heps ^. 

2. Far the continuance of the g^pel atitoitg us, and iht 
means of grace, and a national proffjjtan af Cbrift''s holy 

O let the throne of Chrift endure for ever among us ', 
even the place of thy fanfhiary, that gtorioui high 
throne from the beginning™. 

Let our caodleftick never be removed out of his placCj 
though we have deferved it fhould, becaufe we have 
left our firfl love ". Never do to us as thou^didft to iby 

g Jer. II. 5. b J. r. xiv. 7, 8. 0. i Pfa'. \%x%. 2, ^• 
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i\. n_Rev. ii, 4. j. 


Intcrcejfmnfor others, 127 

place which was in Shiloh, where thou didft fet ihy 
name at the firft". 

Let us never know what a famine of the trord means ; 
nor n-crbe put t6 wander from fea to fca, and from 
the rivet to the ends of the earth, to fcek the word of 

Let wifdom and knowledge be the ftabilityof our times* 
and ftrength of falvation, and let the fear of the Lord 
be our trtafure *■ : Let the righteous flouriih among ust 
and let there be thofe thai Iball fear thee in oar hnd ', 
as lon^as.che fan and moon endure, throughout all ge- 
nerations, that there may be abundance of peace, and 
the children which fhatl becrcated may praifc the Lord*. 

J. For ibe continuance of our outward peace and iron- 
^utility, our liberty and plenty, far the profperily of our 
trade, and a blejjing upon ibefruiti of tbe eartb. 

Let God himfelf be a wall of fire round about us, and 
the glory in the midft of us ', yea, let his golpei be our 
glory, . and upon all that glory let there be a defence ; 
and create upon every dwelling place of Mount Zion, 
and upon her alTemblies, a cloud and fmokc by day^ 
and the nitning of a ilamlng lire by night '■ 

Peace be within our borders, and profperity withia 
our palaces, the profperity both of merchandife and huf- 
bandry ", that Zcbulun may rejoice in his going out, and 
liTachar in his tents ''. 

Appoint falvation to us for walls and bulwarks, and 
in order to that let the gates be opened, that the righ- 
teous nation which kcepeth the truth may enter in r. 

Make our officers peace, and our exaftora righteouf- 
nefs i let violence never be heard In our gates, walling 
or deftruftion in our borders, but let our walls be call- 
ed Salvation, and our gates Praifc » : Never let our 

Jer.vii. 12,41. p Amos viii. it, 11. q Ifa. xxjtiii. 6 
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w PiaU cxxiii 7. x Deut. usiiL i8> y ifa* xxvli> i, V 
p Ix, 17, 18. 

J28 Inter cejfian fit' others. 

land be termed forTaken and defobtc, but let tlie LoilS 
deliglit in u;, and kl our married co liim *. 

Let our peace be as a river, and mi order to that, onr 
righceoufnefs as the waves of the fca " : Let thnt righte- 
eufne^ abound among Mi, which exalteth a nation, and 
deHver us from fin, which is a reproach to any people'. 

Never malce our heavens as brafs, and our earth as 
irord, nor take away thycorn in the fejfon thereof 
and thy wme in the feafon thereof, tmt give us rain- 
mod era lely «, the former and the latter reign in due fea- 
fon ', and refervc unto us the appointed weeks 'of the 
ferarveft, giving us fair weather alfo in its feafon k. Let 
our land yield her increafe, and the trees their fruit, 
that we may eat IK'S ad and be til 11, and dwell in our land 

Abundantly blcfe our provifion, and fatlsfy our poor 
ftith bread i, that they which have gaibered it may eat 
and praife the Lord ". Blow not (hou upon it, for then 
when wc look for much it will ccrme to litlle', bot 
blcfs our blcffings, that all nations may call us blciled, 
ftr.d adelightrome land'". 

4. Fof ibefuccefi of ell eiuieavoari for the reformafion' 
tf manners, the fu^prejjtsn -ef vke and pi^fanentft, and: 
fupport of religion and virtue, and the bringing of tbemin- 
ft* ref/utation. 

O let the wickednefs of the wicked come to an end,, 
tut eftablith thou the juft, O thou righteous God that 
tried the hearts and reins ". Sptrii many to rife up 
for thee againd the evil doers, and to ft^nd up for thee- 
againft the workers of iniquity °. 

uet the Red«emer come to Zion, and turn away un* 
'godltnefs from Jacobs; And let the tilth of Jerufalena 

a Ifa. IStii. 4- b Ift. xlviil. 18. c Prov. xiv. 34.- 

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'34- h Lev. xvi. 4, 5. / Pfal. cxssii. 15. k [la. Ixii. 9, 

'/ Ha){. ii. 9. m Mai. iU. 10, 12, n Pfal-vii. 51. O'leivt- 

i^', p Rotn-xi. 3£< 

InterceJJton for others. 1 29 

be purged from the mid ft thereof, bjr the fpirit of judg- 
mcnc, and the fpirit of burning <*. , 

Let all iniquity (lop her mouih ', and let the infeAion 
of that plague be ftayed, by executing judgment '. 

I'Ct tbofe that are ftriving agatnll dn, never be weary 
or Ssaai in their minds '. 

Caufe the unclean fpirit to pafs out of the land, and 
turn to the people a pure language ', that they may 
call on the name of the Lord *. 

Make us high above all nations in praife, and in 
name, and in honour, by making us a holy people un- 
to the Lord our God ". 

5. Fer the healing ifmr unhappy divjjtons, anitht mak' 
ing up of our hriachtt. 

For the divilions that are among us, there are great 
fearching! of heart ' ; for there are three againft two, 
and two againft three in & houfe ". But is the breach 
wide as the fea, which cannot be healed » ? Is there no 
balm in Gilead ? Is there no phyftcian there ? Why 
then is not the health of the daughter of our people re- 
covered <■ \ Lord, heal the breaches of our land, for 
beeaufe of them it ftiaketh=. 

We big in the name of the Lord Jcfus Chrift that 
there may be no divilSons among us, but that we maf 
be perfe^ly joined together in the lame mind, and iu 
the fame judgment ^. 

Now the God of patience and confolation grant us 
t» be like-minded, one towards another, according to 
Chrift Jefu!, that we may with one mind and one 
mouth glorify God«, evcu the Father of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift, and promote the common falvation ', 

Lord, keep us from judging one another, and de> 

f Ifa. IT. 4. r Pfalm cvii.43. / evi jo; ( Heb. xii. 
3, 4. V Zech. xiii. z. to Ze|ih. iii- 9. * Deut. xsvi. 
'9- y Ji^tlK" ^t i*^- ^ Luke xii, 31. a Lam. i< i3> 
h jer. viii. iz. e Pfalm Ic. 2. d 1 Cor. i. 10. e Ro», 
tvs, (S. /Jude e. 

130 Intercsjf^n for otheri. 

fltifing one another, and give ns to follow after ihK 
things wliich^ make for [leace, and. things whsrcwilh 
toiic niay«c)ify tinochpr s ; that living in love and peace, 
ihe God of love and peace may be witli us ''. 

Let nothing be done ihrougK ftrife or vain glory, 
but every thing in lowlinefs of mind ', and grant il»M 
our moderation may be known unto all men, becaufe 
the Lord is at hand ". 

6. For vWory and fucctfs ogainji »w tntmies ahrood 
Ihcit fitk our ruin. 

Rife, Lord, and let thine enemies be fcatiered, and 
kt ihoie that hate thee tlee before thee, "bat return, O 
Lord, to the many thoulatids of thirie lirael '. 

Give uj help from trouble, for vain is the help of 
man i through God let our fauces do valiantly "' ; yea, 
let God himfclf tread down our enemies ; and give 
them as dud to our fword, and as driven fiubbte to our 

Let us be a people fiiTCd by the.Lord, as the fliieW 
of our help, and the fword of our excellency " ; and" 
■make out enemies fenfiblc that the Lord fi^Jhlcih for 
us againll themP. 

Thofe who jeopard their lives for us in the high 
^laeee of the field, teach their hands to war S and their 
fingers lo fight, give them lh« ihield of thy fatvatton >■, 
and let thy right hand hold them up, and cover their 
heads in the day <sf battle •. 

7. For eU orders and decrees of Ttien amnitg ui, and 
liH'i^fandvt -any rflathn to. 

(t.) For our Jovereigrt Lord the king, thai God vAlt 
prote£l hit ptrjhn^ pre/ertie hit heabh, and cmtinue lir 
4'if4 and g&vrnmttit iong <i public bJ«ffiiig. 

Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righ- 

^Rdm. xlv. 3, 19. h I Car. Kiii» m. i Phil.ii. 3* 
i \v. 5, /Nomb. X. 3 J, 36. ni Pfatni U. il, il. ti Ifs- 
sH. z. DcoE. xKxiii. 119. /> Eko^. xiv. 2j. ^JiKtgc*- 
V. 18. r Pfalm sviii. 3^, 35, 1 exl. 7. 

IntercEjftonfof others.. 1.3J 

teoofneCi, that he may judge the poor of tb« people, 
may fave the chiUrea of the needy, and may breat ia 
pieces the opprelTor ^ 

Let his throne be eftaWiflicd with right coufnefi, and 
upheld witli mercy"-, Give him long life and kngib 
of days for ever and ever, and let his glory be great in 
thy falyation ", and miike him exceeding glad with thy 
countenance : Through the tender mercy of the Moft 
High iet him Jtot be moved ". 

Clothe his enemies with fliamc, but upon hJmfelf 
let the crown flotirith ', and continue him long, very 
iong, a nurfing father to thine Ifrael ^. 

(2.) For iht'Jfwri in the Prctntant line, thai a 
h^/ftng m.ij attend it, that the entail of the crown may 
prove a faccefeful e:,ptdltnt fir the ejlablijhini ef peace and 
truth tn our days, the fecunng sf them to pajigrity., and the 
extinguijhing the hpei of our Popifb adverfaries, and all their 
aiders and at/ttcrs. 

Lord, pfeferve to us the lamp which thou haft or- 
.dained for thine anointed, that the generation to come 
may know thec», even the children which fliaU be 
born, that thsy may fet their hope in God, and keep 
his cominandments *'. 

Let the Proteftant fuccefllon abide before God for 
ever: O prepare mercy and truth which may prefervc 
it, fo we will fing praifc unto thy name for ever c. ■ 
Thus let the Lord fave Zioo, and build the cities of 
Judab, and the feed of thy ferrants fliall inherit it, and 
ihey that love thy name ihall dwell therein j. 

Let their detign who would make a captain to return 
into Egypt e, be again defeated, and let not the deadly 
wound that hatli been given to the beaft be healed any 
more '. 

/ Pfal. Ixxii. I, 4. -v Prov,. xx. zS. ,u xxv. 5. x pfnl; 
xii. 4, 5, 6, 7. jCKxxii. 18. a Ifa. xiix, 23, a Plalm 
Mxxii. 17. £ Ixxviii. 6, 7. c Ixi. 7, 3- t/lxix. jj, j(i'. 
Numb. xiv. 4' /Rev. xiii. n, 

1 51 Intercejftfin for others. 

Let our eyes fee Jcrufalem, the city of our (blcmni- 
ties, a qtitet habitation, a -tabernacle that Ihall not be 
tnkendown; Let none of the ftakes thereof be removed, 
nor any of the cords thereof be broken, but let the glo- 
rious Lord be to us a place of broad waters and {treams ; 
for the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our Iaw-giver> the 
Lord is our king, he will fave us'. 

(^^.y For the privy coun/sllort, the tninijleri oj flate, 
the members of Parliament, the ambaffedort and envtyi 
abroad, and all thai ere employed in the conduB of public 

Counfel our counfellors, and (each our fenatora wif^ 
dom h : Ogive them a fpiric of wifdom and underftand- 
ing, a fpirit of counfel and might, a fpirit of knowledge^ 
and of the fear of the Lord, to make them of quick un- 
dcrftanding in the fear of the Lord '. 

O remove not the fpcech of the trufty, nor take away 
the underftantfing of the aged ', nor ever let the things 
that belong to the ration's peace be hid from the eyes 
of thofe that arcinftrnfled with the nation's counrds". 

Make it to appear that chou flandeft in the congre- 
gation of the mighty, and judgeft among the Gods", 
and that when the princes of the people are gathered 
together, even the people of the God of Abraham, the 
God -of Abraham himfelf is among them ; and let ihc 
fhiclds of the earth belong unto the Lord, that he may 
be greatly exalted ". 

Let ihofe that be of us build the old wafte places, 
and raifc up th? foundations of many generations, that 
rhey may he called the lepairers of the breaches, and re- 
ftorers of paths lo dwell in t. 

(<],) Tor the magijiraies, the judges, and justices of 
peace in the federal counties and corporalians. 

Make ibofc that rule over us juft, ruling in the fear 

S JHi. xxxiii. 20* 21, it, h PCalm Cv; 21. I Ifa. xi. 
»3. / Job xii. »o, m Luke xix. 42. n Pfalm Uxxii. 1. 
oxlvii, I), p Ifa. Jvjii. 12, 

Jntercejionfor others. 133 

df God 4 ; and In tliofe tbat judge reiAcmber that they 
judge not for man, but for the Lord^ who is with them 
in the judgment, thiit therefore the fear of the Lord 
.may be upon them '. 

Make them able men, and men of truth, fearing 
God, and bating covetoufnefs ', that jodgment may 
run down like a rWet, and righteoufnefs as a mighty 
fiream '. 

Enable our magiflraies to defend the poor and father- 
' Jefs ', to do jiilttce for the afflicted and needy, to deli- 
ver the poor and needy, and to rid them out of the hand 
of the wicked", and let rulers never be a terror to 
good works, but to the evil '. 

f 5O For all the miniiurs o/Ce^/At/y viordittdfacra- 
menu, the masieri of ajfemblies. 

Teach thy minifters how they ought to behave them- 
fclves in the houfc «f God, which is the churtb of the 
living God y, that they may not preach themfelves i, 
but Chrifl Jefus the Lord, and may ftudy to &ow 
themfelves approved to God, workmen that need not 
to be afhamed, rightly dividing the word of truth 1. 

Make them mighty in the fcriptures ", that from 
thence they may be thoroughly fiirnilhed for every good 
work °, 10 doflrine Jhowing uncorrupinefs, gravity, and 
Jincerity, and found fpeecb, which cannot he con- 
denjned '. 

Enable them to give attendance to reading, to ex- - 
hortation, -to dodlrine, to meditate upon thefe thingi, 
to give themfelves to prayer, and to the miniliry of the 
word', to give themfelves wholly to them; and to 
continue ki them, -that they may both &ve ihemfclves 
and thofe that hear them t- 

Let utterance be giv^n to them, that they may open 

q z Sam. sxiii. 3. r 2 Chrott. km:; 6, 7. J Exod. xvifi, 
21. ' Amos V. 14. v Pfal. IxxKii, 3, 4. xo Rom. siii. 
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«i 2 Tim. ii. 15. b Afli xviii. 34. c 3 Tim. iiL 15. 
^Ti^i^. 7. ' * I Tim.iv. 13, 15, iS, /Afls «. ^ 

134 JattrceJ/iottfbr otberr. 

their mouths boldly, ta make known the mTfterr crftlte- 
gofpel, that thsrcaf thty any fpeak, is they ought lo 
fpcA ', as able minifters of the New TeHament, not of 
the letter, but of the Spirit ■', and let them obtaia mer- 
cy of the Lord to be faithful '■ 

Let the arms of their hands be made ftrong by the- 
hands of the mighty God of Jacob ^i and let them be. 
&I1 of power by the Spirit of the Lord t^ hofts', to 
fiiow thy people their tranl^refBons, and the hoiilcof 
}acob their fins", 

Makp them found jn the faith, and enable them al- 
vays to fpeak the things which become found >doftriae "^ . 
with mcckncfs inftrufling thofe that oppofe thcmfelves^ 
and let not the fervantt of the hord ilriye, but be gca> 
lie to all mcn^ apt to teachp. 

^ake theoi good examples toihe belieTcr^ In worel, 
^ coDverlation, in charity, in fpirit, in ^th, and in - 
purity f i and jet ihem be clean that bear the veScls of 
the Lord ', and \et MoUoeJs to the jU>rd^bo written upm- 
their ibreheads-*. 

Lord,.grabt that they may «otIabo or mvaii^<arfpead 
their 'llrfcngth for nought, and in vain ', but let the hand 
«f the Lord br. with them, that mai^jna; believci and - 
turn-to the Lord". 

(6.) ivc all the univer/itiet, fch»li, ^mi- nurfiriu tf- 

Let.thefchocds of the propheta be-replcDilhcd widt 
every good gift and every perfed gilt ftx»n ftbove;,&oiB 
Xhe Father (rf lights ■". 

Caft. fait into thoC; fountain^ and beat- the water* 
thereof, that from thence-may ideftreams*,.«hkh- 
fliall make glad the city <rf our God,. the holy plKC of - 
the n^>unacle3,()£ibc:aiofi.high~7. 

f £ 19,30. ii 3.Cov.ui.4. I'l Cor, vii. u, 
ic Gen. xlii. 14. /JVlinh iit. 8. m Ila, Iviii. |. n Tit< 
1. i,^. ii..i. ^-a Tim.ii. 34,-85. q I Tim. iv. is. 
r ifR'lii. 11. f.Exod; siviii. 3^. /ira.xlix>4; vAAt- 

Intercefftonftr oth'ert. 135 

(1.) Tar the common prnftlt of Ac land. 
Give grace to all rhc ftibje^i of this land, ^at they 
maj", under tiic government OoA. hath ftt over us, live 
«]uiet and peaceable Hvci, in all godlincrs and honcfty, 
dwelling together in unit)', that the Lord may command 
a bleffing upon us, even life for evermore *. 

Let all of every denomination that fear God and 
worL rightcoufncfs, be accepted of Him * ; yea, let fuch 
As lovc thy Jalvation fay continually, The Lord be mag-' 
iufied,tbath?thplcafurein theprofpericy ofhisfervantsl>.- 
(' 8.) Tor-ibe feveral ages and CDndilions of men, as they 
JIand i^ need of mirey end greet. 

I. For ihofe that are jovng endfrttit^ out in the wrid, 
l^ord, give to thofc that are young to remember their' 
Creator in the days tf their youth, that thereby they 
may be kept from the vanity which childhood and 
yoath are fubjcft to, and may be reftrained from walk- 
wffia the way of their heart, and in the fight of their' 
eyes, by considering, tRat fot all tbele things God vUC 
bring them into judgment '. 

Lord, make young people fober-minded '', and let^ 
the irord of God abide in them, that they may be-' 
ftrong, and may overcome the wicked one '. 

From the womb of the morning let Chrift have the^ 
dew of thy youth ', and let him be formed in the 
hearts of thofe that ane young ^- 

Kccp thofe that are felling out in the world from the 
corruption that is in the world through lull " ; and give 
to thofe that have been well educated, to hold fall the- 
fbrm of found words, and to continue in the tbings- 
which they have learned '.. 

2. For thofe that mrt old, and of longflaading in pro* 

a r Tim. r I. a ASa x. 35. i Pfsl. xxxv, 17. c Eccl.. 
xit. 1,^10. </Tit.ii.6: e I Johnii. 14. /Plalm^ 
«s. Sr fGal. Sv. tg, i 2 Pet. i. 4, (iTim. i. 1^, 

136 JiaerceJJlonfor oiberr. 

There arc fomc that arc old difctptei of Jefus Chr'tft *, 
Lord give them flill to bring fortb fruit io old age, to 
Ihow that the Ixird is upright ', that he is their rock, 
and there is no unrighieoufncfs in him"". Now the 
evil days arc come, and the years of which they fay 
there is no pleafure in them ", let thy comforts delighj 
ffjeir fouls". 

Even to their old age be thon he, and to the hoary 
hairs do thou carry them thou hall made ; we befeech 
thee bear, yea, do thou carry and deliver them ». 

Thofe whom thou hall taught from their youth up, 
and have hitherto declared all thy wondrous wort, now 
alfo when they are old and grey-headed, leave them 
1101, call tliem not ofF in their old age, fail them not 
"when their llrength fails ^. 

Let every hoary head be a crown of glory to thofe- 
tbat have it, being found in the way of righteoufncls V 
and give them to know whom they have believed '^.. 
"■ 3. For tbofe that atv- rieh andptv/feroas in the world,. 
feme of whom fierba/it need prayert as much at tbofe ibaL 
request lhetn~^ 

Lord, keep thofe that are rich in the world froat. 
being bigh-minded, and trufling in uncertain riches^ 
and give them to trull io the living God, who giveth 
\i8 richly alt things to enjoy : That they may do good^ 
and be rich io good work;, ready to dillribute, willing 
to communicate, that they may lay up in flore lor them- 
fclves a good fecurity for the time to come *. 

Though it is hard for thofe that are rich to enter in- 
to the kingdom of heaven, yet with iheethia ispolEblc". 

4. For tbofe that are poor e»d in ajlidion, forfucb Wf. 
have alwayt wiib us. 

^id, make thofe that are poor in the world rich iiL 

i Afl. 

x;.< I 

m Pfal. 


14.15. n Eccl. xi 


Pfai. xci 

V. 19. 

* Ifa. x!v 


q Plal. lx*i. 6^7, 


Prov. XV 



. 12 

s 1 Tiai- vi» 1 7, 


Mat. siK 


hterceJfiQn-fsr others. ^iJ- 

fiitii T> and hdrs of the ktngdoai} wd give to them to 
.receive the gofpcl*. 

O that the poor of the flock may wait upon thee, and 
-iH&y know the wordoFtbe Lord*. 

Many are the troubles of the righteous, good I^ord 
deliver them out of them all' ; snd tWnoafili^ionfoc 
thc-prefent Teems to be jbyeus, but grievous, nererihe- 
icTsf-ftfterward let it yield the peaceable fr^it of ngtite- 
oufnefs to them that are exercifed thereby '.■ 

5. Fur aur enemiti, and thofe iBal hale usi 

Lord, give ss to love our eaemies, to blcfs thein 
that cuTfe UE, and to pray fer Ehem tbat defpitefuUy ufe 
iis> bikI perfecute ns '. 

Father^ forgive them for they know hoi what they 
do" I andleynot their malice agaiRftos to thwrchargeS 
and ffork in us a difpolition toforfoear and forgive in 
love '»ag tbou req^keft wc fiioiild,' when we pray '. .( 

And grant that our ways may fo ptea&i ihe Lord^ 
ttiit even-ourenenies may be at pesoe with at ^^ 

Let the wolf *nd the lamb lie down togetheri. and 
let there be noae to hurt and deftroy in all thy hol^ 
mountain : let not Efdifaim envy Judah, nor iudahi 
vex Epbraim'i 

6, For our friendi and 'ibofi that Uve us-- 

And we wilh for all'^^bofe whom we loTeintrutHf!. 
Iliat they may profpcrj and be in health, efpecially that 
llieir fouls may profpcr '■: 

The gr*e of the Loid Jrfua Chrift. be with thuao 
^;»rits '■ 

uMit.xI.y. wjamesii.;. * Zecli. si. 1 li J- PWi. 

xxsiv. 19. a Mat- v. 44, & Luke ixiii. 

34. ~ c Afls vii. 6- JColiil. 13. * Mark xi. a^. 

/ProT.xvi. 7. ^ifa.ii.6,g, 13. A^Jobaz, (PhileiB.35,. 




Of A^ijfit tt God t/fim pariieuhr Occe/ions, tuheiher 
Domfflic or PuiJic. 

IT 19 made our dutf, and preTcribed as a remedf 
againft dirquicling care, that in every thing, by 
prayer and fuppDcation, with thankfgiTing '', wc Ihould 
make our requefts known to God '. And it is part oF 
the Parrhifa, the boldnefs, the liberty of fpeech, {(a 
the word fignifies) which is allowed us in our accefs to 
God, that we may be panicuUr in opening our czfc, 
and fecking to hiin for relief; that, ancordiug as the 
fore and the grief is, accordingly the prayer and the 
fupplication may be by any man, or by the people of 
Ifrael ". Not that God needs to be particularly in- 
formed of our condition ; he knows it better than we 
ourfelves do, and our fouls too in our adverfity •, but it 
h his will that we fhould thus acknowledge him in all 
our ways", and wait upon him for the direction of 
every ftcp", not prefcribing, but fubfcribing to infinite 
wifdom, humbly fliowing him our wants, burdens, and 
dclires, and then referring ourfelves to him, to do for 
lit as he thinks fit. 

We (hall inHance fome of the occa£ons of partK 
cular addrefs to God, more or lefs ufual, which may 
either be the principal matter of a whole prayer, or in- . 
(crted in>our other piayers, and in fome cafes that are 
more peculiar to minillers, ^r others, in common to 
them with mafters of families and private ChriiUaas. 
As there may be foroething particular. 

I. In our morning prayers. 

Our voice fhalt tbou hear in the morning, in 
the morning will we direA our prayer unto thee, and 

i Phil. iv. tf. /Heb. x. 19. m z Chraa, lU 39- 
atiwui.6i Plain uxvii. 3j( 

Occafimal Addrejir. P39 

will look upi for our fouls vait for thcc P, O Lord^ 
more than the; that watch for the morniiig % ya, more- 
than they that watch for the morning i and we will 
fing aloud of thy mercy in the morning y for thou haft> 
been our de&nce '. 

It is thau, O God, that hall commanded the morn- 
ing, and caufed the day-fpring to know its place, that; 
it might take hold of the ends of the earthy and it is- 
turned as chy to the feal •. 

The day is thine, the night alfo is thine, thou halt 
prepared the light and the fun '. 

With the light of the morning, let the day-fpring- 
iront on high vifit us, to give us the knowledge of fal- 
vation, through the tender mercies of our God * ; and 
let the Sun of righteoufnefs arife upon our fouls with 
healing under his wings " ; and our path be as the Ihin- 
ing light, which Ifaines more and more to the perfe£t> 
(Jay T. 

It is of Ihy mercyj O Lord, that we arc rot conlum- 
cd, even bccaufe tny companions hU not, they are new 
every morning, great is thy faithfulnefs '; and if weep- 
ing fometimes endures for a night, joy comes in the 
norbing ». • 

We thank thee that we have laid us down b ; have 
had where to lay our head ', and have not been wan- 
dering in deferts and mountains, in dens and caves of 
the earth '' : And that we have flept, and have not bees 
full of toflings to and fro till the dawning of the day, 
that wearifome nights are not appointed to us, and we 
are not faying at our lying own, When Oiall we arife^ 
and the night be gone ? But our bed comforts us, and 
ou- couch eafes our complamts ' : Thou giveft us fleep 

f PTalm V. 3. 7 cxxx; <S. r ltK> 16' s Job xxxviiii 
II, 13, 14. ( Plalm lisiv. 16. v I^uke i. 77, 78. x Mai* 
iv. 2. y FiOT. iv. 18. x Lam. iii. 12, 23. 4 Pfal. xxx; 
5. ^iii. 5. f ^aik viii. 20. ^tieb,xi<3t, «Job 

t4P- Occ3^anal Addrejes. 

RS tbou giveft it to tb; bclovecL And that haribg Iai£ 
HI down and flept, we luve. -waked again ' ; thou halt 
lighteacd our ejcs, fo that wc hare not :d«pt the ilccp- 
01 death '. 

Thou haft prel«rTed us from the peftitcnce that 
walfceth in darlcnefs \. and from the malice of the ruU 
eis of the darkndi of this world ', the roaring lioa that 
goes about Icdcing to devour * : Hie that keeps Hraeli. 
and neither fhimbers nor lle^t, hat kept us>,!Rid fowe 
have been {ate C 

But we cannot fay witli thf feFvant DaTid,.that wtieit 
we awake weare Hill with thee", or that our eyes have 
^evented the night-watches, that we might meditBtc 
On thy word"v h»t wain thoughts ftill loc^c within 
ugo. O- pardon oar fins, and caufe us to hear thy 
loring-lundnerE this morning, for In thee do we tru(t;< 
eaufe as to know the way wherein we fhoatd walk-^fbr' 
we lift up our fouls unto thee : Teach us to do thy 
will, for then art our God, thy Sptdt is good, lead us. 
into the way and land of uprightnela p. 

And now let the Lord preferveand keep lis fi«in alt 
evil this day,, yea, let the Lord preferve our fouls \- 
Lord, preferve our going out and coming in : Give 
thine angds charge concerning us, to bear us np in' 
thcirhands, and keep us mall our ways'; And give 
us grace to do the work of the day in its dij, as the 
duty of the day requires •; 
a. la gur evening pnayerti 

Thou, O God, makett the out-goin^-of the cveniog^. 
as well Bs of the moniing, to rejoice ' *, for thereby- 
tbou oiled us fromnarworkandauclahaur, aod bid- 
deft us reli a' while". And now let onr Ibuls ;«titra' 
to thee ", and repofe m thee as our reft> becaufe thou' 

/Pfalm. csxvii. a, g xiii, 5; t xoi. 6-- « Eph. vl,.ll; , 
ft Pet. V. «. /pratBicMi.4. Mcnxix. iS.-nexfx. 
»43- " Jef.iv. 14. .^ PW« oxiiii. 8, to. -fctd.;,-!. 
««il. II, la. jJEaraiii. 4. rFUnlxr.S. «xit,2i. 
.luMuK VI* 31. ^.... ^,. 

Occqponal Addreffes. 141 

Ijafl dealt bountifully with us ' ; fo fli^l our llccp be 
fweet to us '. 

BlefTed be the Lord, who daily loads us with his be« 
ncfits, who hath this day prefcrTcd our going out and 
coming in' : And now we have received from l^ee 
our daily bread, wc pray, Father, forgive us our treF- 

And we will lay us down and deep \ for thou, Lord, 
malctft us to dwell in faiety ^ : Mate a hedge of pro* 
te^ion (wc pray thee) about us, and about our hgufe, 
and about all that we have round about'. Let the 
angels of God encamp round about us, to deliver us < ; 
that we may lie down, and none may make us afraid *-. 

Into thy hands we commit our fpirits'; that in 
flumberlngs upon the bed », our cars may be opened 
and inllruAion fcaled '' ; And let the Lord give us 
counfel, and let our reins inftruA us in the night fca- 
foD < ; Vilk u£ va. ib£ eight, and tiy us, ~d eligible u* . 
. to commune wirh our own hearts upon our beds ''■ 

Give us to remember thee upon out bed, and to me* 
dilate upon thee lathe night watches', with the lainta' 
that are joyful in glory, and that Gng aloud upon their 

3. In craving a hicffiag before mtai. 

Thou, O Lord, givelt food to all flelhi for thy mer- 
cy endures for ever ". The ejcs of all things wait on 
thee ° ; but efpecially thou givcit meat to them that 
fear thee, being ever mindful ol thy covenant p. 

Thou art our life, and the length of our days q, the 
God that had fed us all our life long unto (his day ' ; 
Thou giveft us all things richly to enjoy,, though we. 

X Pfalro cxvi. 7, ^ Jer. itx-d. 3«. JB. PWm Isviti. 19. 
CKJti. 8- a Mat. vr. 11. 12. b Pfalm tv. 8. ^ Jobi. icr 
^/Pfjlmxxxlv. 7. fjobxi. 19. /Pfalmxxxi. 5. g }o\x 
axKiii. 15. A Pfalm i»i..7. « Kvii. 3- i iv. 4. /lxiii.6. 
fficxiix. 5. n cjtxKvi. 25. o cslv. ij. ^ cxi. 5. y Dent 
xjix. 20. r Gen., xlviii. 15. 

■14Z Qccajtoaal Addrejfes. 

■fcrvc thoe but pooriy •. Thou haft not only giveo w 
every green herb, and the fruit of the *rces, to be to n» 
ior meat ','but every moving thing that liveth, even as 
Jhe greea herb '. ■^ 

,A^d blefled be God, that now nnder the gofpel we 
Ate caught to call nothing common or unclean ", ai^i 
that It b not that which goes into the man, that defiles 
the man, but that every creature of God ii good, and 
fiothing to be rcfufed " ; for God hath created it to be 
received with thankfgiving «f tbeoi which beUcve and 
jtnow the truth ^. 

We acltnowledge we are not worthy of the lead 
crumb that falls from the table of thy providence ' v 
Thou mighteft juftly talce away from us the flay of 
bread and the ftay of water *, and make us to eat oar 
tH-cad by weight, and to drtnlc our water l>y meafurCf 
and with afioniOiment ^ : becaufe when we have beea 
led to the hill, .we have forootten God^or M a ker c>- 
But let our fins be pardoned, we pray thee, that our 
table may not become » fnare before us,'nor that be 
HMuc n t.-sp, xliich flisald hiTs beer, for e-ir welfare *j. 

Wc know rti« every thing is fanflified t^ the word 
of God and prayer 'j and that man lives not by bread 
alorte, but by every word that proeeedetli out of the 
mouth of God *, and therefore, according to our maf- 
ter"! example, we look up to heaven, and priy for a. 
fckffing upon our foods-j abundantly blefsour provU 

Lord, grant that we may not feed oiu^elves wirfiout 
fcar ', that we may not make a god of our belly *, that 
j&ur hearts may never be overcharged with furfcitingor 

t I Tim^vi. 17. / ■G«n. i- ig. v ix; 3, tu Afts j. ir. 
w Mstth, XV. I r. y I Tiro. iv. 3, 4- '^ '^'*- "■ *?• 
* Ifc.iii. I. ^ Ezak. iv. 16. e Deut. xxxii, I5. ti Pfst- 
kin.ii. *iTioj.iT.5. yMaith.iv.4. ^xiv.ig,. 
k Walitt cxxjtii. 15. . * Judc 12. k i^hU. iii. 19. 

Occafiohid Addre^t. i^^' 

drankenneTs-', bnt -that whether we eat ordrinle, or 
whatever we .do, wc may doall to the gloiy of God "v 

4. In relurping ibanh afttr our meat. 

Now we have eaten and are full, we blefi thiie for 
the good land thou halt given us ". Thou prepareft si 
table for us in the -prcftnce of oor encmicsi thou 
aoointell our head, and our«up runs over". 

Thou, Lord, art the portion of our utberitance, and 
of our cup, thou maintained our lot,.fe that we hive 
reaTon 10 fay, The lines are fallen to us in plea&nt pla- 
xet, and we have a goodly heritage ■*. 

Eificcially wc blcfs thee for the bread of life, which 
<ame down from heaven, which was given for the life 
of the world. LotJ, evermore gtV« us that bread} and 
wifdomto labour lefs for the meat which perifheth, and 
niorc for that which .endures to ever lafting' life *. 

The Lord give food- to the hungpy, and fend' portions 
io them for whom nothing is prepared'. 

Letms be of ihofe hiclfed onesthat Ihall cat bread in 
ihe kingdom- of God*, and OaHi cat of the hldd^- 

5. .fVben vie are goUg' on <a' journey. 
I^rdlceep-us in the way that wc fliould go", and let 

no evil thingbefal usw ; Let us have a profpcrous jour- 
jlc^hy the will-of God >, and with thy favour let us be 
compared wherever we go as witb a Qiidd f. 

Let m walk in our way fafi:>y'', and let not our foot 
ihimble,' or dafhiagainfi: a (lone *■ 

DiceA our way id every thing ^, and enable Us to or- 
der all our affairs with diictetion <, and «hc Lord fend 
usgoodfpQcdiandJhowbiodDcfs tousj. ■ 

/'Xittke xxi. 341 iH\ Con k |i. n Deoti viii. lo, 
fi P&tia xliiii. S' > «»i- 5. 6. y John vi. f], 33, 3+,. 
r Pfklm «Vvi. 7. J Luke xiv. 15. >Rer. ii. 17. u Geb. 

xxTiii, 30- w Pfalmxci. IS- xRoio. i. 10. ^ Pfalm v. 

la. s Prov. xxiii. 5J • Pfalm xci. 13. i 1 Thcff. i, 11. 
^f talm c;iii. 6, d Gen. xxiv. 12* 

144 Occafional Addreffes. 

And tlie Lord watch between us when we are ab- 
fcnt the one from the 'Other'. 

6. Wbgn vie return from ajaumey. 

BlelTed be the -Lord God of Abraham, who hath not 
left us dellitatc «f his mercy and his truth ^ 

. All our bones ihall fay. Lord, who is tike unto tbe^ 
for thou keepeft all our bones e. 

It is-God that girdeth us with flrcngth, and nakcih 
our way -perfcfl '. 

7. In the evening before the LerJ^j Jay- 

Now give us to remember, that to-morrow is the fab. 
bath of the Lord ^, and that it is a high day, hoty of 
the Lord and honourable', and give us grace fo ts 
fanfVify ourfelvcs<n, that to-morrow the Lord may do 
wonders among us ■ ; Mid to m'md the work of our 
preparation, now the fabbath draws on*. 

When thou fawefl: every thing that thou hadft mad^ 
in {ixdaysPi behold all was very good, but in many 
things we have all offended ''. O {hat by repentance 
aqd faith in.Cbrill's blood, we may wafh not only our 
feet, but alfo our hands, and our'hcad, and our heart '« 
and fo may compafs thine attar, O X<ord '. 

Now giTc us to reft from all our own works*, and 
to leave all our worldly cares at the bottom of the kill, 
while we go up to the mount to woril»p God^ and re- 
turn again to them '. 

We blefs thee, Lord, who hath fhowed us light, and 
that the light we fee is the Lord's >* ; that we fee one 
moreof theday^sof theSonofman", a day to befpcnt 
in jhy courts^ which is better than a tbeufand elfe> 
where ^ . 

:xi. 49. /xaiv. 17. ^ PTal.xxKV. 10. (lyiil. 

32. * Exod. xvi. 13. /Johnxix. 31. 

mi(a.iviii. ,,. 

i. 31. 7jan..iii. 

n Jofti. iii. j. Luke xxiii. $4. f> Gen. 

a. rjohnxiii. 9. j Pfal. xxvi. 6. 

/HeVir. .0. 

«- Gen. xxii- 5. w Hal. civiii. ^7: 

■x Lulu xvii. 3,]f 

Sf tlahn Ixixiv^ us 

Qccnjiznal Additffts. 1 45 

We thaBk thee. Father, Lord of heaven ami earib, 
that the things which were bid from the wife and pru- 
-dcnt are revealed unto us babes, even fu, Father, becaufo 
itfeemed good in thine e)ei ; That our eves Tee, and 
OMS ears hear that which many prophets and kings deJir- 
«d to fee, defired to hear, and might not ' ; that light 
and immurtality are brought to light by the gospel '. 

And now, O that we may be in the Spirit on the 
Lord's day " ! that we may call the fabljath a delight '=, 
and may honour the Son of man, who is the Lord alfo of 
the fabbath-day^, not doing ways, or Ending 
our own pleafurc, or fpeaking our own words. 

9. At ihe enlrgacf ufloa ihe />ulLc -wor/bi/i oa ibe Lord't 
iiay, by the majler of ihe aJfemblUi. 

Thou, O God, are greatly to be feared in the afTembl^ 
-of the faints, and to be bad in reverence of all theoi 
that are about thee'. O give us grace to worQtipthee 
with reverence and gjdiy fear, becaufe thou our God 
art a confmiiin^fi re '. 

This is that which ihou hail iaid, that ihou wilt be 
lan^ihed in them whichcome nigh unto thee ; and bc- 
iore all the people thou wiit be glorified »'. Thou arc 
■ the Lord that fao£tifiift us ^ Ua&My us by thy truth, 
ihat we may farcify ihee in our hearts ', and make 
Jhee our fear and ottr dread *■. 

We come together 10 give glory to the great Jehovah, 
who in fix days made heaven and earth, the Tea, and 
all that in them ts, and rciled the feventh day, and 
therefore blelTed a labbaih day, and hallowed it '. And 
«ur help Ilauds in the name of the Loid who mad^ 
heaven and earth '°. 

O let us be new creitures ", thy woikmanHiip, creat- 

a Luke x. 11, 32, Z3. 2^. a 1 Tim. i. 10. i Rev. j. 
10. c Ifa. Iviii. Ij. d'Maikii.28. .!Pliil.lxx.V,x. 7. 
/Heb. xli. 28, 39. gLtv.n.j. A Eielt. )l.<. 12. /Jul.a 
-wli. 1 7. t lia. viii. 13, /£xoil. a:(. II. in I'^al. ti.i> 
i. aiCoi. V. 17. 


146 Occajional Addrejfes. 

ed in Chrift Jefus unto good works ". And let that 
God, who on-thefirn day of the vorld coimnandcd the 
light to {hine out of darkncfs, on this f!r(l day of the 
■week ihine in onr hearts, to give ug the tight of the 
knowledge of the glory of God, io the face of Tefui 

We come together to give glory to the Lord Jcfiii 
Chrin, and to fanftify this fabbath, to his honour, who 
was the ftonc that the builders refuled, but now is be- 
come the head ftone of the corner. This is the Lord's 
doing, it is marvellous in our eyes-: This is the day 
which the Lord has made, we will rtjoicc and be glad 
in it : He is the firll and the laf>, who waf: dead uid 
is alive '• 

O that we may this day experience the power of 
Chrift's refurrc^ion, and may be planted together in 
the likenefs of it *, that as Chrift was raifcd up from 
the dead by the glory of the Father, fo we alfo may 
walk in ncwiicfs of life ', and may fit with him in hea- 
venly places " \ and by fcektng the things that are abovc^ 
may make it to appear that we are rifen with him *. 

We come together to give glory to the blefled S[«rit 
of grace, and to celebrate the memorial of the giving 
of that promile of the Father ", in whom the apofllet 
received power on the firft day of the week, as on that 
day Chrift rofe t. 

O that we may tlus day be filled with the Holy 
Ghoft, and that the fruit of the Spirit in us may be in 
all goodnefs, and righteoufncfs, and truth*.. 

We come together to teftify our communion with 
the univcrral church, that though we are many, yet we 
are one ; that we worfhip one and the fame God the 
Father, of wh6m are all things, ^nd we in him, in the 
name of one Lord Jelus Chrift> by whom are all things, 

o 10. p t Cor.iv. 6.6. <j Pfal. cxviii. 32, jj, 3^ 
r Kcv. ii- 8. J Phil. iii. 10. I Rom. vi. 4, j, n Eph. 
ii. 6- vi Col. ill. I. « Ads J, 4, 8. ^ ii. i. z £f b. v, 8, iS. I 

Occqfional Addreffes. 147 

and we by him", under the conduftof the fame Spirit, 
ore and rhe fdf-rame Spirit, who divideth to every 
man feverally as he will", walking by ihe (ame role '^, 
looking for ths fame blcflcd hope, and the glorious ap- 
peal ing of the gr?at God and our Saviour ''. ■ 
10. In our preparation far the Lard'i fupfifr. 
Now we are iiivjied to come eat of wifdcm's bread, 
and drink of .the wine that fhe has mingled ", give u« 
to hunger and thirft after righteoufnefs ' : And being 
called to the marriage fupper of tht Lamb E, give us 
the wedding garment i". 

Awake, O north wind, and come thou foulh, and -- 
blosv upon our garden, that the Ipices thereof may 
flow forth ; and then let our beloved come into his gar- 
den, and eat his pkafant fruits '. 

Draw us, and we will run after thee ; bring ui into 
thy chamber^ that there- we tr.3y"Se~grit!ancr rejoice 
in thee, and may remember thy love more than wine. 
And when the king fits at his table, let our fpikenard 
fend forth the fmell I'.iereof h. 

~ And the good Lord pardon every one that prepareth 
his heart to feck God, the Lord God of his fathers, tho' 
he be not ck^nfed according to the purification of the 
fanfluary : Hear our prayers,. and heal the people 1. 
(^ II. In the celthrating of the Loril^ /upper . 

O let this cup of blefling which we blcfs, be the 
communion of the blood of Chrili:"', let this bread which 
wc break, be the communion of the body of Chrift, and 
enable us herein to Ihow the Lord's death till he come ". 

Now let us be joined to the Lord in an everlalUng , 
covenant <* ; fo joined to the Lord, as to become one 
fpirit with him f. Now let us be made partakers of 

a I Cor. X. 17, 8, 6. h %u. \ i. c Gal. vi. i6. ^Tit, 
ii. 1 2. e Prov. ix. 5. /Mat. v. 6. g Rev. six, 9^ 
b Mat. xx!i. 1 1. i Cant. iv. i6. i 2 Kings 1. 4, 16. 
/ 2 Chtoii. xxK, 18. ig m I Cor. x. 16. n xi. z6. 

o Jcr. 1. 5, ^ I Cor. vi. 17. 

14S Occafiona] Addrejfes. 

Chrifr, hy holding fafl the beginning of our con£>]ence 
JieadfafV unto llie end*'. 

I,rt Chrift's flefli be meat indeed to us, and his blood 
»!rtnk indeed ; and give us fi> by faiili to cat his fl^ih, 
nnd drink his blood, that lie may dwell in us, and we 
in Mm, aud we may live by hrm '. 

I^t the crofj of Chrid, which b to the Jews a l>nm- 
Wing block, and to the Greeks fochOiners, be to us the 
wifJom of GciX, and the power of Cod '. 

Sifat to us t!ie remiflion of fins ', the gift of the Ho- 
ly Ghofl, ani the promife of eternal life ', and enable 
IIS to take thiscup of faltation, and location tlic name 
«.r the Lord-. . 

1 2. AJwr lbs ceUh ■■etbij nfihe I -yriTs /upper. 

And co'v, I^rd, give us to hold faft iliat which we 
Lave received, thw no man take our crown* : And 
keep it always in the iniajmaJions cf ihe'thoughts of 
ciir hearts, and prepare onr hearts unto thee-'. 

Give lis grace, as wc hnvc received Cbrift Jefus the 
Lord, fo to wjlk in liim ', that ciir converfation may 
be in every thing as becomes his gofpel '. 

O that we may now brar about with us continually 
the dying of our Lord Jefus, "^i fo as that the life alfo. 
<if J.-fus may be manifct^ed in our mortal bodies, that to 
V!E to live may be Chrift '. 

'J hy vows are upon us, O Gad''. O that we may be 
t'.;:ily performing our vows'. 

13. t'pon ociafion of the tapiifm efo chiU. 

To thee, O God, whofe all fouls arc, the fools of 
the parents, and llie fouls of the children ', wc prefent 
this cSild a living facrifice, whiijh we delire may be ho- 
ly and sccepl^bleG, and that it maybe given up and 
dedicated to the Father, Son and Holy Ghoft ''. 

q HeU. iii. t4. r Jjhn vi. j ;, 55, jy. s \ Cor, i. a t 
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a lxi,8./£aek.;Lviii.4. f Rom.Kii. 1. ^ Mat. kxriii^ i9- 1 

Occajtonal Addrejhs. 149 

Tt Is conceived ia f>ti» but there vi a fountain open- 
ed '; O waOi the foul of this child m that fountain "^ 
DOW it is hj thiae appotntmcnt waOied with pure wa- 
ter '. 

It is one of the children of the covenant ", one of 
the children that is born unto thee, it is thy fervant, 
born in thy houfe ■ ; O make good thy ancient cove- 
nant <>, that thoU wilt be a God to believers, and to 
their iaA f ; for this blelling of Abraham comes upon 
the Gentiles % and the promiCe is Aill to us, and to our 
children '. 

Thou hafl encouraged us to brbg little children to 
thee ; for thou baft faidi that of fuch is the lEingdom 
of God. Blefled Jtfus, take up ibis child in the arms 
of thy power and grace^ put thy hands upon it, and 
blefs it ' i let it be a veOel of honour fandified, and 
meet for the maHer's ufe ', and owned as one of ihine 
in that day when thou maketl up thy jewels'. 

O pour thy Spirit upon our teed, thy bleffing upon 
our oSspring, that they may fpring up as willows by 
the irater-courfes, and m^y come to lubfcribe with 
their own hands unto the Lord, and to firname them- 
felves by the name of Ifrael ". 
14. Uponoccajtanofafuntral, 
Lord, give it to us to find it good for us to go to the 
houfe of mourning ', that we may be minded thereby 
of the end of all men, and may lay it to out heart, and 
may be fo wife as to confider oiu: latter end i\ for we 
muft alfo be gathered to our people, as our neighbolirs 
and brethren aie gathered ^ ; and though whither thofe 
that are dead in Chrift are gone, we cannot foUoir 

(Pfalmli. 5. i Zecb. xiii. r. /Heh. x. 22. m Afls 
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?: Ecc). vii. 2. y Deui. xxxii. 29. % Ntunb. xxvii. 15, 

15^ Occajknal Addreffes, 

them now ', yet grant that we may follow them afictw 
wards, every one in liis own order *•. 

We know that thou writ bring us to death, and to 
tile houfe appointed for all living <^, but let us not fee 
death, tilt by faith we have feeo the Lord Chrift, and 
then let us depart in peace, aciordlog to thy word ''. 
And when the earthly honle of this tabernacle fhalt 
te dilTokcd, left us have a building of God, a houic not 
made with hands, eternal in the heavens ^ 

And give us to Icnow that our Redeemer liveth, and 
that though after our flcjns, worms deftroythefebodiesf 
yet in our flelh we Ihall fue God, whom we Ihall fee 
for ourfi^lves, and our eyes Qiall behold^ aud not an- 
Oiher '. 

15. Vponoccafionofviarrioif. . , , ^ 

Give to thofe that marry, to marry la the Lord ' t 
and let the Lord Jcfus by his grace come to the mar- 
riage, and turn the water into wine ''. 

Make them helps meet tor each other, and inftm- 
mental to promote one another's falvation' ; and give 
them to live in holy love*, that they may dwell in 
Cod, and God in them i. 

Let the wife be as a fruitfut vine by the fide of the 
houfe"'', and thebufband dwell with the wifras a man 
of knowledge ", and let them dwell together as joint 
heirs of the grace of life, that their prayers be not hin- 
dered, and make us all meet for that world, where 
lJ":cy neither marry nor are given in marriage". 

1(5. Vpon occajioa of ibc oidaiiiiitg oj minijiers. 

Let the things of God be committed to faithful men, 
^■uho may be able a'.fo to teach others': and make 
ihem fucli burning and li.lolug Ights % as that Jt may 

o John xiii. 3S. I I Cot. XV. n- t Job xxjck 2). 
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1.17- e Liii-s ii, sj /- 2 Tlai. i^. ». jjjhnv. gj. 

Occajional Address. 1 5! 

appeir that it was Chrifl Jefus wbo put them into the 
miaiflrj '' ; and let not hands be suddenly laid on any '• 
Give to thofe who arc ordained, to take faced to the 
nrioiftry which they have received of the Lord, that 
they Fulfil it „ and to make full proof of it, by watch- ' 
ing in all things r. 

. Let thofe who in Chrifl's name arc to preach repen- 
taocc and rcmiffion of fins, be endued with power from 
on high"; give ihem another fpirit, and make them 
good niiniflers of Jefus Clirtfl >, nouri&ed up in the 
works of faith and good do^rine T. 

17. Vpm occafiw oftbr want of rain. 

Thou haft wiihholden the rain from us, and caufed 
It to rain upon one city, and not upon another, ycc 
have we not returned unto thcc '. 

But thou haft faid, when heaven is Ihut up, that 
there is no rain, becaufe we have ftnned againft thee _: 
if we confefs thy name, and turn fi*om our Gns, thuu 
wilt hear.from heaven, and forgive out ftn, aad give 
rain upon our hnd *. 

We afk thee the former and Utter rain, and de- 
pend upon thcc fur it**; for there arc not any of the- 
vanities of the heathen th^t can give rain, nor can the 
heavens g^vc fliowera; but we wait on thcc, for thou 
haft made all tbefe things '. 

18. Upon occafion of excejhe roin. 

Let the latn thou fendcft be in mercy to our land.' 
and not for correftion '', not a fweeping rain, which 
leaveth no food *. . 

Thou haft fworn that the waters of Noah fliall no 
more return 10 cover the earth f; let fair wciihet 
therefore come out of the north, for with thee u \sb- 
riblc majcfty «. 

r 2 Tim i. 13. t Col. iv- 17. v 2 Tim. 
■V. j. w Luke xsir- 47, 41'. x i Sam. a. t). ^1 Tim, 
Iv. 6- a> Amos iv- 7. e 1 Kings viiL 3 j. If Zcch. ■- t. 
ir Jer. xiv. 31. ^Job ixxvii. 13. « Piov. xxiii* S. /Ifi* 
liv. f).' g Job- xxikix* ii' 

152 Occajional Addrejfes. 

19' Upon oceeBon of infeSiout diftafu. 

Take ficlcneis aivjj frocn the miJd of us *>, and tie- 
liver us from the noifame pellilcnce '. 

Appoint the deflroying angel to put up his fword 
into bis Iheath, and to ftaj bis hand *, 

zo. Upon occajion of Art. 

Thou calleft to contend by fire', we bewail the 
burning which the Lord hath kiudled " : O Lord Godj 
ccafe we befeech thee, and let the lire be quenched ", 
as that kindled in Ifrael was at the prayer of Mofcs *• 

2t. Vpon occojion nf great Jlorms. 

Lord, thou hall the wind in thy hands ^i and bringell 
them olit of thy treafures '>, even llormy winds fuU 
fii 1 hy word \. O prcfervc ua and our habitations, that 
we be not buried in the ruio^ of theoi as Job's childrcit 
were ', 

11. Upon oecafion af tbi cam, onJ burdtnt, and ajtic- . 
liont of particular perfons : at 

I. I'/bin we pray with, or for Ibafe that are troubled 
II? mind, and melancholy, and under doubts and feart about 
ibeir fpiritual Jlait. 

Lord, enable thofe that fear thee, and obey the voice 
of thy fcrv^inc, bat walk in darkncis, aod have no light> 
to trull in the name of the Lord, and to Day themfelves 
upon their God': And at evening time let it be 

O ftrengthen the weak hands, confirm the feeble 
knees, fay to them that are of a fearful heart. Be Arong, 
fear not " : Anfwer them with good words, and com- 
fortable words », faying unto them. Be of good cheer, 
your fins are forgiven you "> \ Be of good cheer, it is I : 
' be ncit afraid, I am your filTatioa *. And m;^c them 

h Cxod, xxiii. 35. 1 Pdlm xcr. ^. U 1 San. zziv. 16. 
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3> 4> " Zech, i, 13. 3 M>tth> iz. 3. % Mark vi. jo. 

Occajional Addrejfet. 153 

to hear the voice of joy andgladnefs', thai broken 
bones majr rejoice ". 

Let rhofc who now re*ember God, and are troubled, 
whofe fpirirs arc overwhelmed, and whofe fouls rcfufe 
to be comforted ', be enabled to trufl in thy mercy' , 
fo that at length they nfiay rejoice in thy filvation \ 
though thou flay them, yet to iruft in thece. 

Though deep calls unto deep, and all ihy waves and 
thy billows go over them, yet do thou command thy 
loving- kind nefs for them in the day-time, and in the- 
night let thy fong be with them, and their prayer to 
the God of th;ir life, though their fouls are caft down 
and dir<.|uieted within them, give ihcm to hope in God, 
that they fliill yet praife him, and let them find him 
ihc health of their countenance and their God . 

O renew a right fpirit within them, caft them not 
swsyfrom thy prefencc, and tafce not thy Holy Spirit 
from them, but reftorc unto them the joy of thy falva- 
lion, and uphold them wich thy free Spirit c. that their 
tongues may ling aloud of thy righteoufnefs, and Ihow 
forth thy falvation 11. 

O bring them up out of this horrible pit, and this 
miry day, and fet their feet upon r rock, eAabliQiing 
their goings, and put a new fong in their mouth, even 
praifej to our Gad', O comfort them again, now after 
the time that thou haft afil;£ted them^. 

Though for a fmall moment thou haft forfakcn them, 
and hid thy face from them, yet gather them, and have 
mercy on them wuh everlafting kindnefs '. 

O let thy Spirit witnefs with their fpirits, that they 
are the children of God >" j and by the blood of Chrilt 
let them be purged from an evil coufcience ". 

Lord, rebuke the tempter, even the accufer of the 

a PfaTra xxxv. j, b li. 8, t luxvli. i, 3. 4 xiii. 1 5. 
*Jobxiii.5. /Plalmitlii.V.S. II. j l!. 10, 1 1, iJ, 14. 
ilxxi. 15. ixi. 3,3.. t "c. ij. /Ifa. liv. ;, ». 
m Rom, viii. i6. • a Hcb. x. 11. 

154 Occajional Addrejes. 

brethren, the Lord that hath chofen Jfmfalem rebijtke 
him, and let poor tempted troubled foub be as brands 
plucked out of the burning ■>. * 

2. Ibofe that art under eonviBi-ni if fin, andbtgin t» 
be concfratd ab$ut ibeir fault and ibeir.falvalion, and t» 
inquire after Cbrifl. 

Thofe that are aiking the way to Zion ", with their 
faces thitherward, that are lamenting after the Lord <>, 
ttnd are pricked to the heart for lin ■>, O Ihow them the 
good and the right way, and lead them in v. '. 

To thofe that are ajking what they lliall do to inherit 
eternal life *, difcover Cbrift as the way, the truth, and 
the life, the only true and living way *. 

O do not quench the fmoking flax, nor break the 
bniifed reed, but bring forth judgment unto viftory ». 
Let the great Shepherd of the fheep gather the lambs 
in his arms, and carry thcia in his bofom, and geatly 
lead them'*, and help them againA their unbeliefs. 

Let not the red dragon devour the man-child, as 
foon as it is born, but let it be caught up to God, and 
to his throne y, 

3. When we fray vtilb, or fur thafe tbat art fei and 
weak, and dijiempered in body, that -ibofe xubo are fai and 
in fin may be convinced, thofe vibo are fich and in Cbri/i 
comforted. * 

Lord, thou had appointed thofe that are tick to be 
prayed for, and prayed with, and haft promifed that ti^ 
prayer of faith Ihall fave the lick \ Lord, help us to pray 
in faith for the lick> and as being ourfelves alfo in the 
body ». 

When our Lord Jefus was here upon earth, wc find 
that they brought to him all Gck people that were taken 
frith divers difeafes and torments, and he healed all 

n Zcch. iii. i. Jei. 1. 5. pi Sam. vii. 2. q Aft* 
)i. 37. r t Sam. xii. 23. /Mit, xix. 16. t John xiv. 6. 
V Mat. xii. 20. u> Ifa. xU 1 1. x Mark. ix. 24. / Rev 
Xii. 4, 5. s Jam. V. J^, 15. 

Qccqfional AMreffes. t^^ 

manner of fiolcnefaes, and all manner or difeafes'among 
the ppople: arnJ he haih flill the fame power over bo- 
dily difcafes that ever he had •; he faith to them, Go, 
and they go ; Come, and they come ; Do this, and they 
do il ; and can fpeak the word, and they fliall be heaU 
ed b. And he is ftill touched with the feeling of our 
infirmities'. In the belief of this, we do by prayer bring 
our friends that are fielc, and lay them brfbre him ^. 

l^rd, grart that thofe who are fick may neither de- 
fpife the chadening of the Lord, nor faint when they 
are relKiked of him ' i but that ihey may both hear the 
rod, and him that hath appointed it, and may kifs the 
rod r, and accept of the punifhment of their iniquity K. 

Give them to fee that afSi^on cometh not forth out 
of the dull, nor fprings out of the ground ^ that the y 
may therefore ftek unto God, to the Lord more than 
10 the phyficians ', becaufc unto God the Lord belong 
the ifliies of liFe and death k. 

Lord, fhow them wherefore thou contendef); with 
them ', and give them ia their afBiftion to humble 
thcmfeWcs greatly before the God of their fathers'", and 
to fcpent and turn from every evil way, and make their 
ways and their doings good ", and being judged, and 
being chafiened of the Lord, they may not be condemn- 
ed with the world ". By the ficknefs of the body, and 
the fadnefs of the countenance, let the heart be made 
better p. 

O Lord, rebuke them not in thine anger, neither 
chaAen in thy hot dtfpleafure : Have mercy upon them, 
O Lord, for they are weak : Lord heal them, for their 
bonesarevcxed, their fouls alfo are fore vexed : Return, 
O Lord, and deliver their fouls, fave them for thy mer> 

a Mat. iv. 33, 24. t viii. 8. 9. e Heb. iv. 1 c. 
rfLukev. 18. *-Heh. xii5. /Mic. vi. 9. g Ltv, 
Kitvi.41. 6Jobv,6,8. I'aChron. svi. 11. i Plal. Ixviii 
20. /Jobx.i. raiChron. xxxiii. 12. « Jer. jviii. n. 
9 1 Cor- xi' 31- p £ccl- vii. 3. 7, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

156 Occajtonal Addrejfes. 

cy's fake o : and lay no more upon them than thou wilt 
enable them to bear, aad enable them to bear what thou 
doil by upon thcm'^. 

"When thou with rebukes doll chaften man for Oo, 
thou makell his beauty to coorunie away like a moth ; 
furcly every man is vanity. Cut remove thy ftroke, we 
pray thee, from thcfe that are even conlumed by the 
blow of thinC hand, O fpare a little, that they may re- 
cover Hrength before they go hence and be no more s. 

Tbofe that are chaftcned with pain upon their bed, 
and <the multitude of their bones with ftrong pain, fa 
that their life abhorreth bread, and their foul dainty 
meat, fbow them thine uprightnef^ be gracious to 
them. ' Deliver them from going down to the pit, for 
thou haft found a ranfom '. 

Let the eternal God be their refuge, and underneath 
them be ttie everlafting arms ', coiiCider their lrame» 
remember that ihey are but duft*. 

O deliver thofe that are thine in the time of trouble, 
preftrve tliem and keepihem alive; O Hrengtheti them 
upon their bed of languiQiing,- and make their bed in 
their licknefs: Be merciful to them, and hcal-thcir 
fouts, for they have finned>. 

O cum to them, and have mercy upon them, bring 
them out of their didrelTes, look upon their a£3i£lioD 
and (heir pain, but crpecially fcrgive all their fin r. , 

Make thy face to Ihine upon ihem, fave them for thy 
mercy's lake • : The God that comforteth them that arc 
csfl down, comfort them' j and let the foul dwelt at 
eafe In thee, when the body lies in pain >>. 

(If it bt the hgiitnin? of a liijofipcr.) Lord fef 
bounds to this lickncfs, and fay, Hitherto Ihalt it come, 
and no further ' ; let it not prevail to extremity, but in 
meafure, when it Iht^cteih forth, do thou debate, and 

r I Cor X- jy J Pfai- x%k\k. 10, 1 1, 13. t Job xns'in 
19, ao. 23, 14. V Deut. xxxiii- 17 w pfal. ciii- 14* 
* sli. I, 2, 3, 4.- y Pfalm xxv- 16, 17, 18. a xxii. t6. 
a 2 Cor vii 6- t P&l. xxV' 13- f J ob sixviii 1 1- 

CkeqfioHal dMref^si 157 

ftay tiiy roOgh wiodin Itc dtty oftbioc <aft w'md i and 
bfi ihjE id ioiq^ity. be purgetl, and \a thJs'^ 4U the 
fruit, 6v«n (be talun^ away of fin ''• 

(^ ri Aoff* cMtinutd kng-') XaxAt 'ct piticnce b?w 
her peifeft work, even unto Ion gT& Sirring, that thoj!^ 
«!hp hijve b«n long ia the (ivnatcS cosy continue 
hoping, ftqd quietly waiting for thp ralT^tion of the 
l^d f } let tribuluion wgrk patiencCj and patience ex- 
peviciKei and e^ipenencea hope th»t maketb not afliam- 
cd B, and 9ni(Mc tbcui to catl even this ^iftioR lighr* 
feeing it to worif tor them % fv mare e:(oeeding suiil 
. eternal weight of glory ". 

{Iflheti it hoftj afrKwerj.) Lord, whwn thog haft 
tri^d, let them come forth \'ic gold ' i let their fouls 
IlTfla and they OnU pcajfe thee, kc thy jtidgmenta help 
'dieffi I O dpal; bountifijlly with them, that tboy may 
live and keep thy word t. In love to their fpuJs deliver 
tt^m from th^ pit of corruption, apd caft all their Hns 
behind thy back. Recover them, and make them to 
live '. Spa^k (be word, and they Ihall be healed «■.: 
S^ Vi)to the in, Live, y», fay oototbcjii] Live,, and the 
time fhall be a time oi lave ". 

Faultier, if it be p((0tb!<^ let tlij-cup pafs away ; how- 
fivq^.nota*w9ViilJ,,bi4t as thouvilt"': The will of the 
jUlKd b« done. FmfeA thw which concerns them p i 
tbs iparcyi O Lord, endures (ok ovet, fgrfake not the 
work of thiqe qnn. band?, but whether tiuey l"e or die* 
let them bti ([le LPtd's*'. 

(.U-f^hiff^^auix at the fiaint ^ 4*olh-^ 
. NoTT ^ ^^^ wi i)ia h(»rt are failing. Lord, \>» 
thou the ftrcngth of the heart, and an everlaf^ing por- 
JH>ftf : Ift tj^f v^U?i (>f (h? ftiadqw Qf death, Lord, 6e 

^ lit Mwii, 8, > *Jbw. 1,4, /4.ini.iii.a<J. f Rom, 
V. 3, 4, bzCw.'w. 17, ,./Jeb i&tji, K< 1 Phi. cxix. 
• 75, 17$. /Ift, %x\v\u. I&, 17, m Mat. vai. 8. 

tt £«rlu VtK 6, 8< q Alar. xzvi. 39, fi plW. cx^^^viifc 8. 
f Rom, xiy. 8. r PfaL Usiii. 26. 

15S Occqfional Addrejfes. 

thou prefenti as the good Shepherd, with a guiding rod, 
and a fupporting QafT*. O do not fail them, nor forfake 
them now'. Be a very prefcnt help'X Into thy hanJs 
we commit the departing fpirit "i as iiito the bands of 
a faithful creator, by the hands of him who has redeem- 
fid it "■ Let it be carried by the angels, into Abraham's 
bofom r. Let it be prefentcd to thee, without fpor, or 
nrinkle, or any fuch thing '■ Lord Jefus, rcceWe this 
precious foul *, let it come to the fpirits of jull m*n 
made pcrfcfl^; when it is ablent froni the body, let it 
be prefcnt with the Lord ^. This day let it be with 
thee in paradife ^, Now let it be for ever comforted *, 
and perfeAly freed from fin ^ \ and prepare us to draw 
after, as there arc innumerable before e, that wc may 
be together for ever with the Lord h, there where there 
fhall be no more death, and where all tears ' fhaH be 
wiped away'. 

4. When v:l pray u-iih, or for thofe thai art dtprived ij 
the ttficf their riafin. 

O look with pity upon thofe that are put (fut of pof- 
feflion of their own fouls'', whofc judgment is taken 
aWay', fo that their foul choofeth ftrangling and death, 
. rather than life >°. O reHore^them to themlelvcs, and 
their right mind ". Deliver Ihcni from doing them- 
IcItcs any harm*. And whatever affliflions thou laycft 
upon any of us in this world, preferve to ns the afe of 
our reafon, and the peace of our conlciences f. 

5. When toe fray with, orforftck children. 

Lord, we fee death reigning even over them thjt 
have not finned after the fimilitnde of Adam's tranfgref- 

J P(al. jtsiii. 4. (Heb. xiii. 5. « Pfal. xlvi. 1. tvxxxt. 
5> *r I Pet. iv. 19. y Luke xvi. 11. x Eph. v. 27, 
n A&3 vii 59. b Heb. xVu i^- e 1 Cor- v. 8- J Luke 
. xxiii. 34. e xvi. 35. / Rom. vj. 7. g- Job xxi. 33. 
A 1 Thef. iv. 17. iRSv. xxi. 4. i Luk« xxi. 9. /Job 
Mvii. I. m vii. -J 5, n Lulie an I?- - « Mat. T< IC* 
j> Afts xvi. 38. - 

Occajtonal Addrejfes. 159 

Hon ,, s but Jcfus Chrin bath abolifhcJ death, and ad- 
mitted even little children into the kingdom of God *. 
O let fick children be pitied by thee, as the/ are b/ 
theirearthly parents'. They are come forth likeflowtrs, 
O let tbem not be cut donn again : Turn from them, 
that they may reft till they Ihall have acconnplifhed as 
& hireling their day *. Be gracious to us, and let the 
chilfJrcti live. However, Father ", thy will be done ». 
Olet their fpiritibefavcdin thedsy ofthe Lord Jcfus'. 

6. Whin •we pray v/ith, or forfamifies where death h, 
efpenaUy/uch M hart loji their bead. 

Vifit the houffs of mourning, as our Saviour did, 
and comfort them, by alTuring them that Chrift is the 
refurrcftion and the life, that their relations which are 
removed from them ', are not dead, but flecp » : and 
that they (halt riftf again, that they may not forrow as 
thofe that hav^no hope". And enable them totruft in 
the. living God f, the rock of ages, and enjoy the foun. 
tiina of living waters'", when creatures prove broken 
reeds and broken ciderns^ 

Be a father to the fatherkfs, and a huftiind to the 
widows, O God, in thy holy habitation f. With thee kt 
the fatherlefs find mercy c, keep them alive, at^d let ths 
widows trull in ikee, that they mny be widows indeed, 
who being dcfolate'*, truft in God, and continue in- 
ftaitt in prayer night and day '■ And where fjther an J 
mother have forfaken, let the Lord take up the chil- 
dren ^, and not leave them orphans, but come ta 
them I. 

7. WTien vu pray v>Uh, or for thofe women that are 
near tht time oftraxieal, or in travaiL 

q Rom. V. 14. r a Tiro. i. lo. / Mark x. 14. 

/ Pral. ciii. 13. V Job siv. 3, £. lu 2 Sara, xii. zt. 
a: AAi xxi. 14. j i Cor. v- 5. a John xi. J;- 2 >. o Mar. 
JK, 84. b I Tbef. iv. 13. e I Tim. vj. 17. d Pfal.citlvt; 
4,5. *Jecii. 13. /Pfal-Uviii. 5. fHor.xiv. ^ 
t Jer, xlix. It. (1 Tim. V. 5. ' k Ptjim xxvli. 13. 

/ John xiv. iS. 

J Co Occ{rfional AddreJ^.. 

Lord, ihou had palTed this fentence upof) tbe « 
that was firft in the tranfgrdiliOQ ™, th« in lorrow (lie 
ftiall bring forth children ». But let this handmaid of 
rhine be laved in child bearing, and cdntuiiiC in fahh, 
and charity, and holimfi, ■wji'h fobriety ". £n>blc hn- 
to cafl her buf den upon the Lord, ani I« tie Lord ftf- 
t^in her <■ } and what itmc (he is afraid, gt^nt that Ihft 
may trufl in thac, and tnay rncourSEC ncrfclf hi the 
Lord, her God ''. O let not the root be dried Up hUta 
beneath, nor kt the branch be withered, or tm oft' ; 
but let both live before ihce'. Be thou her ftrong ha. 
hiiation, her rock, and her fortrefs, give commandment, 
f o idve her '. And vhen travail comes upon her, wtiidi 
ilie cannot efcape, be pjeafed, OLord to deliver her'': 
O Lord, mike hsrflc to help her : Be thou thyfelf her 
help and ddivettr, make no tarrying, O ouf God : Let 
her be fafcly delivered ", and remember the angalOi 
no more, for jiy that a child )s born into the worid, i» 
l)orn unto thee «■ ' ' ■ 

8.' When vas pray viUh, or for ihafe that are recvvrred 
/romjiclinefj, or are ^eHverti in chiid-hiariitg, and defirt 
to return ibarlh to Go// for bit mercy. 

Wc will ext^ thee, O Lord, upon (bflsccoant of 
thofe wham thou b»(k lifted Dp, whoTe louU tboo baft 
l>roiight up from the grave, and kept them alive, tfaait 
ihey fhoutd not go down to the pitr^ Thofe ibat 
\veTt brooght low thou haft helped, htk Mmst^ the* 
fouU from death, th«ir cyBB i$o(n tsarl, and Ath fait 
from falling. Now give ihem grace to walk before 
thee in the land c^ the living, to ofi'Cr to tlwe the fft* 
crifice of thankfgiving, to call upon th; taax, and to 
l>ay their vows unto the Lord •. 

tt I Tim. ii. 14. ■« -Oen. Si, rlS- » 1 Tim- if- t;, 
^ Pfilm Iv. ai. g1ii.$' rt Ssfn.sxX. 6. s jobxwi. 

16. / PI»lra Imti. 3. V I 'iTief. v, 5. to Pfabn xl. i,?. 

17. X John xvi. SI. y Pfalm xzx, i, 2. «csvi. 5, 6« 
9, 17, 18. • 

Occajional Addrejfes, iGi 

The grave cannot thuj praifc tbee, death cannot ce- 
Icbcate 'thee, ihey that go down to ihe pit cannot hope 
for (hf truth, hut the living they fliall praife tbce, as, 
wc do thb day •>. Lord, grant that thofc who are de- 
livered (rom death may not be as the nine lepers ^, 
wbo did -not return to give thanks, or as Htzekiah, 
vfao rendered not again according to the benetii done 
onto him'*; butihat they nuyfoofterpraifc, as toglo- 
Ttfy thee, and fo order their conterfuioo, as co fee tbe 
falvation of God «. 

Thofc whom the liord has chaEteocd fore, yet has 
not delivered over unto death } O (bat they may there- 
fere praife him, who i& become their falvation'. 
' g'. When we pray vrilb, or for lAo/e parinli, wbo/e 
. children art a grii/to tberrt, or fu^ ti ibey are in fear 

Lord, give (o.parents the delires of their fouls con- 
cerning their children, which is to fee them walking in 
^e truth e ; form Chrill in their fouls ''. O give them 
betimes to knov the God of their fathers, and to ferve 
£iit) with a- perfect heart, and a willing mind >. Let 
the. children of youth, that arc as arrows in the hand] 
fae^ dirrfled aright, that thofc parents may have rcc- 
fsn to think themfelves hkppy that have their quiver 
full of them, and they may neier be anows In their 
hearts *. 

I^t thofe foolilh children, that are the grief of the 
tither, and (he heavinef^ of her that bare them, that 
mock at their parents, uid defpife to obey them, be 
brought to repentance ; and let thofe that have bee;t 
unprofitable ', now at length be made profitable '°. O 
ttirn the heans of the children to their fathers ", even 
Ihe difobedient to tbe wifUom of the juft ", that they 

h If». xxxviii. l8, 19; c Luke xvii. 18. d 2 Cbion. 
ixxii, 35. r Pfalm 1. 33- yc.wiii. i3, ii* f 2 John 4, 
b Gal. iv. 19. I I Chron. xxvii/. 9. k Pfal. cxxvii. 4, 5. 
/ Pi«v, xvii. 25- ixj. IJ. m Ph(lcin, 11. n Mai. i v. 6. 
Lake i. 1 7. 

03 „ .,„ . 

i6z Occaf-onei Aidreffes. 

may be made Kidf a }Md[^ prdpined ibr the I^ohAK 
O Ihov them their work, and ibcir tndirgrcffion, that 
fbey exceedei!, knd Often their eat to dtfdplinc *. 

10. tVb^ wf ^«v wi!A, or for iho/r ibot are m- 

Thdre (hat fli in jirfcntft isd in the Aadaw of death, 
bslng bennd in affiiAioa and iron, btomfe tb<7 reb«l- 
1>^ agiinft the *ari of Oed, «Dd ctrntoBBiied the coim- 
i:\ of the Mofl High, give them grace to Cry uBt» tbee 
in their trouble ', wd in • dajr of adrerlity to coitfidcr *, 

In their tii{nlVit]t, ghe theta t<i bctfeink theml^ve^ 
to humble thetnfcl<NH,'aMl pnqr, and ftek thy bee ^ to 
rqient, fiying, We hwc finoed, and have deae per- 
verfely, and to retnm to tbee whh all ^eir faeart a»i 
whh all iheir foul * ; and bring their foult out tS. {Wik 
lon^ that the^ may pratfi: thy aamc* ^ Bnig tiuMio. 
to the glorious liberty of tte children of QoA, out of 
the bondage of corruption *. Let the San nakeihan 
free, and then fbey IhiU be liree indtfed >. 

Tliofe that are vroogfully ItMprif«A0d» En tbon witb 
them, as thou vaft withjofeph iafbc^Utio, and ftov 
them ntercy T. Bear rhe ^car^ add dn^ife Jttrt tk|r 
.pritonets, but let thdr farrtnrftit fighiftg «ome befere 
ilKe> and according to the gtearscfi •ftfay^ptnver pra> 
ftrve ibofe that are unjiiltly appointed to die *^ 

11. Whin Wfpray ■wiih^, or fir ciimlimnai maJefiArr^ 
ihtc have tat a littie lebilt lo ^. 

O toolc vith pity upon thcfe, the atintber of «lu>fe 
lOottdks Is to be cut ofTin the oitdft ibr their fias* : O 
gnre them repentance unto ^ivstion, las thou didft to- 
Sie rtiief upon the cro&*> that ebcy may own the j*t 
tice of God in all that is {>ras^ upon then*, tkat be 

p Job *xxti. cj, »5. 9 Ib.xilx- 3^, 34. r P&LctK, 
TO, 1 1, I]. /XecU vir. 14. 1 1 £'b^ viu. 4.1, 4a. 
V Pralni cxlii. 7. wRaffi' vffi.H. x John viu. 36^ 
^ Gen. Bplalin. Itcit^jj. a Job »u. U . 
:^ 2 Cor, vii. 13> 

OccaJioTial Addrejfes. 1 (J^ 

\m d«M right, but tltey hnw ^one wickejI7^ O turn 
thUi, Md thej AiU be twraed, tbu being tnftru^leA 
tbey nay fnite iqxMi tti« tb^h, oad maj be aflwmedy 
yea, even confcnuMlcd, beMaTe th^ do bear tbe re- 
proach of their own iD:qHit7 <■ O plucic them as brands 
out of the &re * : let them be deUvercd from the wrath, 
10 coriW ^. ■ * 

Enable them to gi*e gtor^ to God bj making coa- 
feffion>, that they may find mercy", and that 
otherj may hear and icar, tcA do no more prcfumptu* 
onfly '. 

Ix>rd Jefiis, rcmeinber them ne«, t^a art in thy 
tjngdom ^ t O let them not be hurt of the fecond 
death ' : Delwcr them from mring down Ifl the pit ■ ^ 
Though tbefleithlwdeftrtwed'.Oletthefpirit befav- 
ed in th« day Of the Lord Jeftit. The God cf incite 
mercy be noerclful to tfaefe fianiirs •, tbde £inci» 
a^aiufl their own fouU^ 

Let tfaoTc i\ati go dcnm to the Hk in fttips, ihM d» 
buflnefs in great waters, obTerre the Vorfei df the liord! 
ihereand tuswondersinthc dtep*; Ahd acknowledge' 
w^at X great God lir is Wbom (he wbds and the feas' 
obey^:; wholiath plaeed the ftirdfcfflheboundofthe 
fea, by a per[ietaal decree, that it cHitiot pals it.; Mui 
though the waves thereof toft iTiemfch**, y«i ean idaof 
lUSt prevaiti iboagh tbeyTmc, yet oaa tkeyvot p>& 
over '. ^ 

O prerervethem througft t&e pttbi orihaftan t,-sut- 
in i«riis by waters, and perils by robbers '. Ij^wm^ 
flormy wind be raifed «k^ liftcib wp the wa; which 

./■I Theff. I J6. g JoA. -vb. ip. i P-,5. i , s,^- 

f Deut. jtvii 1 3. JXirtw »»m. ^fc , 5 j. / a ch,on' 

m job imtii. 14. n i Cor. v. 5. ,, „, p , -, 

/ Numb. xvi. 38. y Pfalm e«i- 23, ? * " ^*''* ^' 

/■J«. *PtaaTJ«i.B. .»»'■ 

164 ^*^ Cpnclujion of Prayer. 

that they arc at their wit's end, deliver them out of 
their diftrcfies, make the ftorm a caldij atid bring them 
to their dfrfired ha^eti : And, O that ihdfe whe are de. 
livered may praife the Lord far his goodncfs, and for 
bii wonderful works to the children of men *. 

0/ tht Cincliifieif 1^ our Prajin, 

WE aif ccramapded to {»-ay atways, to prjy with- 
oat ceafing, ta continue in prayer, hecauTe we 
muft always have iq us a difpoHtiofl to theduty| mud be 
constant to it, and never grow weary of it, or throw it 
up} and yet we cannot be always praying, we muft come 
down from this mount ; normay we be over long, fb 
as to make .tb« iduty a. (a^ •>' ^ (<>'' t*> ourfelves, or 
tbofe that' join with us. We have, other work that 
calls fon our attendance. Jacob wreAles with the an- 
gel ; but he muCl go, for the day breaks : We muft 
therefore think of concluding. The prayers of David 
the -fon of Jelle mu(^ be ended. But how, Oiail we 
conclude ? fo as to have the imprefHons of the duty 
kept always in the imagination of the thought of our 
heart. ' . ■ " 

I. We may theft Juts up »ur requejls. ta/omf eorftprehti^ 
Jive pflitioHt, el life canclufion eflbe whole mailer. 
, Now the God of peace that brought again fiom the 
dead onr Lord Jefus, that great Shepherd of the (beep, 
through the bl»od of the everlading covenant, mate ns 
perfeft in every good work to do his will, working its 
us that which ia wcU<plcaling in his fight, through 

. ' The Condujtan of Prayet. 165 

Now (he Lotd dirrfl otir heai-ts into the love of 
Cch), and into a patiefil (Voting for Chrirt ". 

And tht God of all grace, who hith called ns to his 
eternal glory by Cln-ift Jefus, after ihat wC have fuffered 
a while, mifce us pcrfedl, ftablllb, flrengthcii, fettle us '. 

And noh'. Lord, what *ait Wc fot^ ? Truly dur 
hope is even in thee, and on thee do ^re depend to be 
to us a God all fufEcicnt =. 

t)o for us exceeding abundantly above what we are 
.ableJoafkorthitik, according to the povrer that work- 
eth in ui ' : And fuppljf all our needs according to thy 
riches in glory by Chrift Jefu«e. - 

3. Ute may then htg far ibc audience Bni acceptance <f 
tur poor weak prayers for Cbrifi^i fait. 

Now the God of ifrad grant us (he things we have 
requefied of him h. 

X^t the words of OUr moifths, arid the inediiationi 
of our hearts be acctptablc iii i^y fight, O Lord, our 
ftrcngth and' our Redeemer '. 

Let thine eyes be open unto (he fupplication (X tby 
fervants, and unto the filpplieation of thy people [frM), 
to hearken unto tjiem in all that they call unto thee 
for ; for ihey be thy people, atid thine inheritance K 

O our God, let thine cars be auent unto the prayers 
that v/i have nnade : O turn not away the Jacc of thins 
anoimed ; remcmlper the mercies of Dzvid ihy fo-vant % 
even J«I(U, who is at thy right hand racing intercei^ 
iion fur us ', 

Lord, thou baft aiSircd my that whatever ws afk the 
Father in Chrift's natncy he will give it us<>>. We aflc 
all thefe things in that name^ that pftwerful name 
whicli is above every name ", that precious name which 

A iThtff. iii- J. c I Pet. V. 10. V Pfctai Kx»ix. 7. 
( Gen. x4'ii. 1. /Kph. iii. ao. jf Phil.iv. 19. b 1 Sam. 
i. 17. I'PJitm xiic. i^. i I Kinjs viis j', $1. /a Chtou; 
vi, 40, 41. m Job* xvi. zj. n Phil, ii, 9. • Cant. i'. 3. 

1 66 7h.e Conclujion of Prayer. 

\% as ointment poured forth y. O make thy fjce to 
fliinc upon us for the Lord's fake ", who b the Soa of 
thy love, and whom thou heareft always ' ; good Lord, 
give us to bear hiai, and be well pleafed with us in 
Eitn '^, 

3. Wemaythenhtsftr ibe forghetiffs ofxohsl b^i been 
mmifs in our prayers. , 

Lord, we have not prayed as we ought'} who is 
there that docs good, and fins not"» ? hvcn when we 
^ould do good, evil is prcfent with u", and if to will 
be prcfent, yet how to perform that which is good we 
fcnOw not ; for the good that we would, wc do not *, 
fo that thou mighte^ juftly refufe to hear, even when 
we make many prayers*. But we have a great High- 
Pricft, who bears the iniquity of the holy things, whicK 
the children of Ifrael hallow in all their holy gifts' j 
for his fake take away all that iniquity froui us, even 
all the iniquity of our holy tbings, and receive us gra- 
cioufly, and love us irecly ^ ; and deal not with us 
after our folly %. . 

4, We may then recommend outfelmet to the eondaSI, pro- 
le^ion, and government of the divine grace, in the further 
ferviees that lie before ut, end in the courfe of our 

And now let us be enabled to go from ftrength to 
ftrength, until we appear before God in Zion; and' 
while we pafs through the valley of Bacca, let it he- 
made a well, and let the rain of the -divine grate and 
bleffiflg fill the pools I". . . 

Now fpc A, Lord, for thy fcrrants heax ', - What 
faith our Lord unto- his fervants n ? Grant'that wcma^ 
□ot turn away our ear from hearingthelaw ; for then 

' p Dan. ix. 17. y Col. \. 13. r John xi. 42. /J\Iat« 
avJi. 5. / Rom; viii. 26.' i Eccl. vii; 10. w Rom. vii. 
i5, 19. * ift. i. 15.' y Exod. xxviii. 38- K HoT, xiv. 2. 
a Job slii. 8.' B Pudm Ixxxii?. 6, 7. c i Sam- iii- g- 
■^Jcih.r. H- - ... : 

Jie Conchjton ^Prayer. l6j 

ou r praj-crs will be an abomination ' \ but may hearken 
unro God, that he may hfarken unto us f. 

And now, the Lord our God be with us, as he was 
\f\\h our fathers ; let him not leave us, nor forfake U!:, 
.tiial he may incline our hearts unto him, to walk in alt 
his ways, and to keep his conimandroenis, snd his sta- 
tutes, and his judgments : And let our hearts be pei^ 
■feSi with the Lord our God all our .days> and continue 
fo till the end be s, and then we may reft, and may 
Aand in our lot, and let it be a bleiled lot in the end of 
the days. 

5- #'# may conclude all with doxolopet, or/olcmn ^raij^ 
ti of God, afcribing honour and ghry la tie Father, the 
San, and the Holy Gbofl, andfealing up all aur praifet end 
prayert v:ilh aa affeSionate AmcR' 

Now blefled be the IiOrd God of Ifrael, from evcr- 
laHing to everlafting», Amen and Amen. 

Tor cf er blcffed be the Lord God, the God of Ifrael, 
who only doih wondrous things, and blefied be his glo- 
rious name W eser, and let the whole earth be filled 
with his glory. Amen and Amen ^. Yea, let all the 
people fay. Amen, hallelujihi. -,1 

To God only wife be glory, through Jcfus Chrift, for 
^ver", Amen. 

Now to God the Father, and our X^ird Jcfus Chrtd, 
irho gave himjeUfor om^S, itjat.he migbt deliirer us 
from this prefent evil world, according to the will of 
God and our Father, be glory forever and even. Amen, 

To God be glory in rhc church by Chrift Jefus, 
throughout all ages, world without end ", Amen. 

Now io the Kifig eternal, imtbortal, invifible, the 
only wife God, be honour and glory for ever and ever p. 
Amen ; To him be honour and power everUftsig *<, tfi 
Um be glory and deihtuioD r. Amen. 

e Prov. sxviii. 9. /Judges ix- 7. g i K'ngs viii. 57, 
5t,6i. t PfaLxli- 13 r^lxiii- iSi 19^ / Plal cvl 48. 
w Rom- xvi. 37. « G)l. i-3, 4, 5.' oEpkiii, 21, 
^Tini.i-17' jvi. i6- riPet-T-ii. 

l6B J Fare^hr^fe. off 

Now, untQ him that is ^bie to kccf); as from faUiiKi 
and to prefeut (is feuljicfs before, the pKfeppe of hw 
glory with exceeding joy, to tlw only wife Gfld oaf Sa- 
viour, beg lory and qi>ijeft;i tJoaiLaiou apii ppffer* oaw 
and 6«r', Amen. 

Hallelujah, falvatiORi mA glvji and Ijonour, and 
power, unto the Lord our Cod, Aibcu, haUeliOaK '. 

And now, we proftcMc our fouls before the throne 
and worlhip C()i), faying^. Afpent blcilingt tTvl $}orj apd 
frifdom, 9nd thap)«f^iviqg,,a[Hd [vono)iraD<j powerfand 
might, be unto God, for ever and ever ', Anan-^ 

&leinng,a.nd honour, ^Dd.^ryt wdpowc, be unto 
bim that uttsth upon the throne, and luito ths Lamljt 
for evfE aful ever ; and let the whole cie;(^oa C^f^ 
Amen, Amen w. 

6. Il is vfyfir<o^l9fvm Uft "itr pr^yert in ibatfirik 
v/praytr ■wbiek Corifi l^fg^ bij tii/cifj«s. 

Otjr Father whitth artinHwven; MMe4 be thy 
name ; thy kiogdnm come i thjr will be done on eortb 
ai it i^ in heaven -, fuve i^s thi* d^y ou;* d^tily hrea^ ; W94 
forgive us our trefipajl]»t a» we forgive tji^ein th^t tr*?- 
pafs againft as } and le^id <?) W into tcinpUtf joo, btic 
AtWwt. m, bom eu) ; for thi^ ii ths kiogdorn., and the 
[lower, and the glory, for ever and ever,, Awn ". 

CHAPv vm, 

THE Lord's pfaster beiiJK««fWiiwJ.>5«5>nl)F ftw» 
form of prayer itfelf, but a rule of diirc^tion, a 

Mv, if; t, Reir. itix. i, 41 . v B>qr> yu<.i|,,l)< 
^ jilt. Tj.9» lb, n, fH»3. 

%be Lord's Prayer. 169 

pUo or model m little, b; tvhich we may frame our 
prayers ; and (he expredions being remarkably concife 
nnd yet vaflly comprehenfire, it will be of good ufe 
fam^timcs to. lay it before us, and obferving the method 
and order of 'it, to dilate upon I he fevcral palTages 
and pciitiom of it, that we may ul'e it the more ioteltj- 
gently ; of which we Ihall only here give a fpeeimcn, in 
tb^ aiSl^aiKe we may have from fonie other fcriptures. 

Our Father vihich art in Heaven. 

O Lord our God, doubtlefs thou art our Father, 
though Abraham be ignorant of ui, and Ifrael acknow- 
ledge us not : thou, O Lord, art our Father, our Re- 
dccincr, thy name is from everlafting ■ } And we will 
from this time cry unto ihee, oar Father, thou art the 
guide of our youth ". 

Have we not all one Father i has not one God treat, 
ed us ' ? Thou art the Father of our fpirits, to whom 
we ought to be in fubjeflion, and live*, 
4 Thou art the Father of lights, and the Father of 
mercies c, and the God of all confolation ' : The eter- 
nal Father ^^f whom, and through whom,- and to 
whom ate a^Biings "■ 

Thou art the Father of our Lord Jiifus Chrifti, 
whofe glory was that of the only begotten of the Father, 
who is in his bofom ^ by him, as one brought up with 
him, daily his delight, and rejoicing always before him '. 

Thou art in Chrift, our Father, and the Father of alL 
believers, whom thou haft predeftinated to'the adoptiou 
of children „, and into whofe hearts thou hafl fent the 
Spirit of the Son, teaching them to cry Abba, Fathc^R, 
behold what manner of love the Father hath bedowed 
upon us, that we Ihould be called the children of God " ! 

" "b If?.lxiii. 16. AJer. iii.4. rMal.iilo, rfHeb. xii. 9. 
^jamesi-i?. /tCor-i^. gUifis.6. i Rom. si. 3(1. 
( £ph. t. 3. t John i. 14, i8. /Prov.viii. 30. m E^th. 
L I (• n Gat. tv> 6< a I Jolui lii, I. 

1 70 A Parapbrafe on 

That ihe Lord Cod Almighty ftiould be to us a Father, [ 
and vrc Ihould be to him for Tons and daughters p : And 
that' as many as receive Chrill, to them thou fhouldeft 
give power to become the Sons of God, even to them 
that believe on his name ; which are born, not Of the 
will of man, but of God, and his graced. j 

O that we may receive the adoption of Tons ■', and 
that as obedient and genuine children we may fafliioii 
ourfelves according to the example of him who halh 
called us, who is holy < -, and may be followers of God ! 
is dear children, and confermcd to the image of his ' 
Son 1, who is the fir/l-born among many brethren '. 

Enable u^ to come to (hee with humble boldnefs and | 
confidence w, as to a Father, a tender Father*, who j 
ipares us as a man fpares his Ton who ferves hitn ; and i 
as having an advocate with the Father, ', who yet has ' 
told us, that the Father bimfelf loves us», i 

Thou art a Father, but where is thine honour ' ? i 
Lord, give us grace to fcrve thee as becomes children, I 
with reverence and godly fear". 

Thou art a Father, and if earthly parents, being evil> ! 
yet know h.ow to give good gifts unto ifaeir children, 
how much more fhall our heavenly Y^^fftT^ give the I 
Holy Spirit to them that aik him '. Lord, give us tbc 
Spirit of grace and fupplication ■'. I 

We come to thee as prodigal children^ that have j 
gone from our Father's houfe into a far country; but 
we will arife and go to oar Father, for in his houfe j 
there is bread enough, and to fpare ; and if we continue 
at a dillance from hiiu, we perilh with hunger. Father, 
\ve have tinned againfl heaven, and before thee, and 
are no more worthy to be called thy children, make us i 
even as thy hired fervants'. 

p 2 Cor. vi- i8. q John i, 12. 13. r Gal. iv. 5. , 

t I Pet. i. 14. ( Epii. V. I. T> Rom. vjii' 29. w £ph. 
iii. II- * Mai. lii. 17. y i Johoii. 1. a Johnxvi, 27. 
« Mai. i. 6. b Heb. xii. 23. c Lcke ri. J3. 4 Zect | 
xii. 10. e Lukefiv. 13. 17, 18, ip. ' 

Tfje Lard's Prayer. 171 

Thou art our Father in heaven, and therefore unto 
tAee, O Lord, do we lift our Touls. Unto thee wc 
lift up our eyes, O thou that dwclleft in the heavens : 
As the eyes of a fervant are to the hand of his mafter, 
and the eyes of a maiden to the hand of her miflrefs, 
(b do our eyes wait upon thee, O Lord our God'i a 
God whom the heaven of h<avens cannot contain, and 
yet whom we may have accefs tog, having a High-Pricft 
that is pafled into the heavens as our forerunner *■, 

Thou, O God, dwelleft in the high and holy place', 
and holy and reverend is his name k. God is in heaven, ' 
and wc are upon <arth ', therefore Ihould we chufe our 
words to reafon with him", and yet through a Media- 
tor we have boldnefs to enier into the holxft ". 

Look down, we pray thee, from heaven, and beholiT, 
from the habitation of thy holinels, and of thy glory ", , 
and have compaClon upon us, and help us i". 

Heaven is the firmament of ihy power" ■ O hear us 
from thy holy heaven, with the faving ftrengih of thy 
right hand ; fead us help from thy fanftuary, and 
.Arengthen us out of %\oa. 

And, O that, lincc heaven is our Father's houfe [, we 
may have our converfation there", and may feck the 
things that are above '. 

HaUowed he-lhy N,ime. 
And now what is our petition, and what is our re- 
qucft*? What would we that thou Aioulded ^o for 
us " ? This is our heart's deiirc and prayer in the firlt 
place. Father, in heaven, let thy name be fanflified". 
We pray that thou maycl^ be gloritied as a holy God ^, 

/Pfalm Isjxvr. 4. g i King* viii. a?. b Heb. 
iv. i+. « Ifa. Ivii. r^. k Vh\. cxl 9. / Eccl. v. 3. 
m job \x. 14. n Heb. \. 19. Ifa. Ixiii. 15. p M»rk 
ix. 22. q Pfil. Kx. J, 6. r John xiv, 2. 1 Phil, iii- 20. 
t Col- iii. I. o Efther v. 6- to Mat, ^x- 31. * Rora. 
Xi t. y Lev. Jt. 3. 

173 A Parapbrafe on 

We defire to exalt the Lord our GotI, to worfhip at 
his footllool, at his holy hill, and to praife Im gfeat and 
terrible name, for it is holy, for the Lord our God a 
holy «. Thou art holy, O thou ihatinhabitcft the praifcs 

We glory iil thy holy name, and therefore (ball our 
hearts rfjoice", becaufe that we have truftcd 10 that 
holy name of thincS to which we will alwsya give 
thanks, and triumph in thy praife <]• 

Lord enable us to glorify thy holy name for ever- 
more, by praifing thee with all out hearts', and by 
bringing futth much fruit, -for herein is our heavenly 
Father glorified'. O tliat we may be to our God for a 
name, and for a praife, and for a glory*, ihat being 
ca'ldi out of daikncfs iuio his marveUous light, to b^ 
10 him a peculiar jieop'e, we may Ihow forth the prai- 
Ics of him thit haih called us *. 

O that we may be ihy children, the worfc of thy 
hands, that we may fjnclify thy name, and fan£)tfy the 
holy Une of jarob, and fear the God of Ifracl ', and 
may be to [he praife of his g'ory ^. 

Enable us as we have received the gift, fo to mi- 
itiiler the fame, as good liewarJs of the manifold grace 
of God, that God in all things may be glorified through 
Jefus ChrlA ' : And if we futfcr, enable us to fuOei as 
ChriA'ans, and to glorify God tbaein ; for this is our 
carneft expeflation and hope, that always Jefus Chrift 
may l^ mii^nitied in our bodies, in life and death'". 

Lord, enable others to glorify thee, even the flfong 
people to glorify thee, and the ciiy of the terrible na- 
t ions fear thee"; btit efpecially lettheLordbemagniStd 
from the border of Ifrael ". Let tbeni glorify the Lord 
in the fires, even the Lord God of Ifriiet in the iftfts of 

a Kal. 101.3,5, 5. <ixxiJ.3. AcT.3. 
d cv\. 47. e b£xKvi. j 2, /John X/. 8. j Jer. xiij. 1 1. 
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lY. to, 1 1, 16. m Phi!, i. lo, a Ifa. sxv. 3. -o Mai. i. ;j" 

7be Lord's Prayer. 173 

the fea ^. O let all nations, whom thou haftmade, conie 
and worfliip before thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name : 
for tho'i are great and doft wondrous things, thou art 
God alone q. 

O let the Gentiles glorify God for his mercy, let his 
name be known among the Gentiles, and let them re- 
joice with his people ', O let thy name be great among 
the Gentiles ', and let all the ends of rhc world remem- 
ber and turn to the Lord, and all kindreds of the na- 
tions worfhip before thee v and let them declare thy 
rtghteoufnefs to a people chat {ball be borri'. 

Lord, do thou thyfelf difpofc of all things to thy own. 
glory, both as King of nations, and King of faints ' " : 
Uo all according to the counfel of thy own will *, that 
thou mayeft magnify ihyfelf, and fanilify thyfelf, and 
mayel) be known in the eyes of many nations, chat thou 
art the Lord '. O fanflify thy great name, which has 
been profaned among the heathen, and let them know 
that thou arc the Lord, when thou IHalt be fan^fied ia 

Father, glorify thine own name*: Thon hart glori-, 
ficd it, glorify it yet again : Father, glorify thy Son, that 
thy Son alfo may glorify thee ". O give him a name a-, 
bove every nameS and in all places, in all things let 
bim have the pre-eminence ^, 

Lord, what wilt thou do for thy great name ' ? Do 
this for ihy great name : Pour out of thy Spirit upoa 
all flefh^v and let the word of Chrift dwell richly in 
the hearts of all e. Be tJiou exalted, O Lord, among 
the heathen, be thou exalted in the earth " : Be tboa 
exalted, O Ood, above the heavens, let thy glory be 

p Ila. sxiv. I5« y Pfat. Ixiwi. 9, to- r Rom. xv, 9^ 
10. / Mai. i. 1 1. / Pfal. rxii. 17, 31. V Jef. x. 7, 
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23. o John xii. i8. A xvii. i. c Phil. ii. lo- </ Col. i. 
!«. *Jofti.vii.9, /Juaii.28. fCol.iii.i6. APCd. 
ilri. to- 

174 ^ Parapbrafe an 

above all the «rtfi ' ; Be thou exalted, O Lord, in thine 
own ftrcngth, fo will we fing and praife thy power ". 
Do great things with thj glorious and everhfting aroii 
to make uQto thj^felf a glorious and everlafliog name '. 
O lot thy name be minified for ever, faying, The 
Lord of bofldis tlK God of lirael, eves a God to Ilrael". 

Ihy KingJam comt. 

In order to the fanflifying and gtorifying oF thy holy 
name. Father in heaven, let tby kingdom come, foe 
thine )s the kingdom, O Lord, and tbmi art exalted as 
head above all ; Both riches and honotir come of thee %. 
thou rctgnen over all, and in thine baud U power and 
might, and in thine hand it is to make great, and to 
give ftrcngth unto all ". And we delire to fpeak of the 
glorious majefty of thy kingdom, for it is an -eBerlafting 
.kingdom, and thy dominion «)dur«s tbrou^unit all 
generations ". 

Thou rulelt by thy power (or ever, thine eyes behold 
the nations p. O let not the rebellious exalt tliem&lves, 
, but through the greatnefs of thy power let ihinC xne- 
tnies fubmit themfelves ttnto thee^, 

O m^e it Co appear that the kingdcHn is tbinc, and 
that thou art the governor among xht nations ', (o evi- 
dent, that they may fay among the heathen, The Lord 
reigncth ' ; that all men may fear, and may declare ttte- 
works of God ', and may fay, VePily, he is a God 
that judgeih in the earth ". Make all the ikings etf 
the earth to know the heavens do rule, even that the 
Mod High ruleth in the kindom of men, and givedi.iG 
to whomfoever he wiH, and to praife, and to extol, and 
honour the King of heaven, all whole works are trmh> 
and his ways judgment, aud tbofe that walk in pride 
he is al^e to abafc *. 

Pfal. h 

I'n. 1 1. 


txi. 1 


/I&Jxiv. II, 14. 


vii. 34. 

n 1 


ron. : 


. It 

, 13. oP/al.ciW. 

'3- P 

!xvi. 7. 



3. ' 



xir.. 28. t htis. la 

IV. 0. 

V Will, 


■ iv. 


. ^6, 3j. 

the Lord's Prayer. 175 

O let the kingdom of thy gract come mere and more 
ID the world ", that kingdom of God Which comeib 
DOt with obrervation, that kingdom of Ood, which is 
within men- Let it be like leaven in the world, d'ltm 
fufing its rdilli, till the whole be leavened, and tike a 
grain of muftard-fccd, which, though it be the leaftof 
all feeds, yet,' when it is grown, is the grcatdl among 

-Let the kingdoms of ihe world become ihc kjngdomf 
of the Lord,, and of his Chrift : Take unto thjfeif thy 
great power, and reign, though the nations be angry '. 
Set up thy throne there where Satan's feat is " ; let every 
tftought be brought unto obedience to thee '', and let 
the law of thy kingdom be magnified and honourable *=. 

Let that kingdom of God, which Is not in word but 
in power, be fet up in all the churches of Chrift *' : Semi 
forth the rod of thy {Irengib out of thy Zion, and rule 
by the beauty of holincfs *■ 

Where the Arong man arnnd hath long kept his pa- 
lace, and his goods are in peace, let thrift, who is 
flronger than he, come upon him, and take from him 
all his armour wherein he ttufled, and divide the fpoil ^ 

O give to the Son of Man dominion and glory, and 
a kingdom, 'that all people, nations and languages may 
iervc him, and the judgment may be given to- the lainta 
of the MqA High e. 

Let the kingdom of thy grace come more atd more 
in our land, and the places where we live. There let 
the word of God have free courfe, and be glorified \ 
and let not the kingdom of God be taken from us, as 
we have deferved it Ihould, and givea to a nation bring'' 
jog forth the fruits thereof'. 

Xet the Jcingdom of tbj grace come into our hearts, 

» Luke xvi!. 2Q, 21. jrMalxiii. 31,31, S3> oi Rev. 
xu 15, 17. d ii, 15. i 2 Cor. x- s- ^ l(a, xlii. ai- 
V I Cor. if. ,20. y PfaJ. ex. 2, 3. /Lukex!.ai, zv 
I Dan- vii- 14, i:> h 1 Thef. iiU i. i MaLi^iu. 42- 

i'j6 A Paraphrafi on 

that they may be the temples of the Holy Ghoft \ Let 
no iniquity have dominion over us '. Overturn, over- 
turn, overturn the power of corruption there, and let 
him come whofe right our hearts are, and give them 
hicn '^A make us willing, more and more willing in the 
day of thy power ". Rule in us by the power of truth, 
that being of the truth, wc may always hear Chriffs 
voice", and may not only call him Lord, Lord, but do 
the things that he faith p. And let the love of Chrift 
command us, and coiifVrain us ", and his iear be before 
our eyes, that we fm not r. 

O let ihe kingdom of thy'glorybehaftened j we be- 
lieve it will come ; we look far the Saviour, the Lord 
Jefus •, to come in the clouds of heaven with power and 
great glory ' ; we hope that he (hall appear to our joy j 
wt love bis appearing * j we arc lookiiig for,^ and haft- 
ing to the comingof theday of God*-; make us ready 
for it, that we may then hft up our heads with joy,' 
knowing thai our redemption draws nigh '. And, t> 
that we may have fuch lirft-fruils of the Spirit ', as 
that we ourlelves may groan within ourfelves, waiting 
for the adoption, even the redemption of our body ' - 
and may have a delire to depart, and to be whh Chrift^ 
which is bcft of all**. 

Blefled Jefua, be with thy minlllers and people (as- 
thou haft faid) always even unto theendof the world *r 
And then (as thou baft laid) furely I come quickly' ; 
even fo come, Lord Jefus, come quickly = ; When the: 
niySery of God Ihall be finilbcd, make hafte our be- 
loved, and he thou like to a roe, or to a yooag hart> 
upon the' mountains of fpices ^ 

k I Coi. iii. i6- / Pr«l. cxijt. 133. m Ezek. xxi. 17^ 
w ^ o John xviii. 37- ^Luke vi- 46. ? 1 Cori 
\. m. r t'xoil- Kx. 20. * Phil. iii. 20. r Mat. xiiv. 30.. 
•ein^;xvl. 5. 'uj ^ rim. iv. 8. * a Pet. iii. 12. j. Mit. 
ssiv. ^^. m Luke sxi. 28' # Rom. viii. 33. * Phil. U 
il3, -^ Mnt ,v::viii. ^o, d Rer. xjii- 20. e Rev; S. ^ 
J CitiK. viii. 14. 

The Lories Frayer. 177 

TBy iFiil ba dont 6n Earth, as it is in Hiavtn. 

And as an evidence that thy kingdom comes, and in 
order to the finflifyingof thy name, Father in heaven, 
let thy boiy will be dune. We know, O Lord, that 
whatfocver thou pleafeft, that thou doft in heaven and 
in earth, in (he fea, and in all deep places e : thy coun> 
fcl fhalt fland, and thou wilt do all thy pleafure '> : Even 
fb be it, holy Father, not our will, but thine be done '. 
As thou halt thought, fo let it come to pafs, and as thou 
haft purpofed, let it ftand *. Bo all according to the 
counfcl of thine own will '. Blake even thofe to fcrve 
thy purpofes that have not knt}\vn thee, and that mean 
not fo, neither doth ihcir heart think fo ". 

Father, let thy will be done concerning us and ours"; 
Behold, here we are ; It is the Lord, let fiiin do to us 
as feemeth good unto him" : The will g^the Lord be 
done P. give us to fubmit to thy will in conformity 
to the example of the Lord Jefus, whQj£rU, Not as I 
will, but as thou wilt 1} and to fay, Th(C^rd gave, 
and the Lord hath taken away, blefled be the name of 
the I-^d '. Shall we receive.good at the hand of the 
Lord, and fhall we not receive evil alfo '. 

Father, let the fcriptures be fulfilled c ; Ihefcriptures 
of the prophets, which cannot be broken *. Though 
hoaven and earth pafs away, let not one jot or tittle of 
thy word pafs away*. Do what is written in the 
fcripturcs of truth "^ and let it appear that forever, 
O Jxird, thy word is fettled in heaven "i. 

Lord, give grace to each of U5 to know and do the 
will of our Father which is in heaven*. This is the 
vill of God, even our faii^ification '', Now the God 

.g Pfalm cxxxv- 6. h I(a. %\v\. lo. i Luke xxCx. 41. 
h Jf». xlv. 4. / Eph. i. 11. -m Ifa. x- 7. « 1 Sam. lii. 18. 
* a Sam. «v. 26. p Afis xxi. 14. q Mat. xxiv. jg- 
rjflb;r.3f. j it, 10. / Mat- xxvi. jG. v John x. ^s* 
lii Mat. niv- 35. X Dan- x. 2o. y Pfalm cxix. *i.f. 
dMat. sii. 50. i I Their, iv. 3- 

1 78 A Paraphrafe en 

of peace fanflify as wholly'. O let us be filled with 
the knowledge ot tUy will in all wifJom and fpiriiual 
underflanding'', and make us perfect in every good 
work to do Ihy will ". O let t^e time paft of our life 
fuffice us to have wrought the will of the fielh *, and 
lo have walked according to the courfc of this world *. 
And from henceforth grant that it may always be our 
meat and drink to do the wilt of our Father, and to 
iinifh his work '' ; not to do otir o^ will 1, but his 
that lent us k, that we may be of thofe that (hall enter 
into the kingdom bf heaven, and -npt thofe that fhall 
be beaten with many Ilripes '. 

Lord, give grace to others alfo to know and do thy 
will ; to prove what is the good, and acceptable and 
perfeft will of God nu not to be unwifc, but under- 
Handing what the will of the Lord is " ; and then give 
them to ftand perfefl and complete in all the will of 
God " : And let us all ferve our generations according 
to that will^'~'^ 

And when we have done th^ will of God, let ui tn- 
hcrit thepromircsi ; and let that part of the will of God 
be done j Lord, let the word which thou haft ^ken 
concerning thy fervants be eAabliflied forever, snd di> 
as thou had faid ^ 

We rejoice that thy will is done in heaven : that the 
holy angels do thy commandtnetus, and always hearken 
to the voice of thy word ' ; that they always behold 
the face of our Father '. And we lament it, that thy 
will is fo little dens on earth. To many of the children 
of men being led captive by Satan at his will". O 
that this earth may be made more like to heaven ! and 

(M Theff. V. 13. ^Col.i.9. f Heb. xiii. ar. /i Pet. 
IT. 3, g Eph. ii. z. b John iv. 34. i vi. 38. k Matth. 
TJi. 21. /Luke xi'.47. m Rom. lii. 2. n Epb. v. 17. 
o Gal. iv. 1 3. f> Afls xiii. 36. q Heb. x^ 36. r I Chron. 
xyil. 23, X PCilni ciii. so. / Mat- xviii. lo. v 2 Tinu 
ii« 16. 

The Lord's Prayer. • 1 79 

faints more like to the holy angels ! and that we who 
hope to be lh«rtly as the angels of God in heaven*, 
may now, like them, not reft from praifing him " ; may 
now, like them refift and withftand Satan t ; may be 
as a flame of fire ", and fly fwiftlj-, and may go flraigbt 
forward whiiherfoever the Spirit goes ■ *>, may miniftcr 
for the good of others =, and thus may come into coio- 
muaion with the innumerable company of angeU ^, ' 

Glvt us this day our daily bread. 

Thou, O God, who haft appointed us to feek firft 
the kingdom »f God, and the righteoufnefs thereof, 
haft promifcd that if we Jofo, other things Ihall be 
added unto us': and therefore having prayed for the 
fan^ifying of thy name, the coming of ihy kingdom, 
and the doing of thy will, we next pray. Father in hea- 
ven, give us this day, and day hy day our daily bread '. 

Remove far from us vanity and lies ; give us neither 
poverty nor riches ; feed us with food canvenieat for 
us, left we be full and deny thee, and (ay, Who is the 
I^ord ? or left we be poor and ftealj and take the name 
of our God in vain g. 

Lord, we aflt not for dainties, for they are deceitful 
meat " j nor do we pray that we may fare fumptuoudy 
■every day, for we would not in our life lime receive 
our good things ' ; but we pray for that bread which is 
neceffary to ftrengthen man's heart '', We defire not to 
eat the breadof deceit ', nor todrinjp any flolen waters'", 
nor would we eat the bread of idlenefsn, but that if 
it be thy will wc may eat the labour of our own hands, 
jthat with quietnefs we may work, and eat our own 

■oj Mat. xsiL 30. x Rev. iv- 8.^ y Dan, x, 13. 
» Plal- civ 4. aDan. in, 31. b Ezek.l. 9, 11. C Heb. 
1. t4. </xii- 22, *Mat. vi. 53, _/"Lukexi. 3. ^ Prov; 
jiKX. 8, 9. A Prov. xxiii, 3, i Luke svi. 19, 25. i Pfal. 
Ciy, !§, / Prov. xa. 17- m is. 17, n xx.xi. sy. 

1 8o ^ farapltrafi- on 

bread o ; and bavirfg food and raiment », give us. to \ifi 
(herewith content i, and to fay, we have all, and 4- 

Blefs, Lord, our fubftar.ce, and accept the work of 
our hands*; and give us where wit ha i to provide for 
our own, even for ihofe of our owo houlet, and to 
leave an inheritance, as for as is juft to our chi'dren'i 
chtldreo v Let the beauty of the Lord our God be 
Upan us, proffer thou the work of our hands upon us, 
yea, (he work of our bands eftablifh tliou it ". Blefs, 
Lord, our land with the precious things of the earth, 
and the fulnefs thereof t but above alt let uj have the 
good-will of bioi that dwchin ihebulh, cvea the blef- 
ling that was upon the head of Jofeph, and upon tbe 
crown of the head of him that was feparated from his 
brethren ,. 

But if the fig-tree fhould not bloflTom, and there 
fhould be no fruit io the vine ; if tbe labsur of the 
olive Ihould fail, and the fields Ihould yield no meat ; 
if the flock Ihould be cut off from the fold, and there 
fliould be no herd in the flail, yet let us have grace to 
rejoice in the Lord, and to pj in the God of our fal> 
vation t, | 

Father, we afk not for bread for a great while to 
come, but that we may have this day our daily bread'^ J 
for we would learn, aud th^ Lord teach us not to take 
thought for the morrow, what wi; fliall eat, or what 
we fliall drink, or wherewithal we Ihall be clothed, but 
we caft tlie care upon thee, our heavenly Father, who 
l^notveft that wc have need ot all ihefe things ; who 
feedeft tbe fowls of the air, though they fow not, nei- 
ther do they reap, and wilt much more feed us z, who 
uc of more value than oiiMiy fparrow^'. 
o Pfclio cxsviii. i. fi 2 Tb«ff. ili. la. j I Tim. vi. 9, 
r Phil. iv. 18.. J Deuc. xxi;iii. 11. t i Tim. ». 8. 

V Prov. xlii- 22. w Pfilm xc. 17, * Deut xxxiii' 13. 
i6- jF Hab- iii- 17, i8- x Mat- vi. 31, 32. « x- sv 

The Lord's Prayer. i8t 

Nor do we praf for daily bmd for ourfelves only, 
but for others alfo. O faiUff thy poor with bread b: 
Let all that walk righleoufl^ and fpcalc uprightly dwell 
on higb : Let the place of their defence be the muii^ 
tion of rocks, let Ix^ad be given to themj and let their - 
waters be Itire *=. 

Aniforgnt ut taf diBli at we forgive our deitart. 

And, Lord, as duly as we pray every day for our 
daily bread, we pray for the forgivenefs of our Gns : 
For we are all guilty before God, have all linncd, and 
have come fhort of the glory of God ". (a many tilings 
me all ofFend every day -«: Who can tell bow oft he 
ofFcndi I ? If thou fhouldeil mark ioiquitiei, O Lord* 
who ^hali fland ? But there is forgivenefs with thee 
that thou Diayeft be feared t. God be merciful ta lu 

W« have wafled our Lord'^ goods ^ we have buried 
*\vt talents we were entrufled with ', nor have we ren- 
dered again according to the benefit done unto us, and 
thus we came to be in debt K The fcripEure has con- 
cluded us all under fin i ; we bate 4one fuch things as 
are worthy of death ; things foe which the wrath of 
'God comes upon the children of dilbbedience ". Our 
debt b more than ten thoufand talents '. It is a great 
debt -y and we have nothing to pay, Jo far arc we from 
bang able to €ay, Have patience HJlh m, and we wilt 
foy thee all ". Juftly therefore might our adverfary de- 
liver iti to the judge, andlhejudge to the officer, to be 
caft into prifon, the prifon of hell, till we ihould pay 
the tall farthing p. 

But bleSed be God, there is a way found out of 

b Ffahn cxd-tii. 15. v Tfa- xxxiii. \S, 16. d Rom. iii. 
19, 13. t James iii. 2. /Pblm nx. 12. ; cxxx. 3, 4. 
i^Luke xvi. t. fMat^xxv. 18. k a Chron. xxii. 2;. 
/Gil. iii. 23. mRonui. )2. ivEfb. v. 6. oMaUzTUit 
:24, 35,^6,32. /T. a;, 29. 

z 8 2 A Paraphrafe on 

agreeing with our adverfarf j for if any man fin, we 
have an advocate with the Father, even Jefus Chrtlk 
the righteous, and be is the propitiation for our fins q. 
For his fake, we pray thee, blot out all our tranfgref- 
fions '^1 and enter not into judgment with us '. He ii 
our furety ', who reftored that whtch he took not 
away *, that blefTcd days-man, who hath laid his band 
upon us both. ", through him let us be reconciled unto 
God, and let the hand-writing which was againfl x, 
which was contrary to us, be blotted out, and taken 
out of the way, being nailed to the crofs of Chrift^ tbaC 
we may be quickened together with Chrift, having all 
our ttcfpaJles. forgiven ust. Be thou merciful to our 
unrighteoufudTcE, and our (int and our iniquities do 
thoH remember no more *. 

And give uc, we pray thee, ta receive the atone- 
ment *, to know ihat our fini arc forgiven us » : £lf>eafc 
Cace to us ", and make us to hear joy and gladtie^ ^ 
1 tlie blood of Chrift thy Son deanfe us from all fin <. 
and puj^ our conlbieBces fron dead works, to lerve 
the Living God '. 

And a« ui evidence that (hoa haft forgivvn enr fin^ 
we pray Ibee give ui grace' (o forgivi our cn0mie>, t« 
love them that hate us, and Uefs them that curfe usS; 
for we acknowledge, that if wo fbrgWe not men th^ 
trefpaSes, aeirtier will ©wr Father forgive our trefpafi 
fes ^ : AikI tltcrefore we forgive. Lord, we defire hear- 
tily to forgive S if we have a quarrel againft afty, tfveii 
as Chrift forgave us ^. Far be it from u'9 to fay, that 
we will recempcnfi: evil', or that we fhould avenge 
eurfelvet "<. But we pray^tbat all bitteraeis, and wrath, 

f I John lij I, >. r Pfahn li. i. /oxfiii. a- « Heb. 
vii. 3j, V Plalm IkIx. 4. u Job vi. 33. « 2 Cor. v- so. 
y CoL ii. 13, 14. !B Heb> viH' 2. a Rom. ▼• 1 1 

^ijohnii. 13. t Pfilm Ixxa*. 8. /Ii. 8. e 1 John fc 
7. /Hab.ix, 14. jMat. V.43 i vi. 15. iMarkxi. 
^5. i Col'iii. 13. /Piov. ax. 31* m Roia. xib 19. 

The LoriTs Prayer. 183 

•and anger, and clamour, and cvil-fpcaking may be p-it 
away from us, with all malice ; and that we may be 
kind one to another, and tender-hearted, forgiving one 
another, even as God for Chrift's fake, we hope, hatU 
forgiven us*. O make us mercifal as our Father who 
is in heaven is merciful p, who hath promifed tliat with 
the [Qerciful he will fliow hirafclf merciful a. 

jind lead us not lata iemplal'ien, hut deliver us from evil. 

And, Xx>rd, farafmuch as there is in us a bent tcr 
backilide from thee, fo that when out fins are for- 
given ', we are ready to return again to folly', we 
pray that thou wilt not only forgive us our debts, bu: 
talce citre of us, tbut we m!iy not o^end any more '. 
Lord, lead us not into temptation. We Icnow that no 
mim tan fay when he is icmpted, that he is tempted 
of God, for God tcmpteth not any man ' ; but we 
knpw that God is able to ro^kc all grace abound to< 
wards us ", and to keep us from falling, and prefent 
us faultlefs '^. We therefore pray that tliou wilt never 
give us up to OUT own heart's lult, to walk in otir own 
cQunfels '', but rellr^in Satan, that roaring hon that 
goes about feeking whom he msy devour ; and grant 
that we may not be ignorant of his devices^. O let 
not Satan have us to fift us as wheat » ; or however, 
let not our faith fail *'. Let not the meiTengers of Sa- 
tan be permitted to buftet us = j but if they be, let thy 
grace be fufficient for us, that w'aere we are weak, 
tbere wc may be ftrvng, and may be more th^n con- 
qiMrors through bim that loved us". And, the God 
of peace tread Satan under our feet, and do it ftiortly. 

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- 184 A Parapbrafe on 

And fincc ' we m-efllc not againft flefli and blood, 
but BgainA prlncipsiiitin and poweri, and the rulers of 
the darkoefs of this world, let us be flrong in the Lord, 
and in the power of his might '. 

Lord, grant that we may never enter into tempta- 
tion E, but having prated may fet a watch >>, and let thy 
wife and good providence To ordec all our affairs, and 
all events that are concerning us, that no temptation 
may take us, but Tuch as is common to men, and that 
wc may nevf r be tempted above what we arc aWe 10 
difc<m, reiift, and overcome through the grace of God'. 
liOrd, do not l^y any ftumbl in g- block before us^, that 
vn {hoold fall upon them and perilh '. Let nothing 
be an occalion of falling to us, but give us that great 
peace which they have that love thy latv, whom nothing 
ihall offend ". 

And ' lead us', we pray thee, into all truth " ; lead 
us in thy truth, and teach us, for thou art (he God of 
our falvation ". Show us thy ways, O God, and teach 
lis thy paths, the paths of riehteoufncfs ; O lead jis in 
thofe paths for thy name's fake, that fo we may be led 
bcHde iheftiU waters p. 

And deliver us, we pray thee, from the evil one' ; 
keep lis that ihe wicked one lonch hs not, that he fow 
not his tares in the field of our hearts', that we be not 
enfnsred by his wiles, or wounded by his fiery darts % 
let the word of God abide in us, that we may b« 
flrong, and may overcome the wicked one '. 

Deliver us itom every evil thing, we pray, that we 
may do no evit ^ : O deliver us from every evil work ", 
lave as Froa] our £ns >, redeem us from all iniquity t, 

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'The, Lord's Prayer. J85, 

efpecialif the fin that doth moft eafi}y befct us * : Hide 
pride from as >■ ; remove from us the way of l^ing ° { 
let us not eat of tinners' dainties I*: incline our hearts to 
thf teftimonies, and not to covctcufnefs c; and keep 
us that we never fpeak unadvifedly with our lips '. 
But efpacially keep back thy fervant from prefumptu- 
ous fins, let them not have doniioion ovn* us e- 

PMlerve us, we pray thee, that no evil thing may 
befal us '', and keep us ftom evil, that it may not hurt 
us >. O thou that iaieR by thy right hand th<m whicli 
put their truft in thee, from ihofe Chat rife up againft 
them, {hovr us thy marvellous loving kindaffs, and 
keep us as the apple of thine eye, hide us under llic 
fhadow of thy wings ^. Keep that which we commjC 
unto thee '. Thou that haft delivered, doft deliv?r m, 
and we truft and prayihat thou wilt yet deliver, wile 
delLyor us-froin all our fears °. O inake us to dwelt 
fafely, and grant that we may be quiet from the feat 
6f evllo. And brhig ui fife at laft to thy holy moun- 
tain, where Iheie is no prickin;; brtar, or grieving tbwn, 
nothing to hurt or deftroy ■" % 

Tor lUne if the Kingdom, thi Povier, and lie Gkrj, fir 
ever. Amen. 
Father in heaven, let thy kingdom come, for thine 11 
the kingdom, thou art God in heaven, and riileft over 
all the kingdoms of the heathen ' : 1-et thy will be 
done, for thine is the power ', and there is nothing too 
hard for thee : Let thy name be fandlified, for thine is 
the glory, and thou haft fct thy glory above the hea- 

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■ 189 A Paraphrafe on 

Father in heaven, fuppTy oor wants, pardon onr fio^ 
and prcfcrve us ftoia evil, for thiiM is the kiagdom, the 
power, and the gtory, and thou art Lord over all, who 
art rich to all that call upon thee ' : None can forgive 
dot but thou only *, let thy power be great ia pardon- 
ing our lioa* : And finceithihe glory of God ro-par- 
don Hn, and to help the helpleTs r, help m, O God o£ 
cur falvatioD ; f (w the glory of thy name deliver us, and 
purge away our fins, for thy name's fake •. 

We defire in alt our prayers (o praife thee, for thou 
art great, and greatly to be praifed '• We praife thy 
kingdom, for it is an everlafting kingdom, and endures 
throughout all generational), and the (ceptr« of thv 
kingdom is a right fceptre « : "Hiou lovefl: rigbteouf- 
nef!) and hateft wickednefs: Tolheebelongeth mercy* 
and ibou rendered to every roafi according to his 
%«orks d- We praife thy power, for thou haft a mighiji 
arm, Itrong is thy band, and high is ihjr right hand^ 
and yet judgment and juflice,are tbe habitation' of th}t 
throne, mercy and truth ihall go before thy face«i 
We praife thy glory, for the glory of the Lord Iball en- 
dure for ever. Glory be to tbe Father, to the Svo^ 
and to the Holy Gbofl : At it was. ia the beginnings 
is nov, and ever (ball be '. O let God be praifed iiv 
^is fan^luary, and praifed in tbe firmament of hia 
power % let Mm be praifed for bis mighty bAs, and- 
praifed according to his excellent greatnefs. Let 
every thing that hath t»'eath praife tbe I>ordE. W^ 

And forafmuch as we know that he beareth us, and 
whatfoever we alk, according to his will, in faith, we 
have the petitions that we defired of him \ we wil 
triumph in his praife l Now kiww we that tbe Lord 

V Rom. X. It. u Mark i!. 7. w Numb. xiv. 17. 
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The Zor^s Prayer* 1&7 

heireth his anointed ^, and for bis lake will htar as 
^m hb ho]j heaven, with the favtng Areogth of his 
rigid band % and therefore in token not onlf of oiir 
driire, but ofour afluranoe to be heard in ChriA's name^ 
we f>7t Amen, Amen, 

Our Falbir vibicb an in beavea, balhwed b* ihy namf^ 

Semtjbert Fermt tf Prayer, fir the uji of lie/t who may 
ata be abk li coUeS /er tbtmfelvu out of the firtgttmg. 

A Freyer (0 Be ofid by Children, , 

OGod, thou art my God, early will I feek tbce;- 
Thou art ray God, and I will praile thee ; my 
father's God, and I will extol^ thee. 

"Who is a. God like nnta thee, glorious in holinefs^ 
fearful in praifes, doing wonders ' 

Whom have I in Ueavrn but thee; and there is 
none upon earth tb^t I defire befides thee. When my 
flefli and my heart fail, thoa arc the ftren^h of my 
heart, and portion for ever. 
«. Thott madell me for thyfelf, to fhow forth thy prairc. 

But I am a finner \. I was ihapen in iniquity, and In 
fin did my mother conceive me. 

God be merciful to me a finner. 

O deliver me from the wrath (& come> through 
Jefus, who died for me, and rofe again. 

Lord, give nic a new nature. Let Jefus Chrifl be 
formed in my foul, that to mc to live may be Chrift 
isd to die may be gain. 

k Piahn xz- 5. 

1 88 Some Forms of Prayer. 

■'-' Lord, I was in mj baptirm given np to ; receive 
me gracioufly, and love me freely, 
- . Lord Jefus, thou haft encouraged little children to 
come to thee, and haft faid, that of Aich is the king-- 
dom oF God ; I come to thee ; O make me a faithful 
rubjefl of thy kingdom, take me up in thy arms, put 
thy hands upon me, and btefs me. 

- O give me grace to redeem me from all iniquity, and 
particjjlarly from the vanity which childhood and youth 
is fubjeft to. 

I^rd, give me a wife and an underftanding heart, that 
I may know and do f*iy nill in every thing, and may 
in nothing fin againft thee. 
^ Lord] grant that from my childhood I may kaoff the 
holy fcriptures, and may continue in the good things 
that I have learned. 

Remove from me the way of lying, and grant me • 
'thy law gracioufly, 

... Lord, pe thou a Father to mc ; teach me and guide 
me; provide for mc, and proteft me, and blefs aic, 
even mc, O my Father. 

" Blefs all my relations (father, mother, brothers, fif- 
ters) and give me grace to do my duty to tbcm in f 
very thing. 

Lord, prepare me for death, and give me wifely to 
confidcr my latter end. 

O Lord, I thank thee for all thy mercies to me } for 
life and heaUh, food and r^ment, and for my educa- 
tion } for my creation, preTervatton, and alt the bleffings 
of this life ; but above all for thine ineftimaUe lore la 
the means of grace, and the hopes of gloty: 

- Thanks be to God for his unfpeakable gift j blcfled 
be God for JESTJS CHRIST. None but Cbrift, none 
but Cbrift for m«. 

-. Nowto God the Father, theSon,andthcH6!yGhoft» 

that great name into which I was baptifed, be bonour 

and glory, dominion and praife, for ever and cVer. Amen. 

Our Taihtr vihUh art in beavts, ii"c* 

Somt Forms of Prayer. 

AiKlhtr Poraphrafe an tht LtrSs Prayer, in tbt Words 
ej tht Aflembly's Shorter Caiechirm. 

OUR Father in heaven, we come to thee as chiU 
dren to a Father able and ready to help ui. 

We befeech ihee, let thy name be fanflificd \ enable 
us and others to glorify thee in all that whereby thou 
hall made thyfelf known, and dirpofe of all things to 
thine own glory. 

Let thy kingdom come ; let Satan's kingdom be def- 
troyed, and let the kingdom of thy grace be advanced ■, 
let us and others be brought into it, and kept in ii, and 
let the kingdom of thy glory be haftened. 

Let thy will be done on eanh as it is done in heaven i 
make us by thy grace able and willing (o know,, obey, 
■nd fubmit to thy will in all things as the angels do in 

Give us this day our daily bread ) of thy free gift let 
us receive a competent portion of the good things of thii 
life, 'and let us enjoy thy blefling vith them. 

And forgive us our rrefpa0es as we forgive them that 
trefpafs againft us. We pray that for ChrifFs fake thou 
wouldft freely pardon all our fins, and that by thy grace 
thou nouldft enable us from the heart to forgive o- 

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us fr^m 
evil. Qther keep us, O I<ord, from being tempted to 
fin, or fupport and deliver us when we arc tempted. 

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, 
for ever. Lord, we take our encouragement in prayer 
from thyfclf only, and dcfire in oar prayers to praife 
thee, afcribing kingdom, power, and glory to thee : 
And in teftimony of our delires and aflurance to be 
heard through Jefut Chrifl-, nc fay Amtn. 

jpNL, Google 

Some Forms of Prayer. 

Afitthft Prayer irav)n eui of my plain CatMhifm for 
Children, (tcAiVA wat _firit pai/t/iied in the Tear 1703,) 
v/Mch viiJi be eafy to l/M/e Children vihe iavt Itarntd 
that Cateihi/m. 

OLord, thou art an itifiniie an^ eternal Spirit, mod 
wife anif powerfu), holf, juft, and good. 

Thou art the great God that inadeft the world, and 
art my Creator 1 and thou that madeft me doft prefcrve 
and maintain me, and in theel live and move andliave 
mj being. O that I may remember thee as my Creator 
ID the days of my youth, and never forget thee. 

Lord, give me grace to ferve and honour thee, to 
worfiiip and obey thee, and in all my ways to truft in 
thee, and to pleafe thee. 

Lord, I thank thee for thy holy word, which thouliaft 
given me to be the rule of my faith and obedience, and 
. which ii able to make me wife unto lalvation. 

I confefs, O Lord, that the condition which I was bora 
in is finful and mifcrable.-I am naturally prone to that 
which is evil, and backward 10 that which ii good, and 
fooUthnefs U bound up in my heart ; and I am by na> 
ture a child of wrath, fo that if thou hadtt not raifed 
up a Saviour for me, I had been certainly loft and un- 
done for ever. I have been difobedient ro the com- 
mand of God, and have eaten forbidden fruit. 

But, blelTed, and for ever blelTed be God for the Sa- 
TioUr Jcfus Chrift, the eternal Son of God, andthc on- 
ly Mediator between God and man, who took gur na- 
ture upon him, and became mao, that he might redeem 
and fave ui. 

• Lord, I ble& jhec for his holy life, give me to fol« 
low his ftepi i I blefs thee for the true and esKcDent 
doctrine which he preached, give me to mix faith with 
it i I blefs thee for the miracles which he wrought to 
confirm his doArine 1 And elpecially that he died the 
curfed deathof thecrofs tofatisfyfor fin, and to iccou* 

Some Forms (^Prayer. 191 

die iH to God \ and that he rofe again from the dead 
on the third day, and afccnded up into heaven, where 
he ever lives, making interceffion for us, and haih all 
power both in heaven and in earth : and that we are 
afilired he wilt come again in glor/ to judge tlie world 
at the laft day. 

Lord, I thank thee that t am one of his difciples ; 
f6r i am a ba(>tifed Chriltian ; and I give glory to Fa< 
ther.'Son, and Holy GUoft, in whofe name I was bap- 

Lord, be thou in Chrifi to me 3 God, and make mf 
one of thy people. 

Be thou my chief good, and higheft end ; let Jefus 
Chrifi be tify prince and Saviour \ and let the holy 
Ghoft be my fan^Her, teacher, guide, and comforter. 

Lord, enable me to deny all ungodlincfs, and worli^ 
ly flefbly lulls, and live foberly, rigiiteoutly, and godly, 
in this prefent worlds always looking for the blefled 

Work in me repentance towards God, and faith to* 
vards our Ij)rd Jefus ChriQ : and give mc to live 2 
life of faith and repentance. 

Lord, make me truly forry that I have o9*ended thee 
in what I have thought, and fpoken, and done amifs> 
and give me grace to fin no more. 

And enable me to receive Jefus Chrift, and to rely 
upon him as my prophet, prieft, and king, and to give 
np myfelf to be ruled and taught, and faved by (lim,' 

Lord, grant unto mc the pardon of my Qiai, the gift 
of the Holy Ghoft, and eternal life. 

And give me grace to manifeft the fincerity of mjr 
faith and repentance, by a diligent and confuentioua 
obedience to all thy commandments. 

Enable" mt to love thee with aH my heart, apd to. 
love my neighbour as myfelf. 

, Give mc grace always to make mention of thy "name 

vith reverence and ferioufnefs, to read and hear thy 
word with diligence and attention, to meditate upon it, 
to believe it, and to frame my life according to ^. 

19* Some Forms of Prayer. 

Lord, grant that I majr receive all thy mercies with 
thankfnliiefs, and bear all affliflions nith patience and 
fubmiflion to thy holy will. 

Lord, grant that my heart may never be lifted 'Op 
with pride diAarbed with anger, or any £nful paflion ; 
and that my body may be never defiled with intempe- 
tance, uncleanncfs, or any flclhly lulls ; and keep me 
from ever fpeaking any finful words. 

Lord, give me grace to reverence and obey mj pa- 
rents and governors ; I thank thee for their infiruc- 
tions and reproofs : I pray thee blefa them to mCi and 
make me in every thing a comfort to them. 

Lord, pity, help, and fuccour the poor, an3 thofe ia 
affli£Hon and diflrefs. 

Lord, blefs my friends, forgive oiy cnemiet, and co- 
able me to do my duty to all men. 

Wherein I have in any thing offended thee, I hum- 
bly pray for pardon in the blood of ChriA, and grace 
to do my duty better for the time to come, and to to 
Hve in the fear of God, as that I may be happy in this 
world, and that to come. 

Lord, ptcpaK roe to die, and leare this world j O 
fave me from that (late of everla^ling mifcry and tor- 
ment, which will certainlf be the .portion of all the 
wicked and ungodly, ated bring me fafe to the world of 
cverlalling reft and joy with thee and Jefus Chrift. 

And give me wifdom and grace to live a holy, godly 
life, aid to make it my great care and buCnefs to ferve 
Ibee, and to f^e my owq foul. 

All this I humbly beg in the name, and for the fake 
of Jefus Chrift, my bleflcd Saviour and Redeemer, to 
whom with thee, O Father, and the eternal Spirit, be 
honour, glory, and praife, henceforth and for cvrrmorfr 

Some Forms of Prayer, 193 

A Morning Prayer fir a Family. 

OLord our God, we defirc with all humititf and 
reverence to adore thee, as a being infinitely 
bright, and bkOed, and glorious ; thou haft all perfec- 
tion inthyfelf, and art the fountain of all being, power, 
^jfcl" flU'fitfct and perfection. 

, Thou arrgood to all, abd thy tender mercies api over 
|11 thyVotks ; and thou »rt conitnually doy>g us good, 
diough we arc evil and ufithankful. ,^ ' 
i We reckon it an unfpeakabl^ privilejje, that we have 
liberty of accefs to thee tbieugh Jefus Chrift, and leave 
io call thee our FatheHii him. O look upon us now, 
ind be merciful ttvus^ as thou ufcA: to do unto thole 
that love [hy.namc. 

O give us all to accouTtt our dailyVorlhip of thee in 
our family, (he moft needful part of our daily bufinefs, 
and the ntoft pleafant pxrt of our daily comforts. . 

Thou art the God of aU the families of Ifrael, tft 
thou the God of our family, and grant, whatever others 
do, We and ours may always ferve the Lord -, that thoii 
mayell: caufe the bleSing to rell on our ' — ^".-^rm rhn 
Wgww*M!»yi8^« l i» y tftP la l h » i p A « W t. Lord, Atcfj us, 
and we arc bleiTed indeed. 

■■Wc humbly thank thee for all the mercies of this 
night pafl, and this morning, that we have laid us down 
and flcpt,and waked again, becaufe thou haft fuftained 
us i that no plague has come righ our dwelling ; but 
that wc are brought in fafcty to the light and comforts 
of another day. 

It is of thy mercies, O Iiord, that wc are not con- 
fumed, even becaufe thy companions fail not ; they 
are new every morninE, great is thy faithfuinefs 

We have refted anaare refrclhcJ, when many have! 
been full of toffings to and fro till the dawning of the 
.dfty '• we hjve a fafe and quiet habliatioo, when many 
arc forced to wander, and lie expofed. 

Wc owa thy goodneis to us, aud ourfelves wc ac- 

194 -^^"^^ Foriju of Prayer. 

knowledge lefs than the leall of all the mtrcj, and of 
all the truth thou haft {howed unto us. 

We confefs we have Cnned againd thee, we are 
guilty before thee, we have Cnned, and have conie 
Ihort of the glorjr of God : we have corrupt and Hnful 
natures, and are bent to baclcflide from thee ; back- 
ward to good, anil prone to evil continually. 
yVain thoughts come into/ns, and lodge withlnj 
lyin^'ijiwn or riling up, aid tbcy defile or^rfflquii 
4ur minflSjsmd keep out ^oJd t hough ts^^^^-We are tt i 
ipt to burdenclCrfelves wiimthat car^/^ich thou ha t 
cncoamged us to calT&pcm iliec. >^ 

We are very much wanimL^fi^ie duties of our pa: ■ 
ticular relalians, and provple<^n%<^ Other more to fol ' 
and paflion, than tohwS anJ to gobi^nrks. We a 
very cold and dpfcrifve in cLr love totSbtU.^ak i 
3ur de fires Jflrfards him, anf unfteady and unc*f 

me for his fervice. 

We pray thee forgive all our fins, for Chrifl's fake, 
and be at peace with us in him who ditd to make 
peace, and ever lives, making interceflion. 

Thfi-'e' be man^ that fjy^ Who will fliow us any 
good? bur, Lord, let usnotTJe'put" offwitE the good 
of this world for a portion : For this is our hearts de- 
jire and prayer, Lord, lift up the tight of thy counte- 
nance upon us, and that Qiall put gladnefs into our 
hearts, more than they have, whofe corn, and wine, and 
oil increafeth. 

Lord, let ih^ peace rule in our hearts, and give law 
to us, and let thy peace keep our hearts and minds, 
and give comfort to us ; and let the confolations of 
Cod, which are neither few nor fmall, be our ftrengtb 
and our fong in the houfe qf our pilgrimage. 
- Lord, we commit ourfelves' to thy care and keeping 
tlu< day ; Watch over us for good ; compifs us about 
with thy favour as wiih a Ihield ; prefs^ve us from aU-* 

Some Forms of Prayer. 195 

esil, yea, the Lord preferve and keep our fouls j pre- 
serve our going out and cocaing \a. 

Our bodies and all our wovlJIj' affairs we commit to 
tbe condu^ of tliy wife and gracious providence, and 
fabmit to its difpofals. Let no hurt or harm happen 
to U3 ; keep us in health and fafeCy ; blefs our employ- 
ments, profper us in all our lawful undertakings, and 
give us comfort and fuccefs in them. Ln us eat the 
labour of our hands, and let it be well with us. 

Our precious fouls and all their concerns we commit 
to the government of thy Spirit and grace. O Jet thy 
grace be mighty in us, and fufficient for us, and let it 
wort in us boih to will and to do that Which u good, 
of thine OWD good pleafure. 

"O givcasgfflcetinti) the work of this d^y in its day, 
according as the duty of the day requires ; and to-do 
even common actions after a godly fort, acknowledg'.ng 
thee in all our ways, and having our eyes ever up to 
thee, and be thou pleafed to direct our l^cps. 

Lord, keep us from Jin j give us rule over our owa 
fpirtts, and grant that we may not this day break out: 
into paifion upon provocation, or fpeak unadvifedly 
with our !ip» r Give us grace to live together in peace 
and holy love, that the Lord may command the bleffing 
upon us, even life evermore. Make us confcientious 
in all our dealings, and always watchful agjiiift fin, as. 
betomes thofe who fee thine eye ever upon us : Ar.-rv 
us againft every temptation, uphold us in our mtegrity, 
keep us in the way of our duty ; and grant that wc 
may be in thy fear every day, and ail the day loog. 
" y doubtful cafe, .let .our way be majje-yta 


which is at all timS^tofil^bxfSireft ; and let inte- 
grity and uprightncfs prfffl^ ita^Jbrivu wait on thee. 

Sanftify to us gil-tJur Joffjs, crofles^-aiijiflions, anil 
dlfappointiijf»rt7 snd give us grace to fuG&li^o thy 
holyjvjlMnthe.m, and let us find il good for us>*,^ 
" e partakers of thy hormefs. 

196 Some Forms of Prayer. 

™ Prepare us for all the events of this day, for we 
Itnow not what a day may bring forth : Give us 10 
ftand compleie in thy whole will ; to deny ourfclves, to 
take up our crofs daily and to follow Jefaa Chrift. 
^ Lord) fit us for death, and judgment, and eternity, 
end give us grace to live every day as thofe that do not 
know but it may be our laft day. 

Lord, plead thy caufc in the world j build up thy 
church into perfeft beauty ; fet up the throne of the 
exalted Redeemer in all places upon the ruins of the 
tlevil'a kingdom. Let the reformed churches be more 
nnd more reformed, and let every thing that is amift 
lis amended } and let thofc that fuffer for rightcouf- 
Jiefa' fake be fiipportcd and delivered. 

Do us good in thcfe nations ; Miff thiij ingi rnA m\\ 
in mirhinriiy i i;,uiili public counfels atid aS'airs; over- 
lule all to thine own glory ; (ct peace and truth be in 
our days, and be ptefcrved to thofe that fliall come 

Be gracious to all our relations, friends, neighbours, 
and acquaintance, and do them good accoi-iing as their 
iieccOities are. Supply the wants of all thy people. 
Dwell in Ctn, fs.T.';!:c: il^at fear tliee, and csll upon thy 
name. Forgive our enemies, and thofe that hate us; 
give us a right and chaiitabSe fratiie ef fpirit towards 
all men, and all that is theirs. 

Vific thofe that are in affliflion, and comfort them, 
and be unto them a very prefent help, j Recover the 
lick, eafe the pained, fuccout the tempted, relieve <he 
opprefled, and gi^^c joy to ihofe that mourn in Zion. " 

Beal .with us and our family according to the tej»ir& 
of the everlafttngcpvenant, which is well ordered in all 
things and furc, and which isall^ cfflr falvation, and all 
our defire •, however it pffiSfeth God to deai with us 
and with our JioUfe. 

■ -- Now UleffL-d he God for all Iiis gifts both, of nature 
nnd.grJcei for thofe that concern iliis life and that to 
come i cfpecislty for Jefus Cbiift the fouotab ' and 

SGTne Forms of Prayer. 197 

fo|tidatioii of aU ; thanks be to God for his uofpc^k- 
a&Ie gift. 

We humbly bcfccch thee, for Chrift Jefus f»fcc, to 
pardon our iins, accept out- ferviccs, and grarit an an- 
IVer of peace to our prayers, even for bis fate who died 
for us, and rof« again, who halU taught us to pray,, 
Qur Father txibtcb art in heaven, &c. 

An Evening Prayer fir a Family. 

MOST holy, and blcffed, and glorious Lord God,, 
wbofe we are, and whooi we are bound to 
Jerve } for, becaufc thou madelt u;, and not we our- 
felves, therefore we are not our own, but thine, and 
unto thee, O Lord, do we lift up our fouls ; thy face, 
O Lord, do we feet ; whither Xhall we go for happi- 
ne(s, but to the?, from whom we derive our being ? 

Thou art the great benefactor of the whole creation, 
thou giveft to all life and breath and all things: thou 
art our benefa^or, the God that hall fed us, and kept 
us all our life long unto this day. Having obtained 
help of God, we continue hitherto uionumcncs of fpar- 
ing mercy, and witoei][bs for thee that thou art graci- 
ous, that thou art God, and not oaan ; for therefore it- 
is that we are not cut oS, 

other, that thou arf>Qfld, an^-fhTTTJTnnft. and never' 
faileft thofe [hatJegE"^thee>ftn d truHin t hee. Thou- 
Litgoings.of-thc-moriUug-aB^^fll'ilic (.riii^/ 

_'fSpraifc thee,- 

It is through the good hand of cur God upon us,, 
that we are brought in fafety to the clofe of another' 
day, and that after the various employments of the day, 
we come together at night to mention the loving-kind, 
nefs of the Lord, and the praifes of our God, who iS' 
good, and whofc mercy endureth for ever, 
' BkiTed be the Lord, who daily loads us with his be- 
oeSts, evea ttie God of our falvation i foi be that a^ 

198 Sovie Forms of Prayer. 

our God is llie God of falvatioii. Wc have from mdk 
the mercies of tbe day \n its day, according as the ne- 
ceflity of the day requires, though we come far (hort of 
doing the work of the day in its day, according as the 
duty of the day requires. 

We blefs thee for the mioiftration of the good angels 
about us, the fcrviceafalenefs of the inferior creatures 
to us, for our bodily health and eafe, comfort in our re- 
lations, and a comfortable place of abode; that thou 
hafl not made the wildernefs our habitation, and the 
barren lartd our dwelling ; and cfpecially that thou 
continued to us the life of our reafon, and the quiet and- 
peace of our confcienccs. 

-* We blefs thee for our fliare in the public tranquilli- 
ty, that thou haft given us a good land, in which' nc- _ 
dwell fafely under our own vines ahd fig-trees. 

Above all, we blefs thee for Jefus Chrifl, and b» 
mediation between God atid man, for the covenant of 
grace made with us iir-him, and all the exceeding great 
and precious promif:s and privileges of that covenant, 
for the throne of grace ejefted for us, to which we- 
may in his name come ^vith humble boldncfs, and for 
the hope of eternal life through him. 

We confefs' we have finned againft thee; this day 
we have finned and done fooliffily : O God, thQu' 
l:noweft cur fobliflinels, snd our fins are not hid from' 
thee; we mifpcnd our tlm'ti''we-neglcrt our diity, we 
folloii.aftep lying vanities, and forfakc our own mer- 
cies. We offend with ojrtongues : are we norcarnal- 
and walk as men, below Chriftians ? Who can under* 
fiand his errors ! Cleanfc us from our fecrct faults. 

We pray thee give us repentance for our fins' of 
daily infirmity, and make us duty fenfible of the cvU 
of them, and of our danger by them, and let the 
blood of Chrjft, thy Son, which cleanleth from all fin, from it, that we may lie down to night att 
peace with God, and our fouls may comfortably retur&.~ 
to him, and rL-pofe in him as our reft. 

Some Forms of Prayer. 199 

And give us grace lo repent every day for the Jins 
of every day, fo (hat vhen we come to die, we may 
have the tins but of one day to repent of, and fo we 
may be conlinually cafy. 

Do us good by all the providences we are uhdcr, 
merciful oraffliflive; give us grace to acconltHodate 
ourfelves to (hem, and by all bring us nearer (o (hee» 
-and make us fii(er for thee. 

We commit ourfelves to thee this night, and defire 
to dwcUin the fecret place of the Moil High, and to 
abide under the fliadow of (he Almighty. Let the Lord 
be our habitation, "and let our fouls be at home in hjm. 

Hake a hedge of protection (we pray thee) about us, 
and about our houfe, and about all (hat we have round 
aOout, (hat no evil may befal us, noi^aiiy plJgue come 
nigh our dwelling. The Lord be our keeper, who nei- 
ther {lumbers nor fleeps : Lord, be thou a fun and a 
fhield to us. 

Rcfrefli our bodies (we pray thee) with quiet and 
comfortable reil, not to be difturbed whh any diClruit- 
fiil difquietiog cares and fears ; but efj-iccially let our 
feuls be refreflied with thy love, and the light of thy 
countenance, and thy bcDignity, which is btttcr than 

When weaivalce, grant that we may be ftill with ihee, 
and may remember thee upon our beds, and meditate 
upon thee in the night-witchcs, and may improve the 
nience and folitude of our retirements for communion 
with God and our own hearts: that when we are alone, 
we may not be: alone, but God maybe with us, and we 
with him. ' 

Reftore us to another day in fafety, and prcpal-e us 
for the duties and events of it ; and by all fupports and 
comforts of this life, let our bodies be lilted to ferve 
our fouls in thy fervice, and enable us to glorify thee 
with both, remembering that we are not our own, we 
arcbought with a price. 
' And lorafmuch as we are now brought one day near* 

20O Soms Forms of Prayer, 

cr our cad, Lord> enable us To to number our days, as 
tbat wc may apply our hearts unto wifdom : Let us 
be minded by our putting ofi* our clotbes, and going to 
flecp in Our beds, of putting off the body, flecpirig tlie 
flcep of death, and of making our bed in the dart:ncfs 
Ihorily, iliat we may be daily dying in expectation of it, 
and preparation for our change, that when we come to 
(Tie indeed it may be no furpnfe or terror to us, but we 
may witk comfort put off the body, and refign the fpirit>. 
hnowing whom we have trufted. 

Lord, let our family be bleSed in him, in whom all' 
the families of the earth arc blcfled, bleffed with all 
rpiritual blcffings in heavenly things, by Chrift Jefus, 
and witli temporal bleffings as far as thou ictA good . 
for us : Give us health and profperiry, but cfpecially- 
lei our fouls profper and be in health, and let all that 
bdong to us belong to Chrif), that we who live in a 
houfe together on earth, may be together for ever with, 
the Lord. 

Look with pity upon a loft world, wc befecch thecj^ 
aad fet up Chrift's throne there where Satan's fcat is ;, 
fend the gofpel where -it is not, make It fuccefsful 
where it is j bt it be mighty through God to the puU— 
jog down of the (Ironp holds of fin. 

Let the Church of Chrift greatly flourifh in all places», 
and make it to appear that it is built upon a rock, aqd^ 
that the gates of heil cannot prevail again ft it : and fuf- 
fer not the rod of the wicked anywhere to reft upon^ 
the lot of the righteous^ 

Let the land of our nativity be ftill the particular care 
of thy good providence, that in the peace thereof we 
may have peace. Let glory dwell incur land, and upon: 
ail the glory let there be a defence. 

Rule in the hearts of our rulers. We pray thee con- - 
tinue the king's life and government long a public blef— 
iing ; make all that are in places of public truft faithful' 
to tbe public iniereft ; and all that bear the fword, a*, 
terror to evil doers and a protection and "praife to them: 

Some Forms of Prayer. aoi . 

that do well. Oivn th^ miaiftert in their work, and 
give them Ikill and will to help fouU t9 heaven. 

Be gracious lo all that arc dear to us : ht\ the riling 
generation be ilich as thou wile own, and do thee more 
and better fervice in their day than this has done. 

Comfort and relieve all that are in forrow or aJHiilion, 
lay no more upon them than thou wilt enable them to 
bear, and enable them to bear what thou doA lay upoo 

Do for as, wc pray thee, abundantly above what we »■ 
are able ro a(k or think, for the fake of (nir blefll-d Sa- '■ 
viour Jcfus Clirtft, who is the Lord our RighteoulneTs. 
Tq him with the Father and the etenial Spirit, be gtorf 
and praife, now and for ever. Amen. 

A Family Prayer far the Lor^s Day Morning. 

MOST gracious God, and otir Father in our Lord 
Jefus Chrilt ; it is good for us to draw ncae 
to UiC£ ; thB.tiflir:r tlwhmcrt and it will be bcA of 
all, when we come to be neareft of all in the kingdom, 
of glory. 

Thou hail thy being of thyfejf, and th^ haj^ptnefs m 
thyfelf : We therefore adore thee as the great Jehovah t 
We have our being from thee, and: our happinefs ia 
thee, and therefore it it both our duty and our intercft: 
to feck thee, to implore thy favour, and to give unlo 
thee the glory due unto tliy name- 

We bt^efs thee for the return of the morning light, 
and that thou caufeA the d^fpfitig-to know its place' 
and time. O let the day f[»'ing from on hi^ vilil our 
dark fouls, and the Sun of Kightcoufaels arife wuh 
healing under his wings. 

We blefs thee that the light we fee is the Lord's ; 
That this is the day which the Lord hath made, hath 
made for man, hath made for himfelf, we will rrjoice 
and be glad in it : That thou haft revealed unto us thy 
holy fabbathSj and that we were betimes taught to put 

■ 202 Some Fortns of Prayer. 

a dilFerence between this day and other days, and tbat- 
we live in a land, in all parts ot vhich God is publicly 
and folemnly worihippei on this day. 

We blcfs thee that fabbath liberiies and opportuni- 
ties are continued to us ; and that we are not wilhing 
in vain for thefe days of the Son of Man ; that our 
candleftick is not removed out of Us place, as juftly it 
might have been, becaufc we have left our firft love. 
|, Nov we bid this fabbath welcome : Holanna to the 
4 Son of David, bleiled is he that comcth in the name of 
I the Lord, Hofanna in the higbcft. O th^t we may be 
tin the fpirit on this Lord's day ; that this may be the 
fabbath of the Lord in our dwelling -, in our hearts, a 
fabbath of reft from Hu, and a fjbbach of refl in God. 
Eoable ns, we pray thee, fo to iandtify this fabbath, as 
that it may be fanflified to us, and be a means of our 
faoftification : That by rcfting to day (rotn our world- 
ly employments, our hearts may be more and more tak- 
en off from pteieut things, and prepared to leave them ; 
and that by our employing our time to day in the wor- 
ihip of Gad, wc may be led tnlo a more experimental" 
ac<iuaintancc with the work of heaven, and be made 
more meet for that blef&d world. 

We confefs we arc utterly nnwonby of the honour 
and unable for the work of communion with thee, bur 
we come to thee in the name of the Lord Jefus Chrifl, 
who is worthy, and depend upon the afHftance of ihy 
hlefTed Spirit to work ^1 our work in us, and fo to or- 
dain peace for us. 

We keep this day holy, to the honour of God the Fa- 
ther Almighty, tlie bfaker df heaven and earth, in r£. 
membrancc of the work of creation, that work of won- 
der, in which thou madeft all things out of nothing by 
the word of thy power, and all very good ; and they 
continue to this day according to ihine ordinance, for ^ 
all are thy fcrvanti. Thou art worthy to receive blef- 
Hng, and honour, and glory, and power ; for thou ha(l 
created all things, and for thy pleafure they are and 

Some Forms of Prayer. 203 

were created. O thou who at firft didfl: command the 
light to Ihine out of darfcnefs, who faidH on the firft 
da^r of the firft week. Let there be light, and there was 
light ; we pray ihee (liine this day into our hearts, and 
give us more and more of the light of the knowledge of 
the glory of God in the fice of Jefus Chrift ; and let us 
be thy workmanlhip created in Chrifl Jefus unto good 
works, a kind of firft fruits of thy creatures, 

Wc likewife fan^ify this day to the honour of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, the eternal Son of God, and our ex- 
alted Redeemer, in remembrance of hia refurreflion 
from the dead on the firft day of the week, by which lie 
was declared to be the Son of God with power. We 
blefs thee, that having laid down his lifi: to make atone- 
ment for fin, he rofe again for our juftification, that he 
might bring in an escrlafting righieoufnefs. That the 
ftone which the builders refufed, the fame is becomt; 
the head ftone of the corner : this is the Lord's doing, 
and it is marvellous in our eyes. We blcfs thee, that 
he is rilen from the dead, as the firft-fruits of them that 
flept, that he might be the refurreflion and the life to 
us. Now we pray, that while we are celebrating the 
memorial of his refurreftion with joy and triumph, we 
may experience in our fouls the power and virtue of 
his refurredlion, that wc may rife with him, may rife 
from the death of fin to the life of righieoufnefs, from 
the duft of this world to a holy, heavenly, fpiritual, and 
divine life. O thai we may be planted together in the 
likcnefs of Cfarift's rcfurreflion, that as Chrift was raif- 
cd from the dead by tlieglory of thePather,fa wealfa 
may walk in newnefs of life. 

We fdnftily this day alfo to the honour of the eternal 
Spirit, that bleftcd Spirit of grace, the comforter, rfjoic- 
•ing at the remembrance of the defccnl of the Spirit up- 
on the apoftlcs on the day of Pentecoft, the firft day of 
the week iikewifc- We blefs ihee, that when Jefus was 
glorified, the Holy Ghoft was given to make up the »ant 
:Of his bodily prcfcncCj to carry on his und<;rtakiiig, and , 

2s4 "Sf""^ Forms of Prayer. 

to ripen things for bis Tecond coming *, and that we hvit 
a promifc that he fliatl abide with us forever. And now 
«rc pray that the Spirit of hini that raifcd up Jefusfrom 
the dead, may dwell and rule in every one of us to 
make us partalcers of a new and divine nature. ComCi 
O blefled Spirit of grace, and breathe upoa thefe diy 
bones, thele dead hearts of ours, that they may live 
and be in us a fpiric of faith and love and holincfs, 
a fpirll of power and of a found miad. 

O Lord, we blels thee for thy holy word, which is a 
light to our feet, and a lamp to our pHhs, and which 
was written for our learning, that we through patience 
and comfort of the fcriptures might have hope ; that 
the fcriptures are preferved pure and entire to us, and 
-that we have them in a language that we nnderftwd< 
We beg that wc may not receive the grace of God here- 
in in vain. "We blefs thee, that our eyes fee the Joyfiil 
light, and our Cars bear the joyful found of a Redeemer 
and a Saviour, and of redemption and falvaiion t^him; 
that life and immortality are brought to light by the 
Gofpfl. Glory be to God in the higheft, for in and 
through Jefus Chrift there is on earth peace, and good 
will towards men. 

We blefa thee for the great gofpel- record, that God 
hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 
Lord, we receive it as a faithful faying, and well worthy 
of all acceptation : we wilt venture our immortal fouJs 
upon it ; and we are encouraged by it to come to thee, 
to beg for an intcreft in the mediation of thy Son. O 
let him be madeof God tous wifdom, right coufn«fs, fano- 
tification, and redemption ; let us be effefiually called 
into fellowfhip with him, and by faith re united to him, 
fo that Chrift may live in us, and we may grow up into 
him in all things, who is the head ; that we may bring 
forth fruit in him, and whatever wc do in word or deed, 
wc may do all in his name. O let us have the fpiiit of 
Chrtlt, that thereby we may make it appear we are his. 

Some Forms of Prayer. . 205 

throngh him, we prSy that we may have eternal liff, 
that i»'e may none of us come (hort of it, but may all of 
us have the firft- fruits and earncfts of it abiding in us. 

We bkfs thee for the new covenant made with us in 
Jefus Chrift ; that when ihe covenant of innoceney was 
irreparably broken, ^0 that it was become impoffiblefor ■ 
lis to get to heaven by that covenant, thou waft then 
pleafed to deal with us upon new terms-, that wc arc 
under [;racc, arid not under the law ; that this covenant 
is cftabiifhcd upon better promifes in the hand of a me- 
diator. Lord, we fly for refuge to ir, wc take hold of 
it as the hope fct before us. O receive us gracioufly in- 
ito the band of this covenant, and make us accepted in 
the beloved, according to the tenor of the covenant. 
Thou hjft declared cOTcerning the Lord Jcfus, tliat hs 
is thy beloved Son in whom thou art well pleafed, and 
we humbly profefs that he is our beloved Saviour in 
whom wc are well pleafed : Lord, be well pleafed with, 
^xs in him. 

O that our hearts may be filled this day with pleafing 
thoughts of Chrift and his love to us, that great love 
wherewith he loved ns. O the admirable dimenlions 
of that love; the height, and depth, and length, and 
breadth of the loveof Chrift, vthJeh paffelh knowledge! 
Let this love conftrain os to love him, and to live to him, 
who died for us, and rofe again. O that it may be a 
pleafure and mighty faiisfjftion to us to think that 
while wc wc here praying at the footftool of the throne 
of grace, our blelTed Saviour is litting at the right band 
of the throne of glor^, interceding for us. Wc ear- 
neftly beg tljat through him we may find favour with 
thee our God, and inay be taken into covenant and 
communion with thcc. 

"Wc humbly pray thee, for his fdfcc, forgive all otir 
fins, known and unknown, in thought, word, and deed : 
ITirouj-hhimlet us he acquitted of the guilt, and accep- 
ted as righteousin thy fight : Let us not come into con- 
demnation, a& we have deli:rved: Itt our iniquity be tak- 

so6 Some Forms of Prayer. 

en away, and our fin covered ; and let us be clotlied 
with the rpoclefs robe of Chrill's righicoufners, that the 
fliame of our nakednefi may not appear. O let there 
^e no cloud of guilt to intcrpore between us and our 
God this day, and to intercept our comfortable commu- 
nion with him. And let our lufts be mortified and lub- 
dued that our corruptions may not be at a clog to 
us, to binder the afcent of our fouls heaven-wards. 

We pray thee aflilt us in all the rcli^ous fervices of 
this ihinc own holy day^ Co slong with us to the fo- 
lemn aflembly, for if thy prefencc go not up with us, 
wherefcffe fhould we go up ? Give us to draw nigh to 
thee with a true heart, wiih a fiec heart, with a' fixed 
heart, and in full aflurance of faith. Meet us with, a 
blelling : Grace thine own ordinances wiih thy prefeiKe. 
that Ipecial prefeoce of chine which thou haft promiled 
there, where two or three are gathered together in thy 
name. Help us againft our nrunifcdd in^rmities, and 
the fins that do moft eaitly befet us in our attondance 
upon thee : X^et thy word come with life and power to 
our fotilS) and be ^s good ieed fowa in good foil, taking 
root, and bringing forlh fruit to thypraife; and let 
our prayers and praifes be fpirituul facrifices, acceptable 
in thy light, through Chrift Jcfiii: and let thole ibat 
tarry at home divide the (poil. 

Let thy piefence be in all the affemblies of goo4 
Chriftiaas -this ^ay : Grace be with all ihem that love 
the X^rd Jcfus Chrift in fincericy ; let great grace be 
upon them all. In the chariot of the everlalling gofpe), 
let the great R&I)£em£k ride forth triumphantly, coo- 
<(uering and to conquer ; and let every thought be_ 
l^ought into obedience to him ; Let many be brought 
to believe the report of the gofpel) and to many let the 
arm ol the Lord be revealed : Let linners be converted 
unto thee, and thy laints edified aod built up in faltfa^ 
holinefs, and comfort, unto falvation : Complete the 
number of thine elcft, and halten thy kingdom. 

J^ow the Lord of^ieace himfelf^ive us jpeace always 

SoTne Forms o/Prayer. aoy 

by all means. The God of hope fill as with joy and 
peace In believing, for Chrilt Jefus fake, our blefled 
Savkinr and Redeemer, who haih taught us to pra^> 
Our Father which art ia beavtrt, ire. 

A Famly Prajtr for the Lard's Day Evening.- 

O Eternal, and for ever bletfed and glorious Lordi 
God ! Thou art God over all, and rich in mer- 
cj to all (bat call upon thee, moft wife and powcrfulr 
holy, juft, and good ; the King of kings, and I^rd of' 
lords ; our Lord and our God. 

Thou an happy without us, and haft' no need of oar' 
ferviccs, neither can our goadnefs extend unto thee, 
bnt we are miferable without thee j we have need of 
thy ^voars, and are undone, for ever undone, if ihy 
goodiKfs extend not unto us, and therefore, Ijord, wc 
intreat thy favour with our whole hearts : O let thy fa- 
vour be towards u»- in Jefus Chrift; for our happinefs 
is bound up in it, and it is to us better than life. Wc 
confiefs we have forfeited thy favourj we have render- 
ed ourrelves utterly unworthy of it ; yet wc arc buai- 
bly bold to pray for it in the name of Jefus Chril>, wha 
loved us, and ;gave hinifelf for us. 

We bewail it befwx thee, that by the corruption of 
ournatures we are become odious to thine holinefs, and 
Utterly unfit to inherit the kingdom of God, and that by 
our many actual iranfgrcfGons wc are become obnoxious 
to thy jnftice, and liable to thy wrath and cuife. Being 
by nature children of difobedience, we tre children of 
wrath, and have reafoa both to blulh and tremble in 
allour approaches to the holy and righteous God. Even 
the iniquity of our holy things would be our ruin, if 
God fhould deal with us according to the defert of. 

But with thee, O Godj there is mercy and plenteous 
redemption ; Thou haft gracioufty provided for all 
thofe that repent and believe the gorpel,.that-tbe gtiik 

2o8 Some Torms of Prayer. 

ef tlieir fin Oiall be removed through the merit of 
ChrUl's death, and the power of their finsbroken by 
his Spirit ani] grau ; and he is both ways able lo favc 
lo the uttermoft 'all thofc that come unto God by him, 
feeing he ever lives malting interceflion for us. 

Lort), we come to thee as a Father, by Jefus Chrlft 
the Mediator, and earneftJy dcGrc, bj repentance and 
faith, to lurn from ihe world and the fleih, to God in 
Jelus Chrift, as our ruler and poriioti. \Vc arc forrjr 
ihat we have off.-ndcd thee, we are sfhamcd to think 
of our treacherous and ungrateful carriage towards ihec. 
We dellre that we may have no more to do with fin, 
and pray as carneftly that the power of lio may be 
broken in us, as that the guilt of fin may be removed 
from us : And we rely only upon the righteoufncfs of 
JefuB Chrift, and upon the merit ot his death, for the 
procuring of thy f:ivour, O look upon us in him, and 
for hij fake receive us gracioufly \ heal our hackflidings, 
sad love us freely, and let not our iniquity be our ruin. 

We beg, that being juftificd by faith, we may have 
peace with God through our Lord Jefus Chrift, whom 
God hath fet forth to be a propitiation for fin, that h« 
may be juft, and the juftitier of tliem which believe in 
Jefus. Through bhn who was made fin for us, though 
he knew no fin, let us, who know no righteoufnefs of 
our own, be accepted as righteous. 

And the God of peate fanflify us wholly, begin and 
carry on that good work in our fouls, renew us in the 
fpirit of our minds, and make us in every thing fiich as 
ihou wouldeft have us to be- Set up thy throne in our 
beans, write ihy law there, plant thy fear there, and 611 
us with all the graces of thy Spirit, that we may be 
fruitful in the fruits of righteoulnefs, to the glory and 
. the praife of God. 

Mortify our pride, and clothe us with humility, 
mortify our paflion, and put upon us the oriyimcnt of 
a meek and quiet fpirit, which is in the fight of God of 
great price, Sa^c us from the power of i vain miiid} 

Some Forms ofPrayer.- 20^ 

and let thy grace b& mighty in us to make us ferious and 
robcr-minded. Let the fleih be crucified in us, with 
^1 its afTe^ions and lufls, and gWe us grace to keep un- 
der our: body, and to bring k into fubje^ion to the laws 
of religion and r^ht reafon, and always to polTcis our 
veSel in fani^ification and honour. 

Let the love of the world be rooted out of us, and 
thai covetoufnefs which is idolatry : and let the love of 
God in Chrifi be rooted in us^ Shed abroad that love 
-in our hearts by the Holy Ghoft, and give us to love 
thee the Lord our God with all our heart, and foul, and 
mind, and ought j and to do all we do in religion from ■ 
a principle of tove .to thee. 

Mortify in bs all envy, hatred, malice, and unchari- 
taUencfs : pluck uprthefe roots of bitternefs out of our 
iBinds, .and give us grace to love one another with a 
pure heart fervenity, at beeomesthe followers of the ■ 
Lord Jcfus, who bai given us thi> a» his new com- 
mandment.. O that brotherly love may continue a-- 
mong us, love without diHimulatiou.- 

We pray thee rectify aUour'miAakas; if in any 
thing we be in an error, difcover it to us> and let 
the Spirit of truth lead us intoall truth, the truth as it 
ii in jcfus, the. truth which is according to godlinef^, 
^nd give us that good undcrfhnding which ihey have 
that do thy commandiTients ; let our love and all good' 
afieflions abound in us yet more and more in know-- 
lidge and in alt judgment. . 

Convince us, we pray thee, of'thevanity of this; 
world^and its utMrinfufficiency to make us happy, thaf 
we may never fet our hearts upon- it, nnr raife our cx- 
peftatjon- from it ! .and convince us of tbevilcncfj of-r 
ftn, and irs certain tendency to make us miferable, that' 
we may hate it and dread ity and every thing tint looks 
like it orleads to it.. 

Convince us, we^ray thee, of the worth of our own > 
finils, and the weight of eternity, and the awfulnefs of~ 
l^.cvcrlafting ftate which wc are Handing upon the/ 

210 Some Fibrins of Prayer. 

brinfe of, and make us diligent and fo-ious in our pre- 
paration for it, labouring Ids for the meat that perifh- 
eih, and more for that which endures to eternal life, 
as thofc who have fet their aifeftions on things abovey 
and not on things that are on the earth, which arc 
trifliifi and tranf^Iory. 

O that lime ^ntl the things of time may be as no- 
ihing to us in comparifon with eternitf, and the things 
of etcrniLy ; that eiernity may be much opon our heart, 
and ever in our eye -, that we may be governed by that 
faith which is the fubftance of things hoped for, and 
the evidence of things not fecn ; looking continually 
at the things that are not feen that arc eternal." 

Give us grace, we pray thee, to look up to the 
other world with fuch a holy concern, as that we may 
look down upon this world with a holy contenvpt and 
jndifferency, as thofe that rauft be here but a very lit- 
tle w)iik, and muft be fomewhere for evcr ; that we 
may rejoice as though we rijoiced not, and weep ay 
though we wept not, buy as though wc pofleflcil- 
not, and may ufe this world as not abuCing it, becaufe 
the fadiion of this world paffeth away, and wcare pafl^ 
ing away with it. 

O let [hy-grace be mighty in os, and fufliciemt for 
ws, to prepare us for that great change which will come 
certainly and fhfiniy, and may conic very fitddenly^ 
which will remove us from a world of fenfe to a world 
of fpirits ; from our flate of trial and probation, to that 
of rccompence and retrihuiion ; and to make us meet 
"for the inheritance of the faints in light; that whei» 
we fail, we maybe received into everlaninghabitations. 
Prepare us, we befeech thee, for whatever we may 
meet wiih betwixt us and the grave ; We know not 
what is before us, and therefore know not what par- 
ticular pruvifion to make ; but thoudoft, and there fore- 
we beg of thee to fit us by ihy grace for all the fer- 
vices and ail the fufFerings which thou {halt at any time 
dJt us ou: to : and arm us againft every tsmgtatipa 

Some Forms of Prnyer. 1 1 1 

vhich we may at any time be aflaulted with, that we 
may at all times and in all conditions glorify God, 
keep a good confciencct and be found tn the way of 
our duty, and may keep up our hope and joy ia Chrift, 
and a believing profpe^ of eternal life, aad then wel- 
come the holy will of God. 

Give us grace, we pray thee, to live a life of com- 
munion with thee, both in ordinances and providences, 
to fct thee always before us, and to have our eyes ever 
upon thee, and to live a life of dependence upoa 
thee, upon thy power, providence, and promife, tnift- 
ing in thee at all times, and pourirg out our hearts be- 
fore thee ; and to live a life of devotednefs to tliee, 
and to thine own honour and glory, as our higheft end : 
And that we may make religion not only our-bufl- 
nefs, but our pleafure, we beiecch thee enable Us to 
live a life of complacency in thee, to rejoice In ihcc 
always ; that making God our heart's delight, fo that we 
may have our heart's defire ; and ihis is our heart's de- 
fire, to know, and love, and. live to God, topleale him 
and to be pteafed in him. 

We befeech thee prefcrve us tn our integrity to our 
dying day, and grant that we may never forfuke thee^ 
or turn from following after thee, but that with pur- 
pofc of heart we may cleave unto the Lord, and may 
not count life iifelf dear to us, fo we may but £niQk 
our courfe with joy and true honour. 

Let thy good providence order all the ci re um (lances 
cf our dying, fo as wc may beft befriend our comfort- 
able removal to a better world ; and let thy grace be 
fuJHcient for us then to enable us to liniOi well ; and 
kt us then have an abundant entrance mintftered to us 
into the everlalling kingdom of our X^ord and Saviouc 
Jcfos Chrift. 

And while we are here, m'ake us wifer and bcltet 
every day than others; more weaned from ihe world 
and more willing to leave it ; more holy, heavenly, and 
fptritual i that the longer ne live ia this world, l[ticfi£> 

211 Some Forms-.ef Prajfer„ 

ter we ttiay be for another, and our laft iijt mvf be- 
our beft days, abd eur laA worka our beft workt, and . 
our lad comforts our fweetell comforts. 

Wc hnmbly pray thee accompliOi bU thM which thoa . 
haft promifed concerning thy church in the latter days ; . - 
let the earth be iilled with thy glory. Let the fuloefs > 
of the Gentilet be brought in, and let all Iftacl be 
faved. Let the mogntain of the Lord's houfe be efta-- 
blifhed i^xiQ the top of the aiouniains, iCnd exalted i 
above the hills, and let all nations flew unto it. 

Propagate the gofpel in the plantations, and let tha: 
enlargement of trade and commerce contribute to the 
enlargement cf (by church. Let the kingdom, of Chrift^ 
be fet up in. all places upon the ruins oi the devil's 

Haften the downfal of the man of fin, and Jet primi- 
tive QkriEiianity, even pore religion and undefiled be- 
fore God and thOiFather, be revived, and be made to 
flouriifa in ^1 places} and let the power .of godtine(». 
prevaiV and get ground among all^ that have the iorni. 
of it. 

Let the wars of the nations end in the peace of the ■- 
church, the fliakings of the nations end in the eftablifh- 
ment of th& ch^jrch, and the convulHons and revolu-- 
tions of ftates and kingdoms in the lettlcment and ad— 
vancement of, the kingdom of God- among meuj .that : 
kingdom which cannot be moved. 

Let Great Britain and Ireland flouriOi in all theJr>- 
public iniercfts : Let ihiac everlafting gofpel he always < 
the glory in.the midft of us, and let thy providence be 
a wall of fire round about us : Deib'oy us not, ijut let-; 
a blelSi^ be among ut, even a meat-o^ring 
drink-owring to the Lord our God. 

Be very gracious to our fovcreign lord the king, pro- - 
te£t his pafon, preferve his health, prolong his daysj- 
guide his councils, let bia reign be prefperotUj and- 
crown all his undertakings for the public good. . 

Blefs the privy^counlellois, the nobility, the jydgei^ 

Some Forms of Prayer. 413 

and magillrates in our fevcral counties and corpora- 
tions, and make them all \a their places faithful and 
fcrviceable to the intcreft of the naiton, and every way 
public blcflings. 

Ulefi all the minifters of thy holy word and faCra- 
ments ; make them burning and Ihining lights, and 
faithful to Cbrift, and to the fouls of men i unite all 
thy minillers and people together in the truth, and in^ 
true love «ne to another -, pour out a healing fpiril up- 
on them, a fpirit nf love and charity, mutual forbear- 
ance and con de fee n lion, that with one fhoulJer and 
wiih one confcnt all may ftudy to promote the common 
intErcft of our great Mailer, and the common falvation 
of precious fouls. 

We pray thee profper the trade of the nation, and 
our coaJls, difappoint the devices of our enemies againft 
. m, preferve the public peace, and keep all the people of 
Iheie lands in quiecnefs among tbemfdves, and due fub- 
jcftion to (tie authority God hath fet over us ; and let 
the Lord delight to dwell among us, and to do us good. 

Blefs the fruits of the earth, continue our plenty, 
abundantly blefs our proviHon, and fatisfy even our 
poor with biead. 

We blefs thee for a'l the mercies of this thine own 
holy day ; we have reafon to fay that a day in thy 
CDurlf is better than a thoufand. How amiable are 
thy tabernacles, O Lord of holls ! Bid's the word that 
we have heard this day to us, and to all that heard it ; 
hear our prayers, accept our praife;, and forgive vihat 
thy pure eye haih feen amifs in us and our perform- 

Take us under thy protc^ion this night, and enable 
us to clofe the day with thee, that we wiay lie down, 
and our Heep may he fweet. Be with us the wcclc 
following in all our ways j forgive us that we brought 
fo much of the week with us into the fabbath, and ena- 
ble us to bring a great deal of the fabbath %viih us into. 

314 Some Forms of prayer. 

the week, that we mxj be the fitter for the next falM 
bath if we fhall live to lee it. 

Make lu meet for the everlafting fabbath which we 
hope to keep within the Teil, when lime and days fluU- 
be no mwe: And let this daj bring us 3fabbath-da7*s 
journey nearer heaven, and make us a fabbath* dajt'» 
work fitter tor it. 

As we began this Lord's day with the joyful meino* 
rials of Chrift's refurrtAion, fo we dtifire \.o conclude it 
with the JQjfiil expectations of Chrift's fecond coming, 
and of our own rcrurrcAton, then to s blefTed iminOF-^ 
tality, triumphingln hope of the glory of God. 

Blefs the Lt»d, love the Lord, O our foals, and let 
all that is within ns love and blefs his holy name, ftw 
he is good and his mercy endures for ever. In praif- 
log God We defire to fpend as much of our time ai 
may be, that wc may begin oar heaven now ; for iif 
tbis> we hope to be fpendlng a happy eternity. 

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invifible, the- 
only wife God, and our God, in three perfons. Father^ 
Son, and Holy Ghoft, be hixtour and glory, doniniom 
and fvaife henceforth and for ever. Amtn. 

A Praytt pr^r to h put up hy Parenti for thtir~ 

OLord our God, the God of the fpirits of alf 
flefh ! All fouls are thine, the IbuU of the pa- 
rents, and the fouls of the children arc thine, and thou 
haft grace fuEcicnt for both. 

ThoiL waft our fathers' God, and as fuch we will 
exalt thee; thou, art our children's God, and alfo we 
will plead with thec,'for the promife is to us and our 
children, and thou art a God in covenant with belie- 
vers and their feed; 

Lerd, it 13 thy guod providence that hath built usup- 
into a family : Wc thank thee for the children thou halfc 
gracioully given thy fervMJts ; the Lord that hath blef- with theoij make them bleSings indeed to us. 

Some Forms of Prayer. s 1 5 

that wa may never be tempted to wifli wc had been 
■vritten childlefs. 

Wc lament the iniquity which our children are con- 
ceived and born to ; and that corrupt nature which 
they derive through our loins. 

But wc ble(s thee there is a fountain opened for their 
ctean&ig from that original polJntton, and that they 
were iMtimes by baptifm dedicated to thee, and admit- 
ted into the bonds, and under the bleifings of thy cove- 
nant : that they are horn in thy houfe, iind taken in 
^ membert of thy family upon earth. 

It is a comfort to U3 to think that they are baptized, 
and we defire humbly to plead it with tliee, they are 
4hine, fave themi enable them, as they become capa- 
ble, to make it their own aft and deed, to join them- 
iislvcs iHito the Lord, that they may be owned as thine 
in that day when tbon.makeft up thy jewett. 

Give them a good capacity oi mind, and a good dif^ 
^lition ; make them towardly and traftable, and will- 
ing to receive inAruAton} incline them betimes to re- 
ligion and virtue ; Lord give them wifdom and undcr- 
flanding, and drive «nt the fooliflinefs that is bound up 
in their hearts. 

Save them from the vanity^ which childhood aad 
-youth Is fuf^ed to, and fit them every way 10 live com- 
fortably and uiefully in this world. We aft not for 
great things in this world for them ; give them, if it 
pleafe thee, a ftrong and healthful conlHtution of bodf) 
prcfcrve them from all ill accidents, and feed them 
with food convenient for them according to their 

But the chief thing we alk of God for them is, that 
thou wilt pour thy Spirit upon our feed, even thy blcf- 
fing, that bleffingof bledings upon our oSspring; that 
they may be a feed to ferve thee, which Ihall b; ac- 
counted unto the Lord for a generation ; Give them 
that good part vbicU never iball be taken away from 
iSbenu ' 

3 1 6 Some Forms of Prayer. 

Give us wifdoni and grace to bring them up In thj 
fear, in the nurture and atimonilion of the Lord, wilt 
Bieeknefs and tendcrncfs, and having them in fuhjcc- 
tion wiih all gravity. Teach us how to teach them the 
things t>f God as ihey are able to bear them, and how 
to reprove and adaioni(h, and when there is need to 
correal them in a right manner ; and how lo Tei them a 
good example of every thing that is virtuoos and praile- 
worthy, that we may recommend religion to them, 
and fo train them up in the way wherein they fhould 
go, that if they live' to be old, they may noc depart 

Keep them from the fnare of "evil company, and all 
the temptations to which tliey are expofed, and make 
them betimes fenfible how much it is their intcrcft as 
well as their duty to be religious : And, Lord, grant 
that none of us may come Ihort of eternal life, or be 
found on the left hand of Chrift in the great day. 

We earnellly pray that Chrift may be formed m 
their fouls betimes, and that the feeds of grace may 
be ibwn in their hearts while ihey are young ; and 
may have the fatisfaflion of leeing them walking iti 
the truth, and fetting their faces heaven-wards. Give 
thein now to bear counfel and to receive infti u£liou, that 
they may be wife in their latter end ; and if they be 
wife, our hearts (hall rejoice, even ours. 

Profper the means of their education j let our chil- 
dren be taught of the Lord, that great may be their 
peace ; and give them fo to know ihec the only true 
God, and Jefus Chrift whom thoy haft fent, as may be 
life eternal to them. 

O that they may betimes get wifdom, and get un- 
dcrflanding, and never forgei it : As far as they arc 
taught the truth at it is in Jefus, give them to continue 
in the things which they have learned. 

It is our heart's defire and prayer tliat our children 
may be prailing God on earth when we are gone lo 
praife him in heaven, and that we and they may be to- 
gether for ever, fervinghim day and nigiit va his teniplc. 

Some Forms of Prayer. 2i; 

If it fliould pleaf^ God to remove any of them from 
us while they are young, let us have grace rubmilUveljr 
to refign them' to thee, and let us have hope in theif 

If thoQ remove us from thcfti while they are young, 
be thau thyfelf a Father to them, to teach thom, and 
provide for tbemi for with thee the fatherlefs findcth 

Thoa knoweft our care concerning them, wc caft it 
upon theci ourfclves and ours we commit to thee, 
Let not the ligtit of our family religion be put out with 
vs, nor that treafure be buried in our graves, but let 
thofe that come after us do thee mora and better fer> 
vice in their day than we have done in onrsj and be 
unto thee for a name and a praife. 

In thefe prayers we aim at thy glory -. Father, let thy 
name be fanftified in aur family, there let thy kingdom 
tome, and let thy will be done by us and ours, as it is 
doue by the angel in heavens -, for Chrill Jefus's falce, 
our bl^ed Saviour and Redeemer, whofe Iced fhall 
endure far ever, and his throne as the days of heaven. 
Now to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, that great 
and facred name, into which we and our children were 
baptized, be honour and glory, dominion and pi^uTe, 
henceforth and for evct Amtn. 

A Pfjfr far thi uff of a parttcuhr Ptrfon, htfere rtcth- 
ing of the Satrament of the Lord's Sup^. 

MOST holy, and bleffcd, and gracioBS Lord God, 
with all humility and reverence, I here pftfcnt 
myfeif before thee, to feek thy fece, and entreat thy far 
' vour, and as an evidence of thy good-will towards me, 
to beg tliat 1 may experience thy good work in me. 

I acknowledge myfclf unworthy, utterly unworthy 

of the honour j unfit, utterly unfit for the fervice to 

which 1 am .now called. Tt is an ineftimable privilege, 

that I am admitted fo otten to bear from tbee in thy 


2 1 8 Some Forms of Prayer. 

vord, and to fpeak t6 thee in prayer ; and yet, as i{ 
this, had been a rmall matter, I am now invited into 
epmmtinion with thee at thy holy table, there to cele* 
brate the memorial of my Saviour's death, and to par- 
take by faith of , the precious benefits which flow from 
it. I who defcrve not the crumbs, am called to eat the 
children's bread. 

O Lord 1 thank thee for the innitution of this ble& 
fed ordinance, this precious legacy and token of love, 
vhich the Lord JefiTs left to his church, that it is pre- 
ferved to this age, and adminiftcred in this land, that I 
am admitted to it, and have now before me an opportui 
nity to partake of it ; Lord, grant that I mdy not re- 
ceive thy grace herein in vain, 

O thou who hall called me to the marriage-fupper 
of the Lamb, give mc the wedding garment \ work in 
me a difpoGtion of foul, and all thole pious and devout 
aSeftions which are fuited to the folemnicies of this 
ordinance, and requifite to qualify me for an acceptable 
and advantageous participation of it. Behold the fire 
and the wood, all things arc now ready j but where is 
the lamb for the burnt- offering ? Lord, provide ihyfelf 
a lamb, by wprking in me all that which thou required 
of me upon this occafion. The preparation of the 
heart, and the anfwer of the tongue arc both from thee; 
Lord, prepare my unprepared heart for communioa 
with thee. 

Lord, I confefe I have finned againd thee, I have 
done fooli(hly, very fooli(hty, for fooliftinefs is ^und 
up U> my heart ; I have finned, and have come (hoit of 
being glorified with thee. The imagination of my 
heart is evil continually, and the bias of my corrupt 
nature h very ftrong toward the world, and- the flelb, 
and ihc gratifications of fenfe ; but towards God, and 
Chrifl, and heaven, I n.ovc flowly, and with a great 
many Hops and paufes. Nay, there is in my carnal 
mind a wretched averfiqn to divine and fpiritual tilings. 
I UaTfi mif-fpent my time, trij]ed away my opportunities^ 

Some Forms of Prayer. 219 

have folIowcJ after lying vanities, and forfaken my 
own mercies. God be merciful' to me a (inner ! for 
how Jitile have 1 d'me, fince 1 came into the world, o£ 
the great work that i vis Tent into the world about ! 

Thou hafl taken me into covenant with thee, for I 
am 9. baptized Chriftian, fet apart for thee, and featel 
to be thine; thou haft laid me, and 1 alfo have laid 
myfelf under all poffible obligations to love thee, and 
ferve thee, and live to thee. But 1 have ftarted aUde 
from thee like a deceitful bow ■, I have not made good 
my covenant with thee, nor liaih the temper of my 
mind, and the tenor of my converfation been agree. 
able to that holy religion which I make profeffion of, 
to my expectations from thee, and engagements to 
thee. I am bent to backdide from the living God ; 
and if I were under the law I were undone ; but I am 
under grace, a covenant of grace, which leaves room 
for repentance, and promifeth pardon upon repentance, 
whichlnvites even backfliding children to return, and 
promifes that their backOidings Ihall be healed. Lord, 
I take hold of this covenant, feil it to me at thy table. 
There let me find my heart truly humbled forOji, and 
fbrrowing for It after a godly fun. O that 1 may 
there look upon him, whom I h^ve pierced, and mourn, 
and be in biiteniefs for him -, that there 1 may faw in 
tears, and receive a broken Chrilt into a broken heart ; 
and there let the blood of ChrlS, which fpcaks better 
things than that of Abel, be fprinkUd upon my confci- 
ence, to purify and pacify it : there let me b; alTireJ 
that thou art reconciled to me, that my Iniquities are 
pardoned, and that 1 fhall not come in'o condemnation. 
There fay unto me, Be of good cheer, thy fins are fur- 
given thee, 

And that 1 may not come unworthily to tliis bK'ff.;d 
ordinance, I befoech thee lead me into a more intimar: 
and experimental acquaintance with Jefua Cliriil, and 
him crucified ; with Jefus Chrift, and him glorifisd ; 
. that knowing him^ and the pawer of his refuirefli^n. 

220 Some Forms of Prayer. 

and the fellowlhip of his fuficringa, and being hj \ni 
grace pUnted in (he likenefs of borh, I may both A'lS- 
ccm the Lord's body, and Qiow Furth the I,ord'a death. 

Lord, 1 defiw, by a true and lively faith, to clof« 
with Jefus Chrift, and confent to him as my Lord, and 
my God ; I here give up myfelf to him as my Prophet, 
Prieft, and King, to be ruled, and taught, and laved by 
him ; >bis is my beloved, and this is my friend. None 
but Chrilt,-nonc but Chrift. Lord, encreafe this faith 
in me, petfeft what is lacking in it; and enable roei 
in receiving the bread and wineat thy table, by alively 
faith, to receive Cii rift Jefus the Lord. O let the great 
gofpei'dofbine of Chrift's dying to fave tinners, which 
is reprefented in that ordinance by meat and drink to 
my foul, be meat indeed, and drinlc indeed. Let it be 
both nouriftiing and refrefliing to nie, let it be both my 
flrength and my fong, and be the fpring tKKh of mj 
holinefa and of my comfort. And let fuch deep im- 
preffions be made upon my fotil, by the actual comme- 
tnoration of it, as may abide always upon me and have 
a pofverful influence upon me in my whole converfa- 
lion, that the life I now live in the flefli, I may live by 
the faith of the Sun of God, who loved me, uid gave 
himfelf for me. 

Lord, I befeech thee fix my thought! ; let aoy Ijeart 
be engaged to approach unto thee, that I may attend 
upon thee without dillraftion. Draw out my dellres 
towards thee j give me to hunger and thirft after righ- 
teoufnefs, that I may be filled ; and to draw near to 
thee with a true heart, aud in full aflTuranceof faith ; 
and fince I am not ftrahenedin thee, Olet me not be 
flraitened in my own bofom. 

Draw me, Lord, and I will run after thee. O fend 
out thy light aitd thy truth, let them lead and guide me ; 
pour thy Spirit upon me, put thy Spirit within me, to 
Hork ill me both to will and to do that which is good, 
and leave rac not to myfelf. Awake, O north wind, 
and come thou foiith> and blow upon my garden; 

Some Forms of Prayer. 2 1 1 

come, O blefled Spirit of grace, anJ enlighten my 
roind with the knowledge of Chrift, bow my will lo 
the will of Chrift, fit my heart with the love of Chrift, 
and confirm my refolutions to live and die with him. 

Work in me (I pray thee) a principle of holy love 
and charily towards all mco, that I may forgive ray 
enemies, ^which by thy grace I heartily do) and may 
keep up a fphitual communion in faitb, hope, and holy 
love, whh all jhat in every place call on the name of 
Jefus Chrift our Lord. Lord, blefs them all and parti- 
cularly that congregation whh which I am to j jin in , 
this folemn ordinance. , Good Lord, pardon every one 
that engagelh his heart to feek God, the Lord f iod of 
their fathers, though not cieanfed according to the pij- 
r^Ccation of the fandlmry. Hear my prayers, and hc^l 
the people- 
Lord, meet me with a bk'fling, afathei's bltffing at 
thy table} grace thine own inftitutio^i with thy p.'tf- 
fcnce; and fulfil in n)e all ihe good pleafure of ihy 
goodnefs, and the work of faith with power, for the 
fake of Jefus Chrift, my bleiTcd Saviour and Re leciner ; 
to him, with the Taiber and the cternjl Spirit, b^ evec- 
lafting praifes. Amen, 

Amlhir, ujltr Rrciiving cfthe Lord"* Supptr. 

OLord, my God and my Father in Jifus Chrift, I 
can never fufficiiinlly admire the condefccnfion 
of thy grace to me ; what is man that thou dofl thus 
magnify him, and the ion of man thit thou thus villt- 
cft him ? Who am 1, and what is my houfe, tti"^ thnii 
haft brought me hhherto I haft brought me mto the 
banqueting-houfe, and thy b.inoer over me hath been 
love ? I have reafon to fay, That a diy in thy courts, 
"an hour at thy table, ii better, far better, than athou(a:id 
days, than ten ihoufand hours elfewhere ; it is good fcr 
rie lo draw near to God. Bleflid be God for the pri- 
vileges of his houfe, and thofe comforts wi^h which he 
makes his people joyful in his houfe of prayer. 
Tj . .,.. 

222 Some lormi of Prayer. 

Tixi'. I ha« rcafon to blufh and be afliamed of myfrlf 
(hat [ have not been more afiefted with the great fhin^ 
which have been fet before me, and offered to me at tlic 
Lord's table. O what a vain, foolilh, trifling heart 
have I ? vhen I would da good, even evil is prefcnC 
with me ; Good Lord, be tncrcif'il to me, and pardon 
the intquitjr of m; holy things, and let not mj many 
defe^ in my attendance upon thee be laid to my charge,. 
or hinder my profiling by the ordinance, ^ 

1 have now been commemorating th» death of CbrifV^ 
* IiOid, grant that by the" power of that, fiti may be cru- 
cified in mc, the worlil cnicilied to me, and I to the 
world : and enable me fo to bear about with me con- 
tinually the dying of the Lord Jefua, as that the life al- 
fo of Jefus may be manifefted in my mortal body. 

I have now been receiving the precious benefit* 
which flow from Chris's death ; X^rd, grant that I may 
never lofc, never forfeit tbofc benefits, but, as T 
have received Chrift Jefus the Lord, give me grace fo 
to walk in him, and to live as one that am not my owtt, 
but bought with a price, glorifying God with my 
body, and fpirit, which are his, 

1 have now been renewing my. covenant with thee^ 
and engaging myfelf afrefh to thee to be thine ; now,. 
Lord, give me grace to perform my vow, Keep it aU 
ways in the imagination of the thought of my heart, 
and enabli£h my way before thee. Lord, preferve me 
by thy grace, that 1 may never return again to folly } 
after God halh fpoken peace, may I never by my loole 
and Chiefs walking undo what I have been duing to 
day : But having ir.y heart enlarged with the confola- 
tion of God, give me to lun the way of thy command- 
ments wiih cheerfulncfs and con&ancy, and filll fo hold 
faft in my integrity. 

This precious foul of mine, which is the work of thine 
own hands, and thepurchafc of thy Soi^'ii blood, 1 com- 
mit into thy bands, to be fanflified by thy Spirit and. 
£r;;vC, and wrought up idxq Conformity lo thy holy will 

Some Tormi of Prayer. 223 

in every thing : Lord, fet up thy throne in my heart, 
write thy law there, fljed abroad thy love there, and 
bring every thought wilhin into obedience to thee, to 
the commanding power of thy love. Keep through 
thine own name thai which I commit unto thee, keep 
it againfl thiit day when it Ihall be called for ; let me 
be preferved blamclefs to the coming of thy glory, that 
I then may be prefented faultlefs with exceeding joy. 

AH my outvrard aSairs I fubmit to the difpofal of tby 
wife and gracious providence ; Lord, favc my foul, and 
then as to other things do aa thou pleafeft with me ^ 
only make all providences work together for my fpi« 
ritual and eternal advantage. Let all things be pure to 
me, and give me Co taile covenant love, in common 
mercies ; and by thy grace let me be taught, both how 
to want, how to abound, how to enjoy profperiiy, and 
how to bear adverfity as becomes a ChriAlan ; and at 
all times let thy grace be fufficlent for me, and mighty 
in me, to work in me both to will and to do thai whick 
is good of thine own good pleafure. 

And that in every ihii)g I may do my duty, and ftand 
complete in it, let my heart be enlarged in love to Je- 
fus ChriJl, and affe^ed with the heighth and depth, 
the length and breadth of ihat love of hia to me, which 
paHcth ail conception and expreSion. 

And as an evidence of that love, let my mouth be 
filled with his praifes. Worthy is the Lamb that was 
{lain, to receive blcffing, and honour, and glory, and 
power; for he was llain, and hath redeemed a chofen 
remnant to God by his blood, and made them to him 
kings and prieiis, Blefs the Lord, O my foul, and \t% 
all that is within me hlels his holy name, who forgiveth 
all mine iniquities, and heaieth all my difeafes ; who 
redeemeth my life from denru^ion, and crowneth me 
with loving kindnefs and tender mercy; who having 
begun a good work, will perform it unto the day of 
Chrift. As long as I live will 1 blefs the J^rd ; I will 
praife my God while I have any being ; and when I have 

2J4 *'"' ^'"■°" ^fPi'V"- 

„o bring opm e.rth. I hope .o h.« a b.i.g in hOT=» 
,0 b. doing i. better. O te me be borne op >» everUft- 
in. arm., .odc.rrled from ftrenffh >o ftrength, l.U I 
.p'pe.r before God in Zion, for Jefuj-fake, »ho d,ed 
for me, and rofe, in «ho« I deOre .o be found 
living ind dying. N'o« to God .he, bon and 
Spi.i?, be aCeribed kingdom, power and glor,, heoct^ 
forth and for ever. Anien. 

jIn Adirrp <• Gid btfi" ^tiat- 

OLoao onr God, in thee we live and move, and 
have our being, and from rbee receive all fup- 
ports and comfons of Our being : Tboo fpreadell one 
table, and 6lleft onr top, and eomforieft os with the 
oifts of ihv bounty from day to day. We own our 
dependence upontheej and onrobligatlonstothee.par. 
don our fin., we pray thee i fanftify thy good creatures 
to our ufe, and give u. grace to receive them toberly 
and thankfully, and to eat and drink not to 0'"'el»e«;' 
but to thy glory, through Jefus Chrift our bleffed Lord 
and Saviour. Amen. 


GRlcIotJS God, thou art the" proteftor and pre- 
ferver of the whole creation, thou haft fed u» 
' all our lives, unto this day, with food convenient for os> 
thoogh we are evil and unthankful. We pray thee for- 
give all our fins, hv which we have forfeited all ihy mer- 
cies, and let us fee'out forfeited right reftored in Chrift 
lefus. Give us to tafte covenanUiove in common mer- 
cies, and to ufe thefe and all our creature-comfort, to- 
the glory of our great benefador, through the grace 
of our great Redeemer. Aiiita^ 

r.ii, Co^tyli; 

Morning Hymn, 225 

j^n Addrtfi to Ged after Meat. 

BLESSED be the Lord, who daily loads m with 
his benefits, and givi; us all things richly to en- 
joy, though we ferve him but poorly. O Lord, we 
thank thee for prcfent refreftiments in the ufe of thy 
good creatures, and for thy love to our fouls in Jefus 
Chrift, which jWeetens all : We pray thee pardon out 
iins, go on to do us good, provide for the poor that 
are dcftitute of daily food, tit u^ for thy whole will, and 
be our God, and guide, and poriion for ever, through 
Jefus Cfarilt our Lord and Saviour. Amen, 


WE thank thcf, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, 
for all the gifts, both of thy providence and di 
thy grace; for thofe bleflings which relate to the life 
that now is, and that to come \ for the ufe of thy good 
creatures at this time : perfcA, O God, that which 
concerns us, nouriffa our fouls with the bread of life to 
' life eternal, and let us be of tbofe that Ihall eat bread 
in the kingdom of our Father, for Chnfl Jcfus's fake 
our Lord and Saviour. Amen. 

HYMN l.—Vfalm LVII. 7, 8. 

MY heart is now prepar'd for praife, 
'Tis fixed for the lame ; 
And I will ftng to thee, O Lord, 

And blefi ihy ho!j Haeae. 
Awake my glory, lute and harp^ 

Comforts of praife to make, 
Now in ihe mornlnjj I myfeif 
Will 10 this work awake. 

—XIX. I.— 6. 
The heavens, throui;hout their vtfl extent;; 

Declare (heir Maker's praife; 
The phttefing (laiiy firmament 

His bandy-work difpUys. . , 

S Morning Hymn. 

Day wito Atj doth cclfbra'tt. 

And ii)|rlit to night proclaim, 
Williout the help of fpeech or tongue, 

Hik univeifal rame. 
There doth the fun wltli juV and flrengtjl 

Hi* conftant courfe complete, 
The rarth rejoicetb in bis light, 

And in hit quick'ning heat. 

— XC. 17. 
80 let tbe Xord ffliine on our touli, 

Ligbten and warm us thus : 
Profper, O God, our handy works, 

And AablillL them to us, 

HYMN ll.—P/<,lm CXVni. 15-— HI. 5.. 

THE voice of faving health and joy 
Jnjoft mens'dwel'ingsisi 
The Lord's right hand works powerfully, 

That flrong tight hand ef his, 
I laid me down and fweelly fl;pt, 

And fafely wak'd again. 
Becaufe it was the Lord that kep^ 

And did my foul fultain. 

— XXX. 2», 21, 21. 
Therefore we wait for tbee, O Lor^ 

Who aill art our defence ; " 
In all eflates we tnift in thee 

With cheerful confidence. 
Lord, let thy grace on us defcend 

Like a refrefliing Ihower i 
For all our hopes and joys depend 

Oa Ibinc atmiglily power. 



CHAP. I. /"^P the FIRSr part of PSAYESt which h 

^^ addrefs U God, adoration of him, with 

fuitiihle acinawUtlgetneiiii, proftffwns and preparatory 

requffi. . - . . Pafie i* 

CHAP. II. Of the SICONn part of prayer^ which it con- 
fejion of f,n, complaints sf ourfelves^ and hnmbk pro- 
f'JJions of rtpetttance, ... 30 

CHAP. III. 0//A^ THIRD part of PRAYER, which is peti. 
tisii and fupplitalion for thegeod thing/ which we fund in 
nudof 51 

CHAP. IV. Of the FOURTH part of PRAYER, which it 
thanksgivings Jor tht mercies we have received from G*d, 
and the many favours of his we are tnterefed in, and havt 
and hape fir bent^ by. - - . 85 

CHAP. V. Of the FIFTH part of PRAYIS, which is in- 
tercefftony or addrefs and fupplication to God for 
tthtrs, - - „ - ' - iitS 

. CHAP. VI. Of Mdreffes to God upon particular occa- 
fions, whether Donu/lic w Putlic. - - J38 . 

CHAP. VII. Of the Concliifa/t of our Prayers. - 164 

CHAP. Vril. A Paraphrafe on the lor^s Prajer, in 
Scripture Exprtffitns. .... idS 

CHAP. IX. Some Jhort Forms of Prayer fir the ufe of 
tkofe who may not ie able to collet far them/elves out of 
tkeforegiAng Matmals, - - 187 

Hym?is. - ■ fc r , - ,,,*-,. ^^^ 


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